Due to their continuing dominance throughout the season, I’m endorsing the two big Dominican arms on the slate for tonight, Ervin Santana, $18,200 vs the Brewers and Carlos Martinez, $16,300 at the Royals.  Fun fact, Ervin Santana’s real name is Johan Ramon Santana.  Yeah, his birth name was Johan Santana.  Do you remember another SP named Johan Santana?  In case you forgot, he was a two time Cy Young winner and he also pitched for the Twins?  Yeah I remember that, I guess it’s ironic or even poetic justice that a guy who changed his name in order to not be confused with one of the most dominant lefty’s ended up on the same team as his predecessor.  Ervin is facing the Brewers tonight, who rank second in Ks versus RHP.  Yes, please, and thank you!  CMart has a tough task against the Royals tonight, but I have feeling he’s going to take advantage of a team that just wrapped up a double header yesterday.  Now that the pitching is locked and loaded, let’s take a look at our offensive targets for tonight.

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Anthony Rizzo, IF: $10,400 – He’s 3/3 with 2 bombs vs Matt Moore but he’s in San Francisco tonight, so I’m a little apprehensive.  If you’re worried about the weather in Washington, then Rizzo and his 10 HRs, .276/.600/1.003 versus LHP should fill in nicely.

Manny Machado, IF: $8,800 – Are you a Manileber?  I am!  He’s gone 7/13 with 2 HR’s and 6 RBI over his last three games.  Grey told you to buy him in the second half.

Anthony Rendon, IF: $8,700 – He’s facing LHP Chris O’Grady.  Rendon has absolutely dominated LHP this year as he’s hit 6 bombs while rocking a solid .397/.776/1.276 vs LHP.

Howie Kendrick, IF: $8,400 – He’s been en fuego since being traded to the Nats.  He’s facing a lefty and I’m banking on him putting up a solid line tonight.

Eduardo Escobar, IF: $6,600 – He’s our discount bat for tonight.  He’s a sneaky play tonight because he’s got 6 HRs and a solid .303/.528/.845 vs LHP.

Bryce Harper, OF: $10,800 – He has one of the highest exit velocities vs LHP.  It’s a coin flip between him and Rizzo tonight.

Tommy Pham, OF: $9,300 – What!?!  Tommy Pham is at $9,300?  He’s 4/6 with a HR and 3 RBI vs Ian Kennedy.

Wil Myers, OF: $7,200 –  I feel like this is a huge discount against whoever the Reds decide to put on the mound.  Against all odds, I’m endorsing a Padres stack vs whoever the Reds decide to put out there.

Albert Almora, Jr, OF: $ 5,600 – Again, I don’t like the ballpark, but I like his numbers vs LHP.  He’s priced at a discount and his numbers vs LHP should throw up some decent points.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

I typically don’t like to roster guys who may be affected by the rain, but I really like the matchup for Rendon & Kendrick.  The Nats and Marlins could be in for a little bit of a delay as there is a 33% chance of thunderstorms during game time.  The Reds and Padres are in the same boat, but they’re a little safer with only a 20% chance of rain.  Everything else looks great.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Mad Max should be the favorite tonight, but his health is still questionable.  If he ends up starting, he’ll be the Alpha Dog tonight, if he doesn’t then the Beta, Jake Arrieta is leading the pack at -183 @ the Giants.  The top scoring teams according to Vegas will be the Padres and Reds at 9.5 O/U.

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Had no idea he was Johan Santana. This quote from his Wikipedia page is the best, “According to Ervin Santana, “I just came up with Ervin… Ervin Santana, that sounds good.”

    • Teddy Heater says:

      @Grey: I’ll go with Grey, that sounds good! Legit quote! HA!!

      • Grey

        Grey says:

        So awesome, I like him even more now

        • Teddy Heater says:

          @Grey: Glad I could drop some knowledge on you!

  2. prestige says:

    What do you think is more than likely tomorrow?

    Nationals win at home vs Marlins (Worley vs A Cole)

    Or low scoring game in Arizona (Maeda vs Godley)


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