Dallas is screaming my name today. There is a good chance that Dallas Keuchel is chalky today as he has the best matchup. He is a must play in all cash games. The Oakland bats are striking out at a rate of 28% in the last 7 days and 24% on the season.  Oakland has been held to 1 run in 4 of the last 7 games. Keuchel has been struggling to rack up K’s this season and this will be an opportunity for him to cash in. For this reason he is my favorite play of the day for the pitchers. FantasyDraft has Keuchel priced at a modest $18,300. I’m not overly enthused with today’s pitchers and I think you need to be careful as it looks like a lot of these game may have high run potential.

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Stacks on Stacks: We’re not in Colorado anymore. Just because the Rockies aren’t in Colorado today that does not mean you can’t stack them. The Rockies are salivating over the fact they get to bat against LHP Patrick Corbin today. As I sit here and cringe at the thought of potentially starting Corbin in my season long, the Rockies have been hammering LHP and they have slugged Corbin in the past. I think this game will easily surpass the 9.5 run total in this hitter friendly park.

One other stack I’m interested in today is an Angels stack. The Angels are going against LHP Martin Perez. I’m not crazy about picking on Perez however I love the weather conditions for this game. The wind should be blowing out to left field at 22 mph by first pitch and this park is extremely hitter friendly.

Chris Archer, SP: $20,400 – This is a chance to scoop up Archer with some lower ownership due to Archer giving up 9 runs in his last 2 starts. Archer has played some great offenses recently which got the best of him. Today he matches up against a Toronto lineup that has been extremely disappointing as of late. Archer previously had 8 K’s in their first meeting this season. This is showing all the signs for a big day.

Mike Foltynewicz, SP: $13,200 – I must be on something if I’m recommending any pitcher going against Eric Thames. Like I said ,there are not many good pitching matchups today however if Folty finds away to skate by Thames he has a good shot of putting up points at a serious discount. He has been doing a good job limiting the long ball this season and is facing a Brewers offense who have a 25% strike out rate against righties this season. There is definitely some risk with this pick however he is a cheap date and you might get lucky.

Ty Blach, SP: $13,200 –  I know this will only be his 2nd start however he gets a really good matchup against San Diego in a pitcher friendly park. San Diego has been unimpressive so far and an easy target for opposing pitchers. Blach should have a good day as long as he gets some friendly run support.

Miguel Sano, IF/OF: $8,200 – Sano has been hitting the ball hard lately and has some potential to do some damage against the reigning World Series Champion Jason Hammel. Hammel has been awful in first few starts as a Royal and is averaging 4 2/3’s IP per game. Look for Sano to make this another early exit for Hammel.

Freddie Freeman, IF: $10,200 – I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have Freddie in at least one of my FantasyDraft lineups. The guy has been a points machine, not only is he hitting homeruns he’s stealing bases. I like his matchup against a weak Matt Garza.

Kris Bryant, IF: $11,100 – It’s always tough trying to decide which Cubs player to throw in a lineup. Bryant has been seeing the ball extremely well lately and its hard to ignore his success against LHP. I will likely be throwing in some Cubs mini-stacks today.

Joey Gallo, IF/OF: $8,000 – It looks like Gallo may have cooled off a little bit as he is 1-9 in his last 3 games. I think this makes for a perfect time to grab Gallo on some lower ownership and cash in on some home run potential in todays game.

Trevor Story, IF: $10,000 – There’s a story about a guy named Trevor. I can’t believe the high pricing of Story for such a slow start. It’s as if FantasyDraft has him playing in Coors today. Anyways I like Story today and his high price tag which will likely scare some people off of him. On the flip side his counterpart DJ LeMahieu is a whopping $8,800. DJ has hit Corbin well in the past and is a must play in all formats today.

Michael Conforto, OF: $7,200 –  It looks like Conforto has secured the leadoff spot for now and draws another good matchup against Joe Ross (que the song: Where are you now? ). Conforto had a double dong day yesterday and has 6 for the month of April. I don’t think you’ll find more upside at this price tag. K Thanks Bye.

Aaron Judge, OF: $7,600 – Yeah, that’s right, I’m judging you for not putting Aaron in your lineups today. Imagine the damage this guy will do once he’s moved down to 4 or 5 in the lineup. He looks like he’s swinging a toothpick at the plate. I like the matchup for him today and we get another day in Yankee Stadium. Kudos to those who are brave enough to fade him.

Mike Trout, OF: $11,200 – Woah that’s an expensive price tag! I hope that keeps everyone else away because I love Trout today. He has a lot going for him today, hitter friendly park, wind blowing out hard to left and low to middle tier LHP. Sign me up!

Hernan Perez, OF: $7,200 – He doesn’t have the sexiest name out there but the guy has been putting up solid DFS stats night after night. If you’re not starting Foltynewicz tonight, Hernan and Eric Thames $9,900 would be a great power couple to take on a double date tonight. They both enjoy taking long walks outside of the park.

Michael Brantley, OF: $9,600 – I’m only playing him if I have left over money to spend. I will not be forcing him into any of my lineups because I feel his price tag is a little high. With that said Brantley has been a bit surprising with his decent start. Brantley has a chance to chase the dong against Chase De Jong.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Today we’ll have to be extra vigilant as it appears there will be some afternoon storms that could PPD some games. Let’s keep an eye on the following games as it appears there is a threat of a possible delay or PPD, Twins v Royals, Reds v Cardinals, White Sox v Tigers and Mariners v Indians.

Doing Lines In Vegas

No surprise here but the Astros are the heavy favorite on the day followed by the Dodgers and Indians. We have 4 games with 9.5 run totals, Mariners v Indians, Braves v Brewers, Angels v Rangers and Rockies v Diamondbacks. There are 2 games with 7.5 run totals, Mets v Nationals and Padres v Giants.