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Good morning fellow Razzball readers. I’ve decided to throw a curveball and start the intro with an offensive player today. Just in case I have any friends or family members reading this post I have not left her at the Altherr, I just haven’t found the perfect ring yet. Aaron Altherr may slip through the radar since he is matched up against Gio Gonzalez. Gio has been off to a hot start however he is prone to the long ball, especially against righty bats. Altherr’s price tag comes in at a cool $7,200 which allows for some salary relief on a Colorado day. Let’s breakdown his stats, Alther currently has a .514 wOBA against LHP which is 6th in the league and he also has 3 home runs in 24 AB’s. I’m aware the sample size is small, however, this is DFS and we are searching for an edge anywhere we can find one. The wind in DC will not help the RHB as it will be a cross-wind of about 16 MPH.

Note: The 2nd game of both double headers are not included in the FantasyDraft main slate therefore I will be leaving those pitchers out of my write up today.

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Jeff Samardzija, SP: $17,700 – I’m hoping for a bad day for Jeff, so that the guy I offered a trade to accepts the deal in my season long. But let me honest, if you look at his peripherals you would notice that he is not pitching as bad as his ERA shows and he will not likely have a bad day against the Reds.

Jose Quintana, SP: $19,800 – His price tag might scare some people off him given his most recent start where he gave up 4 runs. Also, it will be tough for anyone who is looking to stack Colorado to get him into their lineup as well. San Diego has been awful against LHP this season and Jose has a potential of getting double digit K’s.

Robbie Ray, SP: $17,200 – Ray is looking for a bounce back performance after giving up 5 runs to Detroit in his last outing. He gets a favorable matchup against a Pirates team that tends not to hit lefties well. I will throw some caution out there due to this game being played in Arizona where the ball is known to fly. Ray is K machine and that is all you’re hoping he does this game. His ownership might be a little low with deGrom on the slate today.

Hector Santiago, SP: $13,800 – I’m a huge Santiago skeptic however I think this is another plus matchup for him to shine and I don’t see him being highly owned. He is matched up against an Indians lineup that has been awfully quiet. Don’t expect for Santiago to put up huge DFS numbers for you but he does have a good shot of getting the win and about 5 k’s which is not terrible for $13,800. This is the guy you need if you’re loading up on Coors.

Nolan Arenado, IF: $10,800 – How boring, another DFS writer advising to play a guy at Coors. If there is any bat to own in Colorado today, it’s Arenado going against a lefty at Coors. Arenado sports a .574 wOBA against LHP this season and has 6 homeruns in 36 at bats.

Freddie Freeman, IF: $9,900 – Another favorable matchup for Freddie against an average RHP. He can’t leave Florida without hitting a homerun. Until he cools off he should probably be in your DFS lineup against average RHPs.

Yasmani Grandal, IF: $8,800 – I usually tend to ignore the catcher position on FantasyDraft however I like Grandal’s price tag at $8,800 in Coors. I will have some shares of Grandal and hope he is one of the guys who roughs up Senzatela.

Mark Trumbo, IF/OF: $7,600 – As much as I want to stay away from Trumbo, his price tag pulls me right in. I’m trying to save money where ever I can and Trumbo at $7,600 seems to be a good buy. He does have 2 home runs in his last 7 games which is promising for a guy with that low of a price.

Rougned Odor, IF: $8,100 – Odor has been disappointing this season which has led to his price tanking to $8,100. I like this matchup at home for him.

Michael Conforto, OF: $8,800 – Conforto gets a plus matchup today and deGrom is going to need some run support. The balls have been flying out of Miller Park and Conforto is due. I will also be dipping into Jay Bruce at $9,300 today.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF: $9,300 – Stanton is just starting to heat up with 3 homeruns in his last 7 games. Dickey is currently flashing a home run sale with his 2.02 hr/9. I will likely own Stanton in all of my lineups today.

Jose Bautista, OF: $7,800 – Joey Bats is locked in right now. He is seeing the ball well and his swing looks great. He gets a good matchup vs. Miranda in the hitter friendly park. He’s a great value today at $7,800.

Seth Smith, OF: $7,200 – Smith will likely be leading off today against Chris Young and is always a threat to hit a homerun against a righty. He has earned himself the leadoff spot by posting a .309 batting average on the year. His price tag is a measly $7,200 which makes him a handsome pick today.

David Peralta, OF: $8,100 – Peralta has yet to go yard in the month of May. His price tag has dropped to $8,100 and looks to be a great buy low candidate with a matchup against Nova.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It looks like we have 2 games on the slate that may run into trouble today. Keep an eye on the Yankees vs. Astros and Red Sox vs. Rays. Both games appear to have rain coming its way.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The heavy favorite of the day goes to Jose Quintana at -192 vs. the Padres. The next man in line is Gio Gonzalez at -168 vs. the Phillies. Gio will likely have a good day however as noted above he is prone to the longball. Outside of the Coors game, there are 5 games with projected with a run total of 9 or higher, Mariners vs. Blue Jays, Twins vs. Indians, Padres vs. White Sox, Athletics vs. Rangers and Pirates vs. Diamondbacks. Per Vegas this should be a day filled with offense as we do not have any games with a run total of 7.5 or less on this slate.

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    Yankees game will be fine

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    Rendon will finish the year ranked …. among 3B – 5×5 Yahoo Leagues

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