: Regerts, I’ve had a few.

Me:  Here Frank, have a Snickers.  Better?

:  Yah.  Why?

Me:  You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.

My wife and I went to see a Frank Sinatra impersonator the other day.  He did Frank.  He did Sammy.  He did Dean.  Shoot, I think he did my wife.  What he didn’t do is regret stacking Tigers against James Shields last week.  Because he didn’t.  Stack, that is.  He sang pretty well though.  Shields was not a great stack.  You know who has a great stack?  Never mind, I won’t regert, er, regret answering that one.  I did win both my bets though.  The Pale Hose allowed me to cover the over against the Tigers and the Nats won.  Ha!

Enough looking back.  Let’s look at our Thursday choices for FanDuel.  We’ll have it…..My Way!  Ha!

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Jon Gray P: $7800 – I’m all about the K!  Gray is going against a weakened Giant team without Buster Posey.  Gray did great through four last week.  Then he fell apart.  He’ll get himself – US – a quality start with lots of strikeouts.  But if you really need to spend big, you can go to…

Madison Bumgarner  P: $11,300 – If any team is depleted it’s the Rockies away from Coors.  The Rockies are all cold.  Bumgarner is the perfect choice for lots of poinys…..and K’s.  Bum will get the QS and has a better chance at the win with still those K’s.

Victor Martinez C: $2,600 – VMart hits Phil Hughes well.  He just hits well either way.  Plus I like his catcher eligibility.  Martinez is off to  slow start, but Hughes is the perfect cure.  Hughes is my stack for the week.  See Miggy Cabrera below.

Welington Castillo C: $2,800 – I like my Wellington Castillo in the AL East hitters parks.  And he’s hit Francisco Liriano very well.  Castillo has started hot.  He’s my hot pick for the day.

Miguel Cabrera 1B: $3,800 Miggy is a very healthy 19 for 44 against Phil Hughes in his career.  I know, sss!  But you don’t hit 6 homers in 44 Ab’s without having someone’s number.  Miggy is another Tiger off to a slow start.  If James Shields doesn’t do it, Phil Hughes will.

Jose Abreu 1B: $2,900 – Abreu is just a very good hitter going against a very hittable pitcher in Josh Tomlin.  Righty hitters have hit Tomlin at a .293/.523 pace over the last three years.  I wish I liked any other Sox hitters, but Abreu has a .385/.769 against him.

Jonathan Villar 2B: $3,300 – I’m not a huge Villar fan.  But I just can’t stay away with a very hitable Bronson Arroyo toeing the rubber today.  And he is playing in the bandbox known as Great American Ballpark.  This pick makes me warm all over.

Kris Bryant 3B: $4,300 – Third is where I spend my money.  Bryant likes him some home cooking at Wrigley and he especially likes lefty pitchers.  Come on Hyun-Jin Ryu.  The Cubs got shut out yesterday celebrating their WS win for the last time.  Those rings are monster trucks.  Now it’s time for business and the repeat begins today.

Josh Donaldson 3B: $3,600 – I’m not a Kevin Gausman fan.  Righty batters hit a robust .280/.457 off him.  He’s also much worse on the road to the tune of a 4.54 ERA with 31 homers allowed in 212 innings over the last three years.  Plus Donaldson hits him well and, well, it’s Donaldson!  Is it me or am I picking a lot of slow starters today?  I’ll do it my way.

Francisco Lindor SS: $4,000 – Ahhhh!  He’s off to a hot start!  He’s good!  Since starting the season 0-6 he’s hit in every game for a .417 clip with his 4 homers.  He’s just good.  And getting better.  Oh, did I mention he’s going up against Miguel Gonzalez?  Warm!

Adam Duvall OF: $3,600 – Duvall is my cheap pick.  He’s off to a hot start.  ANOTHER HOT STARTER!!!  He’s playing at home and he’s had success against Brewer Jimmy Nelson.  Go for it!

Ryan Braun OF: $4,200 – Another Brewer against Arroyo.  Can Braun now be called a professional hitter?  Miller Park pales in comparison to Great American Ballpark and I’m not certain Arroyo makes it too long in this one.  Just hope Braun gets to him early.  That didn’t sound good.  Or did it?

Yoenis Cespedes OF: $4,100 – Is anyone hotter than Cespedes?  Three homers Tuesday.  Another double Wednesday.  Ces has hit .351 with 8 homers in 90 Ab’s against lefties over the last year.  I know, SSS!  I still like it.    Thank you Wei-Yin Chen.  Come get some.

Adam Jones OF: $3,700 – Is Jones ready to go off?  He hit homer number 2 Wednesday and he likes him some Francisco Liriano.  How long will Liriano last?  How many will he walk?  Is this blurb about Adam Jones or Francisco Liriano?  It doesn’t matter because you know I like my #2 hitters.  And JONES hit two!

I’m Only Happy When It Rains 

There’s a slight chance of rain in Chicago.  But they’ll the game in either way.  Go Cubs!!  Should I write in Cubbie Blue?

Doing Lines In Vegas

No o/u for the Cub game.  Bummer!  They know the Dodgers can’t hit lefties.

I have a few likes in the Red/Brewer game.  Guess I like the over on 9.

Both my pitcher picks are against each other. It figures the o/u is 6 1/2.  I won’t touch it.

The Red Sox aren’t hitting.  But I don’t like the Pirate pitcher.  What to do.  I’ll take the Pirates -133.  That’s a bet.  Ha!

Enjoy your day, weekend and see you next week.