Surprisingly, we don’t have a super short slate today with 12 games on the docket. However, there is a decided lack of top tier pitching options. Enter Matthew Boyd (SP: $9,700)  He’s been ringing guys up but also struggling with the long ball. That gives him high upside but also makes him risky. The choice is yours. Personally, I’m in because the Ks are too enticing to pass up. The bot also loves him today so there’s that. He projects as the only elite pitching option today which definitely makes him worth a look. I say do it, you know you want to.

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Wade Miley, SP: $9,400 – Pitching for the Astros is a great position to be in because wins pay the bills in fantasy. He also benefits from a fairly strong defense as well. Overall, he has solid numbers for the season. The bot is in, rating him number 2, and he doesn’t carry and exorbitant price tag.

Zach Plesac, SP: $8,600 – What has he done for us this year? Some but not a ton. He really does sort of owe us when you think about it. Today he gets a date with the Pale Hose and their powerhouse offense…wait, I spelled “bottom tier wRC+” wrong. 

Austin Pruitt, SP: $6,300 – All season we’ve had a few teams that we pick on. The Jays are one such team and I think that Pruitt can build on his last start. Plus his price is so low you can really spend up elsewhere. 

Anthony Rizzo, 1B: $4,200 – One of the bots top end options on the day, his price certainly reflects his high expectations. I don’t blame you if you want to go another direction and save a little cash. But keep him in mind.

Brandon Belt, 1B: $3,100 – The bot says take a look at him. He’s always been streaky which means today could be the day he hits a couple out of the park and then does nothing for two months. 

Hanser Alberto, 2B: $3,000 – He’s just kept on hitting. Between a sky high average and just enough power to be interesting, what’s not to love? He’s locked in right now as evidenced by his .400 average over the last week

Ronny Rodriguez, 2B: $2,700 – His numbers don’t fly off the page and grab your attention but he’s been solid and the bot is in on him today. Plus he doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

Eugenio Suarez, 3B: $4,100 – He’s the bot’s top option at the hot corner and he’s been a great choice all season as a member of the 40 HR club. Reports indicate that his hand is fine after being hit and he should be back in the lineup. However, it is something to keep an eye on as you fill out your roster.

Yoan Moncada, 3B: $3,000 – He’s finally showing off all that potential that got everyone so excited. He’s got a solid matchup today as I expect Plesac to do well, he isn’t projected to dominate. The bot is in, so fire him up. 

Adalberto Mondesi, SS: $3,700 – He’s back baby. And what a return is was, swiping three bags despite reports that he wasn’t going to run. Either those reports were unfounded or Mondesi simply doesn’t care. He’s at his best when he’s running freely and that’s what made him one of the top fantasy options.

Tim Anderson, SS: $2,800 – Anderson finds himself on a small hitting streak and boasts a great average. He’s also got modest power. His matchup today isn’t overwhelming, so don’t be scared.

Aristides Aquino, OF: $4,300 – There’s just no stopping him. He blasted 14 in the month of August and guess what? The young gun is really showing what his stuff and he’s starting September off on the right foot. He’s blasting the cover off of the ball while also maintaining a great average. Bombs away. 

Kyle Schwarber, OF: $3,300 – Come for the long ball, hope for a batting average that doesn’t make you gag. Fortunately, he has been making some progress in the average department. He’ll be in hitter friendly Miller Park today and I’m excited for the results.

Victor Reyes, OF: $3,200 – Hot schmotatos are great for us in DFS. Turn your attention to Reyes and his string of multi hit games that finally came to an end yesterday when he only got one hit. Ride the wave while it’s going.

Mike Yastrzemski, OF: $2,900 – Will Baby Yaz become the Giants first 20 bomb hitter in forever? In this age of the long ball, with multiple guys over 40 home runs we find the Giants. It was actually 2015 the last time a Giant reached 20, but it feels like much longer. Anyhoo…Yaz sits one shy of a mark that has lost its luster in recent years (there are 102 players who have already eclipsed 20 this season). I say he gets there, and why not get there today. While he may be approaching 20 home runs, I am nowhere close to being able to spell his name correctly on the first try. 

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Rain rain go away, and it did. We are all clear for today’s slate. So kick back and enjoy some beautiful weather for today’s action. Hopefully the weather wherever you are is just as nice as what we’ll see in the cities hosting games today.

Doing Lines In Vegas

We’ve got a 12 today folks. Strap in and remember your Bo Sox and Twins. Seeing a 12 makes me irrationally excited so…get those bats. The lines tend to favor bats across the board so it may  be better to save some cash on pitching and go heavy after hitters.