It’s all fun and games when the lights go off and the special things in life glow under different color light.  Laundry detergent, player names, and the puns that are associated with them… and believe it or not a good ole bottle of Hennessy.  So now that we have concocted that cocktail and images in your head, let’s move onto the Fantasy Baseball portion of this relationship.  That being Marcus Semien.  I am going to be the first to admit that I really like the idea of this guy on my team after last season’s output, as he produced 27 HR’s and 10 steals.  Not the elite of foot by any stretch of the SAGNOF imagination, but the 27 taters from a middle infield spot takes a lot of gleam off the cube.  So why now?  Well, his season was derailed by injury and he only still has 86 at-bats on the year.  Ignore all the other facets, he is not going to hit for average and not going to score a ton of runs in the A’s lineup, but he has 7 steals in those 86 at-bats.  (He only had 10 last year in 586 at bats, remember I just said that.)  So he has gone from a once every 60 plate appearances per steal guy to one every 10.  I am by far no mathematical genius, but that looks like a gigantic difference.  Since he returned from the DL, he is hitting 30 points above his career average, which is only .230, but still, .265 is better then .230.  The steals are what we want and that’s why we here.  So with the expectations of him not slipping out of the lineup now that he is returned he could easily be a cheap source (8.6% owned in ESPN leagues).  With the way that the middle infield spots turn over and the trade deadline around the bend stats at any chance are better then none.

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Catchers to Cheat Against:

Name SB CS
Stephen Vogt 46 7
Willson Contreras 44 20
Tyler Flowers 42 9
Russell Martin 40 9
J.T. Realmuto 39 18
Miguel Montero 38 2
Francisco Cervelli 35 9
Brian McCann 34 7
Salvador Perez 34 14
Kevan Smith 34 1
Mike Zunino 34 9
Jett Bandy 33 7
Derek Norris 33 8
Matt Wieters 32 11
Travis d’Arnaud 31 6
Caleb Joseph 31 8

Pitchers to Stream Against:

Name SB’s SB Opps OBPa
Mike Pelfrey  18 125  .345
Jake Arrieta 16 153  .311
Yu Darvish 16 170  .285
Julio Teheran 16 178  .331
Jaime Garcia 15 157  .318
Ubaldo Jimenez 14 150  .359
Tyler Glasnow 13 104  .405
Corey Kluber 13 113  .251
Mike Fiers 12 151  .311
Jon Lester 12 146  .306
Jimmy Nelson 12 174  .310
Edinson Volquez 12 146  .342
Gerrit Cole  11 162  .301
Jason Hammel 11  183  .333

Zach Granite – The original seven blocks of granite are from Fordham, the eighth now resides in the posh suburbs of Minneapolis.  Two steals and hits in four straight.  Whether or not the Twins start to trade for major assets for the stretch run could determine his future fantasy usefulness.  Calling Vince Lombardi for a motivational speech…

Rajai Davis – The Majai of steals has 1o steals in his last 105 plate appearances.  The infield dirt in Oakland is made of 100% people mover.

Alex Gordon – Way down on the ownership trough and likely so.  Batting only .205 on the year.  Last 15, batting .36 with 66% of his steals in that span.  The Royals are going to be fun down the stretch.  It’s got the “We Are Family” vibe but on an “All in the Family” type comedic sense.

Mallex Smith – Get him in the Wednesday lineup if he starts versus Ubaldo.

Wilmer Difo – Same for his wednesday start against Jimmy Nelson or if you like outfielders instead on the same team Brian Goodwin look like great streaming options.

Brad Hand – Maurer and Buchter are gone and he looks to be the only one I would trust there.  Maurer and Buchter become fodder for a suddenly deep KC pen.

Tyler Clippard – Doing his best imitation of a useful pitcher in order to get traded to a contender in a made for TV baseball game.  Swarzak is in the ready five.

Keone Kela – Is back and watching Claudio go all Sam Dyson just with a Walker, Texas Ranger vibe.

  1. Chucky says:

    Ian Happ with his sub 600 OPS post ASB, playing himself off the roster?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Chucky: pretty much, better streaming option around but name sake says be patient for a bit.

  2. Smoooth Jimmy says:

    Is your semien an upgrade over a didi bird or a sad story?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Smoooth Jimmy: Ehh… both guys offer that special extra. better scoring lineups etc.

  3. Old navy says:

    I have chriss taylor who has risen my chances of winning my league. He will be my 2nd pick next year.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Old navy: the dodger (swiss) army knife

  4. LenFuego says:

    Looks like the White Sox dumped Swarzak rather than Clippard. They could still trade Clippard too, but for now at least, Clippard seems to be the White Sox saves guy. No idea who would replace Clippard now if he gets traded … Dan Jennings?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @LenFuego: yup…i still see them cashin in on Clippard as well. Jennings, Beck, Holmberg could all be next. but who would care then lol. stupid one save a month type stuff.

      • Joel Huggins says:

        @Smokey: I mean, how many games are the white Sox gonna win down the stretch? Somewhere around 10-15 at best? How many of them will be save chances, and how many of those will be blown by non-closers? Best case scenario, you get five saves and an over 4 era and 1.5 or higher whip. Just talking out of my ass, but sounds about right.

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Joel Huggins: I would even say that is on the heavy side, lol. But yeah i agree. We all suckle on the save teet til the last game of the year.

  5. hal_incandenza says:

    Who do you like to close if DET moves Wilson?

    • fausto says:

      @hal_incandenza: A.Wilson with a Bruce Rondon cuff

      • Smokey

        Smokey says:

        @fausto: I actually think the opposite but could fly either way really

  6. Swfcdan says:

    Mauerer, T Hunter, or Ottavino for holds?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Swfcdan: Hunter

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