Welcome to the bi-monthly look at nose picking.  Nah, I am obviously talking about bullpens, because they usually come in second to the nose goblins anyways.  Lots of people always ask me: How do you shuffle between holds guys and get an effective return?  First off, if you wanna surf the waiver trend and stream the hell out of relievers for holds purposes, you gotta be aware that you can’t be afraid to let your ratios go to pot.  Not like move to Colorado and play Bohemian drums and stuff, just the trends that I have encountered and noticed is that with the quantity in holds there comes a slight tick to ERA and WHIP.  Not an awful turn of events, if you you have sufficient starters that hold down the metrics.  I don’t even know if metrics was the right word there, but I just saw a commercial for a tutoring service for kids… ummm, its summer.  So back to the picking a winner lede discussion…  When in doubt, pick a winner, four of the top-five hold accumulating teams are in first place.  Six out of the top-10.  I wish I can make the cliche statement that bullpens win games and have it be unique and quirky and new, but quality bullpens don’t not hurt your teams chance at winning. So if you are looking at streaming or even in the business for flip-flopping relievers in this high holy season of the All Star break, ask yourself two questions; how has he done over the last two weeks, and is his team scoring enough runs for the quantity?  Because any good reliever needs to be worth the squeeze.  And it doesn’t hurt to be a front-running team.  So choose wisely, and for all intents and purposes hit me up.  Never hurts to ask the guy who sleeps in bullpen pajamas.  More bits of tid after the jump, cheers!

  • The Diamondbacks duo of relievers, Bradley and Hirano, have more holds on the year (41) than eight current teams.  That includes the bullpen lost first place Indians.  Even better, over their last 30 games they have 15 combined, good enough combined to be more than 14 teams in baseball.
  • Speaking of said Native Clevelanders, Oliver Perez has been on the Indians for just over one month since being released by the Yankees.  He has 7 holds second most on the team.  Neil Ramirez, who has been there just a tad longer and wasn’t on roster out of spring training, leads with 9.  Yeah, the Indians are in the market for relievers without Miller being Miller.
  • Be sorta nervous if you are a Bud Norris owner, finger injuries are a lingering thing.
  • I am starting to think that Diego Castillo of the Rays is the future closer you may wanna stash.  He has wipe out stuff on occasions and a 10+ K/9 over last 12 appearances.
  • How is it possible that after Kenley, the most ownable bullpener on the Dodgers could be Caleb Ferguson? P.S. I am only half kidding.
  • I couldn’t love Lou Trivino more as a reliever.  3 wins, 2 holds and 1 save in last 7 appearances.  He is like the Italian army knife.
  • Continue to hold all tickets for Winkler and Minter.
  • Sleeper reliever of the week: Tyler Galsnow, not so sleepy prospect name, but getting some okay innings finally.
Player Holds/BS App with Lead IR Runners/IR Scored
Archie Bradley 22/2 32 7/2
Tony Watson 20/1 26 11/2
Yoshihisa Hirano 19/2 29 16/1
Chaz Roe 19/0 26 20/4
Jose Alvarado 17/2 27 29/7
Matt Barnes 17/2 28 11/0
Amir Garrett 17/2 24 32/6
Joe Kelly 17/2 29 19/6
Juan Nicasio 17/4 27 8/2
Chris Devenski 16/2 27 19/5
Tommy Hunter 16/1 18 14/4
Adam Ottavino 16/2 24 15/2
Kirby Yates 16/0 21 7/1
Craig Stammen 15/3 22 23/9
Dan Winkler 15/2 23 21/5
Sam Dyson 14/4 27 17/5
Josh Hader 14/2 23 13/4
Brandon Kintzler 14/2 19 3/1
James Pazos 14/2 22 21/7
David Robertson 13/4 25 14/5