Now that the closest baseball stadium to me is in Anaheim I’m watching more Angels games.  Truthfully I’m watching more MLB network, and then Cubs games, and then Angels games.  It’s still more than just the Mike Trout highlights I would normally but in any event I’ve seen some of this guy, Jefry MarteJefry Marte?  Who is that?  And why can’t he spell Jeffrey right?

Well this Jefry is seeing time in left field for the Angels, who really stink out there to the tune of an MLB worst .550 OPS (thanks Yahoo!, as that tidbit is on his player page).  That is pathetic.  So they’re running Marte out there, who is normally a corner infielder.  Only 24 years old from the Dominican Republic, which is on the island of Hispaniola (which is such a fun word to say, especially if you throw a lisp in there), Marte has been around in his short career.  He originally started with Mets at age 17, played in the Futures game at the 2011 All-Star Game, was traded to the A’s for the not aptly named Collin Cowgill (he’s not a cow at 5’9, 190), and then was released by Oakland after the 2014 season.  Signed by Detroit two weeks later, he wound up being designated for assignment so the Tigers could sign Justin Upton (I can’t imagine that Detroit could foresee that Marte would be almost as good so far in 2016 as Upton) and traded to the Angels.

Marte did play in the majors in Detroit last year, hitting four homers in 80 at-bats; this season in limited action he’s hit four homers in 42 at-bats and has an OPS of 1.078; which is good.  His 4.5% BB and 29.5% K are not.  Those numbers last season on the Tigers were 8.9% BB and 24.4% K.  So he looks like a hacker.  A power hitting hacker in the same lineup as Mike Trout?  Are you sure I’m not really talking about Albert Pujols?  No, I’m not.  Not even I can recommend Albert anymore.  Just think, the Angels get him for how many more years?  Five more?  And full no-trade protection? Ha!

I like to look at the bright side and in Marte I see a guy that can help in the OPS and homer department, at least while he’s playing.  Daniel Nava was just activated but, c’mon Scioscia, don’t give him at bats.  He doesn’t know what to do with them, like me and really big margaritas (I just don’t get why I can’t drink one out of a regular glass?  Why does it need to be a supersized goblet?  I’d rather just do shots of tequila; no, that’s a bad idea).

Don’t see why he can’t play left field and spell Pujols (I hope he spells it Poo holes; that will never get old to me) at first.  He’s owned in just 1% of ESPN and Yahoo Leagues.  He only qualifies at 1B for now, but OF should be added soon and he’s seen five games at third and mostly played there in the minors.

Quick hits!

The next great Cubs hitter Willson Contreras joins the playoff bound Cubbies; not sure where/when he’ll play unless there’s an injury (I don’t see the Cubs cutting Miguel Montero and eating his contract, though it only has one more year at $14 mil); but I thought the same thing last year with Kyle Schwarber and dropped him in a keeper three weeks before he came up.  So this year I was on Contreras three weeks ago, and held on.  So let’s hope he plays a lot; I can’t imagine he won’t be an OPS monster.  (I know you all know about him just as a Cubs fan and having that Schwarber debacle last year I wanted to mention him, so thanks for humoring me, not like you had a choice I guess).

Robbie Grossman’s ownership has improved, up to 7% in Yahoo and 19.6 % in ESPN (that’s Razzballers fo’ sho’), as he has a .993 OPS in the last couple weeks.  I mentioned him last week, and I take no credit for his ownership making those huge, huuuge gains.  Grey’s already mentioned him multiple times in his Buy/Sell too, so what are the rest of you waiting for?  He’s not Rex!  He’s Robbie!

Peter O’Brien, 25 year old Arizona Diamondbacks OF, has stunk so far this season to the tune of one hit in 15 at-bats.  But Friday he hit two homers, showing the power he’s shown in the minors.  He’s had seasons of 22, 34, and 26 homers in the minors, so the power is there.  So is the OPS.  He’s hit 17 homers in the minors so far (albeit in the PCL).  The Diamondbacks say he’s up to stay, so he should be staying on your OPS team.  Owned in only 7% of Yahoo leagues and 3.7% of ESPN, he’s there for you if you want to dive in.

Lastly, Mark Reynolds (owned in 8.9% of ESPN, 8% of Yahoo). An aside first; you may or may not remember me mentioning Ben Paulsen earlier this season (wow was I off on that, he’s stunk at AAA too; in my defense his 2014 was 24 homers between AAA and majors and his 2015 looked decent with 11 HRs and 19 doubles in only 354 ABs in the majors) and this makes me not want to like Reynolds at this point.

But he’s been an OPS League Monster (OPSLM) with some stellar seasons, and his OPS is .797 on the season; two homers in the June (albeit only four on the season) with a very nice OPS of .845 at home.  His average of .296 is not going to continue, but we’re not trying for OPS; his K% and BB% are in line with his career numbers, and don’t you think he can still go on a homer binge?  I do.  Aaaannnddd he qualifies at first base and third base in ESPN and Yahoo, as well as OF in Yahoo.  Worth playing at home if nothing else like any Rockies player; he has the job and doesn’t look to be giving it up (especially not to Ben Paulsen.  FYI I’m not making a Robert Paulsen joke, too easy, especially after poo holes).  If he doesn’t get traded; which is exactly what the Rockies should do.

Random thought I had that the announcers mentioned during the game I’m watching as I write this:

I like how the MLB All Star game allows one to vote 35 times.  35 and that’s it!  Can’t I just set up another email account and vote 35 more times?  And keep doing that?  The real question is who is voting 35 times?  I barely have time to look at the ballot (which I am doing now), much less vote 35 freaking times.

I remember when you could only vote at the ballpark using those ballots you had to puncture with a pen.  Chads?  Isn’t that what they used in Florida in the 2000 election?  Hanging Chads.  Chad had a great, or really inappropriate, Halloween costume that year.  I didn’t know any Chad’s back then but I bet there were a few out there who incorporated a noose into their costume; they should feel lucky as there was much less social media back then.

Anyway on the ballot Dexter Fowler (who I would still trade for in OPS Leagues) is leading the outfielders; that’s just nuts to be ahead of Bryce Harper.  Let’s be serous though, a lot of Cubs fans are voting 35 times, Jorge Soler is in sixth place, and Jason Heyward is in fourth!  At least Fowler is earning his spot; Addison Russell over Trevor Story and Corey Seager is tragic.

So go vote 35 times if you have the time which, if you do, read this and make a comment too.  I’d appreciate it.  Enjoy the weekend Razzballers and Razzballettes; I’m here to answer questions, make comments on your comments, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll vote for the MLB All Star game (I won’t).