Afterthoughts on draft day, or sleepers that only the select few stick with for SAGNOF?  The realm of SAGNOF rotates around the perplexity for steals and the hotness of said player when garnering the stat.  Leonys Martin is one of those guys this week that I’ll be focusing on.  Draft season, he was an afterthought… or was he a deep sleeper?  Being drafted in the 400’s overall and basically being drafted around Lonnie Chisenhall.  Which if we are all paying attention, is good for you,  but bad in terms of name value to stat value ratio currently.  Over the last 13 games, Martin has been unleashed, scoring 12 runs, swiping 4 and slashing a very unusual Martin line of .294/.379/.647.  For someone who’s career slash line is a fraction of said mark, the small sample size for the mini-fortnight breakout is welcoming.  He was a stolen base darling… four years ago and now that he has been given a chance to shine at the top of the Tigers lineup in front of quality hitters like Castellanos and the like, is this a growing SAGNOF trend that we can buy into?  I am saying yes on the short term, long term?  We know what Leonys is.  He is a .250 hitter with questionable on-base potential that has two feet and can run effectively given time and consistency.  If he is lying around in your league on the waiver wire, give him a shot as the Tigers do score some runs and the lineup behind him has shown some decent skills at moving runners over and doing all the things needed for Martin to be successful in the short term. More SAGNOF-dom charts and tidbits after the jump!


Team  SB’s Against Week’s opponents (Team Steals)
Mets 53 @Atl (40), @Ari (38)
Blue Jays 48 @TB (35), vs. Was (49)
A’s 46 vs. Hou (34), vs. LAA (34)
Orioles 44 vs. Bos (47), vs. Mia (14)
Giants 42 @Mia (14), @LAD (21)
White Sox 40 vs. Cle (36), vs. Det (33)
Dodgers 35 vs. Tex (33), vs. SF (25)
Padres 35 @STL (25), @Atl (40)
Braves 34 vs. NYM (26), vs. SD (40)
Phillies 34 vs. Col (36), @Mil (42)


Name SB’s SB Opps OBPa
Steven Matz 14 92 .326
Lucas Giolito 12 11 .392
Noah Syndergaard 12 89 .299
Dylan Bundy 11 113 .307
Aaron Nola 11 99 .255
Dellin Betances 10 34 .281
Bryan Mitchell 10 104 .424
Danny Barnes 9 43 .364
Pedro Araujo 8 48 .377
Carlos Carrasco 8 116 .299
Mike Clevinger 8 116 .304
Sam Dyson 8 40 .265
Cole Hamels 8 119 .317
Jeff Samardzija 8 62 .370


Rajai Davis – King of SAGNOF, 11 plate appearances, 3 steals in the last two weeks.  Ignored in all fantasy leagues for good reason.

Charlie Culberson – Nothing would complete the SAGNOF deep dive like the name Charlie Culberson. OBP of .381 the last two weeks and getting ample playing time.  Added one steal during that time, but they face a great week for streaming steals with matches against the Mets and Padres.  Basically stream anyone you can this week against the Mets and Blue Jays as both teams face two teams in top-12 in steals on the year.

Brandon Nimmo – Still going, and is the Mets MVP for batting and it’s not even close. Three steals in last 11 games and he is turning into an all-around stat filler from a team that hasn’t scored enough runs to even vote this month.

Jorge Polanco – I know he has about 20 more games to go before suspension, but he will be coming back and will be the Twins starting something when he does.  13 steals last year and is a far better talent for ROS projections than most of the waiver wire fodder out there.

Hector Rondon – Giles is a turdburger squared, and I don’t love Rondon for the answer at saves and prefer Devenski when he is at peak, but for now a hot reliever doesn’t hurt any ratios.

Kirby Yates – 2 saves in June, Hand is their best reliever and will pitch multiple innings when needed.  Yates is the cuff for off day or RH heavy day.

Jordan Hicks – Since developing more into a pitcher over the last 3-4 weeks he has seen his K-rate go up and everything else mellow stat wise.  The K’s were the missing piece to the fantasy reliever puzzle.  Got the save the other day and I give it til July 1st and he will have the gig all to himself.


  1. Another Dan says:

    Hey Smokey,

    Good stuff as usual.

    12 team 5×5 roto, winning SV’s as it is, but can always do with extra. Think I might be able to trade away later in the season to bolster my chances.

    Current Roster : Hand, Diaz, Box, Sir Anthony, Tepera, Britton, Jones. (Can only roster 5 of these 7). Cut which 2 ? If I’m cutting are they worth trading rather than cutting ?

    Also rostering Gsellman and Hicks is on WW. Both have SP eligibility so can be used on days when I am short on SP. Hicks rather than those mentioned above ?

    SB’s is much more competitive and I am in the leading bunch. Davis, Polanco over Peraza or Pillar ? (Main focus is R and SB).

    Have trouble ‘streaming’ because transactions are processed tomorrow.

    Many thanks,

    Another Dan

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Another Dan: jones and Tepera. All saves are tradeable because if you have 6-7 save assets that leaves only so many to go around. See what you can get for the two, and taking less doesn’t hurt you because of the lead. So a two for one to improve SB isn’t a bad idea and it cures the second part of the question. Which as it sits is Pillar and stash Polanco. Let me know how it works out though.

      • Another Dan says:


        Hey Smokey,

        Tried shooting a few trades around. Trying to upgrade my pitching and to create a streamer spot for Bats or SP’s. Guy countered with My Luis Castillo and Britton for his Pivetta. Fair ? Do it ?

        Best wishes,

        Another Dan

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Another Dan: little pricey for Pivetta

  2. snarky anklebiter says:

    I’m carrying too many RP (innings cap league 5×5). Which two do you cut first out of Winkler, Miller, Melancon, Swarzak?

  3. Crapshoot Kershaw says:

    16 team roto with holds dynasty.
    SP (max 6): buchholez (streamer at least, but he’s been doing too well to drop right now with my injuries and what crap is out there in FA), richards (similar to buch), arrieta, cullers cullers cullers, morton, streaming MIA’s pitcher today, loved by SON.
    DL otani, dervish, reyes, britton
    RP (7 slots): morrow, rivero, kela, minter, reed, fields, hader

    drop which of reed/minter/fields to activate britton?

  4. crenshaw07 says:

    Robertson seems to have fallen out of the top three in the yankees bullpen. It has been going Green to Betances to Chapman. Any idea what is going on. If Robertson is out of holdsville…I need to make a move but I don’t want to drop a guy of his caliber if its just temporary.

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