Power, power, power. After never topping 15 bombs in a season in the minors, Mike Yastrzemski (OF: $3,100) has joined the revolution and already has 13 in the show in under 70 games. He’s single handedly powering the Giants to the playoffs. (ok, they’re likely on the outside looking in, but I can dream) Will it continue? You bet it will. Yaz just blasted his way past his great grandfather’s rookie home run record and he’s in the Hall of Fame. Boom, get him.

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Walker Buehler, SP: $11,800 – Miami is a team to pick on and Buehler is pretty darn good. He’s the most expensive guy on the slate today, but he’s well worth it. He just keeps rolling and those K’s… wow. After 15 two starts ago plus 8 his last turn brought his season total to 160 in 137 innings.

Andrew Heaney, SP: $6,400 – Heaney is probably my go to guy today if only because of his price. That’s rock bottom price for a pitcher the bot projects as the number two option. I’m thinking that he’ll be able to last longer into this contest since his last turn was fresh off the IL. The matchup is favorable and he has the tools to take advantage.

Caleb Smith, SP: $8,800 – This one feels a little dangerous but the bot has your back. Smith has been punching people out all year and that gives him upside. At his price he also lets you keep a little extra cash in your pocket to spend on a big time bat.

Anthony Rizzo, 1B: $3,800 – I love it when the bot’s top option isn’t the most expensive on Fanduel. Rizzo never seems like the most exciting option but he just keeps putting up numbers, and that’s what we want.

Mike Ford, 1B: $2,800 – The stats are ugly but the bot likes him and he’s cheap. The good news is that even as he’s struggled to hit for average he has flashed a power stroke with a couple bombs this past week. One swing is all it takes. 

Josh Rojas, 2B: $2,800 – Here we go again another rook. He’s played all of three games and yet here he is ready to win your day. He was part of the Grienke haul and dominated AAA Reno before the call up. He’s got a beatable righty on the mound today and not enough tape for pitcher to really start to adjust to him. The only real risk is that we haven’t yet established how often the D Backs plan to get him into the lineup. So keep an eye on that when setting your lineups. 

Jose Ramirez, 3B: $3,600 – His price is climbing but he’s still not the most expensive option, or even top 5, so consider this your weekly reminder to take advantage.

Miguel Sano, 3B: $3,200 – He doesn’t always get a hit, but when he does it’s been extra bases. So if you’re feeling lucky, take a swing. The matchup is favorable and he’s got support around him.

Javier Baez, SS: $4,000 – He carries a top end price tag, but he’s been worth it all season. He’s hitting for a good average while still giving you impressive power numbers. There’s even some speed thrown in for good measure. That gives him multiple ways that he can help you today.

Marcus Semien, SS: $3,200 – He just won’t stop. The A’s offense isn’t the greatest but Semien has been doing more than his part. He’s slotted in atop the order and while he’s not running much, he’s getting on base. Even better he’s often putting himself in scoring position (30 doubles). Even better part deux, he gets out of the Oakland Coliseum. 

Aaron Judge, OF: $3,900 – All rise for the bot’s top option today. That’s good enough for me to pay attention and we all know Judge has the power to hit two bombs with one swing of the bat.

Eddie Rosario, OF: $3,800 – He’s just been solid across the board all year and that makes him an excellent option. The Twins are also fairly strong around him giving him increased RBI and run scoring potential.

Michael Conforto, OF: $3,400 – The Mets have been on a tear and Conforto is doing his part to power their charge up the standings. I like him at this price to be a real asset to your team.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

We’re dodging a bullet today since the most projected rainfall is in Miami but the Marlins can just close up the roof if they don’t want the field to turn into a slip-n-slide. Other than that we’re looking pretty clean around the horn.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Would you look at that, we’ve got an 11 in New York and Texas so get those Yankees, Indians, Rangers and Twins going. On the flipity flop, avoid Dodgers and Marlins (but do get those pitchers)