Ranking prospects for fantasy purposes is a tricky exercise. The variables involved are constantly in flux — talent emerges, talent regresses… opportunity comes, opportunity goes… clubs get cold feet because of service time, clubs don’t give a shizz about service time. So, given the fluid nature of this prospect business, we’re going to keep a running ranking throughout the season. This post will run every other Wednesday, providing a biweekly glimpse of the soon-to-arrive impact talent.

1.  Gregory Polanco, OF, Pirates (Previously Ranked #2): He’s hitting .400/.457/.632 with 4 HR and 4 SB through 105 PA at Triple-A Indianapolis. Need I say more? If I do need to say more, then please refer to Sunday’s Minor Accomplishments post, where Polanco headlined.

2.  Oscar Taveras, OF, Cardinals (#4): Randal Grichuk will allow the Cardinals the opportunity to address their CF needs now while keeping Taveras’s service time at zero. Meanwhile, Oscar is riding a 12-game hit streak at Triple-A Memphis and his line on the year is up to .321/.367/.560 with 5 HR. Grichuk is going to have to do some serious work at the plate if he’d like to stick in St. Louis for an extended stretch.

3.  Jon Singleton, 1B, Astros (#6): With 9 HR in 24 games, along with an AVG north of .300, Singleton’s upside is clear. A significant power boost should be arriving in Houston before long. Grey has more in Friday’s Buy/Sell post.

4.  Javier Baez, SS, Cubs (#5): Baez is back after the ankle injury, but he’s still struggling to find his comfort zone. If you recall, though, he got off to a similarly slow start a year ago and he still ended up with some of the most impressive numbers in the minors. Once he heats up — and he will heat up — it won’t be long before he’s playing games at Wrigley. Baez still brings the highest fantasy impact potential of any prospect in the game.

5.  Marcus Stroman, RHP, Blue Jays (#9): The Jays are eyeing Marcus Stroman to replace Dustin McGowan in their rotation, and after yesterday’s performance at Triple-A Buffalo, you gotta think that day is coming soon. Stroman tossed 6 hitless frames, whiffing 10, and walking 1 in the effort. It’s clear that Toronto is intent on keeping the mileage low on the 22-year-old’s arm, as he was pulled from the no-hit effort after 80 pitches.

6.  Trevor Bauer, RHP, Indians (N/R): Bauer is the lede in Grey’s roundup today, and he makes his debut on this list too. Understand that this rank has more to do with his presumed opportunity than with his potential impact, although if he can command his stuff, there’s no denying that the upside is intriguing. Still, I fear that Bauer’s greatest impact this season will be to explode your WHIP and bring sadness and regret to your home. Proceed with caution.

7.  Kevin Gausman, RHP, Orioles (#10): Gausman hasn’t allowed a run in two outings since his blow-up effort on the 15th. He’s well equipped to contribute at the highest level now, and the O’s clearly plan on using him this season — they’re monitoring his workload closely at Triple-A. For the time being, though, there’s no clear path to a long-term starting gig in Baltimore.

8.  Noah Syndergaard, RHP, Mets (#7): His numbers at Las Vegas aren’t pretty, and it’s easy to blame that on Vegas’ launching pad of a ballpark, but even so, it’d be nice to see an exciting effort out of Syndergaard soon. Just, like, one good start to remind us of his enormous upside. Please.

9.  Maikel Franco, 1B/3B, Phillies (Next 5): Franco’s bat is showing signs of life at Triple-A Lehigh Valley, but he’s certainly not hitting his way onto this list. No, his spot here has everything to do with the fact that the Phillies are struggling to get production out of their corner infielders. If Franco can heat up, he’ll surface in Philly this June.

10.  Archie Bradley, RHP, D’Backs (#3): I’m hesitant to even put him on this list because the whole “flexor strain in the throwing elbow” DL stint scares the shizz out of me. I realize that the MRI shows no need for surgery, but that was also the case with guys like Stephen Strasburg and Dylan Bundy, and we all know how that panned out. Get well soon, Archie.

NEXT FIVE:  Andrew Heaney (RHP, Marlins); Alex Meyer (RHP, Twins); Matt Wisler (RHP, Padres); Jesus Montero (C, Mariners); Eddie Butler (RHP, Rockies)

GRADUATED:  George Springer (OF, Astros)

DROPPED OUT:  Nick Franklin (SS, Mariners); Rafael Montero (RHP, Mets); Stephen Piscotty (OF, Cardinals)

  1. Alan says:

    Thanks Scott

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading.

  2. El Famous Burrito says:

    Jesus Montero?

      • Peter Nincompoop says:

        @Scott Evans: I’ve seen Jesus Montero play more times than I can count on my fingers and toes, and he’s a Hefty bag of garbage. Dumb as a rock. Add that to the fact that there’s no where he can play in Seattle, he’s not worthy of keeping an eye on unless your looking for Chinese buffets.

      • Joe says:

        @Scott Evans: Any theories on when and where Montero would play at the big league level?

        • Joe says:

          @Joe: I see that maybe they can push Corey Hart to the OF, and move Montero to DH. Sounds like it’s worth a speculative add for me. I’m hurting at 1B, and in rebuilding mode any way.

          • 1B/DH. He’s seeing the ball well right now & he can hit when he’s dialed in…

      • Seattle Mack says:

        @Scott Evans:

        PCL is a hitter’s league. Corey Hart simply looks too limited to play OF on any type of regular basis.

        Montero came into camp very overweight and the M’s were extremely pissed. I won’t be surprised if they don’t call him up at all this season.

        • Regan says:

          @Seattle Mack:
          I agree. As a longsuffering Ms fan I’m more than happy to let that fat fuck rot on the bench. He gets suspended for 50 games last year and then comes to camp looking like Chris Farley and not playing much better. I bet Z is just waiting for him to hit in AAA and then ship him out. He is dead to the Ms. Besides we have so many friggen DH types there is no place for another one.

  3. Brian says:

    I continue to be surprised how Edwin Escobar fails to show up on any of these prospect lists. He has a fantastic K/BB ratio, averages over a K per inning, doesn’t give up HRs, and is 22 years old in the PCL (five years below the league average).

    • He’s on the radar, but his skill set, while quite good, isn’t of the high-impact variety that most of the other SPs here are…

      • Brian says:

        Maybe you’re right, but what factors do you consider when you make that call? His stats have been pretty incredible the last couple of years, he’s performing well at a young age relative to his league, and he has very good velocity (hit 95 in his last start). I wonder how much guys like him not being a high draft pick enters into the mix and whether there’s a little dynasty group think involved. Because as I recall, Sonny Gray, Alex Wood, and Danny Salazar were nowhere to be seen on these lists this time last year.

        • Beardcrabs says:

          @Brian: this list only goes 10-15 deep… if it was a top 50, escobar would be somewhere in the middle… the other pitchers are just way more touted and hyped for him to be on a list so small…

          • Brian says:

            I don’t want hype, I want useful information. These lists are largely the same across the various websites, except that the order is shuffled. Just looking for some original thinking.

            • Jason says:

              @Brian: If you’re of the mindset that Scott is not exhibiting “original thinking”, then you haven’t been reading his articles for very long. He’s one of the absolute best, most useful prospect writers out there.

              I have nothing against Escobar, but there’s no way he’s a top 20 guy right now over the names listed. I’m assuming you’re either rostering him in a dynasty league (as am I) or living in the bay area. In looking at his numbers objectively, he has a solid K’s to BB ratio, but struggled pretty badly in his first three starts. He’s turned things around in his last two starts, but not enough for me to consider vaulting him into the top 20 prospects for this season and he still has a 4.88 ERA overall.

              Scott also writes these lists with the current season in mind – do you see Escobar making a significant impact with the Giants this season? I sure don’t – they just had Petit fill in for Cain and he did just fine. I don’t think putting Escobar in the top 20 prospects right now is being very objective. If you want to make a subjective list and put him there, go right ahead.

              • Thanks for having my back, Jason. Much appreciated.

        • Wood was off my radar last year, I admit, but Gray & Salazar were definitely included on these power rankings. And like I said, Escobar isn’t far off… he was in my Giants T10 (#6) too.

        • Smalls Killer says:

          @Brian: there was no mention of Grechuck who just got the call up in St Louis and he is a Cardinal fan, you know why that is? He doesn’t have the same ceiling and impact potential that Tavares dies and he was a first Rd pick (supplemental) by LAA and he was taken before Trout. Scott is pretty spot on most of the time. No one has all the answers, well’ll except maybe you

  4. theguywholikesfantasybaseball says:

    Jonathan Gray is looking like a monster! June call up? This years Jofer possibly….. I know it is Coors, but…..

    • He had a sloppy first couple starts, but he’s righted the ship. Was ranked here in the Week 1 edition & will work his way back in soon. Should be up sometime this summer.

  5. Peter Nincompoop says:

    Great post as always, but I have to disagree on your assessment of Trevor Bauer. The strange pre-game warm-ups, tomfoolery and shenanigans aside; Bauer is a top-flight prospect (1st Round Pick in 2011, #3 overall) and beginning to round into form after being shuttled back-and-forth by the Indians in 2013. His numbers have been great at AAA Columbus (i.e., 1.40 ERA, 0.97 WHIP and 28K’s in 25.2 innings) which doesn’t necessarily always translate into MLB success, but it’s an excellent place to start. When he gets called up, his impact will be immediate, but will level out after 4-to-6 weeks once scouting reports circulate. That’s when we’ll really begin to see what type of pitcher he is. I agree that his WHIP will ultimately be high (e.g. between 1.30-1.35) due to his walks come season’s end, but he’s going to give you good peripheries in every other category. I’m thinking a Miller/Teheran type outing from 2013 with a little higher WHIP.

    • I could see it going that way, and that’s why I ended up ranking him pretty highly, all things considered. I’m not reaching to stash him, though… just my preference.

  6. mindicohn says:

    Who do you like better in dynasty? Crick or Maneaa? We have Crick but wondering if we shouldn’t drop for Maneaa? Crick seems like our lowest rated P prospect.

    • Hold Crick… these others are rostered on your team currently?

      • mindicohn says:

        @Scott Evans:
        Scott yes…those are our other bench pitchers.
        Bench batters:
        JP crawford
        I want to say someone else…
        We are competing but clearly with our bench playing for future. Have shot at Bryant but will cost us an arm and a leg and then some.

  7. Beastman says:

    Hey Scott, your thoughts on Robbie Ray? Called up to replace Sanchez (DL). With a couple good starts, is there room for him to stick in the rotation or is this purely a short-term filler?

    • Key piece in the Fister trade & throwing well this year… I like him as a #3 type upside guy long-term.

  8. Ron says:

    Is Stroman and ROS rotation ready player? What tier of pitchers do you think he can outperform – A. Wood, Porcello, Masterson, Salazaar, Pineda?

    • Yeah, I see him earning an extended rotation role… at least until they shut him down around 150ish IP. He can outperform all of those names, but whether or not he will is a different story. Lots can go wrong with young SPs.

  9. Hugo Stieglitz says:

    Which of the top 5 would you most want long-term in a keeper league?

  10. knighttown says:

    For those of us that are WAY less prospect savvy, give us an idea of a comparable current MLB for some of these names. When you aren’t close to it, Matt Harveys and Jake Odorizzi’s kind of blur together and I end up chasing the latter to hard and missing out on the former.

    I’m not in a keeper so this is this year impact only. It’s an 11 team daily 5×5.

    Because of injuries I’m rocking Cameron Maybin in my 5-OF slot and Mostsuckass in my Util slot and Kelly Johnson is on my bench and Profar on the DL (no spot for him so filling a bench spot) behind “stalwarts” Gyorko, Alcides and Aaron Hill at 2b/ss/MI.

    Am I better just filling the games played slots with junk like above or missing some games played for the hope that Polanco and Baez (who are both still available) are true difference makers.

    Would I rather Maybin/Chris Carter/Hittertron for every game or Polanco for less games?

    Would I rather KellyJo/Alcides/Hittertron for every game or Baez for less? Profar was hyped last year. Who am I getting more from this year between Profar and Baez?

    A million questions but more just to give you an idea about what I’m wondering about. General answer is fine.

    • If you’re an active owner & it sounds like you are, you’re probably better off streaming & mixing/matching to plug injury gaps, rather than stashing & hoping that a prospect will be up soon. Sounds like you use your available active roster to its fullest & that’s always the best approach, so I wouldn’t advise changing your strategy, especially if you’re not on top of the high-impact type prospects. Just too risky.

      As for the player comparisons — forcing player comps is never a useful exercise, and unless one comes naturally, I try not to use them. No prospect is a sure thing & I get tons of hate comments when I say that Baez reminds me of Miggy, so I try to provide a glimpse of the skill set & potential impact & leave it at that.

      • Knighttown says:

        @Scott Evans:
        Great response. Thanks.

  11. Ben says:

    Finally cut ties with Bradley, didn’t have room on my bench for him and Polanco while playing the waiting game.

    Just got an intriguing offer though, his Jean Segera for my Matt Carpenter. Neither is quite meeting their lofty expectations, so which side do you favor?

    • Segura for roto, Carp for points.

  12. Scooter G says:

    Im surprised no one asked this yet but how good do you think Polanco can be this year? Drop Gyorko or B Hamilton for him in a 10 team h2h non keeper?

    • Beardcrabs says:

      @Scooter G: i think its pretty safe to drop jedd…

    • I’d cut either for him (but I’m not a B Ham believer). His spot at #1 here should indicate that I think he’ll be quite good. Very few players have the pure hitting ability he possess… if you look at his contact statistics, they are ridiculous. His swings & misses don’t even tally up to a typical strikeout total at this point in the season… amazing stuff.

  13. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    Free Mookie Betts

    • Jason says:

      @Smokey: Or trade Middlebrooks and see if Mookie can handle SS (I realize it’s not overly realistic, but I’d truly love to see it).

    • Tearing it up, but not sure where he fits in for the Sox without an injury.

  14. Andy says:

    I’ve got Syndergaard stashed in one of my NA slots in a 12 team 11×11 roto re-draft league. Should I dump him for Stroman? I also have Tijuan Walker on the DL hoping he makes an impact, but I could drop him instead


    • I would cut Syndergaard for Stroman.

  15. Brent

    The Fantasy Dick says:

    What do you think about Kyle Parker in an NL keeper league with a farm team? Wilmer Flores? Arismendy Alcantara (cubs infielder) Any impact this season? Future fantasy impact?

    • I like Parker. Big power could play up in that ballpark. Also like Flores, but not sure of his opportunity. Alcantara is very close to this list… could be a nice power/speed MI as soon as next month.

  16. MB says:

    Where would arcia rank if he was eligible for this list?

    • He’d be in the top 5 picture… love his tools & I think he earns a prominent spot in the Twins lineup before year’s end.

  17. Jason says:

    Scott always one of my favorite columns.

    10 tm h2h 5×5 plus TB & QS. 5 keepers

    I had springer stashed but needed the spot. Now I have polanco. I am getting some interest in him.
    Current deal is polanco and Addison for his 12th rd pick next year plus one of billy ham or Salazar ?

    My current bats are roast up Votto kipnis beltre hosmer Andrus hill gyorko Stanton Gordon EYJ Teix

    Pitchers: Strasburg Tillman Teheran porcello Lester Cain gee soria Perkins reed with holland and Harvey on DL. (If kipnis get DLd holland goes bye bye. )

    Good move or is polanco the one I want here?

    • Jason says:

      @Jason: I’d hold onto Polanco, he could be a perennial first round type bat and you have Andrus, Kipnis and EY tending to your steals needs (plus Polanco will provide some as well shortly).

    • I’d hold Polanco… It’s always nice to get MLB talent for a minor leaguer, but Greg is a special talent & his potential impact is greater than what you’re getting in return (you know I’m not a Billy Ham guy…)

  18. Ten Cent Millionaire says:

    Any thoughts on Jesse Biddle?

  19. thorbs says:

    Great stuff as always – question for you about two former prospects.

    How do you peg Salazar and Paxton for this year and beyond? I’m biased as a Canadian but Pax looked glorious before this current DL stint.

    • He did look great, and I like his long-term outlook more than Salazar’s. That’s mostly to do with the fact that Paxton’s floor is that of a back-end starter, while Salazar could easily find himself in a bullpen role if the wheels fall off.

  20. Alan says:

    Do I trade Belt for Beltran in OPS 6×6?

  21. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Good stuff Scott. Love these. I’m holding Bauer, Singleton and Stroman. Actually have Bundy too, but he’s for next year. Hoping he doesn’t pitch an inning this year, but I’m sure he will.

    Does Jon Gray reach the bigs this year?

    • I think Gray gets a look at some point.

  22. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Would you trade Adam Jones for Strasburg or Bumgarner?

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @Scott Evans: Really? Are there any pitchers you’d trade for Jones? I want to add a top ace to my team. I know Jones is a stud, but In our points league, pitchers get a lot more points.

        • Maybe Felix/Jo-Fer… in points leagues, though, you gotta look at the scoring & choose whoever is gonna net you more… exploit the setting & load up on SP if the scoring is skewed that way.

          • malamoney

            malamoney says:

            @Scott Evans: That’s what I did. I own Felix and the Jo-Fer owner will never go for it. Scherzer, Strasburg, Bumgarner and Price will all net me more points and are all players I will keep next year. I won’t keep Jones. Pitchers are a premium in our league.

            The question is how many points I will lose by replacing Jones. His replacement will either be Khris Davis, Moss or Springer. Plugging HitterTrons rest of season projections into my league’s scoring system says I will lose at most 100 points the rest of the year. If I can get one those aces, I will try and trade Shelby, Salazar, Bauer and Stroman for a better OF.

            We only start 4 SP. Right now it is Felix, Greinke and then two of Gray, Gerrit, Anibal and Shelby depending on match ups.


  23. Swfcdan says:

    Some guy dropped R Mondesi in my keeper league. He’s normally right up to date with the prospects, but I thought Mondesi’s potential was too good to miss. I dropped Josh Bell for him in the end, Bell was doing nothing last time I looked. Good move?

    • Similar fantasy outlooks, Bell might even be a little safer. I’ve cooled off on Mondesi — lots of his hype has to do with his defensive profile.

      • Swfcdan says:

        @Scott Evans: Ah ok well I could get Bell back later if he’s looking good.

        One comment about above when you said youd drop Gyorko for Polanco to someone. Isnt that a bit overly rookie nookie as Gray would say? I know Polanco is raking, but Gyorko did just the same in the minors- it can be a different game entirely in the bigs. Not a dig at you, more at people in general for thinking prospects coming up are the best thing since chocolate. Dont you think we overhype these kids? They could be great eventually but it nearly always takes time, look at Springer, flavour of the month last month and now people are considering cutting him.

        • Yes… well… rookie nookie is sort of my job here. And Gyorko is barely past his rookie nookie phase. Obviously Jedd is the safer option, but Polanco’s ceiling is higher for this year & beyond.

  24. Andre says:

    10 team, h2h keeper league. Hitting stats are H, Avg, Runs, Steals, RBI, HR

    Two trade questions….Wily Peralta/ Nick Castellanos for Dom Brown? I’d get Brown and I’m in desperate need of opening a roster spot for guys coming off the DL. Fair trade?

    Also. Heyward for Alex Gordon straight up? Is that a fair deal? Heywards lack of average and runs has been killing me.

    As is my team is:

    C. Posey
    1b. Craig
    2b. Rendon
    3b. Arenado
    SS. Segura
    If. Hosmer
    Of. Braun, McCutchen, Heyward
    UTL. Pagan, D. Gordon.

    bench: Castellanos, Boegarts.

    Sp. Fernandez, Archer, Ventura, Gallardo, Ryu, Santana, Kazmir, Peralta,

    Rp. Soriano, Nathan, Papelbon

    DL : D. Robertson; Iwakuma.

    • I think you can do the 1st deal, but I’d hold Heyward in a keeper.

  25. Matt says:

    How long should we be waiting on springer?

    • You can cut him now in a redraft… especially if he’s locking up your flexibility. Prospects sometimes take some time to pan out.

  26. Like the aggressive Oscar Taveras ranking. On some lists, you’ll find him way behind the newer, shinier toys. Multi-dimensional Polanco is very intriguing but it is still very hard not to covet first Taveras’s pedigree & potential. Thanks.

    • I toyed with the idea of him as #1 & I mentioned in the comments over the weekend that the two were neck & neck. I even stashed him over Polanco in one league…

  27. AL KOHOLIC says:

    AWESOME ONCE AGAIN,thanks for the post,love the rookie nookie

  28. allen says:

    Thanks for the read.

    Out of random curiosity, was Eovaldi a highly regarded prospect in the Fins system? Is he performing at a level people expected him to this year or is he overacheiving a bit? Obviously he throws smoke and ive enioyed havin him on my squad, just wanted to know a little more about him

    • mindicohn says:

      @allen: think he was dodger prospect. Traded to Miami in Nolasco deal…

      • Smalls Killer says:

        @mindicohn: he was a decent prospect in the Dodgers system and part of the package they gave to get Hanley

    • He was an exciting prospect w/ great upside in the LA org, but the hype kinda fizzled a bit before he was sent to Miami.

  29. brett says:


    Have room to pick up one tonight. How would you rank Beckett, Bauer, Roark?


  30. Das coffee frau says:

    Hey… Thanks for he read (again)
    How do you rank these Guys in my keeper league (rounds we can keep in attached)

    Baez (14)
    Stroman (27)
    Polanco (24)
    Bauer (27)
    Bryant (19)


    • Baez, Polanco, Bryant, Stroman, …, Bauer

  31. David says:

    12 team roto, 7×7 with the 2 extra categories being obp and slg. We can only keep 4 hitters. Which 4 would you anticipate keeping for 2015? Arenado, Butler, Buxton, Choo, Craig, Marte, Puig, Rizzo or Jon Singleton.

    Thanks for speculating!

    • Smalls Killer says:

      @David: Choo Puig Craig & Rizzo would be my choices

    • Choo, Puig, Rizzo & Arenado.

  32. SF says:

    Would you pick up Eovaldi or Stroman?

    • The Thumb says:

      @SF: Eovaldi

  33. Knighttown says:

    Yadier/Ellsbury/Cano for Pujols/Gordon/Hill

    • I like the Yadi & Cano side

  34. J says:

    Hey scott great posts! Would you add Polanco now/ soon, if yes would you drop Martin prado for him? Prado has been on my bench most of the time; although what’s nice about prado is I can use him at 3b, 2b & of , but my main 2b is pedroia, 3b is David wright, OF is weaker now w/ Harper out until sometime in July- we start 4 & I’m going w/ Matt Holliday, Hunter pence, Victorino, and this week I added Michael Brantley as my 4th OF’er, utility is dee Gordon who can also play 2b & SS too, DH Adam Dunn, bench is Eric Hosmer & of course prado & my pitching.

    Just looking for a spark to help out my team, from what I’m hearing about polanco he’s the real deal & once he’s called up which could be anywhere from may 1 to July 1 he’ll be impactful, just didn’t know if you’d recommend adding him as a stash, or what I was thinking too; this is a 10 tm h2h / weekly roster lock , when rosters unlock on Monday AM drop Brantley for polanco

    Also , I live in New England , about 1 hour and half give or take to pawtuckett RI, home of the paw sox- just checked the schedule & guess what this weekend the paw sox host the Indianapolis Indians, which means there will be a polanco sighting this weekend, I may take a ride to Rhode Island & see polanco play first hand

    Have a great one & love the posts scott!

    • Greyismyhero says:

      @J: Im not Scott, but in a 10 teamer with Prado on your bench most of the time anyway, I would definitley make that move for Polanco and I would do it very quickly…Good luck.

    • Yeah, I’d make the move & that’d be awesome to see Polanco in the flesh! Hope you make it out there…

      • J says:

        @Scott Evans:

        Hey man thanks for the response, yes I hope i can make it to see polanco in person this weekend. I know I mentioned dropping prado for polanco , would you drop wheeler for polanco? Or hang onto wheeler? I’m deep at pitcher with Strasberg , tanaka, Bumgarner , cueto, Gerrit cole and wheeler, we start three SP’s
        I like wheeler but I haven’t used him yet , or I could drop prado for polanco & drop wheeler for either middlebrooks, Or add a better SP like Tim hudson, sonny gray, lackey or evoladi

        Or just hold onto wheeler & go with original plan prado for polanco.

        Thanks again !

        • Hang onto Wheeler. I think you’ll want to use him as the summer progresses… go with the original plan.

  35. Druss says:

    Thank you Mr Evans. I look forward to reading this every week.
    Is service time only reason Singleton isn’t up yet?

    • Thanks, Druss! And yes, I think he’s being held down to ST considerations.

  36. wilber says:

    drop archer for eovaldi? archer’s division is just too tough

    • I’d cut a bench bat if possible…

  37. Greyismyhero says:

    Great article, I need your opinion on something, I have Walker stashed in a DL spot with Harper occupying space, I could DL Harper, drop Walker and pick up Polanco…Would that be smart? If I drop Walker, he will definitely be picked up & I will lose him….I havent seen any updates on Walker after his soft toss??? on Monday?? Non-keeper league…Thanks

    • I’d rather be stashing Polanco than Walker at this point…

  38. Raj says:

    After the 2013 Arizona Fall League, I’ve made the case that Kris Bryant is better prepared to succeed at the plate in MLB than Baez. Word out of Chicago is Theo loves this dude. He currently has a OPS of 0.998 and I feel like he hasn’t really caught fire yet.

    My question is can he play defense at 3B well enough to get the call in July? I think it’s only a matter of time before he dominates Double-A enough to earn a promotion to Triple-A…and I think he’ll demonstrate that he has mastered Triple-A pitching in a matter of 4-6 weeks. My concern is whether he can handle 3B.

    I feel like Bryant is Ryan Braun v2.0, minus some speed, add some power. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a corner outfielder in 2015.

    • He can definitely handle 3B, but the long-term plan has him in a corner OF post.

  39. Smalls Killer says:

    So how many Dynasty leagues are you in Vs. Redrafts

    • One dynasty league in its 11th year, 3 redraft. I’m more of a player development enthusiast than a dynasty league nut…

  40. DonkeyKong says:

    What do you think of Polanco vs Springer in an OBP,SLG league? I just picked up Polanco after Bradley went down to potentially replace Curtis Granderson, who instead of baseballs, has been repeatedly taking his bat to the back of my teams head.

    Also, today a genius in our league dropped Homer Bailey, and our league uses a FAAB. How much of the 428/500 dollars I have remaining would you spend on him? – It’s a weekly league so there will probably be some competition but I can’t imagine many prospects aside from Polanco or Baez having the kind of impact he could, plus we can bid 0 dollars to acquire players. Do I go all in? I’ve never used FAAB dollars before.

    • I would save your FAAB for Polanco/Taveras/Baez & throw in a modest bid — maybe something like 25 — on Bailey. The potential impact with the other three is worth going all in on.

  41. Tim says:

    I asked this question to Grey, but wanted to get another opinion… 16 team dynasty h2h league with a deep bench, so waiver wire is bare. My pitching (on paper) is strong with Strasburg, verlander, bailey, masterson, porcello, kluber, Richards, erlin, with fister and Kershaw on DL and zimmer and butler in NA slots. I was looking to upgrade my hitting by offering Kershaw to Harper and Goldschmidt owner. Harper owner rejected offer before his injury and Goldschmidt owner countered with Kershaw and Polanco for Goldy. I said that was too rich and offered a secondary prospect like Semien. My questions are should I reoffer to Harper owner or should I accept the counter on Goldschmidt?