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If you’ve hung with me on previous Saturdays, you’ll know that in real life (where I’m Victoria in a hat rather than Victoria on a hat), I live in Canada. And so on this first day of July, I’d like to take the opportunity to say happy birthday to my adopted homeland! Because today is Canada Day, which is like your Independence Day, only with more beavers and people saying “sorry”.

The magic number of the day is 150. That’s how old Canada’s turning today. It’s how many “Canada Day Sale!” emails have arrived in my inbox in the last 10 minutes. It’s how many degrees below 0 it is here, every single day of the year. It’s how many Altuves you need to stand on so you can pat a moose on the antlers. It’s the thread count of my plaid sheets. And it’s how many strikeouts Chris Sale is going to record against the Toronto Blue Jays on our nation’s birthday. (Some of these things may not be true.) Historically, the Jays who have faced him have hit a collective .184. Josh Donaldson has the best shot, having gone 5-for-18 with two home runs against Sale in the past, but offset that against his .150 (magic number!) average in the last week, and I think this match-up is pretty safe. So for my FanDuel slate today, I’m happily paying $11,600 for El Condor, even in Canadian dollars, and I’ll live with sticking the rest of my lineup together with maple syrup and poutine gravy. No, really — you’ll see what I mean.

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Here’s the lineup I’m entering into FanDuel for Saturday 1 July (GPP all-day, 1:07 p.m.):

Chris Sale, SP: $11,600

Russell Martin, C: $2,200

Joey Votto, 1B: $4,400

Paul DeJong, 2B: $2,700

Miguel Andujar, 3B: $2,400

Zack Cozart, SS: $3,000

Melky Cabrera, OF: $3,200

Mallex Smith, OF: $2,700

Scott Schebler, OF: $2,700

Zack Greinke, SP: $9,400 – Normally you see COL @ ARI or ARI @ COL and you steer way, way, way away from whoever’s pitching. However, I kinda agree with Streamonator’s number 1 pick for Saturday. The Rockies have been on an 8-game losing streak, were swept by the last-place Giants and have been smacked with the injury stick (including to Carlos Gonzalez and Gerardo Parra, who have historically hit Greinke around the most). So Greinke’s 2.68 ERA at home is looking pretty good. But if you’d like to go cheaper, consider…

Zack Wheeler, SP: $8,200 – Help, help, we’ve fallen into some sort of Zachary vortex: Zach Davies is also pitching today (but I won’t be recommending him). Anyway. Yes, Zack Wheeler’s 5.29 ERA is ugly and his last two starts were bad, but if you’re feeling ballsy, this could be a good match-up against the Phillies, who are the second lowest run-scorers this season. Slightly safer could be Rich Hill ($8,600) versus the Padres.

Robinson Chirinos, C: $2,900 – This righty is facing lefty Derek Holland today, and so far this year, he’s hit a sweet .296 against LHP. He’s also had 4 home runs this week, so this price seems pretty good. But he’s been sitting a fair bit lately, so (as always with all players, obv!) check he’s in the lineup. If he isn’t, you could try…

Chris Iannetta, C: $2,800 – Or Chris Hermann ($2,600). Neither of these Chrises are particularly exciting, but I like the Arizona park factor. Or if you want to totally punt the category, like I am, go Canadian and start Russell Martin ($2,200)!

Joey Votto, 1B: $4,400 – You gotto Votto on Canada Day, eh! It’s the tiniest of sample sizes (about as small as the Canadian Navy [wait, should I be telling you that? Please don’t attack us. Oh, what am I saying; you guys could just skate across the frozen St. Lawrence and come get us, if you wanted to]), but I like his 4 for 8 versus the CubsEddie Butler, and he’s been hitting so very nicely in June: .358.

Miguel Cabrera, 1B: $4,000 – So far this year, we haven’t seen 2008-2016 Miggy: that’s painfully obvious. However, at time of writing, he has homered two days in a row, and he has a career match-up versus Josh Tomlin of 9 for 25 with a home run. As with Nick Castellanos (see below), keep a careful eye on whether he’s actually starting, though, because Cleveland and the Tigers are playing a double-header today and only the game versus Tomlin counts for FanDuel.

Robinson Cano, 2B: $3,600 – It’s Cano-da Day! Robbie is 7 for 17 with 3 — count ’em — homers against Ricky Nolasco in the past. He hit .272 in June, which is so-so for him, but he does hit .294 against righties. Which Nolasco is. However, I can’t afford him, so I’m gonna try…

Paul DeJong, 2B: $2,700 – Grey told you to buy!, although somewhat unenthusiastically. I am buying him today because, as mentioned, I need to rein in my spending and I actually quite like this match-up: in his brief big-league career of 1 month, DeJong already has a .350 average against lefties like Gio Gonzalez (.260 against RHP).

Jake Lamb, 3B: $3,900 – If I could afford him, I’d bite into some Lamb today. [Sidebar: Actually, I’d bite into anything. It’s 8:30 on Friday night as I write this and I’m starving but too lazy to put down my laptop and walk the 10 feet to the fridge. Also, I’m watching the Jays-Red Sox game on mute, but it’s OK because our Jays-fans neighbours down the hall clap really loudly when anything good happens, so I always know when to look up at the TV. … And thus endeth your glimpse into the glamorous life of VictoriaB.] There’s the delicious Arizona park factor, and the fact that he’s gone a tasty 4 for 13 with 2 homers off Tyler Chatwood in the past, and is hitting a drool-worthy .320 in the last week.

Manny Machado, 3B: $3,100 – I’m a little leery of talking him up because he’s been so cool (.125 in the last 7 days, which perhaps explains the price), but I do feel obliged to point out his 10 for 35 BVP, with 4 home runs, against Jake Odorizzi. He’s also Hittertron’s 2nd favorite player overall today.

Miguel Andujar, 3B: $2,400 – Honestly, this is a total flyer, and I’m taking it because he’s cheap and Streamonator puts Houston’s Francis Martes at -9.7 and everything the Yankees touch turns to gold. But you may not wish to follow this devil-may-care strategy and you’d probably be wise.

Zack Cozart, SS: $3,000 – It’s all Zacks all day today! I’m happy this one’s back, I have to say. He was hitting .320 before he went down with a quad thing (and no, I’m not referring to him and the three other Zacks), and so far on Friday he’s jumped right back into the whole hitting-and-scoring-runs groove. I think this is a nice price for him, and I’m taking advantage until FanDuel notices he’s back.

Orlando Arcia, SS: $2,400 – Another guy who earned a mention in Grey’s Buy column … but possibly only for 2018. Maybe today too, though! This is a great price for a guy who’s been hitting .391 in the last week.

Melky Cabrera, OF: $3,200 – Today we talk about all the Zacks, all the Robinsons, and all the Cabreras! The Melkman cometh with a .400 average versus Cole Hamels (8 for 20), .320 this month, and .282 this week.

Nick Castellanos, OF: $2,800 – This spot was originally for J.D. Martinez and his career BVP versus Carlos Carrasco of 7 for 19 and 2 homers. But the Friday night game was postponed, Josh Tomlin will now be starting the Detroit-Cleveland game that counts for FanDuel (the 1:10 game), and J.D.’s never done all that well against him, so I’m doing a quick switch-out for Castellanos instead. However, consider Martinez for the later Detroit-Cleveland game today, versus Carrasco, in yer roto leagues and other DFS plays. But back to Castellanos: he’s 7 for 23 with a homer, he’s heating up lately (.333 in the last 7 days), and he’s a good price.

Mallex Smith, OF: $2,700 – Hittertron’s sixth-rated OF for the day is very pleasantly cheap, which is what I need at this point. Admittedly, he hasn’t done much in his last couple of games, but before that he’d managed to rack up a .311 average and I hope the hitting picks up again versus Dylan Bundy.

Scott Schebler, OF: $2,800 – I prevaricated between Schebler and Keon Broxton ($2,700) for my last cheap-o spot. Both are deep dives for Hittertron-approved bargains at the Canada Day Sale, but ultimately I went with Schebler, for his match-up against Streamonator’s projected fourth-worst pitcher of the day, the CubsEddie Butler. Meanwhile, Broxton is facing Tom Koehler, called up for a spot start, who has been pretty good down in the minors (earning 3 runs in his 15 innings pitched and striking out 20).

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Oh, so much rain forecast in the east, kids! Detroit, Baltimore and New York (this affects the Mets game; the Yankees are in Houston) are all staring down thunderstorms that could disrupt play.

Doing Lines In Vegas

It’s possibly not a shock to hear that the Mets are expected to beat the Phillies (-169) and the Dodgers should take San Diego at -158. Sad to say for my Blue Jays, but I think the Red Sox are going to have an easier time of it than the -116 money line might suggest.