This preseason is weird.  Games have started, but not really.  Due to the unlikely nature of the preseason, I’ve decided to delve into the wholly unlikely with some bold predictions.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever done a bold predictions post before, because, it is a very stupid post.  Do you say things like, “Cameron Maybin will hit 175 homers?”  Which is bold, but absurd.  Or do you say Daniel Palka will be a top 40 outfielder, which, I guess is bold, but I’ve already written a Daniel Palka sleeper post, so, while bold, I think it’s more realistic.  In other words, whose definition of bold are we using?  Some pussyfooters strutting around like they’ve got Brad Peacock’s plummage and saying Bryce Harper will be a top 10 outfielder or some legit peacocks who are brushing back their feathered hair in their El Dorados saying Ronald Guzman will hit 30 homers?  I honestly don’t know.  This is also why when people go back in October and say, “So, um *clears throat* I had three of my ten bold predictions come true.  The first one was Realmuto won’t be the number one catcher.  Yadda blabba bloo!”  *farts into hand*  It’s total nonsense.  Realmuto won’t be the number one catcher has like a 90% chance of happening and is not bold.  I’m gonna go crazy bold!  Let’s get ready to grumble!  Anyway, here’s some 2019 fantasy baseball bold predictions:

1. Ronald Guzman will be a top 10 1st baseman.

Will he hit 30 homers as Intro Grey alluded to?  Yeah, this is bold, so what the hey!  It doesn’t mean anything.  If I’m wrong, I was being bold anyway.  However, I do like Ronald Guzman as the last guy on a team in a 15 team league.  This is a crazy late flyer and a $5 on the Marlins winning the Series-type bet.  No, you should not drop Rhys Hoskins for him.  I’m Cust kayin’ I could see an out-of-nowhere scenario where Guzman is a top 10 1st baseman.  1st basemen are not good this year; the Rangers are not platooning Guzman much if at all; he has said he worked on a new launch angle to hit for more power; semi-colons are fun.

2. Domingo Santana will be a top 20–Nay, horsie, a top 10 outfielder.

I guess some less embolden boldies who are going prematurely bald might say Domingo as a top 20 outfielder is a bold call, but I am rocking a full head of hair and going for a top 10 outfielder season from Domingo. As I’ve said numerous times on the aforementioned tip, the last time Domingo was a full-time outfielder he was a top 20 outfielder.  Sure, Milwaukee is a better park, but I think Domingo can excel again with 500+ ABs.

3. Leonys Martin will have a year comparable to Aaron Hicks’s year in 2018.

It will all finally come together for Leonys as he hits leadoff for the Indians and stays healthy for 145 games.  Or he will be hurt by April 15th–Actually…

Psyche!  My real 3rd bold prediction is Greg Allen will become the Indians’ leadoff hitter and have more value than…hmm…who would be bold — how about Greg Allen will have more value than Whit Merrifield?  Yeah, that’s bold!

In perhaps the most bizarre bold prediction you will find anywhere, my bold prediction is a psyche-out and about 200 words long.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say I have the longest bold predictions by word count.  Greg Allen does not even have a starting job, but it will happen.  If we know anything about Leonys, he never stays on the field.  CarGo’s signing?  Bleh, like he stays on the field.  Allen stole 21 bags last year in only 265 ABs, and the Indians will need his speed to produce offense.  As for him being better than Whit?  I don’t like Merrifield at all this year.

4. Johan Camargo will outproduce Josh Donaldson.

I’m no fan of Josh Donaldson. Haven’t been for a long time, maybe ever.  Why do I hate him and his stupid face?  Meh, his face isn’t stupid, and I don’t personally have anything against him, but I don’t buy him, his power or his ability to stay healthy.  Camargo, though…*chef’s kiss* He hit 19 homers last year, and will see plenty of at-bats, outproducing Donaldson.

5. D.J. Stewart will be owned in 70% of ESPN leagues at some point this season, which means people who follow Klara Bell will even know who Stewart is.  Okay, this isn’t a prediction since it’s hard to quantify.  How about D.J. Stewart will have a better fantasy season than Michael Brantley?  That I like!

Stewart has 20/20 ability and the Orioles have a team that would struggle to beat the Washington Generals, so Stewart should get playing time.  Steamer even gives Stewart a 20/14/.241 season if he sees 140+ games.  Y’all can go ahead and sleep on Stewart, but I’m cozying up next to him.

6. Jeff McNeil will be Mets’ best fantasy hitter.

This bold prediction is with a heavy heart because it might mean Michael Conforto sucks eggs and shats the bed once again.  But, who knows, maybe McNeil and Conforto can both be good.  They’re the new HoJo and McReynolds.  Only MiCo and McNeil.

7. Kyle Gibson is a top 20 starter.

This isn’t that bold, but I want to wish it into existence, which is also why I just wrote this blurb and dropped my computer into a wishing well.  My Icelandic friend, Zelda the Bjork, who practices wishcraft says that’s the best way to make something come true.  Gibson has all the makings of this year’s Charlie Morton-old-breakout-type.

8. Jose Alvarado is a top 2 closer.

Roto Wan does our SAGNOF coverage, so I haven’t had the time or inclination to properly espouse how criminally low Alvarado is being drafted.  I think he might be on more of my teams than any other player.  How exactly is a guy with a 98 MPH fastball, 11+ K/9 and coming off a 2.39 ERA (3.15 xFIP) season being forgotten in drafts?  Not to answer, but to silently judge others who don’t draft him.

9. Zack Greinke wins under ten games, has an ERA over 4.50 and is officially cooked for the rest of his career like F-Her.

Damn, my bold predictions aren’t even bold for this year; they’re bold for the-rest-of-Greinke’s-career number of years.  This bold prediction can only be partially right this year.  We will have to wait until Greinke retires to officially call this bold prediction correct.

10. Juan Soto will be a top 5 fantasy player this year.

So, boo, this isn’t that bold.  This is like saying Clayton Kershaw won’t throw 75 IP this year (bonus bold prediction!).  Juan Soto is about to emerge on a global scale.  People in Mexico are going to start saying “Juan Soto” when they want a Dr. Pepper, and people in America are going to start saying Sexy Dr. Pepper when they Juan Soto.

Now, let’s hear your bold predictions in the comments, then we’ll come back at the end of the season and mock each other.