Andy Pettitte signed to a minor league deal with the Yankees.  I guess the Yankees cause mass hysteria, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by how many people asked me if they should pick him, but, alas, you still surprised me, you.  In anything shallower than a 10 team AL-Only league, I wouldn’t go near him.  He wasn’t even that good his last few years of pitching, so I don’t see how you can expect anything from him a full year after retirement.  What this does show us:  Never trust a Southerner who says they are retiring early – Favre, Oswalt, Pettitte, Strom Thurmond…  “I just want to spend time with family, God and my tractor.”  Yeah, right.  Anyway, here’s what I saw in spring training for 2012 fantasy baseball:

Scott Baker – The Twins are saying Baker could start the season on the DL.  I’m saying he will start the year on the DL.  The good news, he’s getting one of his half dozen DL trips out of the way early.

Kendrys Morales – Felt no pain as he hit against minor leaguers.  Sounds like he should be good to go when the Angels face the Orioles.

Carl Crawford – Started to swing a bat again.  He’s still starting the year on the DL, but this is encouraging.  I actually love when good news comes out about a guy I want someone else to draft.

Jeff Samardzija – Sveum says Samardzija is all but a lock for the rotation.  Obviously strange S last names have to stick together.  Outside of NL-Only leagues, I wouldn’t mess with Samardzija.  Too many walks.

Matt Thornton – Robin Ventura said that Thornton and Crain are the best candidates for the closer job.  No surprise here, and it will be less surprising when Thornton gets the closer job, then loses it some time in July when hitters start catching up to Thornton’s melons.

Placido Polanco – Left a game on Saturday with a jammed finger.  Phillies then turned to reserves.  You’d think a jammed finger would turn one to preserves.  That joke setup felt longer than Tree of Life.

Logan Morrison – He’s experiencing swelling in his surgically-repaired knee.  Not great news at all.  He’s saying he should be good for Opening Day, but I’m not crazy about the thought of a guy who is having swelling the day after he plays in March.  If I’ve drafted him already on teams, I’m gonna make due, but I’ll probably not be reaching too high for him in future drafts.  The more guys I can avoid with minor injuries already, the better the sheen on my mustache.

Giancarlo Stanton – Will sit out a week with inflammation in his left knee.  Is knee swelling contagious?  I swear to the deity of your choice if I find out Logan Morrison contaminated Giancarlo’s gam, there will be a price to pay that includes, but is not limited to forever damnation.  Giancarlo should still be ready for the start of the season.  Bee tee dubya, I’m liking the name change to Giancarlo.  He sounds like a European playboy, race car driver.

Carlos Quentin – Out for 6 weeks because of knee surgery.  I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think the actual surgery will take that long.  Probably some rehab involved in those 6 weeks.  Twelve after twenty is the year major league baseball took a knee.  How’s that for pithy?!  Full of pith that Grey Albright.  Am I right or am I right-right?

Bryce Harper – The Nats beat their projected ticket sales for April so they optioned Harper to Triple-A.  Imagine Harper will be back some time in July, and no hell below us.  It’s easy if you try…

Francisco Liriano – Pitched a near no-no vs. the Pirates.  I’d like to punch him in his no-no area like the dwarf in Project X for what Liriano did to me last year.

Brandon Guyer – Was sent down by the Rays.  He went 14/16 last year in 107 Triple-A games, and, because of his age, he’s ready to go in the majors.  First sign of injury, Guyer will return and be worth rostering in most mixed leagues.  In AL-Only leagues, it’s worth stashing him on the bench.  Maybe we can convince the Rasmus Girl to do a “Guyer, let’s go” video.

Stephen Drew – Not only will he start the year on the DL, but the Diamondbacks are saying he won’t be back until May.  So let’s see what we have, Drew who hasn’t really ever been great, hasn’t played in almost a year and his timetable keeps getting delayed.  At this point, I wouldn’t draft him with your team.  The Honorable Willie Bloomquist will now be presiding in his place.

Shaun Marcum – Beginning to look like Marcum might not be ready to go for the start of the season, but it looks like he might only miss a start or two.  I would still draft him and not move him down ranking sheets.  By as early as May, you won’t even remember Marcum missed one start at the beginning of the season… Unless you get hit by a foul ball at the Brewers opener, go into a coma for a month and wake up in early May.

Joakim Soria – Left yesterday’s game with elbow soreness.  You’ve got to Joakim me?  Soria’s been lit up so far this spring and now there’s elbow soreness.  Then, after the game, he said he’s worried.  Yeah, I am too.  As late as Saturday, I thought Soria was in line for a bounce back, but then again I was drunk.  You would think Soria’s broken eggs would brighten up any Holland days, but Broxton and his huge ass could block him out.  Right now, I’d draft them all if you’re desperate for saves.  I think if the Royals have any sense in their head, they’ll go Holland first and, if you have only room for one, I’d go that way too.  Hopefully, Holland doesn’t have to go Dutch with the save opportunities.

Freddy Sanchez – Hurty Sanchez is doubtful for Opening Day.  Could mean more time for Mike Fontenot or Ryan Theriot.  Can someone please buy a hard T sound for them?

Chien-Ming Wang – Strained his hamstring and won’t be ready for Opening Day.  That’s a real shame because the Nats invested in that giant bullpen zipper for Wang to come out of.

David Wright – Won’t resume baseball activities, which includes but is not limited to scratching himself and spitting, until the middle to end of next week.  Member when the Mets were competing with the Yankees to be the team of New York?  Had Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Johan… The world their oyster, and they turned mollusks to bollocks.

  1. NursingAGroin says:

    Some of your finest work so far this spring – you’re rounding into midseason form. I’m projecting a big season.

    Mollusks to Bollocks, indeed.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @NursingAGroin, Thanks!

  2. Project_Badass says:

    10-team, non-keeper, standard 5×5, 180 GS limit

    Grey, what do you think? RP are extremely valuable in this league, so I try to stock pile them…I will also be dropping Arencibia once Montero gets Catch eligibility.

    C- Arencibia
    1B- Pujols
    2B- Phillips
    3B- Longoria
    SS- Castro
    MI- Espinosa
    CI- Michael Young
    OFx5- McCutchen, Bruce, Krispie Young, Rasmus, Bourjous
    UTIL- Butler
    BN- Montero

    SP- Sabathia, Mad Bum, CJ Wilson, Gio Gonzalez, Morrow
    RP- Marmol, Santos, Frank Francisco, Matt Thornton, Brett Myers, Melancon

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Project_Badass, You have a majority of your hitters that give power and speed, so that’s solid. Looks like a bit of an average issue problem though. Staff looks great, probably better than you need…

    • Project_badass says:

      @Project_Badass, Thanks! I tried balanced out AVG with Butler, Young, and Starlin…when I put it in the war room I believe I was around .270…2nd and 3rd tier SP falls far in this league, so I was able to get great value like Wilson @ 102 and Morrow at 219.

  3. Mateo says:

    I pray to the heavenly fantasy lords that Votto, Eva and Stanton stay healthy! First 3 picks!

    • Tito says:

      @Mateo, 6 teamer?

      • Mateo says:

        @Tito, 10

  4. Aaron says:

    I appreciate a good Rodney Dangerfield reference.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Aaron, Me too…

  5. Steven says:

    Grey, I just had my draft last night and if you would please take a min or two to evaluate. Thanks
    12 Team
    Hitting added Doubles,Triples,Total Bases
    Pitching added Losses,Complete Games, Quality Starts


    How did I do?

    BTW-Really feeling the Podcast, Great Job

    • Tony says:

      @Steven, hey i play in an 8×8 not sure if yours is exactly like mine, but pitching wise i think you’re solid, soria might be a closer that wont help, but that can be aided thru free agency, hitting looks super solid, a couple averge concerns but they’re all stat fillers.

      • Steven says:

        @Tony, Thanks for you response

        @Grey, What are your thoughts?

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          @Steven, I agree with Tony.

          • Steven says:

            @Grey, Who gets Soria’s job, Broxton or Holland?

            • Grey

              Grey says:

              @Steven, Read the post…

              • Steven says:

                @Grey, Wow I knew I read it somewhere but only could find closers and set up man post from early February. The post I was looking for was right on front of my face. Think it was because I saw this post via email. Thanks

  6. Quintero says:

    @Grey, Quentin used to be an adventurer like you, then he took an arrow to the knee…

    • Eddy says:

      @Quintero, Awesome.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Quintero, Ha!

  7. ritzer says:

    What do you think of my team I just drafted? 12 team league with Holds, K/9 OBP and Net stolen bases.

    I was in the 4th spot. Looking for bounce backs from Wright and Hanley.
    My biggest dilemma was Uggla or Bruce in rd5…went for position scarcity but kind of regretting it now.

    C Weiters
    1 – Votto
    2 – Uggla
    3- Wright
    S – HanRam
    OF- Morse, Crawford, Ichiro
    U – Bourjos, Duda
    B – Peralta, Trout

    SP- Grenke, Bumgarner, Gio Gonz, Luebke, Norris, Minor, J. Sanchez
    RP – Motte, Jansen, Farnsworth,Chapman,Addison Reed, Juan Abreu (put a claim on K rod.)

    • Tony says:

      @ritzer, pheww i would not have taken wright, i have a draft tonight, i probably wont take wright if he’s there in the 5th round.

      Your pitching looks pretty solid, I think hanram bounces back, but taking wright, crawford, morse, and then guys like duda/trout, you’re asking for alot of miracles.

  8. Former Skeptic says:

    So is liriano draftable? I’m willing to believe his issues last year were shoulder/no winter ball related. What rd in a 12t h2h?

    • Tony says:

      @Former Skeptic, 12’s very early, he might look great in spring ball then flop on his face when he faces “full” mlb line ups, spring ball is many player vacation/golf time….

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Former Skeptic, I wouldn’t draft him.

  9. ritzer says:

    He went in rd 23 in my league. I’d say if you want him rd19/20 would be the place to grap him. This time last year he was rd7. He really pissed alot of people off last year though, including me so I dont think i’d go for him.

  10. TheNewGuy says:

    I know, I totally hate Liriano as much as you man, dude killed me in one league last year. Said I would never go back, but in one of the last rounds in a deep 16 teamer, is the upside too great to pass up?

    • Mr2Bits says:

      @TheNewGuy, dont do it! He is the hot chick at the bar that you think is too good to pass up and end up bringing home only to see a pair of C&B’s tucked away

    • Wake Up says:

      @TheNewGuy, Do it, do it, do it, do it….just don’t mention it to any of your friends…

  11. WallyCleaver says:

    Grey. First time in a H2H snake draft. Picked last night. C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 3 OF, U, 4 SP, 3RP. Weekly set with holds. 12 teams. How’s this look. After the draft I thought I probably should have gone for a top #1 SP rather than load up on OF since I ended up with a couple OF on the bench that could be qa reasonable #3.
    C- Soto
    1B- Konerko
    2B- Uggla
    SS- Gordon
    3B- Longoria
    OF- Bautista
    OF- McCutch
    OF- Pence
    U- Lind
    Bench- Hart
    Bench- Hill
    Bench- Desmond
    Bench- Stubbs
    Bench- Arencibia
    Bench- Presley
    SP- Bumgarner
    SP- Latos
    SP- Gio
    SP- Cueto (missed JZ by one pick so went with Cueto later- bummer!)
    RP- Valverde
    RP- Hanrahan
    RP Guerra

    Reserve Pitchers: J Garcia, McCarthy, T Hudson (last pick- may drop), Benoit

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @WallyCleaver, Team looks great, don’t love Cueto or six hitters on your bench but your league is pretty shallow so I’m sure those guys will all rotate.

      • WallyCleaver says:

        @Grey, Thanks

  12. RussB says:

    Grey, whats your take on Zambrano’s high K rate this spring? Is he gonna turn it around? I know its spring training, but he had like 7 K’s in 4 innings. Do you see moving him up in the rankings? I gotta believe Ozzie will get the most out of him if anybody.

    My SP staff is Gio, Garza, Anibel, and Leubke with Norris, J Chacin, and Colby Lewis on the bench. My hitting is out of this world, but you can see why I am closely monitoring all the SP free agents.

    thanks man!

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @RussB, Spring stats don’t matter.

  13. Charles says:

    Yo Grey!
    Asked this question back in November when it seemed like more of a no brainer, yet here we are in March and it’s not so easy. 12 team keeper, 6×6 (obp, holds), yahoo standard rosters. 4 keepers, with the layups being J. Upton, Miggy and Clayton. Asked previously if my 4th should be “safe” like David Wright or young and sexy like Brett Lawrie. Thanks to the miracle workers on the Mets medical staff (seriously just buy the Phoenix suns and steal theirs) I’m worried D Wrights season could be like last year. As you stated earlier, even if he plays there’s a good chance he’s not healthy, and it will definitely affect both his power and speed numbers. Leaning towards Lawrie (my new favorite band name) at this point since he’s got more long term value. Or I could go Kinsler? Keepers are due Wednesday, would love your input. Viva la stache!

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Charles, Go with Lawrie…

      • chata says:


        that answer surprised me .

  14. Eddy says:

    Is it me, or are a lot more guys getting hurt in spring training than usual?

    Chase Utley left camp to get his knee evaluated, saying his rehab has hit a plateau.

    Is Werth still dealing with back soreness? How about Weeks’ shoulder tendinitis?

    If anyone has any info, it’d be much appreciated.

    I feel like my upcoming drafts are going to be a tight rope of avoiding injuries more than anything.

    • Eddy says:

      @Eddy, That would be Rickie Weeks.

      • Tony says:

        @Eddy, well if you had feelings the names mentioned above would be healthy that’s the first issue…. haha, those dudes are all either old, injury prone, or both….

      • Wake Up says:

        @Eddy, Wait. Utley and Weeks are banged up? Missing playing time? I haven’t seen the big rash of rectus (he nearly killed us) injuries that I seem to remember last year. In short, avoiding Wright and any combo of rash and rectus.

        • Eddy says:

          @Wake Up,

          Utley’s news broke today. I’m avoiding him.

          Just dug a little and it seems like Weeks still has soreness in his throwing shoulder, but he’s still playing in games and has recently started playing 2B again. Looks like he’s OK.

          Same goes for Werth.

  15. Amish G says:

    One more Trout question. Finalizing my keeper list for 2012 draft. I currently have Trout at $2 in a 3 year keeper head to head league (5×5). This would be his second year on my team. Leaving me with one solid year of production from him at $4 (20% salary inflation – $500 cap).

    Question is Grey – do I throw him back and hope to get him cheap after the draft to gain another year of eligibility or keep him for that one good year of production at a cheap price?
    PS – Kelly Johnson or Ryan Roberts?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Amish G, Throw him back… Johnson…

  16. mauledbypandas says:

    This is one of the hardest years for me drafting wise. So many questions this year and so few sleepers that I like. Let’s start the season already! I can’t stand the suspense

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @mauledbypandas, Ha

  17. HotRod says:

    Grey – 12 Team H2H

    I feel like i got some great steals…
    What do you think?


    C – Posey (11)
    1 – Prince (1)
    2 – Uggla (4)
    3 – ARod (5)
    SS – Reyes (2)
    CI – MIchael Young (7)
    MI – Kendrick (8)
    OF – Hamilton (3)
    OF – Cespedes (15)
    OF – Raburn (16)
    OF – Tabata (18)
    OF – Bourjos (20)
    Util – Kendrys (19)

    SP – Strasburg (6)
    SP – Gio (9)
    SP – Josh Johnson (10)
    SP – Anibal (12)
    SP – Jurrjens (21)
    SP – Volquez (22)
    SP – Liriano (23)
    SP – Collmenter (24)
    SP – Henderson Alvarez (25)

    RP – Marmol (13)
    RP – Street (14)
    RP – Capps (17)

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @HotRod, Weaknesses: your outfield. Your pitching is way too strong and your hitting is weak overall.

      • HotRod says:


        So…my hitting is weak, but I have 7 hitters of your top 58 players in a 12 team league?? (which includes pitchers)?? Something doesnt add up…

        I realize my OF is weak, but I feel like I got great value with a lot of my outfielder…Bourjos in the 20th??

        Overall, I have 12 players from your top 101…I feel like I did pretty well

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          @HotRod, Probably shouldn’t say your hitting is weak overall, your outfield is weak.

  18. Wake Up says:

    Yo, thanks for the shout out at the end of the Marcum blurp.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Wake Up, Ha!

      • Wake Up says:

        @Grey, Pestano or Holland?

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          @Wake Up, Holland

  19. 16 team auction roto draft

    C Jarrod Saltalamacchia – $1
    1B Paul Goldschmidt Ari $16
    2B Jemile Weeks – $13
    3B Ryan Zimmerman – $26
    SS Erick Aybar – $14
    OF Giancarlo Stanton – $34
    OF Andrew McCutchen – $35
    OF Desmond Jennings – $21
    Util Logan Morrison – $10
    BN Brent Morel – $1
    BN Mat Gamel – $1

    SP Josh Beckett – $12
    SP Madison Bumgarner – 23
    RP Heath Bell – $22
    RP Jose Valverde – $20
    P Derek Holland – $ 2
    P Chris Sale – $2
    P Matt Harrison -$1
    B Brett Cecil – $1
    BN Brian Fuentes – $1
    BN David Robertson $1
    BN Addison Reed – $1
    BN Aroldis Chapman – $1
    BN Trevor Bauer – $1

    Budget $260

    Prices of closers in draft
    2 teams took 10 closers amoung themselves
    I had to pay and take 2 closers to stay competative in league – I need points

    Starters look bad but one again two teams took 10 good starters among them
    I am not in as bad shape as it looks

    Huston Street (SD – RP) $19
    Jordan Walden (LAA – RP) $19
    Brandon League (Sea – RP) $17
    Heath Bell (Mia – RP) $22
    Jose Valverde (Det – RP) $20
    Craig Kimbrel (Atl – RP) $24
    Jonathan Papelbon (Phi – RP) $21
    John Axford (Mil – RP) $21
    Andrew Bailey (Bos – RP) $19
    J.J. Putz (Ari – RP) $16
    Mariano Rivera (NYY – RP) $21
    Joakim Soria (KC – RP) $17
    Brian Wilson (SF – RP) $17
    Frank Francisco (NYM – RP) $11

    top two prices in draft – Jose Bautista (Tor – 3B,OF) $63
    Matt Kemp (LAD – OF) $59

    • @Mr Baseball – as rest of closers go – if I wanted different closer that went a little cheaper – you just never know – the person that drafted that closer might have bidder higher to match me – in roto no closers mean no points

      • @Mr Baseball, 5 hours of work

        • @Mr Baseball, 8 man bench hurt me – some always save their money and for the most part this does not work – but with a 8 man bench the two teams that saved their money and drafted a crappy lineup ended up with a good starting pitching staff – so they can fight it out for first two spots

          • @Mr Baseball, Andy Pettitte signed to a minor league deal with my roto team

            • @Mr Baseball, There is an old acution draft saying in Tennessee

              I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can’t get fooled again.” —President George W. Bush

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Mr Baseball, Team looks a lot shallower than 16 teams, so that’s great. Think your pitching staff looks a bit weak, but sounds like you knew that already.

  20. timSti says:

    Had my first ever auction last night. 14 team roto. Deep rosters. Tried to get some cheap closers but kept getting outbid so I punted and grabbed some MR hopefulls. Might move Bourne for an RP as I feel I’m a little heavy in the speed department. How did I do? Also I hate Rollins for $17. Not sure what I was thinking there.

    C Buster Posey 12
    1B Mark Teixeira 28
    2B Danny Espinosa 8
    3B Adrian Beltre 24
    SS Jimmy Rollins 17
    2B/SS Johnny Giavotella 1
    1B/3B Mark Reynolds 18
    OF Giancarlo Stanton 30
    OF Jay Bruce 28
    OF Michael Bourn 20
    OF Logan Morrison 8
    OF Allen Craig 1
    UTIL Jason Bourgeois 1
    UTIL Tony Campana 1
    P Zack Greinke 25
    P Chris Carpenter 7
    P Wandy Rodriguez 7
    P Anibal Sanchez 13
    P Ryan Vogelsong 2
    P Bud Norris 1
    P Brad Peacock 1
    P Sean Marshall 1
    P Koji Uehara 1
    BE Greg Holland 1
    BE Joaquin Benoit 1
    BE Ian Stewart 1
    BE Francisco Rodriguez 1

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @timSti, I wouldn’t have done a few of your picks, but you know that from reading the site. Team looks competitive though, you just have no closers, so there’s that.

      • timSTi says:

        @Grey, Let me guess: Bourn, Rollins, Posey, & Carpenter?

        Is it worth me trying to trade for one legit closer, or is it pointless since ill be bottom of the barrel anyways with only 1 closer versus everyone else who has 2+?

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          @timSTi, I wouldn’t trade for a closer at this point…

          • timSTi says:

            @Grey, I just declined a trade abnd he came back with Motte, Wilson, & Freeman for Beltre, Holland, & Marshall.

            That’s tempting. Reynolds to 3B and freeman to CI and drop some bum MRs..

            • Grey

              Grey says:

              @timSTi, Yeah, that looks good for you…

  21. OaktownSteve says:

    For what it’s worth, I heard the Seattle GM on the radio the other day and while he raved about Montero at bat, he basically said, not in so many words, he’s not ready to catch at the big league level. He also said, he wouldn’t care if he was a career DH and never caught because he’s that good a hitter. What I heard between the lines is that he’s not going to catch a lot this year.

    Bottom line, I think Montero is being over drafted as a catcher in leagues where he doesn’t qualify (most all I think). The fact that Seattle is going to break camp with two other experienced MLB catchers is pretty telling. Even if he catches once a week, you’re looking at the all star break almost. I could see him not getting there and then getting a bunch of time at catcher in August after the traditional Mariners throwing in the towel ceremony.

    Guy can hit though.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @OaktownSteve, I hope you’re wrong.

    • Wake Up says:

      @OaktownSteve, I agree Steve. Just had that conversion with a frenemie the other day. I’m also thinking he doesn’t catch as much early on and won’t qualify until around the ASB. The talk will be the M’s killed the Yanks because Montero easily outperforms Pineda early on.

  22. Eddy says:

    Follow up on the Utley comment:

    Amaro said he is doubtful for opening day and that Freddy Galvis will be his starting 2B.

    Any info on Galvis? His minor league numbers fail to impress. Pass, correct?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Eddy, Pass

  23. Alcesto says:

    Yo Grey, I play in one serious league and we just held our auction, 12 team, mixed. If you’ve got a minute, let me know what you think:

    c weiters
    1b prince
    2b espinosa
    3b longoria
    ss Ian Desmond
    if Lind
    of mccutchen
    of krispie young
    of ichiro
    of rasmus
    ut beltran

    sp baumgardener
    sp gio
    sp Zimmerman
    sp anabel sanchez
    sp sherzer
    rp putz
    rp Thornton
    rp farnsworth
    rp street
    rp capps

    bn moustakas
    bn crisp
    bn Jon “filthy” sanchez
    bn brad peacock
    bn Brian Fuentes

    I think the team is pretty good, but I’ve got a couple of trade offers so I wanted to know where you saw any weaknesses. Thanks.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Alcesto, Team needs Ichiro to fix your average drains, you also look like you have 3 guys in my top 20, so that’s great… Team overall looks very solid, well played.

  24. O's Lassa Fever says:

    Which side of a jesus montero/ryan madson/dustin ackley for billy butler/gio/ian desmond trade would you be on?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @O’s Lassa Fever, Butler…

  25. TheNewGuy says:

    Grey, preparing for 1st year of my 16 H2H Each Cat draft. Trying to work out how to go about drafting pitching, we have a 12 starts per week limit on pitchers , and only 8 P spots and 4 BE spots. I know MR’s are usually golden in H2H leagues, but with these settings in mind, how many starters, closers and MR’s would you draft (12 max obviously)? Im thinking 8 starters, 2 closers and 2 middle relievers (so no bench bats), that about right?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @TheNewGuy, 8, 2 and 2 makes sense…

  26. nightpandas says:

    another owner looking for bats, either SS or 3B. Looking at offering ARam for Price or Hamels, probably not enough but worth a shot. I would then slide Bonifacio to 3B and have JD Martinez starting as my left fielder. Is this too much of a hit offensively?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @nightpandas, Too much a hit offensively unless you really need pitching…

  27. Nate Marcum says:


    It’s been way too long since I posted on here. Just wanted your opinion on my 12 team 5 x 5 standard.

    I had the 11 pick

    M Young
    Dread Pirate
    Teixiera (UT)

    D Hudson
    J Zimmerman
    J Johnson
    C Sale
    J Venters

    Thanks man. Love the site as always

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Nate Marcum, Thanks for the kind words! Team looks much shallower than a 12 team league, so that’s a great sign. Your pitching looks insanely stacked and your hitting looks solid too. Great team…

      • Nate Marcum says:

        @Grey, I know…Actually a group of experienced players, but the pitching run through the first 5 rounds was ridiculous. There was also an autodraft team that took 5 SP and 2RP with their first 7 picks…That allowed me to get Tex in the 4th. Once that run stopped, I went back to back with Lester and MBum.

  28. Son of a Beachy says:

    Which side of a trade would you want in a dynasty league?

    CarGo/Jordan Zimmermann/Hardy/Morel/Stauffer


    Kinsler/Zobrist/Lincecum/Desmond/Russell Martin?

    and I’m like the rest of the guys…going stir crazy until the season starts…I’ll just go to sleep with visions of HR’s and SB’s dancing in my head…

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Son of a Beachy, Ha… Kinsler side…

  29. Jack Daniels says:

    Hey Grey. What do you think of this team (yahoo, 12 team, 5×5, roto)? Also would you trade my M.Minor/J.Soria for his C.Luebke/B.Myers? Thanks!

    C W. Ramos
    1B P. Fielder
    2B H. Kendrick
    3B E. Longoria
    SS S. Castro
    OF J. Bruce
    OF A. Jones
    OF B. Gardner
    UT P. Bourjos
    UT L. Duda

    SP Y. Gallardo
    SP C. Wilson
    SP G. Gonzalez
    SP A. Sanchez
    SP J. Chacin
    SP M. Minor
    RP J. Soria
    RP F. Francisco
    RP M. Thornton
    RP S. Romo
    RP M. Adams
    RP A. Chapman

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Jack Daniels, I’d take Luebke… Team looks really solid. Great hitting and pitching, maybe slightly low on power, but not terrible.

  30. Tom says:

    Hey Grey,

    What are your thoughts on the team in (maybe the strangest league ever):
    H2H 8X8 League (10 Person)
    Extra hitting Cats: TB, K, BB
    Extra Pitching Cats: L, HR, QS

    Really tried to go for guys with lower AVG that would benefit me with walks and other Categories. (Also a few fliers at the end that will be hit or miss; Dunn/Gamel)

    C – Mauer
    1B – Ike Davis
    2B – Ian Kinsler
    3B – Evan Longoria
    SS – Erik Aybar
    IF – Nick Swisher
    OF – Jason Heyward
    OF – BJ Upton
    OF- Jay Bruce
    OF- Brett Gardner
    Util – David Ortiz
    Util – Delmon Young
    BN – Mark Reynolds
    BN – Adam Dunn
    BN – Mat Gamel

    SP – CC Sabathia
    SP – C.J. Wilson
    RP – Jason Motte
    RP – Rafael Betancourt
    P – Josh Johnson
    P- Madison Bumgarner
    P – Mat Latos
    P – Johan Santana

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Tom, Your pitching is crazy solid, probably a bit too much so which has hurt your hitting a bit. Your infield outside of Evan and Kinsler leaves some to be desired…

      • Tom says:

        @Grey, Agreed, what are your thoughts on a trade for CC + Reynolds for Prince Fielder? Kept CC for $19 and got Reynolds for $3

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          @Tom, I’d take Fielder with your team…

  31. T-Rex says:


    First of all, love the site. Been reading for about a year now. Keep up the great work! Second, had my first draft for the year last night, Head to Head, 10 teams snake draft, 5 Keepers. How’d I do?

    C – Weiters
    1B – Miggy (Keeper)
    2B – Uggla (keeper)
    SS – Rollins (keeper)
    3B – Longoria (keeper)
    OF – Zobrist
    OF – Alex Gordon
    OF – Cory Hart
    Util – Ryan Zimmerman (Keeper)
    Util – Pablo Sandoval

    SP – Bumgardner
    SP – Gio Gonzalez
    SP – Anibal Sanchez
    SP – Max Scherzer
    SP – Ricky Romero
    RP – Jason Motte
    RP – Huston Street
    RP – Jordan Walden

    (10 Bench Spots)
    Bud Norris
    Hiroki Kuroda
    Scott Baker
    Mike Minor

    Lucas Duda
    Austin Jackson
    Alcides Escobar
    Yonder Alonso
    Ben Rever
    Adam Dunn (last pick, took a chance.)

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @T-Rex, Thanks for the kind words! Team looks very strong, doesn’t hurt with the keepers you have. League is also very shallow so in-season moves are going to change things…

      • T-Rex says:

        @Grey, I feel a little light on steals. Do you agree? Am I light anywhere else that I’m not seeing?

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          @T-Rex, I agree, but it’s not terrible to have that in a 10 team league, plenty of steals on waivers…

  32. Eddy says:

    Miguel Cabrera just got nailed under the eye with a nasty bouncer at 3B. Started gushing blood immediately.

    Dropping like flies this spring!

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Eddy, Oh, man…

      • Eddy says:

        @Grey, No word yet on extent of injury. Players thought that the cut was a result of his sunglasses getting pressed into his skin because of the force of the impact, not the ball.

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          @Eddy, Keep me abreast! Hehe… I said abreast.

          • Eddy says:

            @Grey, Silly you!

            Will do my best to keep you informed. But the good news is his actual eye wasn’t hit.

          • Eddy says:


            Taken to hospital for precautionary X-rays and he will need stitches.

            • Grey

              Grey says:

              @Eddy, Thanks for the update!

  33. Slats says:

    “Hopefully, Holland doesn’t have to go Dutch with the save opportunities.”


    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Slats, Hehe

  34. royce! says:

    Jammed finger joke was totally worth the wait.

    I may have written this in the comments of every daily notes post, but these posts make me so damn happy. Now that I’m apparently too old and tired to stay up for the Daily Show, this shizz has taken over for them in satisfying my need for entertaining information. Of course, I now have no idea about what is going on outside of fantasy baseball, but as a result, life is much less depressing! “Enough about Syria- did you hear about Soria’s sore elbow?!!”

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @royce!, Thanks!

  35. Arod's Frost says:


    Thoughts on my team – 12 man snake draft

    C: Jesus Montero
    1b: Sandoval
    2b: Kendrick
    3b: Longoria
    SS: Aybar
    OF: CarGo
    OF: Bruce
    OF: Gardner
    UTIL: Lind

    SP1: Gallardo
    SP2: Bumgardner
    RP1: Motte
    RP2: Jansen
    P: Gio

    Bench: Ubaldo
    Bench: Scherzer
    Bench: Masterson
    Bench: Minor

    Also I drafted Howard to stash (may regret it) and Dunn for a chance to redeem my lack of power at 1st but I’d prefer Sandoval at flex eventually.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Arod’s Frost, Yeah, you do have a lack of power, but the league is pretty shallow so there will be a chance to make it up. Your pitching looks very solid…

  36. BSW says:

    Mr. Grey, Sir,

    What do you think of the following team-12 team league 6×6 with OPS and Holds, -I think I’m heavy on holds and light on saves, but other than that, que piensas?

    C-J Mauer
    1B-Adam Lind
    OF- Bruce, Werth, Stubbs
    UTIL Mark Reynolds
    Bench-Ryan Howard, Moustakas,

    SPs-Lester, Bumgarner, Daniel Hudson, Anibal Sanchez, Morrow
    RPs Kenley Jansen, Sergio Santos, Eric O’Flaherty, Mike Adams, Greg Holland, Luke Gregorson

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @BSW, I agree with what you said, also think you’re very light on average, pitching looks very solid though.

  37. Grey

    Grey says:


  38. Long Bawls says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on Trumbo’s odds of getting play (yes, Ms. Milano, I see your hand raised, why don’t we let someone else answer the question)?

    Angels looking all jammed (weird, because last I checked, it was hell that was in danger of getting overcrowded), but I still dream of 25 HRs/okay avg from a 15th-round pick with 1B/3B/OF eligibility. In those dreams, true, I’m also being force-fed churros by the Rally Monkey, but still.

    Does he get more than ~250 ABs (Trumbo, not the monkey)?

  39. Beau says:

    I have no idea if you can help me Grey but I am looking for a website that can host my league’s fantasy draft that is capable of inserting keepers into specific rounds before the draft starts. We use ESPN, which apparently never cared to think that this type of keeper format is pretty popular.

  40. BadKnees says:

    I drafted this pile of trash this weekend. I had the #1 pick. Standard Yahoo league.

    C: Weiters (8)
    1B: Lind (14)
    2B: Utley (6) (shoot me… Phillips, Kendrick, Young, and Cuddyer all taken same round before my pick and I panicked.)
    SS: Andrus (4)
    3B: Beltre (3)
    OF: Braun (1)
    OF: Stanton (2)
    OF: Bruce (5)
    UT: Morrison (15)
    UT: Rios (16)
    B: Espinosa (17)
    B: Duda (18) (No, I don’t know why)
    B: Rasmus (19)

    SP: Bumgarner (7)
    SP: D. Hudson (9)
    SP: J. Zimmerman (11)
    SP: Scherzer (12)
    SP: J. Sanchez (20)
    SP: Stauffer (22)
    RP: Valverde (10)
    RP: Marmol (13)
    RP: Fuentes (21)
    RP: Pestano (23)

  41. For what it’s worth… Samardzija no walks in 10IP this spring. I am more concerned with the team around him/W’s as opposed to the WHIP/BB’s.

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