Happy Saturday DFSers!  With any luck we can make your weekend a little better by landing you some cash.  We’ve got a nine game main slate tonight and it’ll take some pants cantaloupes to go with my top pitching recommendation, German Marquez ($7,600).  I hear you, I even cut bait with Marquez in a couple of shallow redrafts after his 11 run debacle against the Giants.  Since then though, he’s rocked a 3.27 ERA, which is like a 1.57 ERA in today’s juiced ball era, and struck out 35 in 33.  That included shutting down the Dodgers in Coors. Follow my logic here, if he can go 6 IP, 0 ER, 10 Ks vs. LA, the Mehlins should net him 9 IP, 0 ER and 30 Ks…yup, that math checks out!  In all seriousness, the Marlins have the lowest team OPS in the bigs by a long shot and I don’t even think Coors can help them. They are middle of the pack in team strikeouts but I think Marquez should be able to realistically hit 8+ here tonight.  Plus, the price is fantastic!  So, let’s go fishing and haul in some winning GPP lineups, shall we?

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Jacob deGrom, SP: 11,500 – deGrom is the top pitcher on the slate tonight, but you’re going to be paying up for that.  Still, in cash games, he’s your man.  The Royals are bottom five in the league in team OPS and while they don’t strike out a ton and he’s on the road, deGrom can overcome.

Jose Berrios, SP: $9,100 – Berrios is a decent second option for cash games tonight.  Texas strikes out a ton (second most in the league behind Seattle) and is about average in team OPS.  I don’t love that Berrios is on the road in this one or that both the top cash game options are on the road, but what are you gonna do?

Eduardo Rodriguez, SP: $8,400 – E-Rod might be even more volatile than German Marquez.  I’ve dropped him in shallow leagues too, but…Baltimore.  The O’s are straight awful, bottom of the barrel in team OPS and E-Rod should have his way with them.  SHOULD being the key word here, this could go south in a hurry, but for GPPs, I’m game.

Dinelson Lamet, SP: $8,200 – Strikeouts pay the bills in DFS and Lamet brings them in droves.  Philly isn’t a high-strikeout team and it’s a tough park to pitch in but Dinelson should be able to get it done.  It’s scary but the payoff could be big.

Daniel Murphy, C/1B: $3,200 – Murphy should be all rested up after a random rest day last night.  Just like last night, his price is much too cheap for a prime bat in Coors.

Joc Pederson, C/1B: $2,900 – It hurts my soul but Folty has been far from good this year.  I appreciate him giving it the old college try but I fear the Dodgers are going to mollywop him tonight.  That mollywopping starts with Joc.

Keston Hiura, 2B: $3,600 – I hate second base.  Every night I struggle with finding a cheap option here that won’t suck.  No luck tonight, so we’re paying up for Keston vs. Anibal Sanchez. One of these days Anibal is turning into a pumpkin and I want to be there when it happens.

Max Muncy, 2B: $3,800 – Another chance to pick on poor Folty, but I prefer Keston at the lower price tag.  I wouldn’t hate if you want to stack Dodgers though.

Miguel Sano, 3B: $3,500 – Sano and the Twins take whacks at Ariel Jurado and his 5.31 ERA tonight.  I don’t think it ends well for the little mermaid.

Mike Moustakas, 3B: $3,400 – Lefties are hitting Anibal better than righties this year and I really want to pick on Anibal.  Lock and load Moose tonight.

Tim Anderson, SS: $3,100 – Anderson’s price is slowly creeping back to where it was pre-injury.  Jose Suarez doesn’t put much fear in any batter’s hearts and I like this spot for Timmy.

Trevor Story, SS: $4,500 – Story is the top hitter on the night, get him if you can fit him.

Eloy Jimenez, OF: $3,300 – Small sample size, but righties have a 1.050 OPS vs. Suarez so far.  That is, what we like to say in the industry, not good.

Trent Grisham, OF: $3,300 –  Apparently I’ve talked myself into stack Brewers tonight…away from Miller Park no less.  Call me crazy but I love the prices and the upside of Anibal’s downside.

Ryan Braun, OF: $2,900 – Let’s complete the stack, as long as he’s in the lineup.

Brandon Belt, OF: $2,700 – Merril Kelly’s 4.75 ERA and 4.73 FIP means he’s also not very good.  I like Belt as a cheap option if you’ve stacked up Coors bats elsewhere or you’ve gone with a deGrom at pitcher.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Hazy, hot and humid in Philly, Washington, Kansas City and Texas. That should make for some prime hitting conditions.  That makes me a little more tepid on recommending Lamet and Berrios, but that’s your call. It’s going to feel like 107 at first pitch in Texas.  Yikes. That said, noe PPD appear to be in the making, so happy DFSing!

Doing Lines In Vegas

The biggest favorite on the night is Eduardo Rodriguez and the Sawx at a massive -325.  I guess Vegas has little faith in Asher Alphabetsoup. As of right now, the only game on the main slate with a single digit over/under is [email protected] with an 8.5.  deGrom is clearly the cash game pitcher de jour. I didn’t mention any, since they are very pricey, but clearly your Sawx bats are all in play tonight.