In his first plate appearance of spring training, a big league camp AB versus David Phelps, Gregory Polanco turned on a breaking pitch, sending it over the right field wall. Such things happen to 22-year-olds during spring training, and most of the time, they’re anomalies. In Polanco’s case, however, that moment, in retrospect, seems profound — a statement as to his readiness to produce at the highest level from the instant he stepped on a diamond this spring. Reassigned to Triple-A to begin the season, Polanco’s statements have only grown louder. Through 92 PA, he’s hitting .417/.467/.679 with 4 HR and 4 SB, making him the best mixed league stash in the minors. The Bucs have been fortunate thus far to squeeze some production out of their Travis Snyder/Jose Tabata platoon, but the upside with Polanco is unquestionably higher and it’s only a matter of time before Pittsburgh slots him into their lineup as the everyday RF. His incredible start at Indianapolis should allow him to segue into big league ball with a shizzload of confidence.

Mookie Betts, 2B, Red Sox:  Betts’s line at Double-A Portland speaks for itself: .431/.469/.653 with 11 XBH (2 HR) and 8 SB through 81 PA. That brand of MI production is what fantasy baseball dreams are made of.

Ryan McMahon, 3B, Rockies: A 2nd round pick last June, Ryan McMahon is playing himself onto dynasty league wish lists with an explosive first month at the full-season level. Through 20 games, the 19-year-old has knocked 8 long balls at Low-A Asheville. The early-season pop has me salivating at the long-term potential, given the eventual Coors Field factor. Obviously there’s significant development to go, but the upside here is clear.

David Dahl, OF, Rockies: Dahl showcased his power early, connecting with 4 HR through his first 10 games at Low-A Asheville, but it’s his speed that’s been on display lately. With 5 SB through his last 5 games, the 20-year-old is providing an exciting glimpse at his all-around skill set.

Alex Meyer, RHP, Twins: Meyer flashed some serious polish in his most recent outing, whiffing 11 through 6.2 scoreless IP at Triple-A Rochester. The 23-year-old should be one of the more high-impact arms to surface in the bigs this season.

Kohl Stewart, RHP, Twins: Further down the ladder in the Twins org is another arm bringing front-end potential to Minnesota. Kohl Stewart — the 4th overall pick last June — is getting his first taste of full-season baseball at Low-A Cedar Rapids, and he seems to be adjusting to the level with ease. His line on the year sits at 3.15/0.75/13 in 20 IP, but his start on Friday offered the clearest look at Stewart’s upside:  6 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K.

Oscar Taveras, OF, Cardinals: Perhaps news of Taveras’s rolled ankle pushed some who were stashing the 21-year-old to cut him loose. That might prove to be a regrettable move, as Oscar returned quickly to the Memphis lineup. What’s most noteworthy about the situation, though, is that Taveras has been spending time at CF recently, which would be the position that would allow for the clearest path to an opportunity in St. Louis.

C.J. Edwards, RHP, Cubs: The Cubs are loaded with high-impact hitting prospects, but the pitching side of their farm is churning out far less excitement. C.J. Edwards (1.86/1.01/155 through 116 IP in 2013) entered this season as Chicago’s most promising SP prospect, and through 4 Double-A starts, the 22-year-old has been sharp. It should be of great concern to Cubs fans, then, that Edwards is visiting the club’s medical staff this week to have shoulder discomfort evaluated.

Jimmy Nelson, RHP, Brewers: The Brewers farm entered the season seemingly void of fantasy impact, but Nelson’s hot start at Triple-A is offering some hope. The 24-year-old has posted a 1.80 ERA, a 0.80 WHIP, and a K/9 at 9.0 through his first 4 outings, including a scoreless 7 IP effort earlier in the week. He whiffed 9 and allowed only 3 baserunners in the start.

Stetson Allie, 1B, Pirates: The SP-turned-1B experiment chugs along with plenty of promise. Allie has collected 5 HR through his last 7 games with Double-A Altoona. On the year, the 23-year-old is hitting .283/.411/.667.

Jesse Biddle, RHP, Phillies: Biddle continued his dominance at Double-A Reading, posting a 7 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 10 K start on Wednesday. That makes 21 whiffs opposed to 2 walks through his last 14 IP. Expect to see him at Triple-A before long.

Gabriel Guerrero, OF, Mariners: After hitting 15 HR through 68 games in 2012, Guerrero’s game power disappeared in 2013, as the 20-year-old collected only 4 long balls in 125 games with Low-A Clinton. He’s stepped up the High-A California League this year, where the pop appears to have reemerged — Guerrero is batting .345/.391/.571 with 11 XBH (4 HR) and 3 SB through High Desert’s first 21 games.

Joey Gallo, 3B, Rangers:  Gallo has drilled 9 homers in 21 games at High-A Myrtle Beach, and his ISO sits at .500. The power here is large, but you knew that.

Matt Wisler, RHP, Padres: Wisler is off to a fine start at Double-A San Antonio, posting a line at 2.16/1.08/30 through his first 25 IP. His most recent outing was his strongest yet, whiffing 10 and walking zero through 7 scoreless frames. He’ll get a chance to pitch at Petco this season if this sort of success keeps up.

Mike Montgomery, LHP, Rays: Montgomery retired 25 batters without surrendering a hit yesterday, but with his pitch count at 106, he didn’t get the opportunity to finish the no-hitter. The Rays clearly value healthy development over meaningless minor league accomplishments, and that’s always the smart approach, so do shut up with the “should’ve had a no-no” nonsense.

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  1. inertiatic says:

    Great round up, I always enjoy your posts Scott.

    I watched Noah Syndergaard pitch last night against the Tacoma Rainers and it wasn’t all pretty. I was very impressed with how easily he throws the ball 97 mph, with seemingly little effort. I was equally unimpressed however with how little he seems to give a shizz as to where said ball ends up, be it in the catchers mitt, behind the ump or deposited over the wall in center field (as J. Montero did in the third inning). He gave up a lot of hits to guys who really didn’t look like much, talent wise. Homers, too (though the dinky Cashman Feild stadium is a band box).

    I’m obviously not a talent evaluator and it was also my first up close experience at a major league talented guy doing his thing in person. It was cool as hell but I was really shocked how little he seemed to care the result of the game. He was almost robotic in every sense. Is that a character flaw somehow? Or is it just a routine night in the minors for a guy destined for bigger and better things. Overall has your opinion of him wavered with the slow start to the year?

    Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen.

    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @inertiatic: Mejia got ripped for “caring” when he gave up a homer to Jupton and then threw his glove. It is perfectly okay to look robotic.

    • No, I’m still very high on Syndergaard, and if you recall, Wheeler went through a puzzlingly meh stretch early on last year w/ Vegas. There’s a sort of prospect fatigue that some guys run into & that might be what you’re sensing w/ Noah… he’s been hyped up to the point where he’s a big leaguer in his own mind, and it might take the bright lights of Citi Field to flip that switch inside him. The best example I can think of in this case is Manny Machado in 2012 — he looked bored & disinterested at AA & his numbers weren’t special. Then he surfaced in Baltimore & started raking. Some guys are just built for the biggest stage. Now, whether or not that’s a flaw depends on how they transition to the next level. Syndergaard’s raw tools should allow him to excel immediately, but he’ll need to be all in on the focus side of things too.

      Great comment. I love getting firsthand accounts here…

  2. yeap...that's right says:

    more important than Gallo’s .500 ISO is the fact that his K:BB ratio is 24:19 when it was 37% LAST YEAR. If he gets close to 1:1, heck even 2:1, then he’s going to be a MONSTER.

    • Agree. The power is noted & very real, but how the swing-and-miss in his game progresses as he climbs the ladder will be paramount to his success in the bigs.

  3. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Thanks Scott, great stuff.

    CBS forced my hand on stashing Stroman once they wrote an article that he was awesome and coming up soon. While I still think there’s some time before he’s called up, these articles drive player ownership through the roof and someone who had no idea who he was would have surely taken a flier.

    The problem is I want to stash Singleton and now the only guys I have to drop are Moss and Khris Davis. Not sure how I feel about that. Both homered last night.

    I was offered Cain for my Alex Gordon. Thoughts? I’ve been trying hard to get Bumgarner with some combination of Shelby Miller, Salazar, Gordon, Springer and Cespedes, but no luck. This was his counter.

    My starters: Felix, Greinke, Gray, Gerritt Cole, Sanchez, Miller, Salazar, Bauer, Stroman
    OF: Braun, Adam Jones, Gordon, Springer, Cespedes, Moss, Khris Davis, Calhoun, Prado
    IF: Goldy, Gyorko, Tulo, Longoria, Posey

    Would love to get either Bumgarner, Scherzer or Strasburg…

    • @malamoney: I agree on the article about these stud prospects. Stroman was picked up in my league right after the article came . How about offering him 3 guys from your list of trade bait for Madbum and then you have room for Singleton and another stash.

      Something like Salazzar, Miller & Gordon for Madbum..

      I never mind giving up an extra player to get what I want..

    • I like stashing Singleton over Stroman for now.

      I’d hold Gordon & I don’t really see your need for another front-end SP… Felix & Greinke & Cole should suffice to anchor your staff, no?

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @Scott Evans: I was thinking the same. Drop Stroman for Singleton.

        What do you think Stroman’s impact will be? And when do you think he will be up?

        • I expect to see Stroman up around mid-season & should deliver exciting K impact right from the start…

  4. scott says:

    When do you think we will see Polanco? Any updates on Baez post injury?

    • We’ll see Polanco within 6 weeks. Baez is back from the ankle injury, but he’s not playing well. Whiffing far too much & not much loud contact. He got off to a slow start last year, and I’m afraid that might be the case again this year.

  5. scott says:

    Also, I stashed Singleton with the hopes we may see him in Houston soon. Any thoughts?

    • Carl Weathers says:

      Probably going to be up very soon, and seems very likely to make an impact this year for you. The best minor leaguer to have stashed right now.

      • I’d stash Polanco & Taveras before him, without hesitation.

    • We’ll see him before mid-June. Top 5 stash right now.

  6. LT says:

    What players are due up after the deadline that are blocked now? Guys like Lindor when the Indians are out of the race maybe and move Cabrera? Guys like Joc Pederson getting sent somewhere for players? Like to the Phillies! Who’s destined to start after the deadline? When is Addison Russell coming back?

    • Taveras & Pederson are the most noteworthy high-impact prospect whose paths are blocked. Lindor’s fantasy impact isn’t quite as exciting as his real life impact — keep that in mind when he’s pushing for a call-up late this summer. I’ll cover the other soon-to-be surfacing prospects in my Prospect Power Rankings post this Wednesday. Russell out another 2-4 weeks, at least…

  7. Will says:

    I am stashing Baez right now. I can still stash 1 more. Should I drop Ozuna and stash singleton or polanco? UTIL spot

    • I’d drop Baez for Polanco & hold Ozuna.

  8. Frank White says:

    What’s up Bro.. Would you trade Cingrani and Alex Rios for Martin Pérez and Zobrist??

    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @Frank White: I would keep Cingrani and Rios

  9. Brett says:

    Baez is off to an awful start still confident he is called up his year?

    • Yes, he’ll see Wrigley this year.

  10. David says:

    Who has the better career, Springer, Polanco or Buxton? Thanks.

    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @David: buxton

    • Buxton, Planco, Springer… in that order. That’d be the order of upside too.

  11. David says:

    Also, please rank in order of upside. Thanks again.

  12. CL says:

    Do you like Biddle more than Rafael Montero or Butler for my farm? Or, since Stroman may be coming up soon, I may have a slot available soon.

    • Biddle & Montero are close, but Butler is ahead of both.

  13. Racehorse says:


    Jake Marisnick was put on the trading block in my dynasty league. Do I make a run at him trade wise? I have Marcel Ozuna on my MLB roster, and the idea of an organizational hand cuff is something I find appealing.

    Whaddya think?

    • Marisnick has intriguing tools, but I’m not sure if I believe in him as a ballplayer anymore… this could just be me getting impatient, but I keep thinking Brett Jackson when I hear Marisnick’s name brought up.

  14. I used SON last night for the first time, with Jenry Mejia, thru 5 he looked great and then..OH well, I am giving SON another chance with Peralta today..

    • Stick with it! It’ll pay big dividends over time…

      • @Scott Evans: I will, I DL Annieball and have an open spot, so I plan on streaming that spot everyday..

  15. Xavier says:

    What happens to Alex Guerrero if Dee Gordon keeps this up? Let’s assume the Dodgers infield stays healthy all year, would they Keep Guerrero on the farm all year?

    Also would love thoughts on Steven Souza Jr…as a prospect and on potential if, say, Harper has to miss serious time with this thumb issue and he gets called up.


    • Because Guerrero is already making big league money, I think they’ll use him on the major league roster this season, but whether or not it’s an everyday role depends on how much Gordon regresses.

  16. Carl Weathers says:

    Hey Scott, keeper league (obv) – would you drop Boagerts for Singleton if positions don’t matter?? Noone else I could drop. Building for contention in this league next year.

  17. jake says:

    I’m new to the stashing minors picture, but love the idea behind it. Question quick, the article says polanco is the best stash RIGHT NOW, and in the comments another said singleton. I’m aware its a matter of opinon, but are people saying singleton right now just because he’ll be called up first, or they actually would rather have singleton over polanco for their career?

    • Carl Weathers says:

      I said Singleton based on him being likely called up very soon, and also Grey’s buy column. Polanco prob has better career.

    • I disagreed with that commenter. Singleton is in the conversation, but the upside w/ Polanco & Taveras is better. Arrival timetable for all three is about the same — you can expect to see them within the next 6 weeks. I’d roll with Polanco.

  18. The Thumb says:

    Hey Scott, I’ve been offered Polanco for Salazar in a redraft 10 teamer. My NA spot is full so I’d have to keep Gregory on my bench.

    I’ve got a strong OF in Jones Bruce and Beltran and am currently stashing Taveras.

    My pitching should be strong enough that I could take the potential hit but that all depends on how Sale and Cobb bounce back from the DL. I guess the ultimate question is, do you think Danny’s just having a rough April or is something seriously wrong?

    Is the move worth it?

    Thanks for these awesome posts!

    • I think the deal on the surface favors the Polanco side, but it comes down to whether or not you can afford to lock up your flexibility with another OF stash… and what do you do when he & Oscar are active? …I suppose that’ll be a nice problem to have, but need to consider your season-long flexibility for SP streaming & whatnot.

  19. jake says:

    basically who do the majority think will be better? polanco or singleton

  20. Guano baseball says:

    Thoughts on the following trade

    16 team h2h traditional 5×5

    1 I trade Matt Adams and boegarts for mike minor and moustakas

    I have swisher and tex to cover first and plan to grab singleton

    2 venable or Dickerson or moustakas as last bench spot


      • Guano baseball says:

        @Scott Evans:

        How about just Adams for minor?

        This is a redraft league

        • That’s more like it.

  21. The Thumb says:

    Also, better sell high, Wily Peralta or Jesse Chavez? Leaning Chavez but want to know what you think…

  22. Bi-Felicia says:

    5 leagues, 6 DL players avg on each, one league I have 9 DL. Im giving up on fantasy for a few weeks! Good luck everyone

    • Some years, the fantasy Gods take a nice hot dump right on your hopes & dreams. I feel your pain, friend.

      • Bi-Felicia says:

        @Scott Evans: the hits keep coming, that is without annibal, braun, harper, segura, ….wow! This is crazy!

  23. Big League Choo says:

    i lost Arcia/K Rob/Parnell/Ramos/Hamilton/Cuddyer/Sale/Kershaw in my only RCL and was in first place until yesterday….man up and manage your team

  24. Leroy says:

    Which SP stash do you like better for this year? Bauer, Bradley or Gausman?

      • Leroy says:

        @Scott Evans: Are you concerned with Bradley’s rough numbers lately, or is that mostly meaningless? Or the Arizona organization’s general lack of sanity?

        • Mostly meaningless. Still elite upside w/ Bradley.

  25. Bi-Felicia says:

    I need a 1 b to replace trumbo is my Stanton for Pujlos fair? Yeah right?

    • From a needs-based perspective, this is fair.

      • Bi-Felicia says:

        @Scott Evans: I thought so. I hate giving up my best power hitter besides bruce but I have no choice since no one else has bit on any other offers for 1st base. Only thing on the wire is Laroche (puke)

        • Detroit Heckler says:

          Giving up Stanton in an MVP year will bite you in the ass all year.


          • What about Pujols’s MVP year?

        • Jason says:

          @Bi-Felicia: LaRoche has actually been solid this year so far – I’d take a flyer on him for a bit and keep Stanton, I think the combination of their production will outweigh Outfielder X plus Pujols.

          • Bi-Felicia says:

            @Jason: too late. I took Albert. Stanton isn’t going to.hit 300 all year in that huge park. I think Albert will have a huge year if he stays healthy. We’ll see…

  26. I’m in a league that gives generous points for rp
    App ..ip…hold..etc
    Shaw from Cleveland is a free agent
    I have Siegrest…Mcgee….Rondon..and two former starters
    Should I drop any if these for shaw or hold tight for sp to return to rotation.or is shaw a better option than my current rp

  27. Dan Pants

    Dan Pants says:

    These posts are always really helpful, thanks scott

  28. danny says:

    Good write-up…Love good prospect articles.
    16 team keeper…would you trade Trout (4 yrs) for Springer (6 yrs), Correa (6 yrs) and Biddle (6 yrs)?
    Freeman (4 yrs)
    Cole (5 yrs) and Craig (2 yr)


    • Hold Trout & I’m losing faith in Craig by the day, so I’d hold Freeman here as well.

  29. Lville Jim says:

    Picked up Gallo for Houston Street in my dynasty league. They say chicks dig the long ball, but fantasy baseballers might dig them more. Hoping to see him in Arlington sooner than later.

    • Can’t deny the power potential, just hope he doesn’t go the way of the Donkey… Should be another 2 years before we see him in the bigs, but he’s a great dynasty league stash until then.

  30. ElPortoDonkey says:

    Need to drop one: Adam Eaton or Eric Young Jr ?

    12-team, H2H categories. Thanks

  31. Ron says:

    Stroman up soon. Drop straily or Freese to
    Grab him now in a really deep league? How good do you thing stroman will be this year?

    • High-impact K guy right from the get-go. I’d cut Freese for him.

  32. Piranhaman says:

    Hi Scott, and guys.

    Would you start or sit Salazar today @SF?

      • Piranhaman says:

        @The Thumb: you mean start him?