Well, there’s better young pitchers that I could go over.  Shizz, there’s better pitchers in the Padres farm system — hello, Simon Castro.  But the whole idea of these posts is not to pinpoint who’s going to be a great pitcher in 2013.  This is about who is actually going to help you this year in fantasy.  It’s t-shirt time and the cab’s here for these guys.  Which brings us to Tim Stauffer.  In the minors, Stauffer had a pretty middling strikeout rate.  Not something I usually look at for sleepers.  His numbers probably won’t make you take your heart meds.  So why the sleeper post and what can we expect of Tim Stauffer in 2011 fantasy baseball?

Stauffer will be a Hodgepadre, at the worst.  You’re looking at a line of 8-7/3.90/1.15/100 in 140 IP.  Then shave a half run off the ERA if you only start him in Petco.  Yes, that’s a 3.40 ERA in roughly half his games.  I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but, if I did, read it again like you haven’t heard it before.  I’m seriously considering trying an experiment on one of my fantasy teams this year where I own one ace and four Hodgepadres and only start them at home.  The Padres starters last year had a 3.42 ERA in 500 IP in Petco.  Sure, I might need to grab a middle reliever or two to go along with my closers to supplement my Wins and Ks.  Also, I might lose my nads once I start drafting this wonky staff and abandon the dream, but there ya go.  Last year, I did fine starting Clayton Richard and LeBlanc only at home (2.71 ERA for LeBlanc at home; 3.15 for Richard.  That’s in 185 IP, i.e., that’s better than some top 20 starters.).  You may feel like you’re twiddling your thumbs in May while your leaguemates get an early lead in Wins and Ks since you’ve only started four of your pitchers in a handful of games and benched them in others.  People forget it’s a long season.  Roto is cumulative.  The hare doesn’t always win.  A guy like Stauffer is definitely a turtle.  In deep leagues, especially NL-Only, when used judicially, turtles can help steer your team through rough patches and help launch a tequila company.  *Grey wrinkles nose as metaphor gets away from him.*

  1. Steve says:

    And turtles always get a party in the end.

  2. JustMatt says:

    @Grey: I’ve seen projected rotations for SD that don’t include Stauffer. How certain are you that he will earn himself a starting gig?

  3. theevilempire says:

    Any openings left in a razzball commenter league? I saw one in the RCL post but like Madonna’s crotch, everyone already came and left.

    If you have an opening please email:

    themanwithgiantballs [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Jay says:

    Ah crap, there goes my chance to get Stauffer at $1 late.

  5. chata says:

    marty stouffer ?

  6. DogHat says:

    12 team 10×10 roto $330 budget, 23 man roster (2C,CI,MI,DH,5OF,1SP,1RP,7P) + 6 bench. Need to Keep 6.

    I’m inclined to keep these four:
    $15 Joey Votto
    $15 Hanley Ramirez
    $11 Matt Kemp
    $15 Justin Upton

    but need two more from these:

    $48 Ryan Howard
    $42 Matt Holliday
    $25 Brandon Phillips
    $16 Miguel Montero
    $5 Mike Stanton
    $5 Billy Butler
    $5 Aaron Hill
    $3 Colby Rasmus

    $45 Roy Halladay
    $31 Cole Hamels
    $9 Francisco Liriano
    $5 Jered Weaver
    $5 Madison Bumgarner
    $5 Colby Lewis
    $5 Jeremy Hellickson

    My thought is Stanton and Weaver, but I was also thinking that Halladay could go for $60 in my league this year so maybe him instead of Weaver. Then again because of our scoring categories Butler is rather valuable, last year 8th most valuable 1B right behind Howard. What do you think?

  7. Jay says:

    @Grey: Who do you like to win the #5 spot in the Hodgepadre rotation? Luebke, LeBlanc, or other?

  8. James says:

    would a strategy like drafting the padres starters work even better in a head to head league since it seems smart to pick and choose who you start every week as opposed to rotisserie?

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay: Hehe

    @chata: Hmm… Huh?

    @DogHat: Stanton, Liriano…

    @Jay: Hoping for Luebke, could be LeBlanc…

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @James: But then when they’re on an extended road trip you don’t have pitching in your H2H league for a whole week?

  11. NewBVick says:

    Love the experimental thought process involving the Hodgepadres. Don’t think I’d have the brass knockers to try it out myself though.

  12. Jay says:

    @Grey: If you do draft 4 Padre SPs, are there any other parks in which you’d start ’em? Like @LAD, @NYM, @FLA, etc?

  13. JustMatt says:

    @Grey: does this mean Stauffer makes it into your Top 80? I don’t see him there right now.

  14. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Stauffer will always have a place at my fantasy dinner table. He was pretty money down the stretch last year

  15. Bob says:

    i’m too lazy to look this up, what is his adp?

  16. Steve says:

    @Grey: Carried over from a couple of posts ago:

    If you had a gun to your head, do you think you could squeak by with Roy O as your No.1 in a H2H league?

    My 12-team H2H drafts at Yahoo and I’m very much liking the Yahoo ranks of Liriano (79), Gallardo (80) and Weaver (82). Cain is at 83, but you see him as more of a #2, no?

    I’d love to be waiting til into the 7th and still get one of these guys as my #1. If everything was to turn to sh** and they all went before I could get to them, of the guys you like, Roy is next at 94…

  17. Nate says:

    Follow-up from the last thread, the team I mock drafted was in a 12-team mock. That team again so you don’t have to click back there to see it:

    C: John Buck
    1B: Miguel Cabrera
    2B: Aaron Hill
    SS: Jose Reyes
    3B: Mark Reynolds
    OF: Matt Kemp
    OF: Shin-Soo Choo
    OF: Hunter Pence
    UTIL: Krispie Young
    UTIL: Adam Lind

    SP: Francisco Liriano
    SP: Max Scherzer
    RP: Jonathan Broxton
    RP: Craig Kimbrel
    P: Gio Gonzalez
    P: Hiroki Kuroda
    P: Ian Kennedy
    P: Jhoulys Chacin

    Bench: Travis Wood, Jake Peavy, Frank Francisco (realistically he’ll be starting most days), Jake McGee (same), Carlos Zambrano

  18. Steve says:

    @Bob: MDC has him at 303.

  19. Rob says:

    I think the experiment is fascinating, but I think in most leagues you will have big problems hitting your innings limit. It could work perhaps if you started them all the time at home and 1/2 the time on the road.

  20. Sir Larry says:

    Grey, were you platooning your Hodgepadres in a league with a cap on Starts or IP? I am wondering if it’s worth rostering two SPs that get only half-time, while other owners pile up Ws and Ks, in leagues with no such limits…

  21. Chuck Norris says:

    Grey, with a games started cap of 180 games, would it make sense to you to grab 4 upper tier SP’s (say from rnds 4-10), a bunch of MRP’s and stream matchups/Hodgepadres, etc.

  22. yankees2011 says:

    @Grey: Yet another Keeper question – this time for my wife’s team (yes she plays in the same league as me and actually won the league a few years ago). She is currently planning on keeping Adrian Gonzalez (3rd Round) and David Price (12th Round). Would Lester be a better keeper than either one of these guys? By the way, there is a bit of irony here since she used to laugh at me for taking your advice all of the time, and now here she is (please don’t hold that against her though). It is a 12 Team Yahoo League.

    Thanks much Grey and we both appreciate the advice.

  23. yankees2011 says:

    @Grey: Lester would be a 5th Round keeper by the way.


  24. Eddy says:


    If she’s limited to only two keepers, then no, I suggest sticking with AGon and Price.

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @NewBVick: Ye, probably not me either.

    @Jay: Yeah, and against some lesser teams perhaps. Giants offense in San Fran doesn’t seem scary.

    @JustMatt: He’s not being added, he’s supplemental.

    @Buddo Chezuski: Ha

    @Steve: O can be your H2H staff ace. H2H is a lot more forgiving with SPs.

    @Nate: Team looks really solid. Sorry, not profound but I’d have no problem going to battle with them.

    @Rob: Maybe but then you’re not getting the good Petco action only.

    @Sir Larry: I assume a 180 starts limit in roto.

    @Chuck Norris: No, I went over SP pairings.

    @yankees2011: I agree with Eddy.

    EDIT: Word.

  26. Arrec Bardwin says:

    12 team roto keeper league 6×6 (ops and holds)

    pick 6 out of:

    Youuuk (round 1)
    Heyward (Round 8)
    Prado (round 14)
    Liriano (round 16)
    Scherzer (round 17)
    Latos (round 20)
    Marcum (round 24)

    I dominated pitching last year, but hitting didn’t go so well.

    I’m thinking Youk/Heyward/Prado/Liriano/Latos/Marcum

  27. Arrec Bardwin says:


    Neftali Feliz and Brett Anderson or The Adverb in a 16 team h2h points keeper league. (we keep 8)

  28. Arrec Bardwin says:

    @Grey: thanks.

  29. Eddie says:

    @Grey: How do you feel about guys like Stauffer in H2H format?

  30. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Stauffer ‘ballooned’ to 2.42/1.07 on the road last year (only 4 games).

  31. chata says:


    i thought you were the “go to” guy when it comes to beltre’s injuries ?

  32. chata says:


    wrong eddie /eddy ??

  33. chata says:


    so , hank aaron is touring the country promoting topps baseball cards .

    in a recent interview , hank said that pete rose has paid the price and ,
    now , should be admitted into the hall of fame .

    do you care ?
    do you think rose should be elected to the hof ??

  34. Eddy says:


    Haha, I read it this morning but it looks like (for now) it only affects spring training games. Once it crosses over to April, I’ll alert the masses.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chata: He should be in.

  36. Eddie says:

    @chata: Sorry man, we’re different commentators.

  37. Eddy says:


    Grey, is Stauffer a sleeper for 12-team leagues or deeper?

  38. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: A tad deeper than 12 team, but could see him quickly being useful in 12 teams.

  39. Eddy says:


    Gotcha. Thanks.

    Btw, do you guys have a post coming up about deep-league sleepers?

  40. Mike says:

    Sorry for the almost completely off-topic question, but I’m wondering what you think of Ike Davis. I did a site-search and you’ve been silent. But the kid will be 24 this year, and in his first year, he his line was 73/19/71/.264/3 in just over 500 ABs. He’ll be 24 this year. Yeah, I know, yawnstipating (especially for a CF), but don’t you think he has some upside? You mentioned Gaby Sanchez at the end of your top 20 1B post; why doesn’t Davis rate with similar numbers?

  41. jmonte says:

    @ Grey- another off topic question but ive never used a Share Point spreadsheet and i was curious what the benefit was?

    At a quick glance Wieters and Montero were ranked below the 280 mark so i guess im looking at it from the wrong perspective???

    It so frustrating, my hands are all bloody from punchin on the concrete…

    Thanks as always!!!

  42. DoubleDouble says:

    Keeper question if I may?
    12tm, $260, 6×6(ops,holds) – keep 6

    Keep Liriano OR Price (both at $6) for Braun at $43?
    (liriano love still strong w MRI scare?)

  43. Grey,

    I remember around this time last year, in an article or perhaps a comment you explained why you draft deeper positions earlier than shallow positions. I can’t remember enough keywords to find it (if it was an article) and I can’t remember the reasoning, but I remember it making sense. Any chance you know what I’m talking about? Two burst discs in my spine has led to a Duragesic patch with an Oxycodone chaser, so I’m not positive I know what I’m talking about right now.

  44. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Grey. I was actually thinking of doing a Hodgepadre/Met pitching staff myself, so this article was right up my alley. I think in a standard 12 team snake draft, there’s enough decent pitching to go around so this strategy might be a bit much. In an auction or NL-Only league though, I think it’s a more than solid gameplan.

  45. shane rawley says:

    Tim Stauffer vs Homer Bailey?

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