When I was a kid, it was routine to go thrift shopping with my mother every Sunday morning (queue the Thrift Shop song by Macklemore). My mother has a niche for finding deals and bargains. I reflect back and look to use some of those skills to find the pitcher I’ll be pairing with Clayton Kershaw in my cash games. I look no further to Trevor Cahill. This will be Cahill’s second start since coming off the DL with shoulder issues. Prior to Cahill’s injury he was having a career year. I was a bit worried watching his rehab starts coming back from the shoulder injury but he handled the Indians in the 4 innings he pitched. With guys coming off injury there is always the risk of getting pulled early because their pitch count is limited. The Padres allowed him to go 85 pitches in his first start back. I’m not worried about the pitch count given he faces a deflated Phillies lineup who is amongst the worst versus right handed pitching this season. Cahill is the bargain of the day at $15,300. The Padres are the favorite on the road today and I will be pairing Cahill with Kershaw in all cash games.

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Jose Urena, SP: $13,600 – Urena has a favorable matchup against the Giants today in San Francisco. The Giants have the lowest WOBA versus right handed pitchers this season. I have once again found another bargain for anyone paying up for Kershaw today. I think Cahill will have a better opportunity at K’s this afternoon and that is why he was the lede instead.

Yu Darvish, SP: $22,500 – Hypothetically speaking, you are not starting Kershaw today and you want to get a little contrarian in your GPP lineups, Darvish would be a great pick. If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that Darvish never has two consecutive bad starts. Prior to his last start, the last time he let up more than 3 runs, he followed that start by shutting out the Yankees in 7 innings. Darvish has a modest 20k’s in 13 innings versus the Angels this season. Need I say more?

Jose Abreu, IF: $8,800 – What is the deal here FantasyDraft? This is DraftBots number one player of the day and for good reason. Abreu is currently the 4th best hitter versus left handed pitchers this season and he’s in Colorado today. I’m scratching my head at the price because I can’t remember the last time a guy like Abreu was under $9,000 in Colorado. Anyways I will be taking advantage of this mismatch.

Anthony Rizzo, IF: $9,300 – If you have the bankroll to carry Rizzo today he is worth a shot. Eight of his 24 hits against left handed pitchers have left the park this season, all while sporting a .289 average.

Marcus Semien, IF: $6,400 –  He was in Grey’s buy column on Friday and he’s likely going to be in a lot of lineups today given his price. Not to mention Semien has had success against King Felix in the past. In case you are worried about Semien’s power, just know that he went deep in Seattle last night. He makes for a great salary relief option on a day with expensive pitchers.

Josh Donaldson, IF: $6,400 –  I get it, Donaldson has not been Donaldson since he returned from the DL. But he’s priced at $6,400? Donaldson hit his first home run in 20 games yesterday and looks to be ready to turn it back on. Mark my words, there is no better player priced at $6,400 or below.

Manny Machado, IF: $8,400 – I don’t think this cheap Manny last much longer. Looks like he’s finally clocked in and ready for work. He faces the gas can Kyle Gibson. Can we haz another double dong day from Machado? Please?

Jay Bruce, OF: $7,200 – It’s Yay Bruce y’all! Yeah sure the BVP looks great for Bruce, but would you just look at Bruce’s last 3 games. Fine, I’ll do the research for you. He has homered in 3 consecutive games and he gets a cupcake matchup today. I hope I didn’t jinx him. Time to breakout my lucky jorts (more on the significance of the lucky jorts later in the season).

Scott Schebler, OF: $7,600 – Schebler is one of those dudes with great reverse splits. Though Corbin has pitched extremely well at home given this park is a home run factory. Schebler’s success against lefties, his price and he’s in Arizona makes him a quality pick for today.

Melky Cabrera, OF: $8,800 – I think this is the most players I’ve been able to recommend from a home game at Colorado. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think FantasyDraft is being a little liberal with their Colorado prices this week.  I’m not complaining, I’ll be taking advantage of the treat. Back in my day, FantasyDraft would have priced Melky at $10k in Colorado. Okay, okay, I’m only 30 and this is my first year playing on FantasyDraft but seriously the prices seem a little low.

Eric Thames, OF: $8,400 – It really depends on which Tanaka shows up today. Thames has a good chance of clearing the short porch today. If Tanaka gets hit early, Thames and the rest of the Brewers lineup will have fun with the Yankees bullpen.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

I spy some potential trouble in Arlington. Currently the Rangers vs. Angels is the only threat of afternoon thunderstorms. Everything else looks clear for now.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Sir Clayton Kershaw is a -305 favorite to beat the Royals. Vegas, why are you tempting me to bet the house on this game. The next heavy favorite to win today is Yu Darvish at -181. I will go ahead and list all the games with run totals 10 and over, Red Sox vs. Rays, Braves vs. Nationals, Orioles vs. Twins, White Sox vs Rockies and Reds vs. Diamondbacks.