Holy Shizz!!!  Game of Thrones is back Snitches!  The lead has nothing to do with DK today, but how could I pass up on celebrating the return of Jon Snow and Brienne of Tarth?  Not a GOT fan?  That’s cool, I won’t judge you, but you’re missing out.   Either way, you’re not here for a GOT review, you’re here for some DK advice, so let’s talk about the match-ups for today.   My original lead was going to be; “SSS’s Are The New $$$’s” at least for today, as Salazar, Sale and Snydergaard are on the bump.  Noah Syndergaard was my guy last week and he put up a respectable 29.6 points.  At $11,400 vs Cincinnati he’s a solid anchor again today and I like him over the higher priced Madison Bumgarner, $12,100, vs San Diego.  I know it’s SD, but Mad-Bum just hasn’t looked right over his first four starts and Grey has been preaching about his over usage.  Maybe he torches SD tonight, but I’m going to roll with my boy Thor again tonight and hopefully he can put a charge into the rest of my picks that we’re anything but electric last week!

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Danny Salazar, SP: $10,700 – Did Carlos Carlos Carrasco just go on the DL?  Yep.  Did The Czar just become the staff Ace?  Yep.  He’s facing Minnesota today and I actually like him a tad more than Thor, but I just can’t up and quit on my Man-Crush.

Taijuan Walker, SP, $9,000 – He’s started out of the gate much stronger than last year, even showing glimpses of a potential Ace.  Houston is leading the league in K’s, so if he can limit the long ball in his home park he’ll be a solid play.

Drew Pomeranz, SP: $6,600 – Value play!  He’s put up over 20 points per start and he’s pitching at home, HodgePadre.

Buster Posey, C, 1B: $3,900 – If you’re not starting Pomeranz and you have the cash for a top tier Catcher, then roll with BP, he’s 4/5 with 2 bombs vs Dr. Drew.

Derek Norris, C: $2,800 – Under 3k and he’s a plus .300 career vs LHP.

Mike Napoli, 1B: $3,700 – He’s another LHP masher and I like the price, especially if you go with a high end SP.

Albert Pujols, 1B: $3,500 – He’s been so bad to start the season that Grey said he wished he would of waited till the 10th round to draft him.  He went 0-15 last week, until Sunday when he finally got into one.  Please, Please, Please let this be a start of something.  He’s not going to be this cheap much longer.

Logan Forsythe, 2B: $3,400 – Kevin Gausman is coming off the DL and hopefully Logan can keep that solid BVP going 4/5, 1 Bomb and 3 RBI.

Jose Altuve, 2B: $4,700 – Why didn’t I draft this guy!  He’s been beasting out every game.  If he’s not hitting Bombs he’s stealing bases because he cares about your fantasy numbers.  They’re making a movie about Speedy Gonzales and I can only hope that Altuve will make a cameo.  Andale!  Andale!

Nolan Arenado, 3B: $5,000 – “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”  Sorry Dorothy you’re not in Oz either.  The ToreNado will be touching down in Colorado for the next four days, so do what you can to fit him in.

Nick Castellanos, 3B: $3,200 – I nailed Nasty Nick 2 weeks ago when he went yard and Kendall Graveman is not a 2.04 ERA SP.  Oakland has been hot on the road, but Detroit is due to put up some double digit numbers on the scoreboard.

J.J. Hardy, SS: $3,000 – I’m like the value play at SS and Chris Archer hasn’t been himself.  Like I’ve said before, if I can get a couple hits and a run or two out of a value SS play I’m good.

Jordy Mercer, SS: $4,300 – Sticker Shock!  He’s in Coors, he’s been raking and he’s in the LHP Masher’s Club.

Colby Rasmus, OF: $3,800 – He’s been hot and seems like a bargain today.  He’s 5/10 vs Walker, get hot, stay hot.

Bryce Harper, OF: NOT AVAILABLE.  He’s off today, but he got the day off yesterday and still hit a pinch hit Bomb.  Maybe he dresses up as Christian Yelich and goes yard off Stripling.  Does DK have any Prop options?

Lorenzo Cain, OF: $3,500 – He’s facing Garrett Richards, but he seems like a solid value.  It’s been 11 games since he hit his last HR, so maybe he’s just been distracting counting all that new contract money he received over the off season.  I need me some Cana de Azucar!

Giancarlo Stanton, OF: $4,900 – I wonder if Ross Stripling had this nightmare play over and over coming into tonights game, 475 Feet.  Too bad the camera didn’t show Grey hawking that HR ball like the little Asian dude grabbing the gold tooth in Bloodsport.

Nomar Mazara, OF: $3,500 – NOH-MHARRR!  How cool is it to have Nomar back in the game.  I’d like to have a southern accent to introduce this Nomar, cause I only hear the Boston “Noh-MHarr” in my head.  He’s been putting up numbers day in and day out since being called up. Nathan Eovaldi may be in the top tier for velocity, but lefties are hitting almost .360 against him this year.

Yasmany Tomas, OF: $3,400 – I think he’s finally showing the stuff Grey predicted he had last year.  Tremendo Mangon.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a chance of rain in the Det vs Oak and the Col vs Pit games.  It’s under 50% chance for both, but be sure to double check before game time.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Mad-Bum and Thor are leading the pack today at -210 and -206 and the Col vs Pit game has an O/U of 11.5.  They might put up 20 runs in Coors tonight with two lower tier LH pitchers starting.

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