I could probably draft a team of these starters, who are drafted after the 150 mark in mock drafts, and win your league’s pitching stats.  In this post last year was Jonathan Sanchez, Cueto, Colby Lewis, Tim Hudson, Jorge de la Rosa, Clay Buchholz, David Price, Gio Gonzalez, Mat Latos and Ian Kennedy.  I had those guys on multiple teams.  I don’t say this to brag, but I’m really good at targeting starters to, um, target.  Well, I’m good with hitters too, but starters I’m really good.  I’d like to say it’s because I’m smart, but since I’m sorta dumb I’m not sure what it is.  Maybe I’m an idiot savant, who I believe was Doug Savant’s cousin that had a walk-on part on Melrose Place, the Original.  And with all of that said, you should still draft a starter or two before you see any of these names on the top of your draft list.  Well, you know what to do from my top 20 starters for 2011 fantasy baseball.  It’s good to have a safe starter or two before you go upside.  In the immortal words of some drunk carny, “I don’t need the net under the trapeze but I want it there.”  There’s also a pitchers pairings post to help you along with your staff.  That’s what she said!  Wait, what?  Anyway, here’s some starters to target in your 2011 fantasy baseball drafts:

Ricky Romero –  Whenever I hear his name, I always want to sing The Batdance by Prince and replace Vicki Vale with Ricky Romero.  Never the hoo!  I love that Romero’s K-rate has been steadily climbing the past few years and think it continues to rise.  There’s going to be some moments during the season when you’re gonna get sonavabenched by him and other moments when you’re gonna wish you benched him vs. some AL East teams, but I still like him.  Stop the press!  Who’s that?  Ricky Romero!  Ricky Romero!

Brett Anderson – I’m not thrilled Rudy put Anderson his risky pitcher post.  I’m also not thrilled when I get along well with a girl that has angry brothers.  Just depends on how much risk you’re willing to take on.

Jeremy Hellickson – I think Hellickson is going to be in the rotation in June.  I’m not sure if he’ll be in it in April, no matter what is currently being reported.  I’m not a big fan of sitting on players for two months who are in the minors unless it’s a deep keeper.  Hellickson should be a good one though.  (<–Illuminating!)

Hiroki Kuroda –  He has a 3.60 career ERA in almost 500 IP, he pitches in a pitchers’ park and his walk rate is tidy.  Sure, he doesn’t strikeout a lot of batters, but his K-rate isn’t terrible.  Yet, he’s perennially underrated.  I guess real G’s move in silence like lasagna.

Gio Gonzalez – Another guy from Rudy’s risky pitcher post.  Do I not have enough stress in my life?  Va fongool, what are you going to do?  Even Rudy admits in the post for the right price, everyone’s ownable.  (Speaking of va fongool, as some of you know I’m half Italian (the good half).  So I was hanging with my Italian grandfather and his paisans and one of the guys was Tommy DeSimone’s cousin.  Pesci’s Goodfellas character is based on DeSimone.  The cousin told stories about DeSimone whacking people with such pride that it got me thinking.  Who else but the Italians are so proud of a murderous legacy?  Most convicted murderers families can’t even show their faces from shame.  I love that about the Italians.  And that’s Deep Thoughts with Grey Albright.)

Javier Vazquez – It’s interesting to me that people watched Vazquez go into the AL East and The Stadium They Built Next To The House That Ruth Built and they still drafted him aggressively last year.  Now this year, people are ignoring him.

Jorge de la RosaThis list is starting to get unwieldy so I’m going to get to the point, if you want to read about dlr, click his name.

Jordan Zimmermann – In my pitchers pairing post (which I link to in the intro; scroll up, doode), I talk about how I’m going to have Zimmermann or Mike Minor as my sixth starter in every league.  So far, hasn’t worked out the way I drew it up, but it’s not from a lack of trying.  It’s those auctions, ya’ll.   Everyone can bid on everyone, which sounds like a Brand Nubian song.  BTW, I should write a sleeper post for Zimmermann.  That’s a note to myself.

Jonathon Niese – Has a nice K-rate, good walk rate, pitches in Metco and ESPN doesn’t even rank him in the top 300.  For a real crack up, ESPN ranks Niese 138th for all starters.  Just in front of Bobby Cramer, who I believe was the little black kid in the movie Role Models.

Derek Holland – Obviously his K-rate potential is enticing.  I like him real late in deeper mixed leagues, but he plays in an unforgiving park and he walks people.  It’s a’ight; I like him better in AL-Only leagues.

Mike Minor – Looking for a Latos from 2010 type breakout?  Here ya go.   Though, if Beachy is the fifth starter on the Braves, then Minor’s useless.  Though II, The Return of Though, I think the fifth starter job will go to Minor.

Jhoulys Chacin – Another guy that didn’t escape Rudy’s risky pitcher wrath.  Rudy can be such a buzzkill sometimes.

Johnny Cueto – How is he being drafted on average at the 254th spot?  Is Jason LaRue drafting multiple mock teams just to suppress Cueto’s ADP?

Carlos Zambrano – Can put him in the Kuroda camp.  Sure, when you draft Zambrano, girls aren’t going to flock to you and sit on your lap and shizz, but, let’s be honest, if you’re playing fantasy baseball those chances are low anyway.

Edinson Volquez – He’s going to have some games where you want to strangle someone.  It’s the nature of the beast with a guy that walks people.

James McDonald – He’s being drafted after Andy Pettitte.  Makes sense. /sarcasm

Tim Stauffer – Mark my words, prematurely balding man, by the end of April, you will be asking me if you should pick him up.  The answer is yes.

Brett Cecil – I did a “Find” for Cecil at Mock Draft Central’s ADP 300 and he wasn’t on it.  I then double and triple checked my spelling because I was sure he would be.  Nope, not there.  Then I did the same on ESPN’s top 300 and still no Cecil.  I did find him on my top 300.

Daniel Hudson – He’s at 145 at ESPN, so he misses the cutoff, but I’m doing as I do and ignoring my arbitrary cutoff.

Edwin Jackson – Potatoes to chips, I try to avoid reading other fantasy advice so I don’t inadvertently get influenced, but I have a pretty good idea who people are going to get crazy over with their sleeperitude.  Edwin Jackson is not one of those guys.  If I had to guess, no one else is telling you to draft Edwin Jackson.  Or at least no other sites that you read.  So this is a trust exercise, do you fall backwards into Grey’s advice?

  1. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Five of targeted six on this list. Feel like I’ve been whacked by one of the family. :-)

  2. Steve says:

    @simply fred: Watching the news?

  3. Steve says:

    Hope all you West Coasters and any Razzballers in Japan and round the Pacific are OK.

  4. Malacoda says:

    “I could probably draft a team of these starters, who are drafted after the 150 mark in mock drafts, and win your league’s pitching stats.”

    What if I told you I was in a league with AJ Masswipe? He actually drafted 10 pitchers in the first 5 rounds yesterday, tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time.

  5. Wilsonian says:

    To all the readers and commenters in Japan/Asia and Left Coast of America, I hope you’re all safe.

    A few things baseball related:

    1) Will this damn season hurry the funk up? I’m getting VERY impatient!

    2) I have 3 of these guys on my 8 Team league (and not more simply because I have a few guys from the higher ranked tiers) and I have 4 of these guys on my 16 Team league, which really makes me feel good about myself, so thanks!

    3) Is Bills ranked too high to put him on this list?

    4) Did Homer the Bailey just miss the cut – even King Albert said he respected Homer’s shizz, and I’ll accept his seal of approval.

  6. Al-D says:

    Grey what are your thoughts on Travis Wood? He’s ranked 352 on yahoo and i cant find a projection that doesnt like him. Obvioulsy if he doesnt make the rotation all bets are off but he seems like a steal.


  7. Bristol says:

    Currently in a slow email draft. It is a keeper league, H2H, points.

    I can pick in the first 5 rounds and then have 3 rounds off due to keepers in rounds 6, 7 and 8.

    My keepers were:


    With my #1 pick, I took David Wright to fill my Utility spot. He was the best bat out there (just missed Holliday).

    Curious as to your thoughts on my second round pick. I am thinking to take another bat and then grab some pitchers in the 3rd, 4th and 5th. Options for bats are: Arod, Howard, Youkilis, Mauer, Reyes. Options for pitcher are: Liriano, Gallardo, Beckett, Hanson.

    This league penalizes for strikeouts so I am considering Youkilis over Howard in the second. Or do you think I should look Mauer?


  8. byrone says:

    surprise trust fall!

    happy friday grey

  9. YourMomsBoyfriend says:

    8.9 is a massive #$%#ing quake.

    Hope you Pacificers are holding down the fort.

  10. dave says:

    Is this the same Edwin Jackson you told us not to draft last year? I believe it is Mr. Grey mustache boy!!

  11. Exactly says:

    Grey, how deep of a league do you need to be in before Chris Young (Metco) is worth drafting? 12 team? 14 team? 100 team?

  12. Brad Fullmer's Quads says:

    My apologies if this has been asked before: IF Neftali starts, who’s the most likely to close: Lowe or Ogando?

  13. mauledbypandas says:

    @Brad Fullmer’s Quads:
    my gut says Ogando. Not that there won’t be some serious soul searching moments with him. I’ve also heard they are stretching him out in spring training and Neftali prefers to close. What to do brown shoe, what to do?

  14. Tom says:

    Grey – if you can, name 5 players ( all positions ) that you want on your team this year.

  15. El Famous Burrito says:


    “So this is a trust exercise, do you fall backwards into Grey’s advice?”

    My patchy, not-quite-there-yet mustache is whispering to me. “Just go with it, man.”

  16. Frank Rizzo says:

    I believe Rudy was higher on Gio than he was B Anderson and I’ve been mocking accordingly. Gio isn’t as cheap on Yahoo as he is ESPN but I usually get him because after my offense is in good enough shape, that’s when I’m loading up on SP’s. Kuroda is big, and so is Lilly to me. Those guys make me feel good about picking up guys like Gio, Volquez, and E Jackson. They’ll save my WHIP when the K guys get wild.

    Anyone else noticing that the “sleeper” pitchers are starting to go quicker in mocks? Marcum, Gio, and D Hudson come to mind. They are starting to go a round earlier than what I was seeing a couple weeks ago.

  17. CT Old School says:

    @Frank Rizzo:

    It’s all these damned ‘perts putting out their sleeper picks and everyone following their advice. If sleepers are going a few rounds earlier, there’s got to be a couple rock-steady guys available a few rounds later.

  18. joe from point pleasant says:


    Great choice putting Brett Anderson on this list. His “injury risk” has dropped him a ridiculous amount in drafts and he can produce like a top 15 SP without a doubt. He’s 100% healthy now and I think there is little risk involved when you are able to draft him as your #4 starter in some cases.

    Also, what do you think about Erik Bedard as a sleeper this year? He looks reallty good this spring and is apparently healthy for once. I know that could all change if he coughs a little too hard, but when you get him in the 20th round of a mixed league draft, who cares? Might as well take the flier and you could get rewarded with a mid 3 era and K per inning. What do you think?

  19. joe from point pleasant says:


    BTW, this post was friggin hilarious! The Larue comment was great, and I was actually laughing out loud at the Lil Wayne lyrical reference.

  20. Hemmo says:

    Hey Grey,

    I’ve got the 13th pick in the 7th round of a 14 team .OBP league. (slow draft) Mark Reynolds is falling to me. Do I pick him up with Pujols and Youkilis already rostered (and so moving Youk to CI) or do I go for another player with this hole already filled? Available: Lind, Hill, Granderson, Pena, K.Johnson, Gardner. I also have the 2nd pick in the 8th round. So which 2 players from the ones listed would you recommend? Starters are fine for now with Gallardo and Hanson.

    Just to reiterate, it’s an OBP league.


  21. “real G’s move in silence like lasagna”


    I started doing my research for my upcoming drafts in earnest (literally wearing Jim Varney’s skin) for my 6×6 h2h keeper last night and I was happy to wake up this morning and find that I’m targeting just about all the same starters as you are. Jinx! Add Anibel Sanchez and Arroyo to this list as late round flyers. LOVE me some Zimmermann.

  22. Pops says:

    Any love for the comebacks kids, Peavy, Harrang and Bedard?

  23. papasmurf says:

    What do you think about Bedard? He could give some pretty nice numbers if he throws 100 innings. (Then fill in the other innings with some WW guy) He’s looked sharp this spring and says he feels good.

    Spring talk is useless, but it is better than if he’s complaining about soreness or he’s getting hit hard.

  24. Wilsonian says:

    @Frank Rizzo: I agree with CT, and don’t mean any offense to Grey, it’s just that all of these experts put out sleeper picks so early. In every league I would guess that at least 66% read some kind of blog or, at the very least, ESPN, Yahoo, or CBS. All of the sites have some sleeper picks that were up nearly a month ago.

    In my recent Yahoo draft, Marcum, Scherzer, Hudson all went between picks 100-120, Gio went around pick 140. I snagged Hudson and Gio, and I took Hudson a little early because 4 of my leaguemates read this site and I know for a fact one of them has some serious man love for Hudson (I have the same love for Marcum) and he had already taken Marcum, so I refused to let him screw me out of Hudson.

    I may have jumped the gun, but it’s basically because everyone and their brother are targeting the same “sleepers” at this point.

  25. little bunny foofoo says:


    Difference is Don Cooper is a fantastic pitching coach

  26. Frank Rizzo says:

    @little bunny foofoo: I’m wondering about Jackson. I’m not sure in looking at his numbers what the hype is about. His September last year was awful.

  27. NewBVick says:

    Nice Vicki Vale reference.

    Would have also liked to see you mix in, “Never rub another man’s rhubarb”!

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @simply fred: Ha

    @Steve: Yikes…

    @Malacoda: Ha!

    @Wilsonian: 3) Yes 4) Um, not really. But I don’t mind him late.

    @Al-D: He could be on this list. Rudy loves him, his projections are very solid.

    @Bristol: How many teams?

    @byrone: Back at ya.

    @YourMomsBoyfriend: Yeah, pretty crazy.

    @dave: Once I tell you to not draft someone one year, I can never change my opinion on him?

    @Exactly: 15 team

    @Brad Fullmer’s Quads: O’Day or Ogando

    @Tom: I’m sure you can get that info by digging around the site.

    @El Famous Burrito: We’re now hugging.

    @Frank Rizzo: Agreed, Lilly and Kuroda are important.

    @joe from point pleasant: Bennis Carpensheeter? He’s fine in the last round or for a $1 gamble.

    @joe from point pleasant: Thanks!

    @Hemmo: Lind, Hill…

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, they’re not bad. Arroyo has this only pitching half year thing though.

    @Pops: Sure on Peavy and Harang with expectations in check.

    @papasmurf: Bennis Carpensheeter? He’s fine in the last round or for a $1 gamble.

    @NewBVick: You shouldn’t. Rub another man’s rhubarb, that is.

  29. Giggles McGehee says:

    I let out a string of TEE HEE’s after the Gio Gonzalez post. So how many batters will Gio Gonzalez whack this year? What? Nobody says TEE HEE anymore?

  30. Andrew P says:

    Nice post!

    Would you rather have Niese/Stauffer/McDonald than AJ Burnett?

  31. Luke T says:

    Grey, whtnis your take on Michael Pineda? MLB networks Harold Reynolds says he is “a lock” to make the team. If he does, does he make this list? Or do you see him as a June call up?

  32. Luke T says:

    Grey, what is your take on Michael Pineda? MLB network’s Harold Reynolds says he is “a lock” to make the team. If he does, does he make this list? Or do you see him as a June call up?

  33. Tom says:

    @Grey: Whats the fun in that thought :-)

  34. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: re: Homer…

    He was the last pitcher (and my last pick overall) that I took in my 16 Team draft after Lester (keeper), Marcum, Gio, Cueto, Jackson, Cecil, so he was the only one I drafted that didn’t make this list. This is probably because I followed your advice and whatnot… Thanks dood, hope this list pans out for me (us).

    Damn I use a lot of ().

  35. Earl Battey says:

    How far was Matusz from making this list? I know his overall numbers weren’t very good and his park and division aren’t very pitcher-friendly. On the other hand, he really came on down the stretch last year. It’s a tiny sample size, but in his last 8 starts he was 6-0 with an ERA of 1.57. He also posted a respectable 3.13 ERA against the Rays, Sox and Yanks on the year.

    What are the chances he finishes in the top 50 SPs? You have him at 74.

  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Earl Battey: He was a league switch away from making the list.

  37. Principal Blackman says:

    12 team 5×5 league
    My SPs are Gallardo, Kuroda, Filthy Sanchez, Ed Jax, Nolasco & Zambrano

    Cecil, Niese & Stauffer are all floaters in the FA pool. Would you recommend making any changes. With the exception of Kuroda, my potential WHIP scares the crizzzap out of me.

  38. MKEeast says:

    @simply fred: Who is your sixth? :)

  39. Ian says:

    Grey, I’m surprised how bullish you are on Heyward. Kids GONNA be a star, but aren’t you worried about his GB/FB numbers for 2011? If the Braves come to their senses and hit him 3rd I think his BA and counting stats should be solid, but he may top out at 18 HRs again. In 2011 he looks like a poor man’s Choo.

  40. MagicTerp says:

    Perfect list for me, thanks Grey! Will be trowling for some cheap SP, as I’m spending a lot on my keepers. NL-only…

    Votto $31
    Tulo $31
    Zimmerman $28
    Weeks $19
    Stanton $6

    On the hitting side, I know I’ll need some speed, but where else might I be falling short? Any good targets late?

  41. Donnie Baseball says:

    I’m starting to get the feeling that Stauffer is going to be overrated by time my draft rolls around though.

  42. Bristol says:

    In reference to my post above and your question, there are 12 teams. Since I made the post, the guy in front of me took Youkilis. So, that leaves me with Howard, Mauer, Arod and Reyes. Arod won’t work because I don’t have a spot for him. I would think it is between Howard and Mauer at this point. Who would you advise me to take here? Keep in mind that each team has already kept 5 players so 60 players are already off the board. And again, there are penalties for strikeouts.

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Principal Blackman: Not right now.

    @Ian: Choo is 20/20 going on 17/17 and Heyward’s going on 24/17. Hair splitting, I suppose, but I like Heyward better than Choo.

    @MagicTerp: Outfield…

    @Bristol: Howard…

  44. Bristol says:

    Thanks for the advice Grey!

    So, with that being said, here is my team as it stands now.


    I have three more picks before a three round hiatus due to keepers. Would you take three straight pitchers or mix in another bat?

  45. dsimon says:

    So Grey, I’m in a 12 team 7×7 H2H league with a draft Sunday. Pitching wise K/9 instead of K, QS and L as extra cats.

    Our offensive side is pretty shallow, with C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, Util.

    We have space every day for 4 SP and 3 RP and 8 total bench spots.

    I’ve decided I’ve got to have a really strong offense in this league since we start so few guys especially after overdrafting SP in previous years, and I wanted to get to the 9th round having taken only 1-2 pitchers total, then starting in round 12-13, just start taking these pitchers with my next 4-5 picks. Viable strategy?

  46. The Dude says:

    @CT Old School: The funny thing about sleeper picks is that they can be manufactured by the guys that make them. My understanding is that ESPN and Yahoo’s ranks are generated by their staff. Therefore, they can purposefully rank a player low on their rankings and then tout him as a sleeper based on their own ranking of him. It’s kind of a sham.

  47. ProjectBadass says:

    16-team H2H 6×6 (OBP, QS) non-keeper league, moves limit of 50 (I’m at 0), waiver position 7 of 16

    Grey, a team just dropped Harang because of his horrible 3IP 7ER outing…would you use a waiver pick, pick him up once he clears waivers, or just forget about him until he shows better stuff? If so, who would you drop Fuentes, Bourjos or Stauffer?

    C- John Buck
    1B- Miguel Cabrera
    2B- Brandon Phillips
    3B- Mark Reynolds
    SS- Elvis Andrus
    OFx3- J-upside, Choo, Vernon Wells
    UTILx2- Travis Snider, The Big FraGu
    Bench- Peter Bourjos

    SPx5- Cain, Max Scherzer, Daniel Hudson, Gio Gonzalez, Travis Wood
    RPx3- Broxton, Frank Francisco, Brandon League
    P- Fuentes
    Bench- Cecil, Minor, Stauffer

  48. The Sitch says:

    Slightly off topic, but still mainly on topic – you’re also gonna target YoGa this year because you love him. But how do you project him to put up a 1.24 whip? I want to believe this projection. Really badly. But, I just can’t see him doing it despite lowering his BB/9 rate last year.

    As a keeper, I have Gosh Johnson as my number 1 starter – is YoGa a good guy to pair him with as my number 2? Other options would be Liriano and Scherzer (and maybe Cain). I want someone who I know will pitch 200 innings lined up next to Johnson. Any other names in this area of the draft I should be targeting as my number 2? Thanks Grey.

  49. Penguin says:

    Let’s see, pitchers on your list and how many pitching staffs I already have them on…

    Romero – 2
    Anderson – 5
    Hellickson – 1
    Gonzalez – 5
    Zimmerman – 1
    Minor – 4
    Chacin – 1
    Stauffer – 1
    Hudson – 4

    I think we’re on the same page here, Grey.

  50. Frank Rizzo says:

    Are Chuck Sheen references for team names already played?

    Winning! Duh!

    Adonis DNA

    Tiger Blood

  51. Bas says:

    Shouldn’t it be prematurely balding man? Cust kayin’ no one’d call me a premature man. More the opposite, really.

    Any the woo. I’m in a 10 team 6×6 keeper league with QS and TB with 7 keepers. I’m being offered Braun and Utley for my Cano and Pence. Is the upgrade from Pence to Braun worth the added risk of Utley? My other keepers would be Hanley, Votto, Crawford, Zimmerman and McCann.

  52. Mark says:

    I’m in a 12-team 5×5 OBP/QS league (No AVG or W’s) and I found OBP so undervalued that I missed almost all my earlyish-middlish SP targets, and as a result I’m loaded with risk/schlubpside. Is this staff going to be a problem? Liriano, Hellickson, Morrow, Chacin, Nolasco Shields, Zimmermann, Minor. There’s also a 1300 IP cap and I’ve got Axford, Nathan, and Francisco for RP, so I really only need a few of these guys to hit big and a few to be passable while I stick to only quality matchups for the first month or so.

    We also distinguish OF positions and I have both J-Hey and Stanton (4th and 9th rounds, respectively, Miguel Cabrera Benderly-undevalued in this format) and I’m shopping them for SP but not getting much of a nibble. Right now I have open offers of Stanton for Scherzer, Stanton for Haren, and Stanton/Zimmermann for Weaver/L. Scott. Should I cut those offers and wait until it becomes clearer how awesome those two are going to be for this format?

  53. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bas: Yeah, mustache typed that up. Wouldn’t do it.

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mark: Hold those guys.

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mark: To clarify, hold Stanton/Heyward… Your staff should be fine for now.

  56. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Bas: I wouldn’t touch that trade with your premature man!

    BiPolar…..more like BiWinning! Duh!

  57. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Grey: To clarify… Your staff should be fine for now.

    That’s what she said.

    (Yeah, I know, even older than Sheen quotes)

  58. Jack says:

    Grey? why do so many of these commenters play in these tiny leagues? Whats your take on the ideal league size for difficulty?

  59. Tony says:

    @Jack: personally i wouldn’t even consider a league smaller than 10 teams and all the ones I play in are 12 teams. I think 12 teams is standard. As you go up to 14,16, 18, 20+ difficulty increases.


  60. amscalone says:


    i have longoria, who i can keep in the 13th for this year, and then wouldn’t be able to be kept. he has alvarez who can be kept in the 26th this year, 25th next year and 24th the following year before being thrown back.

    I was thinking of proposing my longoria and a 5th round pick for his alvarez and 1st round pick (on which i would most likely end up with cano).

    So its: cano, alvarez and whomever I can get in the 13th plus the added years of alvarez, or longoria and whomever I can get in the 5th and 26th.

    a good deal for me, right? and does he consider it?


  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @amscalone: Sounds good for you, I don’t no what others will consider.


  62. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Tony: Hope you don’t think less of me since I just play in 10 teamers Tony. I’m in 2 leagues and both are mainly for fun, with some money involved. I know it isn’t the top of the food chain for FB but it’s just a group of guys that are married w/ kids who look for an escape and a reason to go to the bar once in awhile.

    It’s only my 3rd year playing fantasy baseball and I like it a ton, but it is just too involved for me to get into serious, big money leagues. That’s what I’ve done for 12 years with fantasy football. It’s quite a bit easier to handle since NFL Teams only play once per week.

  63. Wilsonian says:

    @Tony: I play in a variety of sized leagues: one is an 8 Team H2H, one is a 16 Team H2H, one is a 12 Team Roto (last year also had a 12 Team H2H, but I needed to cut back this season). I find they all have their own difficulties, and I actually think 12 team is the easiest.


    Yes, I think 8 Team actually has it’s difficulties. The biggest of which is that there is so much waiver wire talent that I find myself wanting to constantly pick people and am tempted to drop people even when I don’t really need to (or at least not yet). Another big issue stems from this: with all this talent out there, people with injuries or struggling guys have tons to choose from and can maintain a solid performing team. This is not always the case in larger leagues. Yes, my team is stacked (worst starter is E. Jackson), but I’m already wanting to drop and pickup guys on the wire, and the season hasn’t started yet. Granted, you don’t have to look too far to find a replacement, but I do find that the competition is so strong that it plays out well for the majority of the season. Anyone has a shot at winning simply because losing a bat or an arm to an early (or late injury) doesn’t always mean death to their season. It’s always possible to find someone who’s on fire and can shoulder the load.

    In 16 Team leagues, this isn’t the case. Due to the pool being so much shallower, many people can’t fight off the injury or suckitude bug, and a few teams fall off the face of the earth come June. I like the 16 Team league better, simply because I really enjoy looking for the diamond in the rough. It’s much more entertaining to try to find this season’s Mat Latos than it is to know that should one of my pitchers falter or get injured, I can snag Kennedy, Kuroda, Cueto, Danks, etc. out of the FA pool.

    I like to have a variety of leagues because they each pose their own distinct difficulties, and I find it keeps me on my toes. I know a lot of people scoff at the 8 Team league, but it really is fun, and provides it’s own level of entertainment.

  64. @Grey: 6×6 (OBP & QS) mixed keeper draft coming up. I’ve got Albert, Donkey, Hamels, Gardner and Carlos Santana kept.

    I’ve got the 4th and 6th picks overall and I’d like to have either a 3B or a MI and one stud starter. Do I go with either (in my order of preference) Beltre, Phillips, Jeter, Kinsler, Rollins + Weaver, Ubaldo, Gallardo, Liriano

    …or take Morneau as my position player if he’s still available? I think he’ll have the best overall numbers but I’d have to put him at UTL and still have to fill the more scarce positions with only 4 over draft picks in the next 8 rounds. Which way would you go here?

  65. Wake Up says:

    I’m a fan of almost all of these pitchers on the “to target” list, except Hanson. Oh, Hanson isn’t on this list, but he is being drafted too early. Also, I’m not a fan of Hanson, did I mention that I don’t like Hanson and….oh I just dropped my toothpicks….quick…….Grey………..how many toothpicks?

  66. Jack says:

    @gray: very political response, I understand………………..I have been the drunk carney in my league every year, I understand offense like women, its clearer when I’m drunk.

  67. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Would you lose Farnsworth for T. Wood? I’m banking on Farnsworth grabbing the Rays closer job but all I have read is it will be a save by committee every night and his saves won’t be steady. With 4 other closers on my team (Feliz,Marmol,Hanrahan,Thornton) I wanted a 5th in the event Thornton doesn;t close and Feliz moves to the rotation.

    Whats your thoughts? Hold Farns in case 1 of my four don;t pan out or grab Wood now?

  68. steve says:


    Anyway you can put these lists in a printer freindly version?…dont need 20 pages of comments…kust sayin,,,thanks dogg!

    Get Some!!

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