Boy, do we have a lot of games going today. I’m tired just thinking about it. Waitress another coffee please. Let’s cut straight to the good stuff ladies and gentlemen. I thought about getting cute today and suggesting someone other than Noah Syndergaard but then I remembered we’re all here to win money. This will be Thor’s first start at home this season and its a night game so expect the crowd to be there rooting on their ace. If you take a look at his career splits you’ll notice he loves pitching at Citi. One of the most important things to remember when playing FantasyDraft is to pick pitchers with a high K upside and a pitcher who is going to limit the runs. Thor comes in at a modest $22,800 and by modest, I mean most expensive. Cripes! Now let’s see if I can sell you on the most expensive pitcher of the day. Last season Thor finished 4th in k/9. Not sold yet? He finished 3rd in ERA last season. Still not putting him in your lineup? What if I told you he has the lowest o/u and is a heavy favorite to beat the Marlins. Okay I give up, don’t put him in your lineup (sarcasm).

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I’m not going to get too deep into the Dodgers vs. Rockies game as the o/u is 11 ½ which is insane, but it’s Coors so that’s that. Ultimately any hitter can go off in this park and I would choose the bats you can afford to get in here. Franklin Gutiérrez $8,400 is a cheap bat with high upside if starting. The latest weather report shows winds of 20 mph blowing in from left field today which may help limit runs. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to fade Coors in some of your lineups today. Just remember there are a lot of fun things to do in Colorado these days other than hitting home runs especially when the MLB doesn’t test for green foliage.

Johnny Cueto, SP: $22,400 – Cueto looks to rebound from a rough start in Arizona earlier this week. He has a pretty good matchup in a pitcher’s park. Here’s to hoping everyone else is off Cueto this week as he looks to turn things around.

Stephen Strasburg, SP: $20,400 – Strasburg should have a field day playing against the NL East practice squad. We didn’t see the K’s in his first matchup with the Marlins however this should be the complete opposite. Expect a good day from Stephen, especially if he’s eating steak for breakfast this morning.

Lance McCullers, SP: $19,200 – This is a huge slate with a plethora of great arms and it doesn’t make sense to go fishing for value arms. With that said, if you’re looking to save some money on an arm McCullers’s would be a great option. He has a high K upside and the Stro’s are heavy favorites to win today.

Jake Arrieta, SP: $18,400 – If Jake eats his kale salad for breakfast I don’t think he’ll have any problems mowing down the Brewer’s lineup (sorry JB). I wanted to find you guys some value at the SP position today and this is as low of a price range I can go. There are some intriguing guys under $18,400 but I don’t trust them enough to stick them in a lineup.

Anthony Rizzo, IF: $10,000 – It’s hard to fade the Cubs especially in a plus matchup against a right hander who struggles against lefties. Now if only they were in a hitter’s park, wait a second, this is a hitter’s park! Stack the Cubbies lefties in this game.

Edwin Encarnacion, IF: $8,800 – I’m embarrassed to admit this but Patrick Corbin was my pick for Cy Young last year and now I want him to pay for making me look foolish. There is a high run total in this game and Edwin gets a plus matchup against a lefty who is coming off a terrible season.

Brian Dozier, IF: $8,100 – Dozier has a tough matchup against Jose Quintana but always manages to produce against lefties. Robbie Grossman $6,400 is a guy you can throw in a lineup as salary relief. He’s another guy that hits well against lefties

Robinson Cano, IF: $7,600 – I call this the “bargain of the day”. I’m enthralled that Robbie is only $7,600 today and will be plugging him in a lot of my lineups. I don’t think he’ll have an issue producing against a guy that makes shoes.

Ryon Healy, IF: $7,200 – Healy is coming out of the gates strong this season and he’s been an absolute blast to watch. He’ll be feasting on meatballs thrown by Perez.

Hanley Ramirez, IF/OF: $7,600 – YO, YOU FOREALS? CAN I HAZ SUM? If Hanley is over his illness and back in the lineup today this is another steal at $7,600.

Bryce Harper, OF: $9,600 – Hittertron is expecting a homerun from Mr. Harper who has been absolutely tearing the cover off the ball since spring. Bryce is dialed in right now and determined to be the NL MVP. Try to make room for his bat in your lineup today.

Kyle Schwarber, IF/OF: $9,200 – Like I said before you’re going to want to get some exposure to the lefties in the Cub’s lineup. Schwarber should give Davies some trouble today. The run total in this game is 8 ½ and most should come from the Cubs.

Adam Jones, OF: $8,000 – Sorry Carsten Charles Sabathia but I’m not buying that epic start you had last week and neither is Adam Jones who holds 5 homeruns against you. As much as I try to ignore BVP this one just screams put me in your lineup. This might be a chalky play given Jones success against CC. Also, the Yankees bullpen has been taxed this week and if CC is pulled early it could get ugly for the Yankees and it would not be a bad idea to stack some birds.

Matt Adams, UT: $6,000 – I call this the super sneaky cheap mini stack. Sorry to disappoint but this order does not come with fries however you can sprinkle a little Matt Carpenter for $8,100 to make this stack complete. The Cards are huge favorites in this matchup against good ol’ Scotty Feldman who is DFS players delight.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

As of now there does not appear to be any weather concerns however that can change at any time. I will note that the wind appears to be blowing in heavily from left field at Coors which may make this a little less hitter-friendly.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The heavy favorites in today’s game coming in at -190 or better is the Astros, Mets, Cubs and Cardinals. We have a few games with run totals of 9 ½ or more including AZ/CLEV, OAK/TEX and LAD/COL. The other notable which was mentioned above will be the Marlins vs. Mets with a 6 ½ o/u.

  1. Johnc says:

    Need a hitter. Please pick one.

    VMart v Porcello
    Albert v Iwakuma
    Lamb v Kluber

    • FredWord

      Ryan says:

      @Johnc: out of those 3 I like VMart the best today. Good luck today!

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