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Mets are promoting Christian Scott to the majors this weekend–[presses finger to ear] “Yes, I can hear you? What happened? As soon as they gave him the news he was promoted to the Mets Christian Scott became…bad? How does that happen? I see, so as soon as they said the word ‘Mets,’ he suddenly lost […]

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Welcome back to the fourth installment of the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty rankings. As we count down toward the top group, we first hit the players ranked 150-126.

As we get closer to the more coveted players, the breakdown of this group is logically different from last week’s overall group. The biggest change is the age of this grouping skews younger, with 19 players in their 20s, including seven who are 24 years old or younger. Here is a look at this week’s players:

6 players between the ages of 30-34
12 players between the ages of 25-29
7 players between the ages of 20-24
8 infielders
6 starting pitchers
6 outfielders/DH
5 catchers

The one position that stands out is the number of catchers. Some owners will avoid catchers like the plague. There are a lot of good, young catchers in the majors, so why avoid catchers if you are going to have to start them? And in two catcher leagues, there is no way you can ignore them. In fact, you can make that a position of strength of you snag two young catchers who will produce for the next five years.

And now my weekly reminder: if a top prospect hasn’t reached the majors yet, they won’t be in these rankings. Itch has been running down the top prospects per team and will continue his great work. No need for me to repeat what he says.

Now on to the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings: 150-126…

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After we went over the top 10 for 2024 fantasy baseball and the top 20 for 2024 fantasy baseball in our (my) 2024 fantasy baseball rankings, it’s time for the meat and potatoes rankings. Something to stew about! Hop in the pressure cooker, crank it up to “Intense” and let’s rock with the top 20 catchers for 2024 fantasy baseball. […]

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Catchers – you can’t live with them, and in fantasy baseball, we can’t live without them.

This is a position that is not deep and not that talented after the top tier of backstops. You may get a catcher who has power but kills your average and on-base percentage. Or you may get a catcher who hits well and gets on base, but has no power at all.

There are very few perfect catchers in baseball, and the few that are close are going to be tough to get or trade for due to the scarcity of those players. But you almost feel compelled to try to go after them or hang onto them a year or two too long because for every Adley Rutschmans, there are two Martin Maldonados who just kill your team.

I came up with forty catchers to rank, but that is mostly to help fantasy owners who play in 20-team (or more) leagues or the leagues that require two catchers. If you are in a 12- to 16-team league, the Tier 4 and perhaps Tier 3 players will likely mean nothing to you.

Anyway, let’s get to the 2024 Top Keepers – Catchers.

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Please don’t ask if this is a ranking for next year. It’s not a ranking for next year. It’s me recapping last season. Please, for the love that all is holy, understand this. It’s all I ask of you. Well, that and shower me with praise. The latter isn’t hard, the former is. Also, remembering which is the ‘latter’ and which is the ‘former’ is hard too. Quibbles and semantics, my good man and five lady-mans. It wouldn’t be fair for me to preseason rank the players, then rank them again in the postseason based on my opinion, so these postseason top 20 lists are ranked according to our Fantasy Baseball Player Rater. It’s cold hard math, y’all! Anyway, here’s the top 20 catchers for 2023 fantasy baseball and how they compared to where I originally ranked them:

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