To discuss Francisco Liriano at Razzball HQ, I gathered the Random Italicized Voice, MR. AL CAPS and Larry King.  After eating me out of house and home — “The selection was pretty meager.  Freezer pops, really?” “NOT A THING TO DRINK,” “Anyone see where I put down my teeth?” —  we talked about Liriano.  He started off in the preseason in my top 10 starters for 2011.  “That call looks as pretty as Rocky Dennis.”  “YOU SHOULD’VE FOLLOWED THAT CALL WITH SAYING TYLER COLVIN WOULD HIT 40 HOME RUNS.”  “I wonder if my teeth are in the bathroom.”  April saw Liriano’s ERA balloon to 9.13 and a lot of talk about how the Twins asked him to throw to contact.  Yeah, why strike out guys when you can have hitters hit balls into holes?  “I’d like to hit some of my random italicized balls into holes.”  “NICE ONE, RIV!”  “Hey, what do you know?  I clipped the potato bag closed with my teeth.”  In May, Liriano had an ERA of 2.52 and a no hitter, but he still didn’t look completely right.  In June, he’s given up one earned run in 13 innings.  More importantly, he has more Ks than innings pitched.  After his June 7th start, I said that was the best he’s looked all year, including the no-hitter.  On Sunday, he looked better — 8 IP, 1 ER, 2 hits, zero walks and 9 Ks vs. the Rangers.  He’s not at 100% owned in ESPN, I’d go ahead and fix that.  Also, if you can get a Liriano owner to think he’s selling high, I’d see if I could still buy low.  Remember some of these owners are still dealing with early season scars when he looked like hot garbage.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw this weekend in fantasy baseball:

Joe Mauer – Supposed to return on Thursday.  I’ll give him an over/under of 7 home runs on the year.  I’ll give him and Morneau combined an over/under of 14 homers.  Or two less than The Drubal has right now.  “Why do I own Morneau in multiple leagues?”  That’s me standing on the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge with tears streaming down my cheeks.

Mike Napoli – Headed to the DL with a strained oblique.  The bad news is he’ll probably miss three to four weeks.  The good news is it’s three to four weeks without questioning why Napoli isn’t playing.  If humans use 10% of their brains and 7% of that is used with Napoli questions, suddenly you’re all gonna be like Travolta in Phenomenon.  Forget picking up a free agent catcher, pick up a tractor trailer with a wiggle of your finger.

Miguel Olivo – Hit two more home runs on Sunday.  All he does is hit home runs!  (For a week or two then goes crazy cold.)

Justin Smoak – Hit his 2nd home run in the last three days, now has 12 on the year.  I think next year he’s going to be terrific, but this year he might just be a tad better than Mitch Moreland.  BTW, who names their kid, Mitch?  That’s one of the few times the long form of a name — Mitchell — is far preferable.  Hmm, looking again at the Google Map of this post, it looks like I could’ve avoided the Mitch detour.

Bartolo Colon – To the 15 day DL.  When Colon heard he had a strained hammy, he asked if it was glazed.

Jorge Posada – 2-for-3 and is now only six points away in average from Russell Martin (.226 vs. .232).  That’s not a positive for Posada, but a negative for Russell Martin, who I told people to sell back in April.

Derek Jeter – 7 from 3,000.  Tony Gwynn said the last ten hits are the hardest to 3,000.  Gwynn, “Until you get those last 10 hits, you won’t even enjoy the activity you enjoy most.  For you, that’s probably banging Minka Kelly.  For me, it was eating Big Macs.”

Aaron Harang – Headed to the DL with a foot injury, which for the Harangatuan could be his hands, not sure.  Since Dustin Moseley is also ailing, Wade LeBlanc could fill in the rotation.  In deeper mixed and NL-Only leagues, he’s a decent Hodgepadre flyer.

Anthony Rizzo – Homered on Saturday.  It’s Rizzo, jerky!

John Axford – Recorded his 18th save to go along with his 2.97 ERA.  Member when you dropped him the first week of the season?  Yeah, I’d suggest Ritalin for the Attention Deficit Drops.

Dustin Pedroia – Since the knee scare, he’s actually been great.  Yesterday, he hit a home run, before that two three-hit days.  Maybe I was irrationally worried about his knee, or maybe I just couldn’t put my finger on his can’t-put-your-finger-on-it-ness.

David Ortiz – 2-for-6, 4 RBIs and his 17th home run while sporting a .325 average.  His collapse next year is gonna catch some fantasy owners off guard, but think about the poor schmuck who’s gonna give him a 3-year, $45 million contract.  Ed Wade’s Toupee, “If we had a DH, I’d consider it.  We don’t have a DH, right?”

Kyle Drabek – 4 IP, 8 ER.  Will have a nice career at some point, but right now he looks like five kinds of wrong with a side of meh.  Speaking of meh, Super 8, though it ended up being just disappointing because of expectations.  How does J.J. Abrams go wrong with Close Encounters meets E.T. meets Stand By Me?  Only thing that could have been more disappointing is if David Simon was somehow involved, but he’s busy disappointing me with Treme.  I will say I would like to see an updated Goonies built around the pyromaniac kid with braces.  Finally we have a new Mouth.  If that kid isn’t mainlining heroin within 5 years because of all the money he’s about to make, he should fire his parents.

Hunter Pence – Sat out Sunday with a sore back.  I have a sore “lacking a 2nd outfielder” on my fantasy teams, so hopefully it’s not a major issue.

Allen Craig – To the DL.  Hopefully, the Rays call up Desmond Jennings soon.  What does that have to do with Allen Craig?  Nothing.

Rubby de la Rosa – 5 IP, 3 ER, 6 baserunners, 6 Ks.  Left the game early rubbing his index finger.  He was either injured or playing charades with his name.

Andre Ethier – 0-for-4, hitting .321 with 5 homers and no steals on the year.  He is such an empty average and, when that falls to .300, you’re gonna be left with even less.

Scott Elbert – Got the Dodgers first save in 3 weeks.  This was just a situational save; I wouldn’t run out and add Elbert.  I would add Elbert before Roeper though.  He was worse for their show than Ebert’s cancer.

Ubaldo Jimenez – 5 1/3 IP, 2 ER, 12 baserunners, 2 Ks and 5 unearned runs.  Holy ticker shock!

Carlos Gonzalez – 3-for-5 with only his 2nd slam and legs this year, as his owners hunger for more.  He now has 9 homers and 10 steals.  He’s just about on pace for where I thought he’d be.

J.P. Howell – Ye of the 10+ ERA got the save yesterday even though Farnsworth wasn’t overworked on Saturday.  I think it was just a one time thing for Thurston and Lovey’s kid, but it’s worth monitoring.  Or not.  Your choice.

Mark Reynolds – On Saturday, he hit 2 home runs.  On Sunday, he left the game with a left arm contusion, according to ESPN.  Is it me or are teams using the word contusion a lot recently?  Was contusion just the Word of the Day at  Did Selig send around a memorandum that teams should start using contusion?  It’s a bruise, people.

Adam Jones – 2-for-4 with his 9th homer.  He’s been better than Heyward.  Cust kayin’.

Dan Uggla – 2-for-3 with his 8th home run and first since May 15th.  Or the first home run for Uggla since we lost the rapper of Teach Me How To Dougie.  Good to see Uggla’s finally putting that behind him.

Tommy Hanson – 7 IP, 1 ER, 5 baserunners, 14 Ks.  First name:  Hommy.  Last name:  Tanson.  Middle Name:  Butter.

Craig Kimbrel – Venters recorded his 3rd save on Sunday but the word on the streets of Atlanta is Kimbrel is still the closer, he just needed to rest.  Here’s a revolutionary idea, rest him during non-save situations.

Sergio Santos – Got the save yesterday but he’s now given up 8 earned runs in his last three outings.  I could see grabbing Thornton on spec, but I’d leave him on my bench for now.

Adam Dunn – Hit his 2nd home run in the last 4 days.  An Uggla and Dunn homer on the same day.  It’s a total eclipse of a bad start.

Scott Sizemore – 1-for-3 with his first home run.  He went 3-for-4 on Friday and has been playing every day.  If you’re hurting at middle or corner infidel, it’s worth looking at him.

Tyler Chatwood – 3 2/3 IP, 5 ER as he got Mazzacred.

Jordan Zimmermann – 7 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 10 Ks.  I love him, enough’s been written on that.  But, let’s be clear, against the Padres in Petco isn’t exactly facing the 1927 Yankees in Coors.

Elvis Andrus – Was pulled from the game for a lack of energy going to first.  Ron Washington, “Was setting an example, but I know about wanting to savor it when you go down a line…”

Alcides Escobar – 2-for-3 with his 8th steal.  Yeah, yeah, fail with a hashtag for Alcides, but he’s 10 for his last 17 with 2 steals.

Mike Moustakas – Homered on Saturday.  The Royals should hand out bottles of tahini and have their fans squirt each other in the face after a home run.  It’s Greek love!

  1. ‘morning Grey.

    Who are the top 2 or 3 of these middle infield options for the rest of the season (20-team redraft roto league)?

    Here are the available choices: Scutaro, J Weeks, Jamey Carroll, Alexi Casilla, Scott Sizemore, and Nishioka.

    Many thanks!

  2. ltf says:

    Vinnie Pestano is back!(…giving up a solo HR shot to Teixeira…)

    Epic rundown.

    Do you think either CarGo or Ubaldo will ever come close to their 2010 seasons again?

  3. Mike says:


    Which SP do you like most ROS? (10 team H2H) Baker, Collmenter, Volquez, Niese, Minor, or Beachy (when he returns) Thanks for the help!!

  4. Derrick says:

    Soria, Ian Kennedy and Elvis Andrus for Hanley. Who wins?

  5. Racehorse says:

    Pestano serving up a fat one to Tex cost me last week’s ERA category, and contributed to me losing WHIP (Ubaldo did most of the damage there)…

    @ Grey,

    What do I do with Eric Young Jr? I called him up on 5 June from my minor league roster and my league stipulates that I have to keep him rostered for 2 months. I’m trying to trade him but obviously he has zero trade value. I picked up Charlie Blackmon as a handcuff but ain’t sure how that’ll work out.

    Should I move EY2 at all costs? Should I ride it out and see what happens (the Rox offense has been abysmal, they’ve got to get better, at least a little better)… or should I stop spending so much time on all this and get back to bodybuilding?


  6. Howard says:

    @Grey Am trying to improve on AVG and while Pujols isn’t the problem he isn’t part of the solution either. If I were to offer him for: Miggy, Votto, AGonz, Prince?

  7. SpecialFNK says:

    Jason Bourgeois was all set to get his 2nd start in a row(with Pence out) but was a late scratch with a sprained ankle. bad news for a speed guy.

    DL is killing me right now. Heyward, Freese, Prado, Span, Wandy(back today), and Craig. in a deep league I had to cut Craig, but picked up returning from the DL Elliot Johnson. I can drop Johnson too, Andrus at SS and Dee Gordon at MI.
    when Prado went down, grabbed Chris Johnson for 3B.
    @Grey who is better at 3B until Prado returns. hold onto Johnson? or any of these guys? Scott Sizemore, Maicer Izturis, Edwin Encarnacion, Don Kelly, Jack Hannahan, or Scott Rolen who was just dropped yesterday.

  8. Howard says:

    Have to drop one with Zimm coming back: Blackmon or Bernadina?

  9. Howard says:

    @Grey While I have a lot of love for ‘Filthy’ and I can’t overlook his 83K/80ip, would you drop him for any of: Baker, Morton, Collmenter, Minor? I gues I’m just Pitchy WHIPped! (should that be a razzball term when a pitcher walks as many as he strikes out?)

  10. It'llonlyhurtforasecond says:

    Adam Jones – 2-for-4 with his 9th homer. He’s been healthier than Heyward. Cust kayin’.

    Fixed it for you.

  11. Howard says:

    @Grey Sorry about all the posts! Does the same logic apply to ‘MishMets’ as to Hodgpadres in terms of only starting them at home? Looking at Niese @ Atl tomorrow.

  12. Shibboleth says:

    Hey Grey, hope all is well. Was offered my Werth for his Walker. What do you think?

  13. Professor Chaos says:

    Grey, loved the round-up today. If you thought Super 8 was disappointing, wait for the sequel – Motel 6…Heyoooo

  14. Rico says:

    Re selling Martin, would you drop him for any of Olivo, Arrencibia, or Soto? I’m feeling no. He’s got a 20% LD rate and a very unlucky BABIP of .236. Back injury is a concern, but other than straight up for McCann there’s not much else better at C because C sucks.

  15. malacoda says:

    I gave up on Treme due to the fact that I didn’t care one bit about what happened to any of the characters. I bet that is what it is like to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

  16. golfnut says:

    Hey Grey (or is it Gray?), Anywhooooo

    Who do you like better for the rest of the season:



  17. toolagio says:

    good lord… coffee through my nose on my monday morning. Damn you Grey… you owe me a new keyboard

  18. golfnut says:

    Sry……one more for the list…..Tim Hudson

  19. frank rizzo says:

    I love me some Frank Liriano. Now with him, Hanson, and Hamels leading my pitching staff, I’m looking pretty deadly.

    It was tough but I dropped Humber to nab Bud Norris who amazingly enough was on the wire. Humber was a fantastic 2 start add last week for H2H and now Norris is getting 2 this week. Please tell me dropping Humber was not a mistake!

    Is there any site that I could follow to get the jump on the rest of my league when Desmond Jennings is getting the call? Our benches are so thin that it’s tough to justify rostering him when he’s not even a Ray yet.

  20. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Farns was unavailable to close the game yesterday due to having the flu.

  21. CL says:

    I think I’m punting Catcher now that Napoli is down. I think I have more useful bench bats at other positions… even my bench pitching is more useful. Am I wrong? I could pick up Lucroy, Ianetta, Olivio or even Posada… they seem to get relatively steady ABeeees….

  22. Ryan says:

    Was that a Black Joe Lewis reference? Naw, couldn’t have been.

  23. Mr. Rickey says:

    Trumbo or Rizzo?

  24. Will says:

    pick up thornton or stick with uehera?

    best “current non-closer RP” for some save opportunities and low ERA / WHIP? I already have Venters who is the best non-closer RP

  25. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grey,hows it going my friend,savoring the line,especially when the 1st is always the best,heheis grady ok as a bench guy,or would you loose him for a jansen type guy or even blackmon or goldschmidt type,

  26. Jah says:

    Grey, I am platooning Aaron Hill, Ty Wiggington, Alex Casilla and Justin Turner at 2B and MI. I have CarGo, Stanton, Ethier, Alex Gordon, Morse, Delmon Young and Seth Smith filling 4 OF spots.
    In a H2H points league would you rather have Mike Young (2b, 3b) or Andre Ethier (OF)?

  27. Jah says:

    Ahem, i mean, should i trade Ethier for Young?

  28. stynyr says:

    Anyone know what Brandon Beachy’s status is? Is he coming back anytime soon?

  29. EnglishMetsFan says:

    @ Grey…..good morning LeBronball.

    He was worse for their show than Ebert’s cancer.

    The Bookhouse Boys believe that’s a little harsh…..

  30. Madballs says:

    Grey, thoughts on Garza after his last couple outings? I could have him for almost nothing. Should I acquire? What do you think? Thanks.

  31. golfnut says:

    @Will……pick up Mike Adams

  32. Jim says:

    12 team, 5×5 roto, weekly changes

    Pick 2 for the week, Bedard, Cueto, Gio Gonzalez

  33. Eddy says:

    Saltalamacchia or Wilson Ramos?

  34. lou rodney says:

    hey g-

    Trade my Joyce for his Dunn?



  35. Wilsonian says:

    Anyone know anything about Freese? Any time table for his return? I’m getting sick of Wiggy playing 3rd while Wright is out. I could use someone who, ya know, produces.

  36. Oregon Nut Cups

    Oregon Nut Cups says:

    I was originally going to give your Moustakas comment an ‘NC-17’ rating, but seeing as it’s a foreign comment, we’ll call it ‘NR’ and say it’s a coming of age story.

  37. papasmurf says:

    It looked like Jennings was gonna beat Mous to the majors, but Rays are cheapskates.

    Now, if Upton gets traded to Washington, and Jennings comes up to play CF, that would be a disaster for me. That would give me two CF for next year and no LF, and thus I cannot keep both then. Not worth holding Jennings and wasting a roster spot all year long so far.

  38. mrobs says:

    anyone riding the Wandwagon tonight?

  39. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Freese cleared for next step: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Cardinals 3B David Freese (hand) said on Thursday that he has been cleared to begin taking batting practice. He expects to begin a rehab assignment in the next two weeks.
    (Updated 06/09/2011)
    Injury Report
    Hand – 15-day DL. Out until at least mid-July
    (Updated – 5/2/11)
    Fantasy Analysis
    Freese added that his hand’s motion felxibility has been restored, though he has to regenerate lost strength. He will remain marginalized for at least the next couple of weeks. Freese was batting .356 with two homers and 14 RBI before going down with the injury and should be stashed away in deeper mixed leagues while he is on the shelf.

  40. Wilsonian says:

    Lester/Hosmer/Hamilton for Lilly/Pujols/McCutchen

    Which side?

  41. Tom Emanski says:

    I picked up Ian Stewart after reading about Wigginton’s errors. Stewart is crushing AAA. Hoping he gets called up soon.

  42. Eng says:

    Would you rather own Torres or Guerrero?

  43. Vince says:

    Grey, I give Rasmus and Romero and I get Lester. Worth it? I’d then pick up Desmond Jennings…

    My team (12 teams, H2H, 5×5, Non Keeper) :
    C: Montero
    1B: Cabrera
    2B: Johnson
    SS: Andrus
    3B: Youk
    OF: J-Up
    OF: Bruce
    OF: Lind
    Util: Rasmus
    Bench: Moustakas

    SP: Felix, Verlander, Romero, Scherzer, Liriano, Latos, Lilly, Norris, Matusz

  44. frank rizzo says:

    At what point does Michael Morse become a sell? Can he be startable the entire year or do you move him. I’m on the cusp of a blockbuster where I’d send Morse/Braun/Andrus/Gio Gonz to another team for McCutchen/Holliday/HanRam. Which side you want in that trade?

  45. Wake Up says:

    Derek Jeter…”Why choose? Have you had a Big Mac off the back?”

  46. C.O.C. says:

    Leake at home against Tor or Minor at home against the Mets? Also, Ramos or Posada going forward?

  47. Tom Emanski says:

    I was watching Home Improvement early this morning and I just realized what Wilson is. He’s a WAGNOF–Wisdom Ain’t Got No Face!

  48. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Grey: Is Casey Mcgehee going to get his shizz together or should I move on? Not many options available: Figgins, Encarnacion, Wigginton, Sizemore (soon).

    Those are some depressing options for a 10 team league.

  49. brad says:

    start hanley or dee strange gordon this week?

  50. brad says:

    also would you start reynolds over kelljo this week in a util spot?

  51. Chillmodious says:


    After yesterday’s stinker, would you drop Matusz for Jordan Schafer as a pre-Desmond Jennings rental? Or pick up Jennings now?


  52. Joyce or Tabata straight-up for Masternson — thoughts on whether that is too much or not enough?

  53. Johnny Five says:

    I don’t really NEED the roster spot, but dropping Colby Lewis seems wise in a cathartic way. Is this being short sighted? Could pick up a dropped Todd Helton, a flyer worthy Franky Frank, speculate on Mike Adams or put a waiver claim in on Melancon. Thoughts?

  54. MeanMachine says:

    Morrow is killin me! Would u hold or look for safer options.

  55. Alvarez4President says:


    Sitting in 1st place in one of my keeper leagues (14 teamer) and got bored. Just gave Longoria, Brian Wilson, Jered Weaver, and Tabata for Braun, Kimbrel, Tommy Hanson, and Coughlan. The one part of the deal that I didn’t like was giving up Tabata for Coughlan. Now my team looks like this:

    1B- Votto
    2B- Neil Walker
    3B- Morel
    SS- Castro
    LF- Braun
    CF- Kemp
    RF- Quentin
    Utility- Rasmus
    Utility- Moreland
    Bench- Pedro Alvarez/Barney/Coghlan/Brett Gardner/Jennings/Lawrie

    SP- Hanson/Haren/Britton/Kershaw/Lester/Marcum/Morrow/Beachy
    RP- Bailey/Kimbrel/Sipp

    I love my outfield combo of speed and power, but hate 3B. Do you approve of the trade?

  56. Mhfella says:

    Hi Grey,
    Is it time to start Uggla this week or should I stick with Kelly Johnson who I’ve been playing the last month? Thanks!

  57. John says:

    Who is the best upside/pickup for the rest of the year?

    Lilly, A.J Burnett, Zambrano, Arroyo, Homer Bailey, Hughes?

    Also good stuff today had me cracking up this morning in my cubicle with the napoli write up

  58. ThE sHiT says:

    Drop Garza for Zimmermann? I love Garza’s K-rate, but his other ratios are getting on my nerves.

  59. Eng says:

    Cheers Grey! One last one….Pierre or Torres in a vacuum?

  60. Peeved Off says:

    14 team h2h league. Currently in 3rd. Traded BJ Upton and Michael Pineda for Jon Lester. I’m fine in the OF and have Heyward coming off the DL soon hopefully. Good move? Too much for Lester?

  61. Sabean's Muzzle says:

    Liriano: Slider, slider, slider, Tommy John, slider, slider, Tommy John, slider, early retirement.

  62. L-Boogie says:

    The Padres placed starter Aaron Harang on the disabled list with a foot injury on Sunday and have recalled Anthony Bass to start Monday in Colorado for his major league debut, reports

    Who wins in a trade of Trout for Carp and Bass? I made that deal with my wife at Sushi Samba last night.

  63. Sabean's Muzzle says:

    @Grey: Alex Rios or Carlos Beltran?

  64. Tom Thumb says:


    which side do you like in Kemp/Norris for Braun/McCutchen. Non-keeper 12 team Roto

  65. ujoh says:

    Hitters: Olivo, Howard, Kelly Johnson, Longoria, Hanley, Kemp, Stanton, Victorino, Smoak (Util), Gardner (Bench).

    Pitchers: Lester, Hamels, Garza, Lilly, Bumgarner, Lewis, Niese, Norris, Beachy (DL), Gregg, Farnsworth.

    I’m considering trading Kemp for an upgrade at pitcher. I know I have a strong lineup, but Longoria and Hanley are the death of me. I also know I have to rely on them no matter what, and Kemp has ridiculous value. If I offered Kemp/Bumgarner for Verlander/Cruz, is it a more balanced team, or am I giving up on my best player for no reason? Not even saying I’d get that deal, but it’s what I’m kind of thinking right now…..

    It’s a H2H league and I’ve lost 4 straight weeks mainly due to bad pitching stats.

  66. farcus says:

    trout or goldschmidt a better stash?

  67. Dave says:

    which side wins

    Braun Smoak for Mccutchen/Victorino/Marmol

  68. Bermuda Triangles says:

    Hi Grey

    Any thoughts on Dan Uggla (for power) or Rajai Davis (for speed) or Danny Espinosa (for a bit of both)? Do you expect rebounds (Uggla/Davis) this season? Is one of these 3 a better buy low than the other?

    Reverse-Ticker Shock: Losing ERA (and the week by 1/2 category) because 5 of Ubaldo’s Rs were unearned against me. Damn you Ty Wigginton!!!

    Bermuda Triangles
    Get Lost!

  69. PaleHose says:


    Going forward, Morrow or Volquez?


  70. Long Bawls says:

    Do you guys think Lincecum’s (why doesn’t he go by “The L-Word”? He’s got the hair) worth targeting in a trade?

  71. DP says:

    @Grey Liriano or Daniel Hudson?

  72. nick m. says:

    Been using Aaron Hill since he came off the DL with uninspiring results. Would you drop him for any of these options: Beckham, Justin Turner, Espinosa, Wigginton?

  73. sean says:

    Tabata or Brantley for my 5th OF?

  74. Ray says:

    Rios or Morneau?

  75. herschel says:

    @Grey: who to start in weekly roto league this week. need one:

    gallarado (@chc, @bos)
    d. hudson (vs chw)
    minor (vs nym)


  76. Peeved Off says:

    H2H weekly lineup league. 5×5 + quality starts.

    I have an open slot and the waiver wire looks like this:

    Edwin Jackson
    Tim Stauffer
    Brett Myers

    Who would you pick up? No glaring needs at pitcher.

  77. larry says:

    Would you drop any of these for Lirano?

    Dan Hudson
    Anibal Sanchez
    Ian Kennedy
    Mat Latos
    Eric Bedard

  78. Peeved Off says:

    One more question: what do you see from Shane Victorino ROS?

    Top __ outfielder?


  79. Biggidy says:

    Alex Rios or Rajai Davis?

  80. Kelley says:


    Hey, I just lost Napoli and have a trade offered to me of Pablo Pandavol for Alexi Ogandi straight up. I’ve got Halladay, Carpenter, Chacin, Baumgardner, J-Zimmermann, Wandy, and Humber left if I trade Ogandi. What do you think?

  81. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Who is better ROS, Uggla or B. Phillips?

  82. larry says:

    Pena or Dunn ROS?

  83. STRAWberry says:

    Nice one on Moustakas. Moukaki?

    Thoughts on Lincecum (not a continuation of joke above) please.

    Thanks Grey.

  84. MeanMachine says:

    Chris Young for Billingsley. Who is getting the better player going forward?

  85. Earl Battey says:

    If you had to choose from the following list, who would you take (5×5 weekly league)?

    Delmon, Cuddyer, Theth Thmith, Laynce Nix, Ryan Ludwick.

    I could use SBs and AVG the most, though it doesn’t look like I’m getting much of either from this list.

  86. Ben C says:

    I like the Pirates lineup, batting second playing CF, Paul, batting third and playing 2B, Walker.

  87. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    Happy Monday(s) sir! I hope the weekend was debaucherous and enjoyed. As always a simple question (or 2)….

    Ditch 2; Smoak, Trumbo, Raburn, J Weeks, Blackmon

    Ditch 2; E Jax, Morton, Minor, Lyles, J MacDonald

    Your time is truly appreciated,

    -The Spaceman

  88. quimmy says:

    brantley for walker? which side would u want?

  89. Black Beard says:

    Please choose a side: Hill and Gardner for Carpenter.

  90. sean says:

    Fifth starter matchup question:

    Lilly at home against HOU, or
    Zimmemann at home against BAL

    I’m leaning Lilly on the matchup alone, but J-Zimm has been hot.

  91. RollieFingered says:

    5×5 H2H

    Start Kuroda tonight?

  92. Dan Haren for The Drubal

    Team with The Drubal has HanRam and needs SP, team with Haren has Halladay and needs SS. And the winner is..?

  93. airweino says:

    Need to DL Allen Craig. Team in first place by a few points (mixed 12 team league). No glaring weaknesses right now. Who do you like of the available FA options worthy of discussion:
    – Rubby de la Rosa
    – Paul Goldschmidt
    – Ben Revere
    – Jason Vargas
    – Scott Sizemore
    – Yonder Alonso

  94. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – H2H weekly lineup question. Moose for 6 games on the road or Holliday for 4 off the DL (have Youk normally @ 3B). Thanks!

  95. Commish Cauda says:

    Any thoughts on selling high on J. Chacin?

  96. Nick says:


    Rizzo or Freeman ROS?

  97. Higgins says:

    Wandy or Billingsley rest of the way?

  98. Joe B says:

    @Grey: Safe to drop Morneau for Goldschmidt yet? The D’Backs have a disease at 1B and the only cure is more Goldschmidt… would it be safe to think of .250 AVG and 15-20 HR from him if called up around the All Star break?

  99. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Jennings waiting for the call: Rays OF Desmond Jennings is red hot at the plate for Triple-A Durham to start June. The highly-touted prospect is batting .383 (18 for 47) with a .442 on-base percentage, .553 slugging percentage and .995 OPS through 11 June games. “I’ve been more aggressive towards the ball,” Jennings told “Last year, I was tentative in swinging at some pitches, but now I’m feeling good about letting it go and taking an aggressive swing.” Now, Rays fans and Fantasy owners await Jennings’ recall to the majors. “I would think he was disappointed when he didn’t make the [major league] club, but he knows he’s got to wait for his chance,” Durham manager Charlie Montoyo said. “But he also knows he’s going to get a chance.”
    (Updated 06/13/2011)
    Injury Report
    No information available at this time (Updated 6/13/11).
    Fantasy Analysis
    With Anthony Rizzo and Mike Moustakas getting called up over the weekend, it might be only a matter of time before Jennings gets the call as well. Sam Fuld has cooled off dramatically after his hot start and Justin Ruggiano isn’t the long-term answer in left field either. It’s Jennings. Fantasy owners should continue to stash this kid seasonal formats since now is the time of year where most top prospects are getting recalled.

  100. Eddy says:

    Per Buster Olney:

    Brett Anderson will not have Tommy John surgery, after seeing Dr. James Andrews. Six weeks of rehab recommended; another eval in 3 weeks.

  101. airweino says:

    Also, looking for a couple pitchers (could use holds, Ks, or Wins) in another mixed 16 team 6×6 league. Who do you like of these?
    – Al Alburquerque
    – Jeremy Guthrie
    – Logan Ondrusek
    – Michael Stutes
    – Jose Veras

    Yeah, I know…middle men are sexy…

  102. HoosierDaddy says:

    I have limited trades so need to make this one last for ROS – Hold and risk losing Jennings, or Pick up Jennings and keep an empty slot for a few weeks while dropping which of the following: Ibanez, Rios, or Victorino?

  103. herschel says:

    @Grey: given the news of 6 weeks of rehab and then reevaluate, is brett anderson worth hanging on to in redraft leagues?

  104. Wilsonian says:

    Would you snag Homer and drop a Leake, or hold? I’m thinking longer term help throughout the season, not just for right now. Bialey should be back next week.

  105. Steve says:

    Aw Krispie. Come on, man.

  106. Steve says:

    And of course the next guy clears the bases.

  107. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    Nice to have Nolasco farting liquid all over the mound.

  108. JackInTheBox says:

    So much for winning ERA or WHIP this week…

  109. Exactly says:

    Just heard that Wright is going in for another exam, may or may not be healing properly, which is just fantastic…I probably can’t move him for anything and lost out on moustakas…who would you roll with out of:

    wiggy, headley, chris johnson, rolen, freese (when he gets back) or pick up and wait for lawrie?

  110. Tom Emanski says:

    Daniel Murphy has something like a .500 OBP in his last 15 games but he has 2 runs. Stupid Mets.

  111. zzzzzz says:

    Do you like D. Murphy or Rickie’s lil bro over Theriot at 2B?

  112. jongenes says:

    @Grey With Espinosa playin 2B and no Util spot for Hill would you drop him for Jonathan “Really Dirty” Sanchez, Brandon “that’s just” Beachy or Brandon “there’s no to” Morrow

  113. Buge Hoobs says:

    Rasmus just got dropped in my 10 team 5×5

    Should I pick him up for OF Sizemore, U Damon or U Dunn ??

  114. Tom Emanski says:

    Why is Rasmus not on pace for 30 HR? Did everyone overrate his power?

  115. stynyr says:

    Hey Grey,

    Going forward who would you rather have: Tomlin, Niese or Holland?

  116. SwaggerJackers says:

    Jeter out with a calf injury.

  117. Carl Spackler says:

    who to drop to activate Zimmerman?

    12 team 5×5 H2H

    C JP
    1b Votto
    2nd Kinsler
    3rd Zimmerman
    SS Elvis
    OF JUp, Pence, Tabata
    Utl Lind, Pena
    Bench Casey McGee, Aaron Hill

  118. Tony says:

    @ grey: 2 questions: if you’re going to deal a SP in a deal would you rather deal Hanson or Lester? And do you think Hanley bounces back what would be your interest level in him, low, medium or high if you could get him…..?

  119. Steve says:

    Looks like Nunez is back. Odd time to come in, though. Might as well get him back in a low-leverage situation I guess.

  120. Black Beard says:

    ROS, league counts OPS: Tabata or Gardner?

  121. Tony says:

    A) Lester, Phillips, Corey Patterson

    B)Cano, Hanley, bud norris

    Which side? Grey or Anyone….. thanks

  122. debar says:

    trade ccrawford/marmol/jay-z for kershaw/stubbs/storen? 10 team h2h points.

  123. royce! says:

    Wow, Lyon’s doing a great job trying to regain the closer job. Shafer 3 R HR.

  124. Steve says:

    Did Choate pitch an inning or not?

  125. Terrence Mann says:

    During the delay, the Rocks radio team threw Dexter Fowler under the bus and pimped Blackmon (pointing out he has as many sb in a week as Fowler had all year). Also said that Fowler has to learn to hit from the left side if he wants to play…..

  126. DHill Dragons says:


    Bumgarner (@Ari, vs. Min, vs. Cle)
    Norris (vs. Pit, @LA, vs. TB)

    Who’s the better add for the next two weeks and maybe longer?

  127. AL KOHOLIC says:

    just watched true grit,awesome flick,the name alone reminds you of a season of fantasy baseball

  128. Martin says:

    @grey- I currently am looking for a second baseman. I have been offered weeks for dan haren. My current staff is haren, cain, scherzer, hanson, d. hudson, cueto, chacin, stauffer, bumgarner, and vogelsong. Should i accept weeks for haren or try and trade cueto for polanco instead? Or just drop vogelsong and pick up a 2nd baseman like daniel murphy on free agents? Thanks for the help.

  129. Steve says:

    Need an SP-eligible Holds guy. Pick one please:

    Hawksworth (has the most Holds of late)


  130. Terrence Mann says:

    Qualls is warming up. I’m getting a chub!

  131. Steve says:

    Stupid shit Dodger defence. Shit, shit shit.

    How is that third run earned?

  132. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ugh,skinny little gordon better hit and run,just made a big error that cost them the lead there

  133. Nick says:

    Grey, I grabbed C Santana June 4 by dropping Wieters…A’m i being to impatient by looking to switch back to Wieters at this point? Iannetta or Molina are other options…

  134. Nick says:

    Also, Turner or Pagan for my Met on my bench going forward??? Had Turner, now have Pagan…

  135. Nick says:

    & Daniel Murphy!?!?

  136. TomtheBod says:

    @Grey Are you high enough on Liriano that you’d drop Brandon Morrow for him?

  137. Steve says:

    Kemp now 20/15 in 68 games…

  138. Terrence Mann says:

    Projections on any significant HRs the rest of the year from HGH Wells are pure science fiction.

  139. Quinn says:

    12 team 5×5. I have Asdrubal. Offer on the table to trade him for David Price, should I take it?

    I have plenty of hitting: 12/11/10/9/9, but need pitching bad: 12/3/5/5/2. Currently in 3rd place. Feel like As-Cab is sell high right now. Any advice would be appreciated.

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