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Damn the Luniz bring back some great memories from High School, too bad $5 bucks today won’t even get you a quarter of a bag.  Effin inflation, now I know how my parents felt when they used to tell me how they could get a Coke or a scoop of ice cream for $0.25.  The good news is we can take $5 and turn it into $50 or $100 tonight if all goes right with this mix.  The bad news is there’s only five games to roster from, so we’ve got a limited player pool to choose from.  Coors is in play tonight, but I feel like the masses are going stacking and you know I like to zag when the play is to zig.  I’m taking the top two arms tonight: Jon Lester, $22,000 vs the Dodgers and Jacob deGrom, $18,000 at Phillies.  The Cubs are raising the World Series banner tonight and it’s the season opener in Wrigley.  The Dodgers are going to be coming off that Rockie Mountain High and needless to say Wrigley will be electric tonight, (please let the stands be electric and not the weather).  deGrom looked really good in his season opener, 6 innings, 6 Ks and 0 ER and I’m hoping he can get back to his dominant 2015 numbers.  Fun fact, current Philly hitters are hitting .190 lifetime vs deGrom and only 1 HR.

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Alex Wood, SP: $14,700 – I got wood when I heard he was taking over for an injured Rich Hill, then I saw he had the Cubbies on the road and I went limp.  I was hoping for his price tag to be cheaper with such a high risk play, but if you’re not feeling the top guys maybe get you some wood, I know your lady would like it.

Brandon Finnegan, SP: $14,400 – Begin again!  Word on the street is he made some mid season adjustments that helped him to post All-Star ERA of 2.93 with 72s in 70 innings.  If he can replicate last year’s second half, I’m all in.  SON does not like him tonight in PIT, but I like to gamble.

Daniel Murphy, IF: $8,800 – He’s racked up four multi hit games in his first five.  He’s got five on it for us tonight!  I have a feeling he’s about to get the munchies and go all snack monster on Waino’s pitches tonight.  Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom.

Ryan Zimmerman, IF: $6,900 – For a guy who has 3 HR’s in the last five games he’s reasonably priced, yes, please and thank you ( I used that last week with Corey Seager and he went yard).

Freddy Galvis, IF: $6,400 – We need to mix in a couple discount guys in tonight.  He’s been hot and he’s the one guy who has hit off deGrom 5/14.

Bryce Harper, OF: $9,900 – Are you noticing a theme yet?  Yes I like the Nats bats against Adam Wainwright tonight.  Bryce looks like the 2015 MVP candidate we missed out on last year because of all the injuries.

Gerardo Parra, OF: $8,100 – I had to mix in a little Coors exposure tonight and Parra comes with a palatable price tag.

Scott Van Slyke, OF: $4,800 – Cheap and he mashes against LHP.

Manuel Margot, Util/OF: $9,000 – Pretty steep price tag for the youngster, but he’s hot as a pistol and I can’t resist rostering a guy popping his cherry in Coors.

Josh Bell, Util/IF: $6,000 – For Whom The Bell Tolls?  Hopefully tonight it’s for our boy Josh, he’s been slow out of the gate, but all I can hear is, DING, DING!

I’m Only Happy When it Rain

Sooooooo, there’s a 1 in 5 chance that the weather plays havoc on our roster tonight.  The Cubs and Dodgers are the only ones that will see rain earlier in the day.  It looks they’re going to play, but be careful if you’re rostering Lester.

Doing Lines In Vegas

No surprises here as Lester is -180 against the Dodgers and Coors has the highest run total of 11.5 O/U.

  1. VictoriaB

    VictoriaB says:

    Teddy, just wanted to come in and thank you retroactively for the Zimmerman suggestion! I would have completely overlooked him without yer post and he worked out nicely for me.

    • Teddy Heater says:

      @VictoriaB: Woo Hoo! Yeah I ended up winning a little cash, I swapped out Parra for Renfroe last minute. Glad Zim delivered for you even though Murphy, Galvis & Van Slyke were garbage.

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