Join the 2018-19 Razzball Fantasy Premier League for a chance at prizes! Don’t know about Fantasy Soccer? That’s okay, Smokey is here to walk with you throughout this journey of exploration and an absurd amount of accent marks on player names. So probably hide all your snacks. It’ll be a long journey…

Ah, words.  It is funny how the simplest play on words could lead to such stupid humor.  Because on one hand, Mallex Smith could be an exotic dancer… on the basepaths, and the other?  Well, we know the implication.  Either way, in his artistry it can only be called one thing:  SAGNOF sexy.  The base-stealing profession hasn’t been the most flourishing business, with the price of liquor licenses and the growing deficit of accumulation on the stat.  It is a dying business.  One that allows you to jump all nimbly-pimbly from steal branch to steal branch.  When looking at steals, especially in the SAGNOF world, I try to break them down into a two week stretch.  I look for who is getting the at-bats, who is getting on base, and of course who is actually stealing bases.  Over that 14 game stretch, Mallex is doing all three.  He is getting at-bats, and not all from the leadoff spot either.  ( He’s getting on base at a .528 clip, with a BB% of 13%.)  These numbers are all the dream scenario for a SAGNOF savior for a week or three.  Steals?  Well, he stole more bases (6) than everyone in baseball not named Jose Ramirez or Whit Merrifield. The joyous thing about this, is that the Rays are basically punting but not actually trying to lose.  So the at-bats and opportunities will and should continue.  As with most saviors of the theft, counting stats are going to be spotty and the one thing you can count on slightly are runs scored, but in smaller comparisons, because… well, the Rays don’t score a ton.  So if you are on the lookout for a few here and few there steals, then Mallex is your boy for the next few games, or even a week.  But don’t fall in love, because he will break your heart by Labor Day.  Cheers!

Catchers to Steal Against:

Name SB CS
Jonathan Lucroy 54 20
Russell Martin 51 13
Omar Narvaez 50 17
Robinson Chirinos 45 6
Jorge Alfaro 39 20
Yasmani Grandal 39 10
Devin Mesoraco 38 11
Mitch Garver 37 8
Willson Contreras 36 16
Tucker Barnhart 35 13
James McCann 35 15
Buster Posey 35 14
Yan Gomes 34 13
Austin Romine 31 10
Andrew Knapp 29 6

Travis Jankowski – Steals have been quiet with him. But given that he plays for (arguably) the best team to steal about later in the week in the Phillies, taking the chance on him for the three games isn’t the worst idea.

Stephan Duggar – Him and his 13 brothers and sisters are managing to carve out a nice little CF niche in the city by the Bay.  Two steals over the last 11 games isn’t an awful SAGNOF return, slashing .306/.395/.417 isn’t too bad either.  Another guy that you wanna trot out there when the advantage is better, maybe later in the week when they face the Pittsburgh Cervelli’s.

Jake Bauers – Showing young speed like a young Goldy.  Getting his abilities at the plate and his smart thievery on the bases is what boosts his draft stock by 20-30 pick next year.  Plus is playing 1b and OF.  Crazy to think about but he may be pushing his name as a really interesting name for keeper leagues, depending on number of keepers obviously.

Wade Davis – What the hell happened.  Did cruise control sort of break?  This is what happens when you get too many Coors banquets in you.  You start to black out and forget that you are drinking an awful place to pitch.  It’s not the park it’s him btw.

Thyago Viera – Love this name.  Sounds part like a character from Othello, and part football player.  Not the American kind. The Sox are all over the joint in Committee-ville save wise.  last 10 games 4 guys have all gotten a save or a chance.  Yah for consistency.

Corey Knebel – When the skipper says we are looking at all match-ups in save situations it is never a good thing for comfort levels.  The have become the playoff version of the White Sox, just with viable mixed league options.  Don’t cuff yourself to death here, as over rostering steals from other places.

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4 years ago

I have Hader and Jeffress both to primarily help k’s and ratios but an occasional save is nice. Do I keep Jeffress over someone like McHugh or hope that he falls into some more saves?
Also I haven’t played fantasy premier league since I could run out aaron lennon every week and feel good about it circa 3-4 years ago, is now the time to get back in?

Reply to  Smokey
4 years ago

@Smokey: Thanks! I’ll check it out