Scott Podsednik traded to the Dodgers.  Call ’em The Podsgers!  Should be convenient for his wife — much closer to the Playboy mansion.  Or so I read in an article in Playboy about Playboy while not looking at the pictures.  So Pods comes to L.A. because Manny’s never coming back?  They really needed a pinch runner?  Not really sure what the playing time will be for Podsednik once Manny’s healthy, but I guess he could see three days a week.  He’s definitely going to see his time cut from his days on the peasant Royals.  That’ll give him more time to worry about what Lisa’s doing now that they’re in a city where the most eligible bachelor isn’t a barbecue rub salesman.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Roy Oswalt – Looks to be headed to the Phillies.  All the deal needs is his approval.  I think if the Phils throw in a tractor, Roy will be a go pitcher.  Hello Wins, Goodbye Houston.  I’ll go over this move further this afternoon if it does indeed clear and doesn’t become a Cliff Lee to the Yankees move.

Shane Victorino – As first reported here after being read elsewhere, Victorino did end up on the DL.  Which makes room for the one and only… The King of Swing… The Man Whose Upside Makes It Almost Worth Learning How To Spell His Name… The Bastard Child You Wish Your 17-year-Old Daughter Had…

Domonic Brown – 2-for-3, 2 RBIs as he was called up by the Phillies.  I just went over my Domonic Brown fantasy.  Click the link and it transports you there.  It’s magic!  Grab Brown now (how, cow?) for his upside.  Plus, you can change your team name to ‘Under Domonic Possession.’

Stephen Strasburg – Of course he was shutdown for a few days.  I’m surprised the Nats were even able to write the press release to announce this while wearing those kid gloves.  For those in H2H leagues, it could work out for you if he misses a few starts now then pitches in September.  And that’s how you look at the glass half full!

Andres Torres – 4-for-6 with his 10th homer.  Is it me or am I talking about this guy every day?  I think I am.  Know why?  Because he’s doing something every day.

Juan Uribe – 3-for-5, 4 RBIs.  He has 14 homers on the year.  Uribe’s one of those types that is fantasy relevant all year, but if you hold him all year you probably feel like you’re not trying hard enough so you pick him up and drop him a dozen times and his stats on your team look like crizzap.

Brian Wilson – 1 IP, 2 ER as he blew the save.  It must’ve been the shoes!

Brad Mills – 7 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 4 Ks.  For the low, low price of facing the O’s, you too can look like a major league pitcher!

Ben Zobrist – Left the game with lower back stiffness, which is less embarrassing than lower front stiffness.

Carlos Lee – 2-for-4 with 2 homers.  Too bad Carlosly only modifies your team once every two weeks.

Bud Norris – 6 IP, 0 ER, 7 baserunners, 7 Ks.  He has 85 Ks in 80 IP, which is purdy, but I can’t recommend him outside of NL-Only leagues.  His ratios look like the bathroom in Slumdog Millionaire.

Joey Votto – 3-for-5, 2 Runs, 2 RBIs and his 26th homer.  Domo arigato, Joey Votto.

Brandon Phillips – 2-for-4, 4 RBIs and his 14th homer and 12th steal.  Is it me or do guys that get around 20/20 seem to move their homers and steals up together?

Travis Wood – 5 IP, 2 ER, 6 baserunners, 6 Ks.  His 0.96 WHIP and 33:10 K:BB in 37 2/3 IP isn’t too shabby at all.  Hard to grab him in too shallow of mixed leagues, but he gets the Pirates next.  Argh, that’s not bad.

Trevor Cahill – 8 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 4 Ks.  First dominating start against a tough offense all year.  His owners should hope that doesn’t mean he’ll now go to pieces vs. the Royals next time out.

Michael Wuertz – He came in for the save!  Then gave up a run and was removed for Breslow!  For those keeping score at home, I’m dropping Wuertz in all of my leagues.  Bailey should return in time for the A’s next game.

Jason Bay – Could still go to the DL for his concussion.  We just have to collectively think positive.  Please DL him.  Please.

Johan Santana – 5 2/3 IP, 7 ER, 14 baserunners, 2 Ks as he let everyone beat him, including the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Carlos Beltran – 2-for-5 with his first homer in, like, three years.  If anyone thinks this is a sign, you should trade him to that person.

Garrett Jones – 4-for-4, 3 RBIs and 2 homers.  Robot Jones came, Robot Jones saw and Robot Jones didn’t feel anything because he’s a robot.

Huston Street – Could return today to the closer role.  One guy who won’t be closing is Manny Corpas, who entered the game in the 3rd inning.  Unless the guy from Memento was managing.  Matt Belisle and Joe Beimel could see saves if Street can’t return, in that order.

Joel Pineiro – Out for 6-8 weeks with an oblique strain.  Maybe they can now trade him to the Diamondbacks for Justin Upton.

Will Rhymes – 2-for-5 as he played his fourth game in a row though that may change with the Peralta rental.  He still hasn’t run, but if Will’s playing he should be rhyming and stealing.

Jhonny Peralta – The Detroit Tigers were obviously embarrassed by the Matt Garza no-hitter.  So much so, that they traded for the man whose bat is almost as silent as the H in his first name.

Luis Valbuena – Was recalled with the trade of Peralta.  He was hitting in Triple-A (6 homers, .313 in 96 ABs) and could add some pop at MI.  Though I wouldn’t pick him up until I see something first.

Brian Duensing – 6 IP, 2 ER, 9 baserunners, 2 Ks.  Last year in 72 1/3 post-All-Star break innings, he had a 3.36 ERA and 2.78 in September.  I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I talk about him.  He is a Duens… Duens… Duens… Duensing machine.

Chone Figgins – Hit his first home run of the year as they let him bat from 2nd base.

  1. fitz says:

    Please let that Oswalt trade happen. Will be nice to have Roy actually pick up some W’s.

  2. Daniel says:

    In somewhat of a surprise move, B.J. Upton was dropped in one of my Keeper Leagues. I already have the Dread Pirate locking down CF for the foreseeable future… so, is it worth dropping my reserve CF (Beltran) for Upton at this point?

  3. Earl Battey says:

    If fishing for saves, would you rather have Mike Gonzalez or (gulp) Bobby Jenks? The White Sox are obviously the better team, and for some reason, Jenks still seems to have the job.

  4. Sonavabench! Chone projects his 1 homer for the year and I have him on the bench. See what happens when I go out and do stuff? F my life.

    Now that Panda’s divorced, perhaps he’ll stop the nervous eating and start hitting the ball.

    So true about Uribe! Would you take him over F. Lopez? Lopez has actually been aight. I hate them both.

  5. joe from point pleasant says:

    Domonic Brown got called up and I have him just sitting there in my minors.

    Yesterday, I took your advice and picked up Colvin for my OF3, but now I am debating whether or not Brown is the better option…

    Who do you like better?


  6. @joe from point pleasant:

    My only worry with Brown is what kinda playing time will he get if Victorino comes back in a couple weeks. Anyone with his Minor line is almost sure to be good.

  7. Couldn’t sleep, so got a glass of water and tried to come up with a good trade for my team. This seems to be a real win/win as Im short at 2b and strong at OF and he’s vice versa.

    My OF CarGo and SP Latos for his SP Cliffly and 2b Kinsler.

    Thoughts anyone?

  8. ScoutAbout says:

    I awoke this morning to an email announcing the trade of Longoria for . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . John Buck and Carlos Ruiz. Yes, I’ve already, for the very first time mind you, objected to the trade. Two others had already beat me to it. We need 5 objections in our league before the commish can (and I feel certain would) veto a trade. In the meantime, my fellow Razzballers, I would really appreciate any creative suggestions for an email to send to the league. I have let many stupid trades pass without an objection in several different leagues, but I can’t sit by for this one. I’ve never really seen anything like this. This tends to be a fairly passive bunch and I fear we will not have the required number of objections to allow commissioner review.

    This is a group of mostly attorneys that work together or have in the past and don’t want to make waves. I’m horrible at composing these kinds of emails with just the right touch, but I know there are many here who are masters at it. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Bring Back Pluto says:

    @ScoutAbout: Keeper League? Is it a dump from a last place team to first? Can you ask the owner receiving the garbage to justify it? etc.

  10. @ScoutAbout:

    Its pretty simple, either the Buck side player is a noob, or he’s conspiring. Either way, I normally don’t like to veto but there’s cases where there’s no question the deal could be legitimate, and this is one.

  11. Excellent recap Grey. Jacks5, Beasties, all good. But a Styx Domo Arigato extended Votto’s way on a night where Garrett goes 4 fo’ 4 with 2 Hrs. just didn’t seem respectful to the mechanical Pirate. He would be offended if he had feelings. Unless Votto is indeed one as well & we can get’em to Rock’em Sock’em.
    Still Pirates closer Dotel or O’s eventual closer Gonzalez rest of the way? Thanks!

  12. For an example of what I would let go thru was earlier this year Torii Hunter for Youks. Now, I felt the Youks side was getting a steal, but it was still a trade that helped both sides fill holes so I passed. Your deal on the other hand cant possibly help the guy losing Longoria unless it was a keeper league where Longoria would be difficult to retain.

  13. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @joe from point pleasant: @Elijah: if brown is raking and helping the team make a late season push, the phillies aren’t in a position to play favorites with ibanez/werth/victorino so i’d imagine brown would keep getting ABs. also, i’d say still a good chance ibanez or, more likely, werth, gets dealt, allowing the phillies to get back a few of the prospects they are gonna give up for oswalt.

  14. @zombie:

    Grey’s probably gonna call me a jinxer, but a little birdie is telling me Votto is going to make a serious run at the at the Triple Crown, and has a realistic (1 in 4 sounds right) chance of actually doing it.

  15. @ThePoonTycoon:

    I’m high enough on Brown to want to move an OF so I’m not knocking him, just no substitute for AB’s and there’s no guarantee they can move Werth for what they want.

  16. ScoutAbout says:

    @Bring Back Pluto: Not a keeper league.
    @Elijah: Yeah, agreed. I have never objected to a trade before, even those that looked pretty monumentally stupid. But this is way beyond monumentally stupid.

  17. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ScoutAbout: i’d just ask for a justification for the trade.

    even in a last place dump trade, where longoria would cost too much to keep, i’d wanna know why he accepted garbage in return and not at least 1 promising cheap keeper.

    the more emails/message board postings you get circulating about the trade the more likely you can get 2 more vetos. seriously, i wouldn’t even worry about being clever, just a simple 1 line email asking for justification, and in a salary dump situation, why not get back 1 cheap keeper (like a rasmus or latos or something).

  18. No one has any thoughts on my trade? I want to pull it if I’m making a mistake but it seemed very fair.

  19. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Elijah: yeah i know, but i gotta think if brown is helping them win games and hitting the ball when victorino comes back, then ibanez is gonna be the odd man out. they aren’t out front of the pack where they can play the vet favoritism card in hopes that ibanez regains 1st half 2008 form, they have to win and every game is crucial. can’t see them not playing the guy if he’s producing. and if he’s not producing then you aren’t gonna be starting him anyway, so his PT is irrelevant to fantasy.

  20. Black Beard says:

    @Elijah: I think it’s fair.

  21. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Elijah: pretty fair. i’d prefer the lee/kinsler side, because i’m concerned with latos hitting a wall/innings limits and i’m concerned cargo can’t keep up his vlad impression (though he’s done it this long so maybe he is the new vlad??).

  22. Jangles says:

    hilarious column, thanks grey

  23. Frank Rizzo says:

    Scotty Pod’s wife is perfect. And now he gets to move from KC to SC. I want to be Scotty Pods for a day. Preferably a day when he doesn’t have a game and decides to stay in the house all day with Durgen.

  24. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : A. Gonzalez has gone cold since moving south…as odd as that sounds and its time for him to go. Who would be your first choice SS replacement in an OPB league? Alexei Ramírez,Juan Uribe,Marco Scutaro or Erick Aybar?

  25. AL KOHOLIC says:

    anyone know what browns stats were for lefties in the minors?

  26. Oh and the Dodgers…Posednik wth….is that their answer to the worst defensive outfield in ML (by a mile even)? If they don’t ditch Manny and move Kemp to LF next year….I can’t even think of what to call it.

  27. @ThePoonTycoon:

    Yeah well I want Lee but for his team, with Kinsler, Uggla, Prado, and Polanco all there, but a very weak OF, I think he’s upgrading himself significantly.

  28. @ThePoonTycoon:

    Coors field has a way of making merely good hitters look like superstars. CarGo was the best prospect in the dbacks system when they traded him for Haren, so he’s talented. If guys like Helton and Bichette can do it there, he can too.

  29. Kazmere says:

    Domonic or Torres?
    Wells or Duensing?
    12 tm roto

  30. Eddie says:

    Gotta disagree on Norris, Grey. He’s got a 3.90 FIP and a 4.00 xFIP. This is a guy who can help mixed league teams going forward. Even if he looks like a fat, drunk frat bro in his MLB press photo.

  31. El Famous Burrito says:


    Did you ever think that Pods is moving away from the barbeque rub salesman?

    Hot or not, his comb-over and pick-up line of “Hey baby! Wanna come over here and rub my meat?” is irresistable to the ladies.

    In all seriousness, is it worth trading Ubaldo for Lester, in a 10 team keeper roto league?


  32. BryanK says:

    In a keeper league (we keep 6 players, no penalty for who you keep). Is it worth holding tight with Mike Stanton, or going for Logan Morrison or Neil Walker (I have Gordon B as my 2b), to solidify my bench and spell slumping players?

    I am really thinking it’s time to cut ties with Stanton unless there is a compelling reason to not do so.


  33. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Elijah: i know he’s capable of 30-30 in the very near future (maybe this year with a good final 2 months), but until he takes some more walks and less swinging at balls out of the strike zone, i’m always leery of the bottom falling out (hence the vlad comment).

  34. Rabbit says:

    Nice John Jay reference, Grey. I appreciate a blogger who knows his Burgers from his Frankfurters.

    ScoutAbout, the one thing I can’t figure out about your post is you say it is a league “with a bunch of lawyers who don’t want to make waves.” Whaa? You got a bunch of lawyers in your league and you don’t have arguments about every little thing? What, are you all pro bono attonreys? (Full disclosure: I myself am a lawyer constantly surrounded by other lawyers. It’s a hard knock life.)

  35. FD says:

    @Grey Could you rank these 3 OF’s for the rest of the season?

    Andres Torres
    Mike Stanton
    Jay Bruce

    Are their values similar?


  36. Dad says:

    @ Grey: I’m looking to trade for Votto, would you trade Konerko + either one of Lind/Beltran/Markakis/Quentin for him?? I’m not sure any of them + Konerko will net me Votto, but can’t hurt to try.

  37. @ThePoonTycoon:

    From a fantasy perspective, sometimes walks don’t help much; espeically with Total Bases (not counting walks) in my league’s scoring. For a guy in a RBI slot, hackers also tend to knock in more guys than a guy who walks. I would however agree hes probably not a .305 type hitter, but .290 at Coors is quite plausible.

  38. @Dad:

    I think you need to offer more.

  39. ScottM says:

    Great stuff as usual Grey. Which two OF do you like for the rest of the season?
    Robot Jones, Domonic Brown, Bruce or Lind?

  40. ThE sHiT says:

    Funny about ur headline because last nite my girl asked me if he (Pods) was good, i told her he was just like Juan Pierre : )

  41. manfromearth says:

    As a Bucco fan, I’ve dished out plenty of insults to my own fav team. I regularly try to pick up pitchers that will face my Pirates. But, I’m beginning to believe, at least until the ownership goes on a selling binge, that this current group of batsmen will offer up enough resistance to keep fantasy geeks from starting third tier pitchers against us. I believe I read that the Pirates are near the top of the league in runs scored since the all-star break. Should I seek help?

  42. Howard says:

    How would you rank the following 5 in terms of power from this point forward? Butler, D Lee, Panda, Cantu, and Glaus

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Daniel: I wouldn’t drop Beltran for him.

    @Earl Battey: Jenks

    @3FingersBrown: Panda got divorced?

    @joe from point pleasant: Agree with below.

    @Elijah: That looks good for you.

    @ScoutAbout: “Everyone in this league is intelligent. You all do well for yourselves in your chosen field. This trade makes you two seem either like you’re conspiring or stupid. So which is it? Because there’s no way anyone actually think this trade is fair.”

    @zombie: Ha! I’d take Dotel for right now. Could change if he’s traded.

    @Elijah: Jinxer.

    @Jangles: Thanks!

    @Frank Rizzo: Hehe

    @Mr2Bits: Alexei


    @Elijah: Definitely.

    @Black Beard: Ha!

    @Kazmere: Brown… Duensing…

    @Eddie: He walks a lot of guys.

    @El Famous Burrito: Ha! Yeah, I’d take Lester.

    @BryanK: I wouldn’t drop Stanton in a keeper league.

    @Rabbit: Ha!

    @FD: I’d rank them like that. Similar except Torres can run.

    @Dad: Trade’s not going to happen, but you can try any of them.

    @ScottM: Brown, Bruce…

    @ThE sHiT: Ha

    @manfromearth: Small sample size. They have many holes.

    @Howard: Thought that said rank five interns… Butler, Panda, Lee…

  44. T3asco's Secret Stash says:

    Hey Grey, e-jax, gio gonzalez, or burnett for the rest of the year? Also, span or c-grands? Thanks!

  45. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: thanks for the site,i saved it,brown hits great with runners on and better with them in scoring position,sweet

  46. Bender says:

    …and in further news… Tim Hudson continues to unregress (although it was against the gNats)

  47. Mr2Bits says:

    Thanks Grey. Alexi it is

  48. Sandoval and Stubbs for Colby Lewis, Neil Walker. Too much? I don’t really care about Walker but I guess either he slides in for Stubbs and Tabata takes over for Sandoval. I could use a better starter like Lewis.

  49. et tu bruce says:

    drop josh willingham for andres torres in a 12 team h2h obp league? or is a-torr on an unsustainable hot streak and the hammer is a better long term play?

  50. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @Grey: Stanton or Brown?

  51. @TheEvilEmpire: I’d say Stanton only because Brown is not guaranteed everyday at bats once Victorino comes back. But Brown does have better plate discipline and is in a better park so if he is guaranteed, i.e. Werth or Ibanez gets traded, then I’d take Brown.

  52. @TheEvilEmpire:

    Im betting he’ll say something like: Stanton more HR’s, Brown better average and speed but still good power. Brown overall better (given enough AB’s as mentioned above)

  53. royce! says:

    At the risk of embarrassing myself, I’d like to point out how quaint it is to see that Iannetta is clearly not a total perv and therefore does not know that he just named his child after a pretty well known “adult film actress”:

    Jul 29 C Chris Iannetta was scratched from the lineup Wednesday but was on the bench for the start of the game. He was with his wife, Lisa, when she gave birth to the couple’s first child. Ashlyn Brooke was born at 12:49 p.m. MDT.

    Too bad Hideki’s not on the Rockies. I’m sure he could have prevented this.

  54. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    I just took the most satisfying dump of my life… dropped a Markakis (for Torres) and Adam Jones (for Ibanez). Since I shat out a Wieters (for Posey) weeks ago, my team is Oriole free for the first time all season. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta’…

  55. Would you do Sandoval and Stubbs for Prado and Bay who will probably go on the DL?

  56. Jackie says:

    Who would you rather have for 2011: Andrew McCutchen or BJ Upton? I can only keep one.

    Love BJ (and what guy doesn’t), but I am getting tired about the drag in average.


  57. @Jackie: McCutchen. He’s better this season and I think he’ll continue getting better. Upton is scuffling and I think needs a change of scenery. He just doesn’t seem to care.

  58. @Grey:

    With Holliday, N Cruz, Krispie, and CarGo, who’d be the best one to offer for Lester or Price. (Id prefer Lester myself)

  59. Timequake says:

    Andrus or Starlin for the rest of the year?

  60. Wiley says:

    In a H2H league that counts holds. Currently have Kuo and Rodney with Mike Adams on the DL. Lately, I’ve been suffering as Rodney is not getting hold opps and pulling a Kazaam! on me. Would you rate any of the following better options than Rodney?

    Hensley, Beilsle, or Meek

  61. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Frank Kim: lewis has been a very nice and pretty unexpected set it and forget it SP for me in one of my roto leagues

  62. The Dude says:

    10 team, 5 player keeper, standard 5×5 roto.

    My Votto for Kemp+Roberts

    I’ve also got Pujols so Votto has been lighting up my Util slot all season. My 2B shituation is a mix of Figgins/Lopez and any hot hand I can find off of waivers. My OF is also a bit of a mess, where I’ve got Braun but having to toss a mix of Soriano/Morgan/C. Lee out there each day.

    I’ve been riding 3rd-5th all season and haven’t been able to punch up into the money slots. I think this trade makes sense for this season, but I’m concerned about Kemp’s value going forward and think Votto is the better keeper.

    In other words, I LOVE my Votto, but not sure I can win with this lineup…

  63. Stanton over Brown even with Stanton hitting .221? Shouldn’t Brown be at least a .270 guy in that park?

  64. Jackie says:

    How about Stanton vs. Brown next year? Who do you think does better over the course of 2011?

  65. Kinsler headed on a precautionary 15 Day DL stint! Most unfortunate for us owners of the Rickety Ranger. O.K., here goes: N. Walker, Callaspo, Lopez, Barmes, Hardy, S-Rod…any particularly strike your fancy?

  66. @The Dude:

    I wouldn’t trade Votto in a Keeper, I’d actually trade Pujols if you can find someone to open the vaults. Votto’s next 3 years could be the better of the two to boot.

  67. @zombie:

    Cancelling trade offer (whew)

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Kim: You’d trade for Bay?

    @Elijah: Cruz

    @Wiley: Belisle

    @The Dude: Trade’s fair, but Roberts is no better.

    @Elijah: More worried about Brown not playing every day once Victorino returns. For the next two weeks, Brown all the way.

    @Jackie: Brown

    @zombie: Walker…

  69. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Elijah: i’d offer krispie first. doubt he’d net you lester, but might land you price from someone worried price is hitting a wall.

    cargo might net you lester depending on the league set up and needs and what not.

    fwiw, i prefer cruz over cargo. i know cruz has been injured, but i can’t imagine there has been a better per game fantasy player in the bigs this year.

  70. Lis Franc says:

    Potential trade for H2H:

    Team A: Holliday
    Team B: Carpenter, Michael Young

    Which side-a you like?

  71. @Grey: @ThePoonTycoon:

    This guy does really need a bat…
    I could also bundle a bat+ Mat Latos for Lester…

    Im kinda with you on Cruz, also I suspect his trade value is lower due to those injuries.

  72. big o says:

    thursday is my favorite day of the year !!

    i’m off .
    the wife’s working .
    and lot’s of afternoon games .

    is anyone , here , watching baseball today ?

  73. @Grey: I was so desperate for a 2B that I thought I’d trade for Prado and add in Bay. But yeah, I really don’t want Bay.

  74. Wilsonian says:

    @Elijah: just wanna play Devil’s advocate here re: Starlin v. Andrus. Check out their last month to month and a half stats…it’s Castro by a landslide. Andrus isn’t stealing, he hits NO homeruns, drives in little to no runs, and in my opinion has little to no fantasy value. Starlin doesn’t have many bombs, but 3 is more than 0, and in a month less of baseball. He’s also hitting about 30 points higher than Andrus and is out-stealing him over the last month to month and a half.

    We are talking about a 20 year old and a 22 year old, so you can take it for what it’s worth. But Castro was a top 15-20 minor league prospect going into this season, so it’s not like he’s playing over his head.

    Side note: I made the switch from Andrus to Starlin Sunday night.

  75. danimal35 says:

    Can Mike Lowell help a fantasy team if he gets traded? or is he most likely a pass?

  76. @Wilsonian:

    Good points. I havent followed him over the last month.

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Lis Franc: A

    @big o: Have the Mets on.

    @Elijah: Have to be a small bat to go from Latos to Lester. I wouldn’t do Cruz and Latos for Lester, if that’s what you’re thinking.

    @danimal35: Blech.

  78. Child Please says:

    12-team H2H 6×6 (OBP, QS) with limited pick ups, I am at 20 of 50

    Lost my Rickety Ranger as well and I can pick up a 3B or MI to fill his spot, who would u grab? Lopez, Hardy, Gordon, Chris Johnson, Escobar

  79. Howie says:

    @Grey: Strasburg strategy question…I succeeded in getting the young stud cheap in my auction and have rights to keep him very inexpensively for the next couple of years. That was good. Now that he is on the DL I can replace him for the remainder of this season. This might have been a blessing in the sense all reports suggested his inning count ceiling was closing quickly and he would have been shut down anyway. So, assuming he comes back in a couple of weeks and completes his remaining “allowable innings”, would his contribution in terms of ERA/WHIP/and the relatively unpredictable Wins category exceed that of those pitchers currently available in my league’s free agent pool? Those candidates would include: Myers, Cueto, Padilla, Bumgarner, T. Wood, Arroyo, Niese, Jurrjens, Lilly, Billingsley.

    Thoughts? An slight improvement in WHIP/ERA/ and some additional wins could be critical in my squad elevating itself into first.

    Now if I could just manage to have Chapman Jeff Galuli’ed on his minor league team…I would be golden (my league only allows player substitutions if a player is placed on the DL and I bet the come for some contribution this season with a similarly inexpensively acquired Chapman)…


  80. big o says:


    desmond just went deep .
    and the look on lowe’s face ,
    you’d have thought that ian had stole his pea puree .

  81. @Grey:

    No, certainly not, Id have to get something back…The best trade was the Kinsler one but oh well.

    A source tells Jayson Stark of that Roy Oswalt plans to waive his no-trade clause to complete a trade to the Phillies.

  82. Oswalt gets a huge boost in value in my HtH league where Losses count, now hes kinda interesting…

  83. Gibby says:


    remember yesterday when I told you I was making this deal in my 14 team Keeper league:

    Lester/Bailey/Dread Pirate for Kershaw/Longo/Venters/Tabata?

    Well guess what? Yours truly changed the deal to look like this:

    I give: Bumgarner/Tulo/Dread Pirate

    I get: Kershaw/Longo/Colvin/Tabata/Starlin Castro

    I hated to lose Tulo but the return was just too great and I was able to keep Lester and Bailey. I couldn’t believe he accepted it. I feel like a winner this morning Grey. Tell me I’m a winner Grey. FYI, I’ve started growing my “Grey Mustacheo” for the playoff run.

  84. Houston gets Happ+2 prospects.

  85. cain fan says:

    @Grey and razzballers: I have two trades I am pondering and want some advice (league is 6×6 (R/HR/RBI/SB/K/OBP x W/SV/ERA/WHIP/H9/K) with shallow keepers):
    Deal #1 – Utley/Rasmus for Dunn/Lester
    Deal #2 – Werth/Hughes for Felix

    Should I do either or both? My current keepers are McCann, Teix, Jeter, Kemp, CC, and Cain and I am trying to make a run at the title this year without jeopardizing my future. Thanks!

  86. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Hey Grey, I was hoping you’d rank a couple of players in a 12 Team 5×5 roto for the rest of the year. I’m in first in all pitching categories except saves, but I’m struggling in the batting categories (6th in runs, 5th in HRs, 7th RBIS, 10th AVG). I need 3 of these guys to fill out 1 OF spot (to go with Nelson Cruz and Braun) plus 2 UTIL spots.

    I have Jason Bay, Jimmy Rollins (have Tulo at SS), Brennan Boesch, and Jay Bruce, plus Carlos Lee and Andres Torres are Free Agents. Thanks!

  87. El Famous Burrito says:


    Which side in a deep roster, 12-team points league (keepers):

    Pujols and Pedro Alvarez or Carlos Pena and Carlos Gonzales?

    Also, does Ron Washington let his guys practice in Laz-y-boys, because their legs are weak!

  88. artie says:

    Has anyone else noticed Adam Lind’s July?


    Grey, that #100 ranking may come true after all.

  89. Xar says:

    How about Carlos Lee: “the Unverb” or the “Non-verb”?

  90. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Xar: Eh


  91. Wilsonian says:

    @Elijah: in defense of Andrus, if he started stealing again, maybe hit a couple homeruns, I would probably put him over Castro. But I think he has maybe 5-6 SBs since mid-May. Plus he’s only hitting a robust .270. I don’t think I could drop him for Castro in a 16 Teamer, or maybe even a 12 Teamer. But I had Andrus in an 8 Teamer and the choice was really pretty easy…with all the WW action you can find in an 8 Team league, you play the hot hand.

  92. ScoutAbout says:

    @Rabbit: Yeah, actually most of them are public interest attorneys. That’s funny, you nailed it.

  93. ScoutAbout says:

    @Grey: Perfect! Thank you!

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