Do you like roast pork with provolone and broccoli rabe? Do you find John Kruk both devilishly handsome and well spoken? Can you recite from memory Michael Jack Schmidt’s retirement speech, including the exact moment he breaks down in tears? Do you know what jawn means? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re a Phillies fan. This jawn is for yous.

2018 Recap: 80-82, 3rd in the NL East. Playoffs? Nah. Clubhouse Fortnite game destroyed? Oh hell yes.

2019 Notable Additions: Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, Jean Segura, Andrew McCutchen, David Robertson

2019 Vegas Odds: NL East – 9/4 | NL – 11/2 | World Series – 12/1 | Win Total O/U – 88.5

2019 Prospects: Razzball 2019 Minor League Preview

2019 Projected Batting Order and Stats*
Order Player Pos R HR RBI SB  AVG/OBP/SLG
1 Andrew McCutchen LF 81 26 79 11 .263/.362/.474
2 Jean Segura SS 81 14 63 20 .284/.330/.414
3 Bryce Harper RF 93 35 94 10 .260/.395/.530
4 Rhys Hoskins 1B 89 36 99 5 .249/.352/.500
5 J.T. Realmuto C 65 20 72 5 .269/.325/.457
6 Odubel Herrera CF 58 15 62 7 .267/.327/.426
7 Maikel Franco 3B 65 25 79 1 .263/.318/.473
8 Cesar Hernandez 2B 73 9 49 14 .256/.350/.365

Damn that’s pretty. Not just saying that as a fan, but 1-5 I’ll take all day and thrice on Sunday. For me, Hoskins is going to crush it this year. First base is a better fit for him defensively, and he has the bat to clean up any ducks Harper happens to leave on the pond. I could see both surpassing 100 RBI this season.

Doobie Herrera is one of my favorite players to watch. Having Doobie, Franco, and Cesar Salad as our 6-8 (last year those guys were our 1-5) is kinda crazy. If due to injury or performance any one of the three moves into that counting stat party at the top of the lineup, they’ll be golden. The bench is also solid, with players like Nick Williams, Scott Kingery, and the now-injured Roman Quinn ready to step in when needed.

2019 Projected Rotation and Stats*
1 Aaron Nola RHP 13 194 3.58 1.20 210
2 Jake Arrieta RHP 11 181 4.25 1.33 160
3 Nick Pivetta RHP 11 160 3.98 1.25 171
4 Vince Velasquez RHP 9 137 4.40 1.33 141
5 Zach Eflin RHP 9 145 4.61 1.32 127

Aaron Nola is a stud muffin and Vince Velasquez is the guy I just can’t quit. I’m like a moth to the flame when it comes to VV’s strikeout potential. Eflin and Pivetta have been nice surprises, and if there happens to be an injury or poor performance (psst there will be) Jerad Eickhoff and Enyel De Los Santos should be ready to go in AAA.

One of the storylines I’m interested in this year is how Nola handles the pressure. Last year was all gravy, but this year fans and management will expect to win. He’s going to have to put the rotation on his back, at least until the trade deadline. FWIWerth, I think he’ll do just fine.

2019 Projected Bullpen and Stats*
Role Player Pos W SV ERA WHIP K
Closer David Robertson RHP 4 21 3.25 1.17 86
Closer Seranthony Dominguez RHP 3 13 3.40 1.25 81
Setup Hector Neris RHP 2 0 3.60 1.17 51
Setup Pat Neshek RHP 3 0 4.50 1.29 50

I think Dominguez is the guy to own in this pen. Three reasons: (1) he’ll likely be cheaper than Robertson on draft day; (2) he’ll net you similar strikeouts; and (3) even if Robertson wins the gig out of spring training, he’ll be on a short leash.

This is one area that I could see the team trading for some help with midseason, once the dust settles and they can see what their realistic chances are. The rumors that tied them to Kimbrel in the offseason (who is still unsigned BTW) make me think that Robertson and Dominguez aren’t their dream closers come September.

*All projected stats provided by Steamer.

  1. Malicious Phenoms says:

    Good write-up, almost makes me think your a Phillies fan..

    Just one question, why would Franco bat behind Herrera?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Thanks! haha

      Not sure to be honest…I went with Roster Resource’s projected lineup. Numbers make it seem like he should be in that six or even five slot.

      • Turd Wendell says:

        I think the big salad hit 9 alot. Kap loves doing that.

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          Good point

  2. Trust The Process says:

    Mike awesome stuff… always look forward to these.. 12 Team Roto.. keep 10 + 10 farm … I’m in a complete retool rebuild … just offered Pete Alonso/Dee Gordon/3rd round pick for my K Davis … if I did this I’d immediately look to flip Dee for more assets .. this would give me a farm of :


    I’d keep them ALL down all year so I can have one more offseason with high picks … What do you think ?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Thanks! If you’re deconstructing the roster I think it makes sense.

  3. Turd Wendell says:

    I had my roast pork for lunch had the hot peppers on it. So pumped for this season. Gone are the days of Danny Tartabull fouling one of his foot never to be seen again in our beloved pinstripes! Kap is our biggest challenge.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      I’m jealous! Me too man. Agreed on Kap…really don’t like him at all TBH.

  4. Bob says:

    Do you think kingery becomes relevant any time soon? His spring numbers are not encouraging even though spring stats mean nothing. Thanks

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      I think he’ll need an injury or even two to get regular playing time this year. I don’t think he’s a bust, just caught in between with nowhere to go now. The 6-year deal they gave him makes me think they’ll give him a long leash and chances to play. Maybe Franco tanks completely, maybe they move on from Cesar after this year, etc.

  5. Malicious Phenoms says:

    Was offered Correa for Bauer..whatcha think? Correa says he is healthy..Correa 24, Bauer 28..Who will have more value long term..dynasty league, 10 team 6 x 6, OBA instead of AVG, plus QS for SPs.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Hmmm…tough one. I usually go batter all the way. I like Bauer though. See if they’ll throw in a sweetener. Straight up I think I’d still take Correa.

      • Malicious Phenoms says:

        Thanks for the quick reply Mike..

        I asked him who else would he take instead of Bauer.

        I’ll keep you posted..

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          Anytime man

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