Another week in the books. So what have we learned? We’re starting to get more clarity on playing time situations and the cream is rising to the top. The Mets can’t figure out how to stay on the field, having only logged 8 games. Unfortunately, there will continue to be Covid issues going forward which could affect any team so it’s more important than ever check your lineups daily. That leaves weekly formats out in the cold so check Monday mornings and then just hope for the best. Hopefully the situation gets better going forward but there’s really no way to be sure. 

As we see guys begin to separate themselves remember that we still have many many more weeks to go. Be ready to ride a hot streak on waivers but don’t over react to your guys starting slow. Slumps happen and we’re only a couple weeks in. 


If you drafted Ronald Acuna congratulations.You didn’t need me to tell you that as I’m sure you’re all taking your victory lap. He’s the top hitter thus far and it’s not really close. He’s having a ton of fun right now and I think we can all get onboard with that. 

J.D. Martinez has certainly been living up to his nickname. If only he could pick up some additional eligibility,

Yermin Mercedes absolutely needs to be on your roster while he’s raking. If you’re in a league in which he has catcher eligibility then he could even be an option all year.

Ryan McMahon has really slowed down after coming out on fire. As to be expected, heading out on the road cooled him down. I still like him whenever he’s in Coors, but maybe bench him when he packs an overnight bag.

Zach McKinstry has impressed in his time in the lineup. The main question is where will he play? Seriously, the depth on that team is crazy. He has a path to playing time as long as Cody Belliger remains on the shelf. He’s eligible to return today but as of this writing he was still unable to run at full speed. The Dodgers haven’t missed a beat so they have no reason to rush him back before he’s 100 percent ready. That makes McKinstry an interesting flier in deep leagues and someone to cyclops everywhere in case he forces his way into regular at bats.

Cedric Mullins is certainly making the most of his opportunity with Austin Hays out. Hays is expected to be out until the end of the month so Mullins has more time to state his case. He seems to have the leadoff spot locked up. Not quite sure what will happen when Hays gets back but I would grab him if you need short term outfield help. 

Kyle Seager is one of the less sexy options but don’t let that fool you into thinking he can’t help you. 

Jake McGee continues to impress with six saves already. He will be a good RP option all season as long as Gabe Kapler keeps rolling him out in the ninth but unfortunately the save pace will slow down. We know how Kapler loves to play games with the back end of his bullpen but McGee should continue to see high leverage innings and save chances will be there. 

Carols Rodon gets a huge boost in the standings from his no-no but don’t forget that his fist start was pretty good as well. Command has been an issue but the raw stuff is there.  He lines up for two starts against the Red Sox and Rangers. I’d be willing to risk rolling him out next week in weekly leagues but he’s at least a grab and hold everywhere to see if he’s turning the corner and putting it all together.

Matt Barnes is another RP who has impressed in the early going and is definitely worth a look to see if he’s on waivers. 

Mark Melancon has five saves already and the Padres should give him the opportunity for plenty more. They’re paying him too much money not to deploy him in the ninth. If he’s not rostered, scoop him ASAP.

Luke Weaver isn’t a particularly sexy option but he has the ability to rack up innings. I’d like to see more use of the curve but even without it he’s managed to make it into the 6th inning in each of his starts. 

Danny Duffy isn’t particularly either but don’t overlook him as a back end starter. It’s doubtful he’ll continue at his current pace, but he can eat some innings and be more than serviceable.

Jon Gray is a high risk, high reward option as he has demonstrated so far. Surprisingly his two home starts were far better than his start outside of Coor, although it was against the mighty Dodgers. He’ll be a matchup play going forward but he does have some upside, mostly in road starts.


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  1. sauceman11 says:

    Hey Butters,

    12 team H2H Points League. K’s are minus 1. R/RBI 1 each, HR’s worth 6.

    Soler and Arraez were recently dropped. Who scores more end of season? I know Soler has the guaranteed playing time, but I also think Arraez will be on the field more often that not. Kid doesn’t K much and looks like he’s a .300 hitter all day long. I don’t necessarily need his flexibility as I have E Escobar and J Polanco as back up MI’s…thoughts?

    • Butters

      Butters says:

      I lean Soler for his power. Based on projections he’s a top 100 hitter. If you don’t need MI help then there’s really no reason to go with Arraez. He should hit .300 but won’t score much else.

  2. cable says:

    12 team h/h points….have a roster spot open for a SPer that I’ll probably use when its a two start turn or injury

    Ynoa or Kikuchi

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