Joe Mauer is done for the year with pneumonia.  I’m almost 100% sure Morneau was the carrier of the virus.  On Friday, frequent commenter Mike said, “If you went to Joe Mauer’s house, went into his basement, jack-hammered through the concrete, and started digging, what would be the under/over on number of feet you’d have to go down before you found the first dessicated Native American corpse?  3 feet?  4 feet?  I mean, that Native American graveyard can’t be that far below the surface.”  I honestly never thought I’d say this this (stutterer!) early in his career, but I think Mauer’s going to be a bargain next year.  Assuming he falls into the 10th round or later, he’s worth the gamble at catcher for 2012, right?  I mean, even if he only gets 100 games and hits .300, it’s worth the ulcer, isn’t it?  I think so.  With that said (yeah, here comes opposite talk), I’m sure glad I haven’t drafted him the last two years in any league.  He hit 3 homers this year.  As in between 2 and 4.  Jesus Montero has that many in 10 games.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw this weekend in fantasy baseball:

Jason Kubel – Probably done for the year.  In related news, Morneau, Mauer and Kubel have a fishing trip planned for the first weekend of October and all Twins fans have a hunting trip planned for the same weekend.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka – Done for the year.  Back date that to March.  Are the Twins fielding a team this final week and a half?

Brian Dinkelman – 4-for-5 yesterday and 7 for his last 9.  When your team’s good news is Brian Dinkelman, you got a big fish that needs some frying or whatever that cliche is.

Ryan Howard – Out until Thursday, which will probably mean he plays only sporadically even after that.  Ross Gload will fill in.  Army with harmony…Dave, drop a Gload on him!

Justin Verlander – 8 IP, 0 ER, 6 baserunners, 6 Ks as he won his 24th game yesterday.  That’s pretttay pretttay good.  Tough year to be Jered Weaver.

Joakim Soria – Didn’t pitch this weekend.  Now all the Royals’ 9th inning eggs are hoping for some good Holland days.

Pablo Sandoval – Hit two homers in one inning.  When you throw Sandoval two meatballs, he jumps on them.

David Price – Left after 4 innings after being hit in the chest by a liner.  Should be fine for his next start, which he will throw while wearing knight’s armor.

Desmond Jennings – 2-for-5 with a steal.  In roughly a third of the season, he has 9 homers and 18 steals.  Yeah, go ahead and times those by three.

Brandon Morrow – 8 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 8 Ks.  There should a glossary term for these K-heavy pitchers that are a total tease.  You suggest in the comments, thank you.

Adam Lind – 2-for-3 with two homers.  Be nice if he went on one of his crazy 6 homers in 8 games binges.  Cust kayin’.

Joe Saunders – 8 2/3 IP, 0 ER, 9 baserunners, 3 Ks.  He came through big time for my borderline starter post from Thursday.  (And Matt Harrison too.  Brad Lincoln, not so much.)

Paul Goldschmidt – 2-for-3 with a homer.  With 8 homers and 45 Ks in 40 games this year, he’s either gonna be something special next year or a flat-out bomb.

Mark Reynolds – Homered on Friday and Saturday, then was beaned in the head by a Ervin Santana pitch.  His CT scan came back negative, then the CT scan picked up Johnny Bananas and carried him to the other side of The Gulag.

James Loney – 5-for-6 yesterday and two homers in two games on Friday and Saturday.  I don’t like saying to pick up Loney, so if I wink, it means pick him up.  Wink.

Zack Greinke – 7 IP, 1 ER, 5 baserunners, 10 Ks.  I have two things to note, neither of which is that interesting.  First, I can’t believe Greinke is barely under a 4.00 ERA in the NL.  Second, I can never remember if it’s a H or a K with Zack.  From writing 1200+ words five days a week about these players, I can spell Saltalamacchia without looking it up.  I could be in a baseball spelling bee and kick serious ass and get tripped up by spelling Zack.  I feel like there should be a standard Zack spelling.  H or K, that’s it.

Erick Aybar – 4-for-4, 2 homers, 5 runs, 4 RBIs and now hitting .434 in September.  Looks like a classic Septacular performance.

Adrian Gonzalez – It was revealed this weekend that he’s only taking batting practice every other day due to weakness in his shoulder.  He said, “(The weakness is) fine.  It’s the end of the year.”  Um, maybe in San Diego.

Mike Aviles – 2-for-5, 3 RBIs with his 2nd homer in three games.  Sawx kinda have to win games and Aviles, McDonald, Salty, Scutaro and Conor Jackson (when I saw his name as C. Jackson in the box score, I thought it was Curtis Jackson) are playing and Wakefield is pitching.   Up the team salary to $300 million.

Brandon Beachy – 4 1/3 IP, 4 ER and 8 earned in his last 9 2/3 IP, 8 ER.  The good news for people who like bad news is he’s tired.   The other bad news is he might struggle next year if the Braves don’t shut him down.

Jason Heyward – 3-for-4 as he hit 8th in front of the pitcher.  He should consider apologizing to Fredi for whatever transgression he did to him or his family.  Meanwhile, pray he doesn’t hit three homers in one game in the playoffs and get on everyone’s radar again.

Manny Acosta – Closed out yesterday’s game while Parnell worked the 8th.  Honestly, I think the Mets are going to get a closer in the offseason and don’t really care who gets the ball in the ninth right now.  It’s not like they’re grooming anyone.

Chien-Ming Wang – 6 2/3 IP, 3 ER, 6 baserunners, 5 Ks vs. the MarlinsBrad Hand.  For a change of pace, this game saw Wang beating Hand.

A.J. Pierzynski – 4-for-5, 4 RBIs and 2 homers.  He reminded me of this classic post by Rudy.

Bryan LaHair – 1-for-3 yesterday and a homer on Saturday.  He should be playing every day, but he’s not.  I feel like someone should write a song titled, “The 28-Year-Old Rookie.”  Belle and Sebastian, where you at?

Jordan Pacheco – Batted third yesterday and went 0-for-4, but is hitting .320 over the last week with a homer.  He did so little in Triple-A this year, it’s kinda comical (3 homers, 2 steals, .278).  Guess if you’re really hogtied in a very deep league, you can take a look.

Allen Craig – 3-for-4, 2 homers.  Before this game, he hadn’t done much since he started, uh, starting.  But maybe this is the beginning of something.  Only Miss Cleo knows for sure.

Matt Holliday – Inferred here first after reading shizz elsewhere, it sounds like Holliday’s done for the year.

Mariano Rivera – Tied Trevor Hoffman’s save record.  Right after he breaks the record, the Yankees announced Bobby Parnell would take over as closer.

  1. tanner boyle says:

    For the k-heavy pitcher I vote for Koufux.

  2. ruah says:

    I have Felix in a redraft. I have only a handful of starts left in that one and I need wins. It looks like his last start will be in TEX. Smart to drop for other needs or hold and start?

  3. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:




    I’m not funny at all, I’m just farting nonsense.

  4. Ned Shakeshaft says:

    I wish we could somehow incorporate “K-Tel” into the equation, but if I’m not mistaken that was more of a Canadian thing.

    Failing that, how about Kaptain K-os?

  5. Yo Momma So Uggla says:

    Morrow (and the like) = FIP Tease

  6. Trick dad says:


  7. Black Beard says:

    Next 7 days (standard 5 categories plus OPS)? Thanks!

    Lawrie or Kipnis?

    Lawrie or A-Rod?

  8. B.o.B. says:

    Can you rank the following streamers for Tuesday?

    Vargas @ Min, Bailey vs. Hou, Chacin vs. SD

    Do you like them enough that I should add all 3?

  9. Jeff says:

    Nate Ravitz likes to refer to these pitchers as Morrible

  10. MrHappyTime says:

    Narveson, Minor, or Burnett today?

  11. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:better UTL p/u,12 team 5×5….

    Kipnis,Moose or Loney(sorry,I mean “wink wink”).

  12. James Loney has hit 66 HRs in his career. 21 of them in September – how bizarre!?

  13. Neidecker says:

    How about KO-KO B. Ware. After one of the biggest teases in WWF? You get your strikeouts, but also have to *pinkie to mouth* Beware!

  14. golfnut says:

    Great…’s the championship this week…..and I have Holliday and Tulo both hurt……thought Holliday would give it a go…..and I can’t change my lineup because it’s a weekly thing… a weakly thing.

  15. Wilsonian says:

    Aybar or Desmond for this most important 10 day Chumpionshizz week? Desmond has a dubble bubble header tomorrow against the Phils, FYI.

  16. Eddy says:

    Grey, will you post a final borderline starters for this championship week?

    They have been money for me. Except Lincoln. Twice. All he’s done is drop logs on my shizz.

  17. Eddie says:

    Well played, Mauer.

  18. Jack the Ripper says:

    Pick one for championship week, h2h points league:
    N Cruz
    A Craig
    G Parra


  19. ichirosan says:

    My 20 man dynasty team made it to the final matchup this week. I have Holliday, Quentin, Morrison, Zimmermann, Hochevar and Gosh Johnson’s brother. I need a hug.

  20. Charlie says:

    K-See Anthonys. They look real nice, but they’ll kill ya.

  21. Smell The Golve says:

    Glossary Term: K-unt

    Glossary definition: A K-heavy pitcher that is also maddeningly inconsistent from start to start

    Usage: Did you see that Morrow went 8IP, 0 ER, with 8 K’s last night? Yeah but he’s such a K-unt I know the next time out he’s going go 4 IP, 6 ER’s and take a hugh dump over my ERA and WHIP…I just can’t trust that K-unt.

    Bonus: A surge in perplexed perverted poor spellers visiting this site after googling “Fist Er Kunt”

  22. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:I try to avoid mentioning how well I have been doing this yr because I dont want to sound obnoxious or whatever.however….

    I want to mention it now because I honestly feel like I owe a lot of the credit to you…..

    First,I just won the championship in my h2h keeper league,Its a really tough,competitive league,which actually has two guys who write about fantasy baseball(one of them w/ yahoo).I know that most of us are in multiple leagues and I assume that we all have that one league that we want to win more than the others and this one was mine.

    also,I made the playoffs in all three of my other h2h leagues and am now in the championship in two of them.Plus,Im in first place in my points league.

    Ive been doing this fantasy thing for three yrs now.The previous two yrs I have done pretty good,but this yr I have been borderline dominant and the one big difference is that i have done the majority of my research on this site.

    again,I hope it doesnt sound like Im simply trying to brag or whatever,I just want to make it clear that I really do believe you,Smokey and the site in general have made a huge difference.

    Anyway,hope I havent creeped you out w/ all the sappiness and praise.

  23. kovals says:

    Need your advice – championship week (have to choose one out of three):

    Harang vs. LAD
    Miley vs. PIT
    Myers vs. COL
    Pineda at. MIN


  24. snopes says:

    For final 10-day week, Hellickson (2 vs. NYY) or Narveson?

  25. Racehorse says:


    In trying to look ahead to 2012, please rank the following rank starting pitchers: Volquez, J McDonald, Cahill…

    Also, I saw somewhere that Ubaldo is wanting to pitch in winter ball again. Is it possible to look more forward to winterball stats than watching HgH fueled NFL football players bash into one another?

    Obrigado, Senhor!

  26. Eddy says:

    Looking to pick up the hot schmotato at 2B.

    Clint Barmes
    Jason Kipnis
    Alen Craig
    Mike Aviles

  27. LT says:

    Hi Grey – last week H2H championship – rosters lock at 1 today – rank
    these pitchers

    Stephen Strasburg, (maybe 2 starts)
    Humber (2 starts) – can put him on my RP spot
    Minor (2 starts) – can put him on my RP spot
    Joel Hanrahan will have to sit if I start Humber or Minor


  28. Jim says:

    I became the recipient of a Boned Morrow transfusion.

  29. Matt says:

    Grey, pick 2 for Util and 1 for 3B please.
    Chisenhall (12 games in 10 days, do you think he’ll play 9 of them)?
    Rolen-Hurty Treat

    Adam Lind
    David Murphy
    Dee Gordon

    Should I be contemplating sitting Alex Gordon with these guys available off the bench, since he only plays 8 games this period? Plenty of teams with 10-11, Cle 12 games.

  30. Errin Carner says:

    Desmond Jennings – 2-for-5 with a steal. In roughly a third of the season, he has 9 homers and 18 steals. Yeah, go ahead and times those by three.

    So what you are saying here, is if you drafted him in the 30th round of a keeper league, you would keep him and lose your 30th round pick?

  31. Matt says:

    Continuing my previous post, I’m also thinking about benching Stubbs for the last week, starting Murph in his place. Tough schedule for TX though. Thoughts?

  32. zombie says:

    Boy, K-unt is quality. With a bonus of potentially keeping some of the more sensitive fantasy baseballers (sorry for the swear Mrs. Albright) away from the site! A cleaner suggestion for rostering an otherwise unalluring pitcher because he puts-out always pleasurable Ks, is more commonly known as Cute Girl Syndrome. Referring to an ugly girl that gives herself up freely, resulting in more guys hitting on her. This in turn, results in the ugly girl beginning to thing that she is attractive. Because of his easy Ks, Morrow’s self-confidence must be very high, while his self-esteem has to be sadly low. It’s sort of tragic really. Hence you should never pick up a pitcher suffering from Cute Girl Syndrome. Not good for her; and yeah, you’ll get some, but in the end your stuck with an unattractive gal with issues.
    Off Topic – of late, Bourjos has been so/so at best. Like any of Presley, Parra, Reimold or EYJ better for the last week? Thanks!

  33. L-Boogie says:

    Where I finish this season could completely come down to how many bases I steal over the next week or so.

    I’m just itchin to drop Jason Werth on principle alone, but can I possibly manage to squeak out at least one or two SBs from this SOB?

    Thanks dude.

  34. Jeff says:

    Who sits for the final “week”?

    Gallardo – Fla, Pit (maybe – last game of season)
    Gio – @ANA, @ SEA
    Hellickson – @NYY, NYY (will Yanks clinch and rest regulars?)
    Jimminez – CHW, @DET (Detroit should have it clinched by the time they play)
    Lester – @NYY, BAL (maybe – last game of season)
    Wandy – @CIN, STL
    Romero – ANA, @TB (both teams playing for something)
    Naverson – @CHC, FLA

  35. norbs says:

    Grey – Thanks for helping me get to the finals in my H2H league! I need to lock in my pitching today – I plan on rolling with Fister (Bal, CLe), Kennedy (Pit, SF), Kershaw (SF, @SD), and Oswalt (Was, @Atl).
    I need to plug in one more SP for the scoring period and my options are Luebke (@Col, LAD), Gio (@Ana, @Sea), or even possibly Kuroda (SF, @Ari). Scoring categories are K, ERA, WHIP, and W.
    What is your recommendation – and thanks again for all the fantastic advice!

  36. Hi Grey,

    Who’d you rather have in a 20-team redraft roto league, between Allen Craig, Ackley, and EY2 as a fifth OF and second 2B? I have Ackley at the moment but he seems to have slowed down a lot lately ….


  37. OaktownSteve says:

    How about Juggies. Great t*ts, like huge numbers on the Jugs radar gun, are almost irresistable. Both can lead you on a path you don’t want to go down.

    Girl: Uh, my eyes are up here…
    Guy: I am NOT looking at your eyes.

  38. Matt Damon says:

    Brandon Morrow – Kokk Tease

  39. Matt Damon says:

    Nevermind! Trick Dad beat me to it =*(

  40. Rabbit says:

    Need some quick advice for setting my lineup this week–I don’t know if Yahoo and ESPN are doing this, but CBS is lumping the rest of the season into one big last “weekly” scoring period, so most SPs have two starts this last period. I am hanging on to first place and it’s close in a couple key pitching cats: ERA, Whip, and Wins. My issue is whether I start a fourth RP (Jim Johnson) or go with a sixth starter, choosing either Kuroda (SF and @Ari) or Hellickson (NYY and @NYY). My inclination is to start Johnson, because I think the danger of Kuroda or Hellickson throwing a crapfest that hurts me in ERA and Whip overrides the possibility that I could pick up a point in Wins (I am 1 win behind the guy in front of me, and 3 ahead the guy behind me). My other SPs who I am starting are Verlander, Kershaw, Beckett, Gallardo and Fister (I traded offense for SPs about 2/3 through the season). Thanks for the help.

  41. Rabbit says:

    And don’t forget, everyone, there are a couple 1:05 East Coast games today so weekly lineups get locked in earlier than usual.

  42. Grey — Would you start Luebke tonight @COL? His stats against them are terrible.

    And do you think Beachy’s done being useful this year? If he isn’t shut down he should have at least one more start, probably @WASH.

    Thanks again.

  43. FearBased says:

    Deep H2H pts league…

    Vogelsong or Strasburg? Having to sit Cargo this week my OF choices are between De Aza, David Murphy, Nolan Reimold, Delmon Young, Duda. I need to pick 3 of these chums. Given the choice who would you go with? Thanks.

  44. Mike says:

    Who would you drop in a 5×5 roto league — I need wins — Collmenter (SF/LA at home), Dickey (Phi/Cin at home) or Minor (@FLA/@WAS)?

  45. L-Boogie says:

    So here’s the best I can come up with for a guy like Morrow.

    He’s a Whiff-L ball pitcher. Despite the whiffs he’ll probably get the L.

    This is a hard one.

  46. Rodger Dodger says:

    Glossary Term: “Knight or Columbus” (K or C)… what’ll he be?!
    Definition: You know he can put the Ks in Ka-Ka’s… and they’re BEAUTIFUL! But avoid being temporarily dazed, overlooking the dangerous similarity of the similar sounding C and get Ca-Ca all over your ERA and your WHIP <>.

    A slightly more refined version from Mr. Smell the Glove. I like how it can be easily used in a sentence… “Will Randy Wolf show up in his next start as a Knight or Columbus? … or… Randy Wolf is the classic Knight or Columbus. Mull it over… I like it!


    Secondarily… how about: “Box of Chocolates”?! Max Scherzer’s next start looks like a classic Box of Chocolates. The K’s might be delicious… but you never know what you’re gonna get.

  47. Mike says:

    Re: Morrow-type pitchers — what about special K’s? As in, if you take them, they put you in a K hole…

  48. Where Wallace at says:

    Points league – Marcum @ Cubs, v. Pitt or McCarthy v. Tex, @ Sea.

  49. L-Boogie says:

    I’m barely in a money spot in my 5×5 roto league. I’m set in almost every category unless I really bomb in WHIP and ERA over the next 10 days. But I have 4 teams right on my heals in wins and if even 1 or 2 catch me I could be toast.

    I’m definitely starting Hamels (2 starts) and Cliff Lee (2 starts). Which other 3 pitchers should I start to get wins without killing my WHIP and ERA?

    King Felix (only 1 start @ Texas)
    Danks (only 1 start vs KC)
    Kuroda (vs SF and @ Ari)
    Harden (vs Tex and @ Angels)
    Bud Norris (@ Cincy and vs Col)

    I could also start only 4 starters and 3 closers (Santos, Motte and Cordero) but I don’t want Santos anywhere near my pitching staff right now.

    Thanks dude.

  50. Where Wallace at says:

    Points league for the 10 day period.

    Motte or H.Bell?
    Rollins or Infante?

  51. Long Bawls says:

    For the Morrowish, how about:



    Strike Farce




    Have your K but eat it


    Roller Koaster

    Hmmm…maybe not.

  52. Charlie says:

    So you thought K-See Anthony was hilarious but Rudy didn’t…starting to wonder who wears the pants on this site!

  53. L-Boogie says:

    Have to set my lineup in 10 min so this could be my last question for you until next year. Boo freakin hoo.

    Regardless of position (I have lot of flexibility), which 4 do I start in 5×5 roto? I’m set in RBI, AVG, and HR and but I need to maintain runs and catch up in SBs:


    Thanks dude. For this and for all the helpful advice all season. I only discovered your site at the beginning of this season and it has helped me tremendously from the draft until now.

  54. Jeff says:

    “Gallardo’s not going to pitch the last game of the season”

    Is one start from Gallardo better than 2 from any of the other guys?

  55. Long Bawls says:

    I think the people who perpetually have Morrow on their watch list and add and drop him throughout the season would be Kirt-chasers. Or just plain sukkers.

  56. JoeC says:

    For the K-heavy pitchers who tease: Kastity Belt pitchers (or “Khastity”)! Because their delectable tatas (aka “strikeouts”) cause you to pick them up, but once you get the panties off, you realize that they’re wearing an industrial-strength chastity belt that prevents you (or your fantasy team) from ever “scoring”. But you still hang on to them because there’s always the potential you will!

  57. Long Bawls says:

    Now I can’t do the other stuff I’m mean to do while this glossary term is rattling around in my head. Rattling around and not picking anything up.

    Kall Girls–they always seem worth it, and never are.


  58. Jon says:

    I was in 1st/2nd most of the regular season and was winning my H2H semis matchup Monday through Saturday. Then Sunday afternoon came, my team chokes and I lose a close one. I’d like to thank Hanley, Choo, Heyward, Morneau, Liriano for their generous contributions throughout the season.

    But really thanks Grey and the Razzball team for helping me get this far. Much appreciated!

  59. ognihs says:

    did you know LaHair is french for “the hair?”

  60. Blunted says:

    @Grey: Can you try and predict the future for me? :rolleyes:

    I’m in an IP limit and I very badly NEED wins. I have 70IP left and also roster 5 closers in a SVs race (Madson, League, Santos, Feliz, Motte). My rotation/matchups so far are as follows:

    Verlander (BAL)
    Lincecum (LAD, ARI)
    Marcum (CHC, PIT)
    Beachy (WAS)
    Worley (WAS, ATL)

    Which of the preceding matchups would you avoid? I’m leaning towards dropping Lincecum after the LAD start b/c I doubt he gets the W vs ARI, and I’m on the fence about Beachy after yesterday.

    The following pitchers are available w/ their upcoming starts:

    Collmenter (SF, LAD)
    Chacin (SD, SF)
    Oswalt (WAS, ATL)
    Bailey (HOU, NYM)
    Humber (CLE, TOR)
    Hughes (TB, TB)
    Miley (PIT, LAD)
    Chen (CHW, MIN)

    Other available pitchers that don’t seem to have great matchups at first glance: McCarthy, Lohse, Moscoso, Dickey, Wells, Pomeranz, etc.

    Do you see any obvious moves here keeping the IP limit in mind. I really need to squeeze Ws out of at least 5 of my possible 8 remaining starts.

    Thanks in advance.

  61. rvde says:

    Start Ian Nova tomorrow?

  62. rvde says:

    errrr Ivan

  63. OaktownSteve says:



  64. Scott says:

    Morrow/Nolasco/Ejax tease name:

    AJ Burnett

  65. spkilo says:

    Morneau is partially the reason for my 10 player keeper leagues implosion… the commish allowed a trade a couple month ago of Morneau and Marmol for freaking Ryan Howard. Are you kidding me?

  66. peter says:

    If a pitcher is a K tease, doesn’t that make him a…. K-easeter? Meh, I don’t know. I’m just thinking ahead to innumerable/redundant butt jokes.

  67. CT Old School says:


  68. CT Old School says:

    as in, “If you’re looking for streamers, Morrow is the Kancer to your prayers.”

  69. Matt says:

    Romero at home against the Angels. Is this a good start for someone who is up against an innings wall, but needs W’s, K’s and not to kill my WHIP?

  70. TheNewGuy says:

    Argh M’s scored 11 so far and Dustin Ackley not in the lineup. Ticker tease!

  71. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:12 team 5×5….Asdrubal or Loney for UTL?

    btw,I tried to help out w/ a glossary term.I spent about a minute and 1/2 trying to be clever and all I had was a half dozen unfunny words based around the word d**k…..sorry.

  72. Steve says:

    Guess who dropped LoMo for Craig? This guy!

    Somethings you never lose.

  73. Steve says:

    F*** the Braves. That’s the second start running that they’ve taken Minor out with two outs in the inning and the Braves have then gone on to take the lead in the next inning.

    I fart in their general direction.

  74. Steve says:

    Oh man. You’d have thought the Jays could have come through for Ricky Ro’ (and me) there.

  75. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    Hope you peeps started Luekbe against COL’s AAA lineup.

  76. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    I’d also like to mention that Dread Pirate takes two strikes more than anyone I’ve ever seen outside of Abreu. I can’t count how many 0-2 counts he’s been in. Literally dozens. It inflates his K rate, other players with similar swinging strike rates typically have K rates ~3% lower.

  77. knighttown says:

    I’m in a huge battle for my 12 team daily league sitting 4 points back of first. There’s really nowhere to go with hitting so it’s all about my pitching. ERA and WHIP are really tight. For WHIP I’m at 1.22 with no one to catch ahead of me but 4 guys at 1.23 or 1.24. ERA I’m at 3.54 with a 3.49 and 3.47 right in front of me. One back in wins but not too worried as he’s 30IP ahead of my pace. K’s don’t matter.

    Do I roll the dice on one (or more) of these spot starts off waivers and if so who?

    -Chacin vs. SD
    -Floyd @ Cle
    -Kendrick vs. Was
    -Bailey vs. Hou
    -Vargas @ Min
    -Cecil vs. LAA

  78. Steve says:

    Yo – Hundley! Get over here and join in the fun!

  79. Steve says:

    An inning too late there, Jays.

  80. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    Soto hits two HR the first day he’s not on my squad. What a douche. Can’t really complain, guy in desperation mode dropped Carlos Santana and I snatched him.

    I’m going to pretend all offseason that I had Santana instead of Soto, and imagine that I finished better than seventh in a ten team league.

  81. Steve says:

    Kennedy owners say “let it stand!”

  82. Wilsonian says:

    I’m having a serious issue with my SS spot since Tulo decided to fill his vagina with sand over the past few weeks. I snagged Aybar this morning over Desmond. Infante is out there in FA land and I see he had a solid night where Aybar didn’t. Am I overthinking this, and should I just stand pat with Aybar? It’s a money league, so I’m even more anal than usual.

  83. Steve Stevenson says:

    H2H finals, I have 2 moves left, and Reynolds is my 3B. Do I use a move now (it’s a Yahoo league where you have to make a move a day in advance), or wait a day or 2 to see if Reynolds is back in the lineup? I could either pick up a 3B or a 2B (and shift Lawrie to 3B). My opponent’s team has a power advantage, especially without Reynolds in my lineup.

    Available 2B/3B: Utley, Moustakas, Morel, Sizemore, Ellis, J. Weeks, Scutaro, Hill, Infante, Kipnis. Gracias!

  84. BlinkULDHC says:

    Someone help me with Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Rules, please.

    The final week of playoffs, Week 25, runs from Monday to the 2nd Wednesday (10 days). The transactional limit is “6 moves” per week; does that mean 6 moves from Monday-Sunday and another 6 moves from Monday-Wednesday, or is it 6 moves total from Monday-to-2nd-Wedneday????

  85. Scott says:

    @Grey: Glad you liked FauxFax (or all lower case if you prefer). I look forward to the glossary entry!

  86. Ian says:

    Our intern’s name is Zak. I told him he can’t see what he’s missing.

    Boom, am I qualified to be a fantasy baseball writer yet?

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