Guess it’s Twin Day. Don’t look now but Minnesota is actually putting together a very fine season, currently holding a 9 game lead in the AL Central.  Max Kepler (OF: $4,100) and CJ Cron (1B: $3,400) have been a big part of that. Kepler is rolling in June and already has 6 bombs. Let’s watch for him keep it going today. The hits just keep on coming for Cron and at this point I think we have to accept that it’s legit. As long as he keeps proving himself don’t let yourself forget about him. You need this power in your life. You could certainly do far worse that get these Twins in your lineups.

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Shane Bieber, SP: $9,700 – He’s had a few absolute trainwrecks of a start but when he keeps it on the rails he’s been pretty damn good. Basically you can count on him to either dominate or ruin you. Today I think he’ll take advantage of the matchup as well as his talent. The Rangers are middle of the pack offensively so don’t feel too threatened.

Mike Minor, SP: $9,100 – The Indians are near the bottom on offense this season. That means we should take a look at anyone taking the mound against them. It doesn’t hurt that Minor has actually been pretty good this season. To wit, he has a sub 3 ERA and just over a K an inning. I like him more than the robot does so take that for what you will. Fanduel likes him better too given that his price is so high.

Robbie Ray, SP: $8,900 – This start is against the Rox but fortunately far from Coors. The Ks are there, as expected (106 in 82 innings). And the 3.83 ERA, not great, not terrible. Add it all up and we’ve got the makings of a solid start.

Dylan Bundy, SP: $7,300 – His season has been rocky, no getting around that. However, you can take solace in the roughly K per inning he’s been giving you. He probably won’t set the world on fire but he’s got a favorable grade from the bot and I think I’ll give you some solid numbers.

Bonus: Zac Gallen, SP: $7,000 – If you’re feeling like rolling the dice I present Gallen. Rookies making their first start benefit from teams being unfamiliar with them. When it comes to a prospect like Gallen the ceiling is in outer space. He was absolutely dominating in AAA with a 1.27 ERA and 112 Ks in 91 innings. If that doesn’t get you excited then I don’t really know how to help you. Now there’s obviously risk of a blowup, that’s why he’s the bonus pick. However, his price is low and he could turn in an absolute gem.

Anthony Rizzo, 1B: $4,100 – He’s rocking and rolling and he’s not facing Walker Buehler so that’s a plus. Over the past week, he’s been heating up and raising his line. Rizzo might seem boring, but he’s safe and still offers upside.

Mike Moustakas, 2B: $3,700 – He’s in the midst of an All Star caliber year and he may just find himself as a starter. Regardless of the result, and who knows with fan voting, he’s earned it with his play. His average sits around .280 and he’s also left the yard over 20 times.

Robinson Cano, 2B: $3,000 – If you’re looking for some value at the keystone, Cano is your man according to our own world famous Hittertron. It was good to see him get three straight starts since coming off the IL before a rest yesterday. Surprisingly the Mets have some lineup protection around him so his fantasy value gets a bump.

Kris Bryant, 3B: $4,000 – Try not to stare too deeply into those eyes, you’ll just get lost. But besides his eyes, there’s still a lot to like about him. He’s rocking a .280ish average with 15 homers. Today he gets the blessing from the robot as a top option at the hot corner.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr, 3B: $2,800 – The value is just too good here. He’s a top 5 option so this price seems way too low. His robo grade is slightly below Bryant, but the price difference more than makes up for it. Lock him in and don’t look back.

Amed Rosario, SS: $2,900 – Somewhat redeeming the unsightly average are his steals and homers. I don’t love most of the shortstop options today because they’re either at the high end of the price range or impacted by weather. That said, Rosario has the ability to give you back what you spent.

David Fletcher, SS: $2,700 – As long as he’s atop the lineup he’s a solid play for the money. He’s a solid all round guy who doesn’t really dominate in any one facet of the game. Piece it all together you get a guy who should give you more than you paid for him.

Christian Yelich, OF: $4,700 – I didn’t want to feature him here, but c’mon…he’s MVPing all over the place. Pay up and enjoy.

Yordan Alvarez, OF: $3,800 – He’s back in an AL park today so we don’t have to worry about the lack of a DH costing him ABs. Even better, he’ll be at Yankee Stadium where he should be able to take advantage of the short porch. Look for him to continue his power binge.

Yasiel Puig, OF: $3,000 – He’s started to come alive in June and provides good power and speed combo. His .272 June average isn’t anything special but it is significantly better than his .230 mark for the season. Today’s matchup isn’t too imposing either as Jimmy Nelson is still showing some expected rust after his long layoff.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Quite a bit of rain forecast in the Toronto area… fortunately they can shut to roof and keep all that pesky water out. In weather news that stands to impact the game we have Philly @ Washington and Houston @ New York. I’ve seen some chatter in the Twitterverse lately that you should fade Nationals and their opponents due to the Nats puzzling delays for the possibility of rain. With that in mind, I can’t confidently recommend Jean Segura. There is also some light rain possible in KC (playing the Twins) but it doesn’t look heavy enough to impact the game.

Doing Lines In Vegas

We’re looking at some 10s today. Expect some fun on offense for Mets v Cubs, Angels v Jays, Twins v Royals. So if you’re on the fence about a couple guys, I’d go with whoever is on one of those teams.