My stacking target this week is Kyle Kendrick.  Kendrick is a career 4.63 ERA pitcher with a batting average against north of .290 and 1.24 hr/9.  Kendrick has a whopping K/9 rate of 4.93.  And he’s going in the hitter haven of Fenway Park against the still waiting to break out Birds.  So look real hard at your Adam Jones and  Manny Machado and even Jonathan Schoop.  Take an extra look at Trey Mancini.  Is he starting?  If he is, swing him in.   Take more looks at the roster and see if Seth Smith and Hyun Soo Kim are playing.  Either way, definitely get in on Chris Davis.  I’ll take the under that Kendrick does not strike him out and that means 4+ wacks with contact for Davis.  Davis has hit a home run about once every 16 at bats.  But it’s every 10 AB’s when he makes contact.  Takin the over on Homers here.  Now on with my other picks…

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Ian Kennedy, SP: $8,300 – Kennedy’s velocity is up this year and he’s averaged 6+ innings per start.  This will get you your quality start and I’m just not buying into the the Pale Hose fast start.  If you’re going stars and scrubs, Kennedy is one of the scrubs but will get you star points.

Derek Holland, SP: $7,400 – It’s another scrub.  The Royals just finished an historically bad April offensive implosion.  And guess what?  They were even worse against lefties.  They scored a mere 8 runs in 18 games against lefties in April.  They were better last year, but this is the new Royals and Holland is pitching well.  I like him better in Kaufman Stadium.  Go get you some.

Matt Wieters, C: $3,100 –  Braden Shipley is a Kyle Kendrick look alike with less experience.  Shipley’s numbers are more minor league based.  But in 70 short MLB innings he’s given up .289 BAA and 1.8hr/9.  But we’re talking Wieters here.  He’s in the best lineup in baseball and hitting .301 with a 24 homer pace.   Sorry folks, I just can’t recommend any other catcher.  Go for Wieters.

Ryan Zimmerman, 1B: $4,000 –  There aren’t any hotter than Zimm.  He’s batting .427 with 11 homers and he’s going against Shipley.  Get it while he’s healthy.

Daniel Murphy, 2B: $4,300 – Well look who’s at the top of the heap on our FanDuel expense list!  You gotta like Murphy against the lowly Shipley, but Murph can stand on his own performance here.  He’s hitting .333 on the year and .400 with 2 home runs over the last week.  You could pick him against just about anybody.  I am! 

Jake Lamb, 3B: $4,100 – Lamb at $4,100?  Lamb is killing it this year and he hit .290 with 20 homers before he got injured last year.  He’s currently at .283/6 with .315 and 5 of those homers against righties.  I know it’s Max Scherzer, but Lamb is 3 for 8 with a homer against Max.  I know, SSS but I’ll take Lamb against any righty right now.  He’s just a little more expensive than Machado today.   

Trea Turner, SS: $4,300 –  I really don’t like taking the best available player.  But you just have to against the worst available pitcher.  Turner is doing a great job of mimicking his 2016 freshman year with a .311 Sophomore campaign.  And did I mention a guy by the name of Braden Shipley against National players?  And you know I like leadoff hitters.  An extra at bat might pay dividends this afternoon.   

Jean Segura, SS: $3,700 –  I guess I like my leadoff shortstops tonight.  Segura is hitting a nice .314/.486 with three homers in only 70 at bats despite a stint on the DL earlier.  He’s hitting a cool .357 with two of those homers over the last week and he’s going against another good stacking choice in Alex Meyer of the Angels.  Meyer has given up only a .256 batting average against.  Add in 24 walks in 31+ innings and you have the makings of nice walk, stolen base and run, runs at the A, and you may just get an extra at bat.    

Bryce Harper, OF: $5,100 –  Harper is a must have at any cost.  He’s cooled just a bit, hitting .360 with two homers in the past week.  This actually brings his batting average to .388 for the year.  Yet there’s that guy again, Braden Shipley.  If you can find cheap enough labor at other positions, get some Bryce.  Find a way.  

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There are strong possibilities of rain in the Midwest.  Watch your Cincinnati’s, Detroit’s and St. Louis’s.  There’s rain called for in Atlanta, too, but diminishing into the later evening.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Washington/Arizona is an over/under of 7.5.  I know Scherzer is going, but Washington is averaging almost seven themselves.  And I’m also takig the Nats at -215.  It’s a lot so if you like more competitive odds, try,

Take the Metropolitans in Atlanta.  I like the senior Big Apple team +104.  Or is that the junior team?