Calm down fans! I know Blair just gave you his continuously updated Top 100 Starting Pitchers list. That’s the link you want to use for your drafting needs over the next week. (Note from Donkey: You can now bookmark this page you’re currently reading instead, it’s the same embedded table which will be updated. Or bookmark the other one if you like it more. Lots of options!). I’ll update that table every day as news breaks, and you’ll have the freshest info at your fingertips.

In the meanthyme–no, not the Spacehog rocker but my custom-made spicy herbal blend for your marinading needs–I’ll highlight some of the movers and shakers through the list.

Carlos Martinez — As Frank Sinatra sang in “That’s Life” — “You’re riding high in April, shot down in May July.” Martinez is in covid protocol, and while there, the news came out that Cardinals coaches are considering using him in the bullpen in 2020. With no official news about bullpen/starter role as of this writing, I dropped Martinez into the “dart throws” tier. Treat him as such.

Zach Eflin — Eflin was already a dart throw, but then news broke yesterday that he is sidelined with back spasms. So, Eflin F’d-off the list, only to be replaced by…

John Means — No, not the utilitarian hero of the latest Ayn Rand fan fic, John Means will be the workhorse on a bad Baltimore Orioles team. But here’s the thing: Means has three plus pitches and a shot at big innings, so when you’re throwing darts, you can’t do much worse than that.

Miles Mikolas — Fully healthy and the #2 pitcher on the Cardinals. The Cardinals are still–reportedly–limiting innings at the start of the season. Until we hear otherwise, Mikolas remains a dart throw.

Mitch Keller — Keller was already McNasty, striking out nearly 30% of the batters he faced. He announced this week that he studied with crystals and bushido in the Rock Hard Samurai training school. Or he just announced he’s increasing the spin rate on his already ninja-like breaking pitches. I dunno, one of these is true. You figure it out!

Ross Stripling — OK, I have not included Ross Stripling. The news I see so far says that the 5th spot on the Dodgers’ rotation is Dustin May’s to lose, and Ross Stripling’s to win. Stripling has one plus pitch–his curveball, which is excellent–but his other pitches are average to worse than league average. Hitters make contact at his strike-zone pitches at a 90% rate! Stripling is 30 and the Dodgers tried to get rid of him in the offseason, whereas the Dodgers protected the 22-year old May. May features two pitches that are better than league average and basically just throws those. In a 60-game season, that’ll work. If/when Stripling gets a rotation spot, he would be in the ‘Dart Throws’ section. By all means (no, not John), I’m not telling people to avoid Stripling, but rather I’m saying that the lush Dodgers rotation spot is more likely to go to May.


Once again, bookmark this page, it’ll be continuously updated until the start of the regular season.

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