Did you know that Wilmer Flores has two brothers named Wilmer? So when he introduces himself and some of his brothers, he says “Hi. I’m Wilmer. This is my brother Wilmer. And this is my other brother Wilmer.” Why couldn’t they be named Larry and Daryl! The Wilmer Flores that plays for the San Francisco Giants has 90 points in 153 plate appearances. Luis Robert also has 90 points in 144 plate appearances. In fewer at bats he has about the same number of points as Matt Olson, Michael Brantley, and Whit Merrifield. Also in less plate appearances, Flores has more points than the likes of Jose Abreu, DJ LeMahieu, Anthony Rendon, Julio Rodriguez, Corey Seager, Jared Walsh, Rhys Hoskins, Randy Arozarena, and Austin Riley. Strangely, even with 1B, 2B, and 3B eligibility, Wilmer is available in approximately 50 percent of leagues. I’m not saying you need to rush out and grab him, but he certainly seems like an ideal bench player that you plug in as needed. I put him in the same category as Luis Arraez, who has 92 points and has seen his ownership shoot up over 60 percent. I’m leaning Arraez over Flores in case you were wondering. He also has OF eligibility and a slightly better PPPA. In fact, I picked up Arraez con pollo this week to fill in for Taylor Ward and a questionable J.D. Martinez. That’s the tough thing about weekly points leagues. You got to be damn sure your guy is going to play when you stick him in your lineup on Monday. Nothing shittier than a goose egg because your questionable player ended up sitting most of the week, or hitting the IL. By the way, Wilmer’s dad’s name is Wilmer. Can you image Fred Flintstone in that house yelling “WILMER!!!”

I almost titled this post “I’m bringing Vogel Back”. Due to a delay in getting it completed, I had to switch my focus. The only place I’m bringing Daniel Vogelbach is to the all you can eat buffet if I’m building a squad that hopes to put the venue out of business. Might even have to see if I can get Billy Butler to come out of retirement. Who do you think can clear a plate of fried chicken, gravy, and grits quicker? Tell me you wouldn’t pay a couple bucks to see how that turns out. Since it wouldn’t be right to just dump on the portly fellow, let’s see what positives we can muster up. As of this writing (Wednesday at 9pm EST), in less at bats, Vogelbach has the same number of fantasy points as Max Muncy. That can’t feel too good for those that drafted Muncy in the 4th round. Also in less at bats he has more points than Bryan Reynolds and JT Realmuto. Double ouch! Just to bring this into perspective, Vogelbach stinks and should not be rostered in points leagues. Truth be told, I started writing this last week and there were quite a few more well known players that Vogelbach was ahead of. In the last ten days he’s scored -1 fantasy points and is now on the IL. During that span, many names have moved ahead of him. Some of those names include Cody Bellinger, Yuli Gurriel, Bo Bichette, Ketel Marte, Seiya Suzuki, and Rhys Hoskins.

Corn on the Cobb! He is not a good points league pitcher. I don’t care what anyone tells you. Don’t waste your time with Alex Cobb. Even with 39 strikeouts in 31 2/3 innings pitched this season, Cobb is averaging just 9 points per start. That’s not even enough to qualify as chump change. He has pitched at least 5 innings in five of his seven starts, but who cares. Last year he averaged 13.3 points per start over 18 starts. That’s nothing to be proud of. In 2020 he averaged 8.2 points per start over ten starts. 2019 was lost to injury. However, in 2018 he averaged 7.2 points per start over 28 starts. Let me keep going here in case you’re not convinced. In 2017, Cobb had 28 starts. He averaged 12.8 points per start. 2015 and 2016 were lost to injury. In 2014, his best season, he averaged 14.4 points over 27 starts. For his career, he has averaged 11.9 points per start. Honestly, you’re better off going with a streamer. Do not be fooled into rostering this guy. He’s garbage.

I’m not sure if it’s worth mentioning, so I will do so just in case anyone cares. Josh Naylor has 74 points and a 0.83 PPPA. Manuel Margot has 84 points and a 0.82 PPPA. Bryce Harper has 142 points and a 0.86 PPPA. Anthony Rizzo has 136 points and a 0.78 PPPA. Naylor and Margot have a bunch less plate appearances, but when they are in the lineup, they are getting things done.

If you happen to be in a league that does not penalize for strikeouts, something I’m not a fan of, Mookie Betts is likely the leading point scorer in your league. At least among hitters. But it’s Aaron Judge that leads in points per plate appearance. Just something I wanted to point out to emphasize how a player’s value can vary depending on your league’s scoring system. Speaking of Aaron Judge, he’s been hitting home runs like Rob Deer used to strikeout. Deer Park that’s good water.

Bobby Witt Jr. just might be starting to heat up. He’s on pace for a 20/20 season. I realize that doesn’t mean quite what it did ten to twenty years ago, but it’s still pretty good for a rookie. If he happens to kick it into another gear, maybe he teases 30/30? Last year he went 33/29 in the minor leagues. The buy-low window is leaving the station. Choo choo. Whatever happened to Shin-Soo Choo?

Marcus Semien has 44 points on the season. Kyle Tucker had 40 in week 4. Ty France had 42 points in week 3. Shohei Ohtani had 43 in week 6. Taylor Ward had 47 in week 4. Manny Margot had 50 in week 5. Bryce Harper had 55 in week 6. Trevor Story had 58 in week 7. Keep up the outstanding work Semien. I hope you choke on a chicken McNugget.

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