Inspired by Seattle’s Doug Fister-Adam Moore battery, we’ve compiled a list of pitcher-batter combinations that, at their worst, make us wincingly smile like a corny Jay Leno weddings segment and, at their best, make us laugh like Jay Leno’s audience does at the aforementioned segment.

If you’ve got a got a good one, post it to the comments and we’ll consider adding it to the post (giving you credit).  Here are the rules:

  1. Has to be one pitcher and one catcher.  No “If Scott Rolen was a catcher, him and Steve Stone would rock!”
  2. Has to include both last names.  Incorporating the first name is optional.
  3. A last name can be used only once.  Best one wins.  So if you want to use one with ‘Moore’, you’ll have to find a better one than Fister (which is already at 11).
  4. Either the pitcher or catcher would be known by someone who has followed baseball since 1980.  (no submissions with two players from the deadball era.)  Unless it’s really funny…

Current Players

Fister/Moore (Doug Fister + Adam Moore) = The preferred Mariners battery of the Seattle Storm.

Coffey/Teagarden (Todd Coffey + Taylor Teagarden) = Very hospitable to hitters.

Marmol/Laird (Carlos Marmol + Gerald Laird) =  Preserves leads.

Morton/Saltamacchia (Charlie Morton + Jarrod Saltamacchia) = Taste like their fantasy owners’ tears.

Lyon/Treanor (Brandon Lyon + Matt Treanor) = Can handle dangerous situations.

Rzepczynski/Pierzynski (Mark Rzepczynski + A.J. Pierzynski) = Guaranteed will win you the game….of Scrabble (submitted by commenter El Famous Burrito)

Buck/Hunter (John Buck + Tommy Hunter) = Dangerous tandem that will take your head off and mount it when they’re finished (submitted by commented Matt Belanger)

Flores/De La Rosa (Jorge De La Rosa + Jesus Flores) = Seduce umpires to expand their strike zone  (submitted by commenter peter)

Soto/Moyer (Geovanny Soto + Jamie Moyer) = Old but still reigning supreme.  (submitted by commenter swpayton)

Capps/Zaun (Matt Capps + Gregg Zaun) = THIS DUO MAKES HEADLINES! (submitted by commenter DrEasy)

Parker/Posey (Jarrod Parker + Buster Posey) = Well-respected for their pitch selections but prefer to play on smaller, edgier teams vs. big, mainstream teams (submitted by commenter peter).

Current and Historical Players

Manwaring/Colon (Bartolo Colon + Kurt Manwaring) – Smooth operators.

Mlicki/Foote (Dave Mlicki + Barry Foote) – Only Asian batters and A-Rod feel comfortable against this duo.

Daulton/Wade (Cory Wade + Darren Daulton) = The battery to call when your current battery needs to be bounced.  How you like that, Brad Wesley?!

Barbee/Kendall (Dave Barbee + Jason Kendall) = Just toys with hitters.

Berra/Wang (Yogi Berra + Chien-Mien Wang) = Look great but expensive.

Ellis/Eiland (Dave Eiland + A.J. Ellis) = Most accommodating tandem to international hitters.

Maddux/Porter (Greg Maddux + Darrell Porter) = Skilled at making batters want to leave the country.

Ausmus/Mel Wright (Mel Wright/Brad Ausmus) – A tandem that would stink and be comfortable with it.

Watson/McCann (Allen Watson/Brian McCann) – By the time you realize they’re  in the game, it’s already too late.

May/Flowers (Rudy May/Tyler Flowers) – Much like Teixeira, looks ugly in April.  Fine after that.

Wynegar/Duchscherer (Justin Duchscherer + Butch Wynegar) = Perform best when fresh.

Dean/Martin (Dizzy Dean + Russ Martin)  = Perform best when drunk.

Street/Walker (Huston Street + baseball pioneer Moses Fleetwood Walker) = Tandem for hire.

Raschi/Johnson (Vic Raschi + Charles Johnson) = Hung out with Street/Walker too much.

Yeager/Baumann (Frank Baumann + Steve Yeager) = Popular among college kids.

Rivera/Coke (Phil Coke + Mike Rivera) = Popular among late ’70s/early ’80s MLB players, the 1986 Mets and Ron Washington (submitted by commenter Awesomus Maximus)

Russell/Dalrymple (Jeff Russell + Clay Dalrymple) = This battery is about nothing.  Get a good look, Costanza?

Lloyd/Christmas (Graeme Lloyd + Steve Christmas) = Chance of these two coming together?  About a million-to-one.  So I’m telling you there’s a chance…

Nomo/McCarver (Hideo Nomo + Tim McCarver) = The battery I wish Fox would honor.

Bill Lee/Grote (Bill Lee + Jerry Grote) = The battery that cursed the Cubs.

Ferrell/Wolf (Rick Ferrell + Randy Wolf) = Dangerously wild

Savage/Lyons (Jack Savage & Barry Lyons) = Dangerously wilder.  (submitted by commenter Jif & The Choosy Mothers).

LaRue/O’Day (Darren O’Day+ Jason LaRue) = Managers regret putting this duo in.  (submitted by commenter peter)

Gross/Torre (Kevin Gross + Joe Torre) – So instead of applying a foreign substance by using his cap or leg, he would reach down into his _________ for it.

Peavy/Herrmann (Jake Peavy + Ed Herrmann) = Quite the adventure.

Palmer/Gooch (Jim Palmer + Johnny Gooch) = Likes to pick people off at 1st base.

Fingers/Surhoff (Rollie Fingers + BJ Surhoff) = Relieves Palmer/Gooch but removed for Fister/Moore on special occasions.

Leyritz/Carlton (Steve Carlton + Jim Leyritz) = The top-of-the-line battery that Minaya paid for in the Bartolo Colon trade debacle.

Good/Servais (Andy Good + Scott Servais) = They’d clean home plate before each batter and leave a mint on top of it (submitted by commenter swpayton)

Forsch/Shaw (Bob Forsch + Al Shaw) = Very trustworthy.

Pagnozzi/Hunter (Tom Pagnozzi + Catfish Hunter) = These two were inglorious basterds.

Wilcox/Estrada (Milt Wilcox + Johnny Estrada)  = Best when the CHIPs are down.

Mossi/Valle (Don Mossi + Dave Valle) = Sounds like the results would be pretty until you see them up close.

Leonard/Skinner (Dennis Leonard + Joel Skinner) =  Would play for free if signed by the Cardinals, Orioles, Blue Jays, or any team located in Alabama.

Holland/Oates (Al Holland + Johnny Oates) = Watch out other team, they’ll chew you up (submitted by commenter Ana-Jaime)

Gomez/Adams (Mike Adams + Randy Gomez) = Scary duo to face.  (submitted by commenter Ana-Jaime)

Richard/Simmons (J.R. Richard + Ted Simmons) = Even scarier duo to face.

Scott/Towles (Mike Scott + Justin Towles) = This multi-generational Astro battery helps if the game gets messy.

Black/Decker (Bud Black + Steve Decker) = When Scott/Towles isn’t enough.  (submitted by commenter Jay)

Fabregas/Face (Roy Face + Jorge Fabregas) – Painful to watch.


Heath/Barr (Jim Barr + Mike Heath) = No one’s first selection but better than nothing.

Odom/Alomar (Blue Moon Odom + Sandy Alomar) = They throw junk that Balbonis wax poetically about.

French/Fry (Luke French + Jerry Fry) = Another unsuccessful duo against Balbonis (submitted by commenter Beer Bum).

Lake/Trout (Steve Lake + Steve Trout) = Popular tandem in Baltimore (submitted by commenter royce!)

Eaton/Napoli (Adam Eaton + Mike Napoli) = When this duo comes in, fughettaboutit (submitted by commenter Awesomus Maximus).

Cox/Porter (Danny Cox + Darrell Porter) =Not afraid to throw the high, hard one.  Pedro Martinez, Juan Marichal, and Jim Palmer are three notable examples.

Gooden/Snyder (Dwight Gooden + Chris Snyder) = It’s coming right down the middle.  (submitted by commenter AZ Bobblehead)

Harden/Long (Rich Harden + Jimmie Long) = Just the type of battery that Pat ‘The Bat’ Burrell would like (submitted by commenter Smell the Glove)

Lilly/White (Ted Lilly + Sammy White) = A battery that Tom Yawkey would’ve loved.

Small/Dickey (Aaron Small + Bill Dickey) = Underwhelming performance.

Gott/Doumit (Jim Gott + Ryan Doumit) = The embodiment of two decades of Pirate performance. (submitted by commenter bostonaccent)

Murphy/Law (Vern Law + Dale Murphy) = Expect anything from balks to catcher interference to grand slams.  (submitted by commenter AZ Bobblehead)

Nova/Scoscia (Ivan Nova + Mike Scoscia) = Best tandem to bring in against Tim Salmon.

Buck/Rogers (Kenny Rogers + John Buck) = Pretty good given that baseball didn’t even exist 500 years ago.  (submitted by commenter peter)

Hancock/Cummings (Sterling Hancock + Jack Cummings) = Best when not brought in to finish a game prematurely.  (submitted by commenter and1mcgee)

Tingley/Pole (Dick Pole + Ron Tingley) = Often precede Hancock/Cummings (submitted by commenter royce!)

Howry/Dooin (Bob Howry + Red Dooin) = Okay if a bit needy  (submitted by commenter Bring Back Pluto).

Bando/Wagner (Billy Wagner + Chris Bando) = Good for a playoff stretch run but untrustworthy during the tough times (submitted by commenter Terrence Mann)

Lemon/Partee (Bob Lemon + Roy Partee) = Brian Sabean’s favorite duo.  Be glad I didn’t link to the real site.  (submitted by Terrence Mann).

  1. William says:

    Small/Dickey and Fister/Moore…. classics!

    We need to find a catcher with last name Less so we can pair Fister/Moore with Fister/Less

  2. ProBeez says:

    Grey, Rudy or anyone…

    Am I crazy to trade Ellsbury for McCutchen and Carlos Santana?

    I play in a points league H2H. Points are 1B-1, 2B-2, 3B-3, HR-4, SB-2, K-(-1), CS(-1), BB-1.

    I broke it down and McCutchen averaged 1.25 points per AB last season and Jacoby’s monster season only netted 1.18 points per AB.

    Of course you also have Ellsbury’s injury status.

    I am thinking McCutchen can come very close to Ellsbury’s point production.

  3. @ProBeez: I’d trade McCutchen for Ellsbury straight-up in that type of league.

  4. mauledbypandas says:

    didn’t the giants used to trot out Black / Decker? I guess it’s not that punny though.

  5. bostonaccent says:

    Give Pirate fans more to swear about with Gott/Doumit?

  6. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Brent Mayne/Huston Street can’t be bad if you need to lay one down Broadway.

  7. Jay says:

    May have been for only a brief period in time, but the Giants in the early 90s had Bud Black and Steve Decker…..

    Black and Decker – Insert tag line here

    I remember this one distinctly as it made it onto a baseball card at the time…..

  8. Jay says:

    Maybe I need to refresh next time before posting… :) Sorry about that…..

  9. AZ Bobblehead says:

    Murphy / Law (Vernon Law + Dale Murphy)

  10. AZ Bobblehead says:

    @AZ Bobblehead: Murphy caught about 20 games a year between 1976-1979.

  11. T-BZA says:

    A real stretch that breaks a few rules but had to drop an 90s Bad Boy records reference:

    Craig/Mack (Arron Craig – Twins prospect – + Connie Mack) = kickin’ new Flava in your ear!

  12. El Famous Burrito says:

    Rzepczynski/Pierzynski – 256 points in American Scrabble, 5 is Poland.

  13. El Famous Burrito says:

    5 *in* Poland. D’oh!

  14. and1mcgee says:

    Bud Black and Charles Johnson

  15. @T-BZA: Ha…well Roger Craig can do but Craig Mack is too obscure for Rudy….i thought it was the Cleveland Brown RB teammate of Earnest Byner

    @El Famous Burrito: Ha…I like it…going in.

  16. peter says:

    Buck/Rodgers (John Buck/Kenny Rodgers) = blah blah Astrodome..

  17. @and1mcgee: Nice but I’ve already got Raschi/Johnson + Black/Decker is a little funnier…

  18. and1mcgee says:

    Josh Hancock and Steve Cummings

  19. Wudaben says:

    Ok… clearly doesn’t fit the 1980 cutoff but Tony Suck/Dick Pole

  20. Tom Reale says:

    Which side do you like CC and Pena vs Hughes and Morneau?

  21. Wudaben says:

    or Tony Suck/RA Dickey

  22. AZ Bobblehead says:

    Gooden/Snyder (Dwight Gooden + Chris Snyder)

  23. peter says:

    Flowers/de la Rosa (Tyler Flowers/Jorge de la Rosa) = a big hit with the ladies

  24. 3rd Period Points says:

    Ford/MacFarlane – Whitey Ford and Mike MacFarlane – Specializing in profane nursery rhymes, with a Scottish bent.

  25. Dingo says:

    Ah, so I finally get where Rudy’s profile picture comes from!

    Am I the last one?

  26. @peter: i like it. going in.

    @Wudaben: Tony Suck. Must’ve been mocked when he played in the 1880’s. Funny name but too easy….i forgot about Dick Pole though. That name is brilliant. We need to find a match for him. (btw. Dickey out with small/dickey)

    @AZ Bobblehead: ha. i like it. going in.

  27. peter says:

    @peter: Oops – Rudy already had Flowers. And unless there are going to be a dozen, one is much classier.

  28. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Howry / Dooin (Bob Howry and Red Dooin): These two come with a 1-800 number to report on their performance.

  29. Bryan says:

    Shocker / Moore (Urban Shocker/Adam Moore). Shocker Moore — I think she likes it.

  30. Dingo says:

    Also: Penny/Buck (Brad Penny/John Buck): A banker’s favorite combo.

    And: Blanco/Bastardo (Antonio Bastardo/Henry Blanco): El nino Dominicano que no se parece como su papa.

  31. peter says:

    @peter: Actually, how about:

    Flores/de la Rosa (Jesus Flores/Jorge de la Rosa)

  32. @peter: re Flowers de la Rosa – that’s funny. I’m switching it though to Jesus Flores though to stick with the espanol.

    @3rd Period Points: I had that one written down and decided not to go with it b/c it was a slight stretch MacFarlane = Fairlane. But great minds obviously think alike and so do ours.

    @and1mcgee: Jack Cummings/Hancock – ha! it’s going in.

  33. T-BZA says:

    Bush/Borders (Dave Bush + Pat Borders) = the clean shaven type

  34. peter says:

    La Rue/O’Day (Jason La Rue/Darren O’Day) = don’t put them in if you’ve got the lead

  35. Dingo says:

    @Dingo: Spanish error: That should be “que no se parece a su papa”

  36. swpayton says:

    Geovanny Soto + Jamie Moyer = Supremely matched

  37. and1mcgee says:

    Bob Babcock was a pitcher, people…. there’s gotta be something there!!
    Charlie Wacker, also a pitcher. I guess we need more ambiguous catcher names….

  38. Denys says:


    Jason Bay/Chase Headley for Chone Figgins/Cole Hamels.

    I really need some RBI/Power help, and Chone looks like a bust this year.

  39. Denys says:

    @Denys: should I do it (i’d get bay/headley).

  40. Pettite / Johnson (Andy Pettitte and Rob Johnson) = a slight upgrade over Small / Dickey.

    Flowers / Stammen (Tyler Flowers and Craig Stammen) = a hit with the bees.

    Flores / Lowe (Jesus Flores and Derek Lowe) = nice counter-combo to one where the ceiling is high. Oof.

  41. dsimon says:

    Alright this is a stretch.

    (Tim) Lincecum/Shotwell (robert shotwell, who had a 1 year stint in the Minnesota minor league system)

  42. @Bring Back Pluto: Howry/Dooin – nice, it’s going in.

    @Bryan: nice but already have Moore for Fister/Moore. No repeats.

    @Dingo: I think Buck/Rogers beats Penny/Buck. Blanco/Bastardo is pretty funny but I want to wait until Denny Nino or Dwight Childs get called up.

    @peter: Guess we thought alike on flores….

    @T-BZA: bush/borders – pretty funny but not quite there.

    @peter: ha on larue/o’day

    @swpayton: very nice. being added.

    @Denys: you’re buying headley on a high and selling Figgy/Hamels low. Not sure Headley will be giving you any power. I probably wouldn’t do the deal.

    @Exile in Dixie: All good ones but already have Raschi/Johnson, May/Flowers, and Flores/De La Rosa….

  43. Beau says:

    Dwight Gooden should stay away from Coke/Baker

  44. Ana-Jaime says:

    I actually went to a SF Giants game at Candlestick Park back in the 80’s where the battery was Randy Lerch pitching, Randy Gomez cathing. Kept waiting for the PA to play the Addams Family theme, but he never did.

  45. Roy says:

    Who would you rather on your team.. Adam Wainwright or Johan Santana?

  46. @dsimon: a bit of a stretch but pretty funny.

    @Beau: ha. not sure you actually bake coke but phil coke is definitley 1/2 of a potential funny battery name…

  47. Beau says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Yeah, you’ll have to ask yankees fans about the whole coke thing…

  48. @Beau: Ha…the Yanks have their share of cokeheads but i think the Pirates are the all-time champs….

    @Ana-Jaime: Lerch-Gomez. That’s funny. i’m going to add it but switch in Mike Adams for Gomez Adams.

    @Roy: Tough one – at this point, I’d say Wainwright though I think he’s a slightly higher injury risk.

    @Dingo: Bastardo is about as funny a last name as you’re going to find. I’m going to Spain next week – i’ll be on the lookout for a good bottle of Bastardo :0

  49. Denys says:

    @Rudy Gamble: What if I take Hamels out of the equation and just counter with Figgy for Headley/Bay? (maybe throw in Robot Jones on my end, to make it seem fair).

  50. royce! says:

    (Steve) Lake (Steve) Trout. Just ‘cos it reminds me of the Wire.

    (Ron) Tingley (Dick) Pole?

    (Victor) Cole (Tom) Lampkin? Probably too obscure (had to search for a dude with the last name Cole).

    I’m not trampkin’!

  51. royce! says:

    Surhoff Coke?

  52. sean says:

    Cox & Balls: Darren Cox (C/’99/Expos) and Jay Baller (P/’90/KC)

  53. sean says:

    Beyond the scope of the rules but still good:

    Ebert & Roper: John Roper (P/’93/Reds) and Wilmer Ebert Shantz (C/’60/NYY)

    Judas Priest: Eddie Priest (P/’98/Reds) and Alberto Judas Pardo (C/’85/BAL)

  54. @Denys: Figgy/Robot for Bay/Headley – yeah, i’d make that trade.

    @royce!: Ha on Lake Trout and Tingley Pole. Added. Nice Flavor Flav reference but a little too much of a reach…

  55. Cain Fan says:

    Matt Nokes – C for the Yanks in the 90s has potential but I can’t think of a good pairing, any help?

  56. @royce!: Fingers-Surhoff beats Coke-Surhoff

    @sean: Nice but already have a Cox with Porter.

  57. royce! says:

    Wang (kelly) Mann. Also a reach (had to look up players named man). But I enjoyed saying wing man with a southern drawl.

  58. Ana-Jaime says:

    How about Holland/Oates (Al Holland/Johnny Oates) serving up the hits?

  59. Kent Bottenfield says:

    Not better than Fister/Moore, but there’s no doubt that Ron Washington’s favorite battery is Moore/Coke.

  60. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Phil Coke might be a good match with Cy Perkins.

  61. @royce!: I thought you were meaning Wrong Man. How about going all Yankee with Berra-Wang – they look pretty but cost a fortune?

    @Ana-Jaime: Ha! Added it next to Leonard/Skinner

    @Kent Bottenfield: Hee hee

  62. Jay says:

    Come on, someone find a catchers name to go with Kuntz… :)

  63. royce! says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Berra Wang is a good one, and is fun to say as well. As is wang is the place of wrong. Maybe the Nats will use that when he finally makes a start- You’ve got the Wang Man! Don’t think that’ll sell as many tickets as promoting Strasburg though.

  64. Smell The Glove says:

    Sweeney/Todd (Brian Sweeney P 2003-2006 & Al Todd C 1932-1943) – A killer duo both on and off the field

  65. mauledbypandas says:

    @Jay: Assuming you were talking to me. No worries. If it were funnier i might have to fight you for the credit :P

  66. Bring Back Pluto says:


  67. Smell The Glove says:

    Bush/Whitehouse (Dave Bush 2004-Present) + Len Whitehouse P 1981-1985) – Very popular battery in Midwest stadiums but tend to get booed out the park when they come to California or NY.

  68. Bring Back Pluto says:

    A couple fun cute ones that don’t cut it by the rules:

    A couple of dead-beats: Cash/Owen (Norm Cash and Mickey Owen)

    Most likely to see at “Coffey Teagarden?”: Cookie (Rojas) / Duncan (Dave Duncan)

  69. Jay says:

    lol @ mauledbypandas If it wins we’ll make sure it’s straightened out.. :)

  70. Smell The Glove says:

    Disregard Bush/Whitehouse wasn’t paying attention and though Len was a C when I thought of Dave Bush.

  71. royce! says:

    I have been going back and forth about whether I should submit this, but I figure Fister Moore opened the door to it…

    Fister Butera?

    Maybe not as good ‘cos you have to ignore the last three letters, but I think Butera’s gotta be in there somewhere.

  72. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Buster/Flowers (Buster Posey + Bennett Flowers) – have spoiled many an Opening Day.

    Dunno’ if it’s funnier than May/Flowers, but it’s certainly cruder.

  73. Ana-Jaime says:

    I think this crowd would enjoy seeing Heathcliff Slocumb pitch to Doug Gwodz (pronounced-no kidding-Gwoosh).

  74. Bobo Brazil says:

    Pull the trigger on a Johan Santana for Jon Lester and Brett Anderson trade?

    Anderson is hitting the DL for his forearm. He says he’s fine. Who knows.

  75. @royce!: It’s a bit of a stretch (literally!) but limit of one per name and it doesn’t trump Fister/Moore

    @Awesomus Maximus: Definitely cruder but no first names unless you also use the last name – like Ausmus Mel Wright.

    @Ana-Jaime: Hmm, I don’t get it….please explain even though i’m sure i’ll be embarassed when i find out what it means….

  76. Smell The Glove says:

    Brown/Noles – (Dickie Noles P 1979-1990 + Dick Brown C 1957 – 1965) – The battery that knows that even umpires like to be told they’re special now and then

  77. Moonlight's Grahams says:

    (Henry) Blanco/(Bud) Black – Even MJ thinks it doesn’t matter.

  78. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Ahh… sorry, didn’t fully understand the rules. Back to the drawing board.

  79. Smell The Glove says:

    Harden/Long (P Rich Harden + C Jimmie Long) – A long time favorite pairing for the ladies

  80. and1mcgee says:

    @Jay: Kuntz/Cummings?

  81. brad says:

    Berra/Armas – (Yogi Berra, Tony Armas) You know, the second amendment.

    Not sure if it beats berra/wang.

  82. sean says:

    The Shakespeare: Daniel Bard to Josh Bard

  83. sean says:

    For Whom the Bell Towles: Heath Bell and JR Towles

  84. Tom Emanski says:

    What is this, a Batter’s Box post?

    /way waaaay inside joke

  85. Beer Bum says:

    Adam Eaton / Joe Erautt

    I had to dig deep for the catcher though. Maybe someone can come up with a more current pairing for Eaton.

  86. sean says:

    Streetwalker: Huston Street and Rube Walker

  87. sean says:

    YeagerBombs: Mark Bomback to Steve Yeager

  88. and1mcgee says:

    Pitcher Charlie Wacker and Catcher Fred Hofmann

  89. Perdew says:

    @El Famous Burrito: wow. el famous burrito from CP. good to see you.

  90. Beer Bum says:

    Luke French and Jerry Fry – People flock to the concession stands when this duo is in the game…

  91. royce! says:

    @Rudy Gamble: No love for Hudson Rivera? It’s dirtier than Fister Moore!

  92. swpayton says:

    Andy Good + Scott Servais = a big tip.
    Vida Blue + Geronimo Gil = smells like fish but tastes like chicken.

  93. Billy says:

    Who ends up with more steals at the end of the year, Nyjer Morgan or Juan Pierre? Is the answer the same if I ask who is more valuable?

  94. beezo says:

    Tek/Sabathia (jason varitek/ cc sabathia)

  95. peter says:

    @Billy: Speaking of Morgan, he just stole his 6th – head-first. He’d been stealing feet-first and had a low success rate. If he’s making the switch, permanently, look for his success rate to increase.

  96. Beezo says:

    Derby Sanchez (Gene Derby/Anibal Sanchez)

    Tek Sabathia (Jason Varitek / CC Sabathia

    Bochy Baller (Bruce Bochy / Jay Baller)

    Mota Long (Guillermo Mota / Jimmie Long)

  97. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Gene Tenace + James “Jim” Chandler Ball = Tenace/Ball “Beware the ace!”

    Ball is a bit obscure, but I had to give it a chance.

  98. Beezo says:

    Balfour Walker (Grant Balfour & Rube Walker)

  99. DrEasy says:

    Capps/Zaun – oh so that’s why…

  100. mikeE says:

    would you trade torii hunter for broxton? Dotel is killing me right now…

  101. leo says:


    : )

  102. Beer Bum says:

    @DrEasy – I think that should be CAPPS/ZAUN :)

  103. DrEasy says:

    @Beer Bum: Even better!!!

  104. Beezo says:

    credit to leo for giving me the idea to use posey

    Cocanower Posey (Jaime Cocanower / Buster Posey)

  105. J Rich says:

    Martin Lawrence – (Russell Martin / Brian Lawrence)

    Yo Tina!

  106. Terrence Mann says:

    Bando Wagner (Sal Bando/Billy Wagner)

    Most Los Angeles Lakers fans.

  107. Terrence Mann says:

    Wells Dunn (David Wells/Joe Dunn)

    Otherwise known as a rooned steak.

  108. Terrence Mann says:

    Masters Bates (Walter Thomas Masters / Del Bates)

    I have no joke here.

  109. wakeNbake says:

    Carlos Gonzalez got dropped in my league… I dont have any offensive bench players to drop so which pitcher do I drop to scoop him? Heres my staff… Garza,Price,Slowey,Lackey,Matusz, Romero and Scherzer.


  110. Terrence Mann says:

    Lemon Partee (Bob Lemon / Roy Partee)

    If you don’t get this, do yourself a favor and don’t google it.

  111. in_ertiatic says:

    What- you’re telling me no one here has had a wicked case of the Suzuki/Sheets? They can be extraordinarily painful and are super akward when you’re at the office but at home you can watch the paint peel AND clear your wife outta the house. Kind of a Lose-Win-Win-Lose scenario, cause it burns on the way out and when she leaves you’re stuck there smelling it.

  112. in_ertiatic says:

    What- you’re telling me no one here has had a wicked case of the Suzuki/Sheets? They can be extraordinarily painful and are super akward when you’re at the office but at home you can watch the paint peel AND clear your wife outta the house. Kind of a Lose-Win-Win-Lose scenario, cause it burns on the way out and when she leaves you’re stuck there smelling it.

  113. Jangles says:

    Fantastic-good work Rudy!

  114. Big Show says:

    Ianetta Marcum

    For our friends in the adult entertainment industry

  115. @Moonlight’s Grahams: Blanco/Black isn’t bad but doesn’t beat Black & Decker.

    @Smell The Glove: Brown Noles…eh, too much of a stretch. Same reason I nixed my Pepe/LaRue (aka Pepe LePew from Warner Bros. @DrEasy: cartoons)

    @Smell The Glove: Harden/Long…ha! that’s going in.

    @and1mcgee: I think Hancock/Cummings beats Kuntz/Cummings

    @brad: Berra/Armas isn’t bad. But I’m sticking with Berra/Wang.

    @sean: You’ve got a few repeats in there – the list already had Yeager/Baumann and Street/Walker. The Bards is pretty good but the double name is too common – would require the double name to have a meaning that the single one did not imho. Bell/Towles isn’t bad but doesn’t trump Scott/Towles.

    @and1mcgee: Wacker/Hoffman. That’s pretty funny. But I never heard of either of those two players and, to be technical, can you really wack a girl off? Do you like to go to clubs down in old Soho?

    @Beer Bum: French/Fry – yeah, that works. it’s going in.

    @royce!: Ha. Hudson/Rivera definitely is dirty but I think the a in Rivera trips it up. If Mickey Rivers caught…

    @swpayton: Good/Servais. Nice. I couldn’t find a match for Servais. Will add that one until someone trumps it…

    @beezo: Varitek/Sabathia – Vera takes a bath-e-ya. A little too far out there :)

    @Beezo: Bochy/Baller goes in. Mota/Long is a great one but trumped by Harden/Long.

    @leo: Eaton/Posey. Hee hee. A little bit of a stretch. Why could there not have been a catcher with the last name of Bush?

    @Bill Lumbergh: Man, where’d you find that Ball guy? I think Gene Tenace remains in play….

    @DrEasy: CAPPS/ZAUN – ha! that’s going in (I had Palmer/Zaun but Palmer/Gooch trumped it)

    @Beezo: Oy. Going forward – not accepting Buster Posey for a female body part. Although Buster reminds me of the time I got someone to announce ‘Buster Hyman’ over a loudspeaker….

    @J Rich: Martin/Lawrence. Ha. But I’ve got Dean/Martin and that trumps it by a tad.

    @Terrence Mann: Sal Bando played 3B but Chris Bando caught. Bando/Wagner works for me.

    @Terrence Mann: Wells/Dunn…not bad but the s bugs me….

    @Terrence Mann: Masters/Bates – s bugs me again

    @Terrence Mann: Lemon/Partee. Ha. I checked it out on Wikipedia first. Shivers. Yeah, it’s in.

    @Big Show: Ianetta/Marcum – that sure is creative. Sounds like dialogue from an Italian porn film. Holding on that one for now – the list is pretty blue as is….

  116. Not on Your Life says:

    Irving Biggie & Bill Dickey; use your own imagination!

  117. @Not on Your Life: Already have Small/Dickey. Tie goes to the pitcher that I’ve heard of (Aaron Small).

  118. swpayton says:

    @Terrence Mann: I googled it…oh man…I should have heeded your advice

  119. Jif & The Choosy Mothers says:

    I’m late to seeing this game but:

    (Jack) Savage – (Barry) Lyons – actual Mets battery – comes to mind.

  120. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Rivera/Coke (Rene Rivera + Phil Coke) – Ron Washington’s dream battery

  121. sorry for the late comments – added Savage/Lyons, Rivera/Coke, and Eaton/Napoli. good job.

  122. supra says:

    Lyon/Treanor: Brian McNamee

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