Yesterday most teams announced their 60-man rosters for Summer Camp. You know Summer Camp, it’s when MLB players compete against each other in kayak and potato sack races, learn to respect other kids, even ones with nerdy glasses, and are managed by Bill Murray. Oh, and, yeah, all teams were supposed to release their 60-man rosters, but when you make a rule that in extra innings a runner will start on 2nd base, then rules are officially stupid and should not be followed. Rob Manfred speaking into a phone, “Brewers, we need your 60-man roster.”  Brewers, “It’s in your ass, Rob.” Rob, “I’m looking in a mirror and I do not see it.” One other thing about the 60-man rosters that were released:  they were all a few short of 60. 60-man rosters are a lot like Opening Day, a wait-and-see affair. Guys can be added still in the coming days. So, maybe there’s hope still for Ryan Mountcastle and Adley Rutschman, since they were omitted from the Orioles’ released 44-man roster. It would be surprising if they weren’t included in the coming days, if this weren’t the Orioles. Some teams included their 2020 draft picks. The Orioles have yet to include their 1st pick from 2015 (Mountcastle) and their 1st pick from last year. i.e., Grey’s about to lose his crap and only talk in 3rd person. Anyway, here’s what else I saw 2020 fantasy baseball:

Charlie Blackmon – Tested positive for Coronavirus. I think we’re far enough away from the start of the season, that it hopefully won’t affect him. Has anyone noted that having lung issues might hurt Rockies more? “Having trouble breathing? Here’s what’ll help. Less air.”

Ryan Zimmerman – Was being reported that he might not be playing this year due to Coronavirus, but he was on the 60-man roster, so *shrugs*. As mentioned on this week’s podcast, when we go over all NL DHs, Zimmerman, Thames, Asdrubal and Howie Kendrick were likely four guys for two spots, so that might be three guys for two spots, and a solid boost for Kendrick, specifically, since he doesn’t have the splits.

Nate Pearson – What’s that you’re asking, is Pearson on the 60-man or am I carrying a banana in my pocket? That’s no banana. More like a gherkin, if I’m being honest. Here’s my Nate Pearson sleeper from the shutdown.

Matt Kemp – Didn’t make the Marlins’ roster. I wonder if this was a case where he was just like, “I got my money, good luck to you, kids.” Some vets (like Jonathan Lucroy) weren’t on the initial roster, but will be added shortly. With Kemp? I don’t think he’s being added.

Aristides Aquino – Didn’t make the Reds’ 35-man roster that will be at Great American because they are not Great Americans! Holy crap, they are called REDS! They’re commies! Welp. This sucks. I love The GGOATOAT, but, apparently, the Reds don’t. I’m leaving him in my top 100 outfielders (he’s ranked very low) since he’s on the taxi squad, but I wouldn’t bother with him until he’s called up to the main roster.

Wander Franco – Made the 60-man roster. Bit disconcerting to hear about this Wander fella, shouldn’t he be Quarantine Franco right now? I gave you a Wander Franco sleeper during the shutdown. Honestly, have no idea if he actually sees time, but he has a whole lot more of a chance now than before the shutdown.

Spencer Torkelson – Rumors are being floating Torkelson will be added to the Tigers’ 60-man. Ever since the Tigers promoted a 20-year-old Rick Porcello, I will never doubt their promotion of prospects. Torkelson might just be the Tigers’ cleanup hitter this year. I mean, why not? What else are they playing for? Not sure if Torkelson is even in fantasy waivers yet on sites, but, when he’s added, I could see being as aggressive.

Nick Madrigal – If you’re curious like a a little kitten staring at TV playing Animal Planet, Madrigal gained one of our biggest boosts from pre- and post-shutdown on our Steamer Fantasy Baseball Rankings. I will be going over all value jumps tomorrow, barring any big news. For what it’s Werth, Madrigal is now projected for 3 HRs, 8 SBs and .287 average. The homers at three still seem wildly high and low on the steals. Projections look so funny in 60 games.

Carlos Gonzalez – Released by the Mariners. Worst news for CarGo since Ziggy Sobotka.

Jarred Kelenic – Made Mariners’ 60-man with Julio Rodriguez. Jarred Kelenic sounds like an off-the-shelf enema, but I might have to make a separate sleeper post for him if he’s really in the running to be an M’s starter. Think 8/8 in 60 games with upside. Julio Rodriguez might be even sexier, but he’s, like, 12 years old.

Forrest Whitley – Made the Astros’ 60-man. Astros are one of the few teams that have too many starters, and Forrest is so green.

Miguel Sano – Won’t be charged with kidnapping. Wonder if he followed my advice for all future kidnappers. Quickly begin to write everything in cut-out magazine letters. “Excuse me, Mr. Albright, you signed this check with pasted letters.” Establishing an alibi, baby!

Cristian Pache – Included on the 60-man. I love the Braves. Damn, they are aggressive. You gotta love it. Not adding Pache to rankings, because it’s simply a taxi squad for him, but, still, with other clubs dragging their feet like a bunch of dead weight, the Braves are out there making boings.

Clint Frazier – Made the Summer Camp roster. Yankees could lose 59 players and Clint Frazier won’t get at-bats.

Matt Duffy – Made the 60-man Yankees’ roster. Matt Duffy is also just now finding out he’s on the Yankees. Seriously, when did this happen?

Cole Hamels – Will be good to start the year. Yeah, I’m not going to update every one of these. Assume every player is good to start the year since there was 14,000 days in March to clean everyone’s bill of health. Well, except Mitch Haniger. He’s nut so good. Hamels, as with all pitchers, was updated in my top 100 starters.