Greetings and salutations!  The Collector here once again welcoming you to a amazing Wednesday slate over on FanDuel.  We have quite a few pitchers to use today, but I’m going to focus on my boy Yu Darvish at $11,200.  He’s one of my favorite pitchers in the game right now, as I love his stuff and wish/hope he’d stay healthy.  Darvish’s K/9 is down a bit this year, but I expect it to start rise back to his career norm and this is the start it begins to do so.  Today he gets the really good San Diego Padres… San Diego let AJ Griffin get a complete game shut out yesterday, that’s how good they are. This seems very easy to me and even though it’ll be popular, I think you need to go with Darvish today.

Now on to the picks…

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Lance Lynn, SP: $8,900 – Last year I never would of considered using Lynn.  Of course, last year Lynn didn’t pitch in the majors so that was an easy choice.  All that said, he had a good start to his career but has been terrible since.  It seems he’s made some changes and should be better than he has in the past.  His xFIP says his ERA should go up, but I don’t think it starts tonight.  The Miami Marlins offense doesn’t really scare me besides Stanton.  Even if this game is a coin flip now, I expect Lynn to get a solid win and 30+ fantasy points.

Kenta Maeda, SP: $8,700 – I really liked Maeda coming into the season. He’s off to a rough start, but he has to turn it around and may already be doing so after his start against the Phillies.  Maeda is also a big favorite today with the second lowest over/under on the slate.

Geovany Soto, C: $2,300 – I needed a cheap catcher that I think starts.  Soto was a late scratch yesterday with elbow soreness but I think he’ll be fine.  Not much else to go off of except Hughes isn’t a good pitcher.  Soto also should hit top 6 or 7 in the lineup, which will help.

Eric Thames, 1B: $4,100 – The Babe Ruth of Korea and also known as God (yea his nickname in Korea was God…) is one of my favorite players in the league right now.  Not just because of his story, but also because he destroys bad RHPs.  He gets one of those today so I expect BIG things from Thames.

Rougned Odor, 2B: $2,900 – Won’t be the last Ranger you see in my write up; I like them quite a bit today back in Texas.  I like Odor a lot and his price keeps dropping.  I’m still waiting for that massive game to get his numbers back on track.  I think that happens tonight, use with confidence.

Joey Gallo, 3B: $3,800 – Another Texas guy, but that isn’t the only reason I’m using Gallo.  He’s been red hot and has massive homerun potential.  Perdomo gives up tons of homeruns to LHB as well.  Any LHB in the Texas lineup is in play.

Tim Anderson, SS: $2,400 – Anderson is the play at SS for a Darvish lineup.  He isn’t really exciting yet and he is struggling, but I still believe in him.  At one point he was one of the better SS prospects in baseball.  You have to think sooner or later he’ll string together some good games.  I’m hoping that starts now against a bad pitcher in Hughes.  Plus, for $2,400, you can’t really argue with it.

A.J. Pollock, OF: $4,000 – I love this play because Pollock has been sneaky great all season.  He kills LHP and can steal multiple bases a night.  He also has a great eye at the plate.  It’ll be hard to fit Pollock into a Darvish lineup but if I’m moving away from Yu, he’ll be the first one in my lineup.

Ryan Braun, OF: $3,700 – Another play that will be tough to pull off with Darvish and Thames in the lineup but you have to try!  Braun has been so good all season long.  He’s facing off with Kyle Kendricks; not sure how he’s still in the league, but here he is ready to give up some homers.  I’d like to play more Brewers but guys like Travis Shaw are over priced and Jonathan Villar plays a position I like someone a lot more at.

Carlos Gomez, OF: $3,300/Nomar Mazara, OF: $3,100/Delino Deshields, Jr, OF: $2,700 – All three of these guys are together because quite frankly I couldn’t decide.  I like all three, all depends which one fits your lineup better.  Again Perdomo is a batting practice on the mound, all of these guys (along with the whole team) should have a great game.  Pick whichever one you want or use all three, the options are open in my opinion.

Joc Pederson, OF: $2,900 – A top power prospect who’s finally back, he can go deep at any time against RHP.  I like him today because he’s finally starting to heat up after getting healthy.  I’m hopeful he’ll hit in the 5 hole but if he settles in the 7th hole, I’m still ok with it because of his price.  He shouldn’t be too hard to fit in a lineup and with his power upside, you can’t go wrong.

Colby Rasmus, OF: $2,700 – I wanted one more option for my loyal readers and this is it.  Rasmus has been hot as of late – 2 homeruns in the last 4 games – and has good BVP numbers against Hammel.  He’s also creeping up the order, more recently hitting in the 6th spot. I’ll be using this pick today anywhere I can fit him.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Right now it’s looking like I may need to find a new SS… I’m going to ride it out until we see for sure, though.  We’re likely to have some thunderstorms in Chicago today.  I’m hoping they fade out enough for the game to get in, but we’ll see.  Have a plan ready just in case the game does get PPDed.  Another game that has some late thunderstorm issues is in Texas.  Even if they do come, it’ll be late enough so it won’t affect Darvish.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Interesting slate we have in Vegas’ eyes.  First off, we have four big favorites on the slate (Rangers, Dodgers, Nationals, and the Rays.)  All very usable pitchers and even though I didn’t write up Archer, I can see using him as well with that being the lowest over/under on the slate at 7 1/2.  We have bunch of 8s and 8 1/2 on this slate but the Boston/Milwaukee game and Detroit/Arizona game stick out.  Both are over 9 and feature bad arms.  All four of these teams will be hitting in great hitting ballparks.

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