You mean you didn’t learn German in High School? Hopefully you didn’t try to make sense of today’s catchy DraftKings’ title or closeout the window thinking your computer was going to crash, because today’s focus is on Taylor Jungmann. Have you wondered why the Jung portion of his name is pronounced as ‘young’? Well, the name is German. Halten Sie werfen Wärme junger Mann means ‘keep throwing heat young man’. And my friends, that is the language lesson of the day. My favorite subjects were always math, lunch, and physical education so lets move on. Taylor Jungmann’s talent is legit. He was once a top prospect in the Brewers’ organization. Seven of his last 9 outings have been Quality Starts, and he was only 1 out a way from making it 8 out of 9. He has 73 strikeouts in 80 innings pitched with a .221 BAA and a 1.12 WHIP. The road start against the Nationals might be a scary thought for your DraftKings’ opponents, but now we are all brushed up on Jungmann and know that there is a very good possibility that he could be owned at a very low rate in a big ‘Guaranteed’ entry. So lets go for the gold! He’ll make for a very nice first pitcher option at $9,600, as only being the sixth most expensive pitcher of the entire day. This’ll give you plenty of money to use on your hitters. Keep reading and check out some of my other picks for today.

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Sonny Gray, SP: $11,600 – It’s not often that an elite pitcher’s away stats are significantly better than his home stats, but that’s the case with Sonny Gray this season. His home stats are still very good, though, so stay confident with starting him at home against the Rays.

Ian Kennedy, SP: $8,100 – He seems to always rack up the losses, but Kennedy has 6 Quality Starts in his last 10 starts, and 2 of his last 3 starts at home have been Quality Starts as well. Tonight he starts at home against the Cardinals. The ERA and WHIP aren’t great, but he can get a decent amount of strikeouts. But mostly, I like the price as a possible first starter if the young man doesn’t Kitzeln Sie Ihre Phantasie.

Luis Severino, SP: $7,400 – Severino is throwing heat as well. The Yankees phenom continues to pitch very good at every level, including his first three career starts in the bigs. I like the home matchup against the Indians.

Carlos Rodon, SP: $7,100 – We never know what we’re going to get with starting Rodon in DraftKings. He’s been up and down all season, and that WHIP is downright scary. He’s still priced well for the potential numbers he could put up. If you’re daring in the big tourneys like I am, this is a pitcher to have in your lineup. The White Sox are on the road against the Mariners.

Kyle Schwarber, C /OF: $5,100 – Once again there isn’t much to say at the Catcher position. Schwarber is one of the hottest players in the league. The Cubs face Braves’ starting pitcher Williams Perez.

Chris Davis, 1B: $5,100 – Crush is hitting the ball really well this season. He’s filling up the stat sheet in the power categories and scoring a lot of runs lately. He’s the fifth most expensive first baseman of the day.

Brandon Belt, 1B: $4,100 – Belt is having a very solid season. He’s not great in any category, but he’s hitting pretty good and has 17 home runs with 8 steals on the season. This pick is more about price and matchup. Gerrit Cole has not looked good this month.

Dee Gordon, 2B: $4,800 – Today’s most expensive second baseman is worth the price. Gordon continues to hit, steal, and score runs.

Chis Coghlan, 2B/OF – $3,600 – If Coghlan is in the Cubs’ lineup I’m definitely considering him at the second baseman position. He’s hit very well over the past week. Keep an eye on the starting lineup!

Travis Shaw, 3B/1B: $3,800 – Play him while he’s hot. If’s he’s in the Red Sox starting lineup he’d make for a nice play with Rodon in the risky tourneys, and you could use your money for pricey players.

Manny Machado, 3B: $4,900 – I’ll continue to play Machado nearly every time. He continues to be one of the best all round players this season.

Carlos Correa, 2B: $4,500 – Once Correa is settled in the big leagues, he’ll put up Machado type numbers. This season the hype is high on the rookie but it’s well deserved, as he already looks the part and has the stats to support the hype.

Troy Tulowizki, SS: $3,600 – Tulo has cooled off over the past few weeks, but whenever I see a player like him at this price it is hard to pass on him. The Blue Jays are on the road in Los Angeles, I mean Anaheim, against rookie pitcher Andrew Heaney.

Stephen Piscotty, OF: $3,400 – The Cardinals rookie outfielder is filling in nice, and could remain in the starting lineup for years to come. Although I like Kennedy a little today, Piscotty would make for a good low priced/big potential player.

Yoenis Cespedes, OF: $5,000 – My fantasy baseball buddy texted me last night to let me know that Cespedes hit 3 home runs, had 7 RBI’s and a stolen base, so of course I’m writing about him. The Mets play at Coors Field once again today.

A.J. Pollock, OF: $5,300 – If someone told me at the start of the season that Pollock will be priced higher than Adam Jones and Andrew McCutchen consistently on DraftKings, I’d…….. you know the rest. Pollock is still putting numbers up all over the place. At some point when choosing your players, you have to stop looking for value, and just pay for a very good player like Pollock.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

The only weather threats are in cities where the stadiums have domes. Nothing to worry about today.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Looking at some Over/Under’s, I like the over 8 runs between the Phillies and Marlins, the over 8 runs in the Diamondbacks/Reds’ game, and the over 9 runs in the Rangers/Tigers’ game. A few games that I like to go under are the Cardinals/Padres game at 6.5 runs, and the under 7.5 runs in between the Brewers and Nationals.

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6 years ago

It was a treat seeing some German on Razzball today, but the German teacher in me couldn’t keep quiet. “Werfen Sie die Hitze weiter, junger Mann” would probably be more correct. Halten needs an object to keep or hold and Hitze gets used more often(at least in my tiny experience). You could also use “deine”/”solche”/”diese” to modify Hitze. Y’all are awesome.

Reply to  Paul
6 years ago


“Werfen sie weiterhin Hitze, junger Mann!” or “Wirf weiterhin Hitze, junger Mann”
“Wirf weiterhin Feuer, junger Mann!” is my favorite!

6 years ago

Pts. league, who should I go with tomorrow (W, QS, K’s); Raisel Iglesias (R) vs ARI (Chase Anderson), Aaron Nola (R) @ MIA (Adam Conley), Kevin Gausman (R) vs MIN (Mike Pelfrey)? Thx!