For your viewing and thinking pleasure, I have played a game of Would You Rather using the entire prospect universe.

Or wait, am I thinking of the right game? Not that F, marry, kill game but the one where you have to decide on either/or propositions . . . there’s not sex stuff in that one, too, is there?

Sorry, I’ve been thinking about these young men a long time.

Hope you get some fun out of considering the sequence, reading some words, and playing your own (sex) games!

Here’s the Top 25 if you want to run the loop.


26. Kyle Tucker | OF | Astros
27. Brendan McKay | LHP | Rays
28. Forrest Whitley | RHP | Astros

These three were all top 25 at some point in my process, and each should get an fantasy-friendly big-league look in 2020.

Might all be available this off-season in dynasty leagues, too. A guy could do worse with his time than deciding whether he likes Tucker (or McKay or Whitley) enough to make a strong opening offer.


29.  Bobby Witt Jr. | SS | Royals
30.  Trevor Larnach | OF | Twins
31.  Drew Waters | OF | Braves
32.  Casey Mize | RHP | Tigers
33.  Matt Manning | RHP | Tigers
34.  Nate Pearson | RHP | Blue Jays

This whole group will be higher on most lists.

It’s not that I don’t like them.

Witt Jr. will be in the top ten this time next year.

Waters, Mize, Manning and Pearson will be in the majors.

The Larnach monster will be a lakeside legend in Scotland.

You will be in first place in your favorite fantasy league.

Ronald Acuña Jr. will be in the White House.

Hey! No politics!

I mean the fantasy baseball White House!

That’s what she said.

She did?

Hmm, maybe I didn’t hear her right.


35.  Corbin Carroll | OF | Diamondbacks
36.  AJ Puk | LHP | Athletics
37.  Luis Patiño | RHP | Padres
38.  Jeter Downs | SS | Dodgers
39.  George Valera | OF | Indians
40.  Luis Matos | OF | Giants
41.  Gilberto Jimenez | OF | Red Sox

Corbin Carroll has 70-grade speed with a 60-grade hit tool and could easily be top ten here by midseason.

Puk and Patiño are dominant arms their clubs might want to use in relief in the early going. They’re good enough to be great starters or hyper-elite firemen.

Jeter Downs got the L.A. swing treatment this Spring, popped 24 homers, stole 24 bags, and is looking like the kind power/speed dynamo that elicits itch drool. That said, these Dodgers haven’t been big on stealing. They have the money to buy whatever they want. It’s just good morals, really.

Valera is everyone’s favorite young baseball George. I’m not counting Jorges. Seriously though, this guy is going to be atop these lists until he graduates. He was here long before he played and might be here long after.

Luis Matos is perhaps the least publicized star-level talent in the minors. I think I’m in love.

If not Matos, it’s Gilberto Jimenez, whose 80-grade  speed combines with elite hand-eye to create something truly rare. The NY Penn League batting champion at age 19, Jimenez was 2.9 years younger than league average. That’s a college league. This is a special player.


42.  Sam Hilliard | OF | Rockies
43.  Shed Long | 2B | Mariners
44.  Monte Harrison | OF | Marlins
45.  Austin Hays | OF | Orioles
46.  Nick Solak | 2B | Rangers
47.  Kyle Lewis | OF | Mariners
48.  Brailyn Marquez | LHP | Cubs
49.  Nico Hoerner | SS | Cubs
50.  Cristian Pache | OF | Braves

Rich tier here where my taste for near-term, big-league  upside wafts up the list.

Where would Sam Hilliard rank if not a Rocky? His path to playing time might be paved, but Coors covers his only fantasy weakness: batting average.

Okay how bout where would he rank if we knew he’d be starting in Coors?

Top 20?

I know the Coors speculation game is fruitless and frustrating, but damn if this guy ain’t built for Coors Field and fantasy baseball in 2020.

Hilliard, the banquet beer.

Shed Long and Monte Harrison might not be this high elsewhere, but they’re on the escalator now. Three hot weeks at the right time can make a 5-tool guy like Monte the center of the helium-verse.

Trivia this week: how did Shed get to Seattle?

Jeopardy music.

Cut to Alex. Cut to Beck.

Where it’s at!?

If you said James Paxton three-way, you’re not far off.

If you said Sonny Gray three-way, you win the big prize! It’s the Shades of Gray book series signed by Grey!!

Solak, Lewis and Hays bring the wood to everyday opportunities in 2020. Hays and Solak get an edge because they’ll run some.

Marquez might not crack the top 100 on most lists, which makes plenty of sense because I fade pitching at every turn, but it also feels weird: how humdrum can we be about a 20-year-old lefty dominating high-A with a hundred mile-an-hour heater? I can’t even remember the last lefty who threw this hard. (Marquez has been clocked at 102 mph). Randy Johnson, maybe? Aroldis Chapman I guess, and heck, if that’s what you get from Marquez, you’ll take it, but I don’t think that’s the outcome. His arm speed and age-to-level opens the door to immense off-speed development.

Hoerner and Pache (coming this Fall on MLB) might lack the category juice to move the needle, but they’ve got a window toward regular MLB at bats in 2020.

Thanks for reading!

51-75 coming up around the bend!

  1. batflix says:

    Curious why you felt Tucker is not a top 25 guy ?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks for reading, batflix!

      Tucker landed 26th so not like I hate him.

      Just felt better about the guys ahead of him because I don’t think he’ll run in Houston, and I’m worried they’ll pull the plug at his first sign of struggle.

      Not that they’ll bury him forever. Just think he could be a guy they cycle in and out of the lineup for much of his time w the Astros.

      • batflix says:

        thx for the reply!
        I would like to follow up if you have some time.
        You are not the first person I have heard say they have concerns about him running, but he has been running since being called up (5sb in 65ab). So while I get the gist of the idea, I’m not seeing it.

        As far as being buried, I feel like we had the same concerns about Yordan because Houston is so stacked. And I find it hard to believe that Josh Reddick will keep him from playing. But anything is possible I guess.

        In any case I don’t see how these things would keep him below Single A players and teenagers not named Wander.
        Obviously you don’t hate him at rank 26 but, maybe my original question should have been , How is he not in your top ten? or even top-5? Some prospect fatigue perhaps? going 38/35 in 146 games between AAA & MLB is pretty good considering he slumped pretty hard at times (which may or may not have been related to attitude issues from what I hear and not a talent regression)

        Thanks again for writing these prospects articles up. I know when people criticize or question your content in situations like this it can come of bad, just know that I am honestly trying to pick your brain while giving you some context about how I see it differently. Content like this is essential for some leagues and everyone putting in some work deserves recognition (esp when it’s free!).

        • The Itch

          The Itch says:

          Thanks for the kind words!

          Totally agree about tone being tricky in these settings. I hope all my Razz interactions will be this cordial!

          Tucker’s is among the toughest career arcs for me to project. I can totally see the case for having him top ten. Top 5, even. That said, I’ve long been skeptical of the hit tool, even ignoring the treatment from his own organization.

          My main question there would be: what’s changed? Like, why suddenly next season would the Astros move away from Reddick? He’s a tough out and a strong defender, and they’re fiscally invested.

          A handful of September steals when they’ve already clinched might not change much about how they’ll handle the season. Could be they’re letting him run bc they’ve wanted to run a little more but haven’t had the speed. Could be they’re giving him some September call-up, do-your-thing, enhance-your-trade-value freedom he’s always needed.

          I’ll feel better about him if he gets dealt this off-season, but perhaps the best case in favor of his 2020 Houston playing time is their resistance to trading him at the deadline.

          Another question would be: what has Houston been seeing to make them bury him? Maybe they know about some swing-holes? September wouldn’t expose those.

          I see the perspective of wanting Tucker over a Jasson Dominguez type, but if you’re in a long-haul rebuild, Dominguez is the safer asset with at least similar topside. One way I think of it is runway. Tucker is either about to take off or run out of fantasy stock runway. If he struggles or gets buried next year, his dynasty stock will tumble. Dominguez has tons of runway and is much much more likely to gain value than lose it over the next couple years.

          Thanks again! I love ping-ponging the thoughts around and am super grateful for the conversation!

          • batflix says:

            thanks again, appreciated the response !

  2. Harley Earl says:


    First, want to thank you for these prospects posts. Nothing like getting an early jump on prospects for next year. Love, love, love that you guys are doing these and have them out so quickly. Excellent work and great material here. So, keep up the good work!!!

    Next, just wanted to add that I have Brujan, Julio Rodriguez, Luis Patino and Sam Hilliard out of the ones you’ve ranked so far. Brujan, Rodriguez and Patino I got in last year’s draft almost all undervalued at the time. I picked up Hilliard a month ago and he’s been a staple.

    So, couple questions for you. What’s your ceiling for Brujan and especially Rodriguez? The more I read about Rodriguez the more he feels like a fantasy star. Hoping Brujan can develop into a Whit Merrifield type.

    Also, just wonder if you like or how much you like Jordan Groshans (SS-TOR), Jose Garcia (SS-Reds) or Seth Beer (1B-Dbacks). I’ve got all three of them. I really like Groshans but I’m not as sold on Beer or Garcia yet.

    Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for the great work!

  3. The Itch

    The Itch says:

    Thanks, Harley!

    One of my goals in getting the gig was to be early with these sorts of posts—at least a few weeks before the echo chamber every time—so I’m thrilled to hear it’s appreciated!

    One short-hand for Brujan’s upside is Mondesi with a better hit tool.

    Maybe a much better hit tool.

    Scary stuff, I know.

    Sounds like you got in on these guys at the perfect time. Good luck to anyone seeking Vidal or Julio these days.

    As to J-Rod’s upside . . . he’s just so young for level I feel uncomfortable imposing some kind of speculative limit on what he could do. Because he’s unlikely to bring speed, he’s probably a little overrated this winter as the entire spotlight of the prospect world coalesces around him, but that doesn’t mean he’s a sell. Just that if someone ponies up with a crazy aggressive offer, I’d be listening. They’ll probably pay more than they thought on the front end as it becomes apparent you’re serious but wanna be PAID.

    A lazy response would probably say .300+ w 35 home runs. I think Eloy is a decent comp, and I like Julio’s baseline athleticism and at-age hit tool more than Eloy’s.

    Groshans is a buy this off-season. He just needs a healthy season to surge up the lists. I like Garcia and currently have him a little higher than Groshans on the next edition of the list.

    Beer feels underrated to me. Not that he is Yordan, but he’s a similar case in that defense plays a role in public perception and especially in list season, and as long as a guy can get a spot and stay in the lineup, it’s irrelevant to us. I’m not sure Beer needs the NL to adopt the DH, but the momentum in that direction might make the dream a reality as soon as 2021.

    As long as fantasy players read the Laws and Pipelines and BAs and McDongenhagens (and they should bc the more perspectives the better), guys like Yordan and Beer will be good value plays.

    • Harley Earl says:


      Thanks so much for the long and insightful reply! Another reason why I love this site so much is that most of the writers engage their readers. Grey is the Godfather of being engaged with this audience. Love that you responded the way you did and answered my question so thoroughly.

      Now, as to what you said. I just about coughed up the broccoli I was eating when I read that about Brujan. HOLY COW. Mondessi? With batting average??? Damn!!!! I’ll take that all day and twice on Sunday!!!

      I would love to trade Julio for a haul, but there are few teams in my league (dynasty) that will deal like that. They just don’t value prospects like some other leagues. I’ll probably be hanging on to Julio.

      Also, appreciate your comments on Garcia, Groshans and Beer. That gives me a little more confidence than I had going into the off-season with them. Hoping Groshans can stay healthy next season!

      Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next piece!

      • The Itch

        The Itch says:

        Thanks, Harley!!

        The Mondesi thing didn’t occur to me until I was trying to place how valuable an actualized Brujan would really be. Took me by surprise, too.

        Makes sense on Julio. He’ll be a fun follow anyway and is probably nowhere near peak value in most leagues.

        And thanks again for the kind words!!!

        PS: My daughter is 15-months-old and her favorite thing on the planet is The Cat in the Hat.

        The Martin-Short-voiced version they have on the Netflix.

        Good stuff. So fun to see her dancing along with the little songs.

        Sesame Street is creeping in, threatening to dominate, but I’m hoping TCITH hangs in there.

        • Harley Earl says:

          LOL funny stuff.

          Dr. Seuss (The Cat in the Hat) is my dynasty team’s logo. My team name is Green Eggs & Ham, so I’ve used that logo since inception. I’ve had it for about 20 years now. Glad that you noticed!

          Looking forward to rankings #51-75!!!

  4. jose H says:

    Where is C Joey Bart? He is not in the top 50? . I hope i missed him, because I have seven players from your list Lux, Robinson, Luciano, Gore, Waters, Patino and Marquez, and would only draft Lux and Gore ahead of Bart.

    • batflix says:

      But why?
      #3 overall is pretty high considering Bart’s probably not even the best catching prospect currently

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks for reading, jose H!

      Cool to hear you’ve got such a confident read on Bart! That’s what makes it fun, I think. Make a call and enjoy the ride. How did you come to the mindset you have on him now? Where do you see his topside?

      I like Bart and had him in the top 50 through much of the process.

      For me, speed and hit tool are a healthy fraction of the juice that pushes a prospect up near the top. Bart is not a runner, and his hit tool grades out around average.

      I will say I put a lot of thought into the Bart ranking and may have gone a little far into the unknowable. Buster Posey is signed through 2021, and it’s hard for me to see them benching the face of their franchise. I know Bart will play some in 2021 and maybe a little in 2020, but San Fran has a Posey option on 2022. Could have a dead-cat-bounce season and force their hand in the eyes of their fan base. Plus he’s a transcendent receiver and game manager. His contract is fully sunk if he’s playing first base.

      Maybe Bart moves, but he’s a strong defender in his own right. So that’s a lot of waiting, and if I’ve got two years—maybe even three—I can probably find a lot of impact players with that Bart spot. People who paid big for Francisco Mejia two years ago know where I’m coming from. Unless he takes the gig from Posey and settles in near the middle of the lineup, all you can realistically expect from him is home runs a few years from now, which isn’t such a wild price that people should line up around the block for it, imo. Part of Bart’s current sticker price is the perception that he’ll be playing soon.

      Last thought, San Francisco has not had a 30 HR season in a long time. That ocean air is wet and heavy, and the ballpark is large. If his hit tool actualizes enough for Bart to access in-game power, he still faces an uphill battle.

      Last last thought, maybe they rotate. Maybe Posey and Bart both play 140 games rotating around at first base. It’s possible. But the Giants are a long way away from playing championship level baseball. Why not just let Posey cruise through the contract and give Bart full seasons at AA and AAA?

      • Harley Earl says:


        This is a fantastic, well-thought out and insightful response. I once read that if you’re going to invest in a pitcher or catcher, be prepared to wait 7 years for them to arrive from the minors and actually provide competitive value. This actually goes right along with everything you just stated, just in a different way. There’s a lot of players you could be working through that spot rather than just holding Bart all that time.

        My guess is you’re right, Posey plays out that contract to the end. As a Cardinals fan, I see this with Yadier Molina. He could be terrible the next two years. But the fan base would have a coronary if the organization tried to replace Yadi with a rookie. It will happen eventually, after the contract ends and Yadi retires. Something very similar to what will happen with Posey I suspect.

        Good call.

        • The Itch

          The Itch says:

          Thanks, Harley!

          Yadi was exactly who I was thinking about in processing Bart! (Great minds, amiright? : ) Weird case to evaluate a fantasy prospect blocked at the most critical defensive position by a Hall of Fame level, Face of the Franchise type player who remains excellent at defense late into his tenure.

          – Itch

  5. Ronald says:

    I’m in an ottoneu dynasty keeper league. I am being offered $3 Sam hilliard for my $9 Frankie montas? Would you do it?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      I’d hold Montas. PED guys have been coming back very similar to the way they left. He looked like a top ten-ish dynasty pitcher on the way out, and settings don’t get much kinder to arms than Oakland.

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks for reading and chatting, Ronald!

      Also, even if I knew Hilliard were going to get a chance at the job, I’d prefer Montas. I’m a big believer in the skills (and especially splitters) he showed this year.

  6. Jeff says:

    I’ve owned Lewis since he was drafted so I’d love for him to tap into some of that potential, but I think you’ll be the only person who ranks him in the top 100 let alone the top 50. Surely it can’t be because of his limited debut, can it?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks for reading and asking, Jeff!!

      Agree he’s unlikely to be ranked this high elsewhere, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him in some top hundreds.

      I was trying to buy up Lewis across my leagues this year because I believed the stock was suppressed almost entirely due to injuries and that he just needed sustained health to settle in and actualize.

      Then when he got called up, I wrote on Sept 11:

      “Seattle Mariners OF Kyle Lewis’ (…) leg kick was so big it compromised his timing last time I saw him, but perhaps he’ll quiet his lower half enough to sustain balance and gain a split-second for pitch recognition and reaction. If so, you’re going to want Kyle Lewis on your rosters. Especially if he aces this audition for an early 2020 promotion.”

      I watched a lot of his September at bats and love what he’s done with his leg kick. His is still something of a swing in pieces, but the kick is much smaller and better timed with his core muscles. Makes the whole swing smoother and lets him track pitches a beat longer, and Lewis has the power to go yard to any part of the park, so this extra millisecond has more value to him and hitters without that easy opposite field pop. Maybe we’ll crash, but I want to enjoy this ride from here inside the bus with you.

  7. Jason Collier says:

    Nicely done, itch! A real treat to get this sort of content when the rest of the sports world is focusing on other things.
    I flipped my self proclaimed “super star” minor system this year in my 12 team dynasty keep forever league into a few pitchers that I was sorely lacking. I own Vlad, Hiura, Eloy, and Robles, all of whom I brought up this year to go along with a core of J Soto, A Mondesi, R Devers, L Castillo, J Berrios, and J Taillon. I traded away Y Alvarez, L Robert, G Lux, J Rodriguez, J Adell, Bo Bichette, A Kirilloff, N Lowe, and F Tatis in a couple trades for what amounted to be G Torres, F Lindor, P Goldschmidt, A Benintendi, T Glasnow, M Kopech, A Reyes, and M Clevinger. (pitching at a huge premium.) I feel good about what I got in return, but looking back… wow. I gave up a ton! While I will probably compete faster from a rebuild now, I need to restock my minors. I still have Marco Luciano and the 4th & 8th pick in the FYPD, but if you have any couple guys on the back half of the top 50-100 that you think could rocket up lists, let me know? Thanks man! BTW, I drafted or traded for all those minors guys BEFORE they blew up… I’m quite proud of it as I inherited a HORRID team 2 years ago :)

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thank you kindly, Jason!

      Sounds like you’ve done an amazing job on that rebuild!!

      I can totally relate to that post-sale feeling, having moved Bichette, Lux and Lowe (among others) in a 2019 title push that ended up being a 2nd place push. Not a super fun rearview mirror on that front, even if I have a lot to show for my troubles.

      Picks 4 and 8 should both be near-elite prospects this year, and you can’t do much better than Luciano as a minor league foundation piece.

      Are Luis Matos and Gilberto Jimenez both owned? Probably so, I guess.

      Connor Wong was some sort of heaven-sent hitting god down the stretch this year and almost made my top 50. Nobody teaches hitting like the Dodgers.

      Phillies OF Johan Rojas is a player I almost picked up several times in the season’s waning days. I’m afraid I might regret rolling with Mags Sierra over him.

  8. Dan says:

    Hey, i have dj Stewart in a relatively deep 14 team dynasty…. he had a pretty forgettable rookie season, do you think he’ll be relevant next year?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Hi, Dan!

      I like the profile and think he’ll have relevant stretches and might break camp with a starting job or a timeshare. If you can cycle him in and out of your minors, he could be a useful piece on a contender.

      I also think guys who are just on the cusp of being big league regulars can make huge leaps in skill because they can make huge leaps in hunger and work ethic. More money, more gym time, better food, no off-season leagues to eat hours, and especially, the incentive to want to live that life once they’ve tasted it.

      Stewart’s had a couple tastes now. His body could use some work. His hit tool might be just good enough to let his power play. Maybe it’ll come together for him this winter.

  9. knucks says:

    My dood. Loving the posts and also the time you take to thoughtfully answer each comment.

    I had a long post on your Top 25 article about a dynasty team I took over the other day.

    After seeing your excitement for Luis Matos and Gilberto Jimenez, I just reached out to the leaguemate that rosters both of those guys. Hoping that he and I will match up in a deal in the coming weeks before the First Year Player Draft that we’ll have in January (3 Rounds).

    He mentioned he will want some Pitching, but I feel like most of my prospects arms are too good to move off in this potential deal (Patino, Logan Gilbert, Deivi Garcia, DL Hall, etc).

    But I can tell that you would def move both of Griffin Canning + Jeff Shark if that’s the ask, based off of this Top 50 Post. I still have Kyle Gibson, Freeland, Bundy… guys that we already talked about cutting, so they would def be made available to him.

    I also mentioned that I’ll would be shopping the following 4 bats in the winter and would offer them up in this sort of deal too. Thinking that you’d agree that its smart to move some of these parts for a Luis Matos + Gilberto Jimenez return.

    C: Contreras, William (ATL)
    3B: Nunez, Malcom (STL)
    OF: Conine, Griffen (TOR)
    OF: Torres, Jhon (STL)

    • knucks says:

      Oh one more thing I wanted to check in with you about. What are your takes on these two young arms that I own in this league. I’m not entirely sure how to value them at the moment, as I’ve mentioned in the past, the Prospecting is a new thing to me.

      King, Michael (NYY)
      I saw him pitch this year for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Reading that he is likely a backend SP in the majors. What’s your take?

      Bukauskas, J.B. (AZ)
      I know he came over in the Greinke deal. I read a bit about him, but not a ton. What range would you put him at as far as overall fantasy prospects? Top 200?

      • Thanks, knucks!!

        So kind of you. I’m blushing.

        I’m enjoying the comments in part because I’m doing my best to be concise and quick in the lists, so a lot of thinking lands on the cutting room floor. But here I feel invited to stretch my legs a little. I guess the thinking behind the ranking is often the question, so I sometimes find myself geeking out a little the way I do.

        Also: you think I need a reminder about your build already!?!?

        I would definitely do all those trades you’ve mentioned. Good read on that. Matos and Jimenez might not be “whatever-it-takes” types at the moment, but they’re much cheaper now than they will be soon.

        How’d King look the game you were there? He’s super interesting, especially his age-to-level and how the Yankees added three strikeouts per nine after acquiring him in 2018. Crazy thing here: in 2017 as a Marlin, he pitched 149 innings in A ball. As a 22 year old with a 1.09 WHIP and a 3.14 ERA.

        He didn’t get promoted, presumably, because he was striking out 6.4 batters per nine innings.

        Even so, 149 innings (plus four from the previous year) for a college (Boston College, ACC, high-end competition) arm pitching well in A ball is, at best, a conservative development decision.

        Yankees get him, he dominates the world climbs to AAA in 2018. Go figure.

        Anyway, I really want to see what happens but wouldn’t walk away from a trade because a team wanted King.

        Bukauskas was an Astro, and betting against Houston right now is unwise. I realize that’s too broad a brush, but he’s a first round pick some thought had the best fastball, slider combination in his class. It’s not great that they deemed him expendable, but they got Grienke in a World Series window, so it’s not like they sold low, and it’s still better that he was chosen and with them for a stretch than if he had no familiarity with their thinking.

        All that said, his base is not repeated well, which makes a consistent release point elusive. His control needs work, and if he doesn’t get that base figured out, I’m concerned he’ll never be a starter. If the league values dominant pen arms, he’s still top 200 or close to it.

        • knucks says:

          Thx as always man.

          RE King: I’m more excited about owning him now after reading your take. I was too drunk at that AAA game to give you a coherent take myself. I promise to do better next time! I live 10 mins from the Iron Pigs stadium too, so I should be doing some more amatuer scouting now that I’m getting more into the Prospecting.

          RE Bukauskas: I’m kind of tired of having to C/P this guys name at this point. I have enough trouble with that already owning Samrdjsziajaja on this team. We do value RPs, as we have Holds as one of our 7 Pitching Cats, so good to hear it wouldn’t tank his value. Also, there is a blurb from 15AUG about being shut down with Elbow Soreness, so now could be a bad time to try to get something for him.

          I went back into the history of my team that I took over and this was the Trade that was made/the reason I own Bukauskas…

          Gave: Luis Castillo
          Got: Bukauskas, Kelenic, Griff Canning, Deivi Garcia

          So two big time chips and two elbow problems for Luis Castillo.

          Playing for 2021 was clearly the plan before I took over the team. It could be in a much worse way than it is, so I’m grateful he made moves like this at least. Anyways, thanks again for your assistance in turning this ship around.

          Hearts and Hand-Holds,

          • The Itch

            The Itch says:

            Can certainly relate to that! Gotta do something (legal) with your hands at the ball park.

            Also same on JB. Not even gonna bother this time : )

            Yeah that’s a very interesting trade. Nice to see it worked out well enough because it’s always scary to scroll through recent transactions after picking up an orphaned dynasty team. Had some ugly ones in my last two. Inherited the Royals in the team-themed Razz 30 only to discover the previous owner had moved Mondesi for pennies just before he cruised onto the scene. Good times.

            Guy was trying to go the other way–contend without the foundation to do so. A relief to know you’ve inherited a team already traveling the road that best fits its base structure.

  10. Dave says:

    Where’s Bart?

  11. DRB says:

    your lists and analysis are solid and interesting. Your humor? You’re trying too hard.

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