Happy Labor Day weekend DFSers!  I hope you’re all enjoying the unofficial last weekend of summer.  Let’s score some dough and put our labor to good use. To do so, I’m recommending Joey Lucchesi ($7,800) and his match-up with the Giants.  I’ll fully admit, I’ve had a tough time pegging Joey.  I benched him everywhere against the Red Sox, only to see a decent game on the bench.  Starting him away from Petco might take some pants coconuts, but he did fine in Philly and Oracle Park is no Citizen Bank Park.  The Giants have been somewhat hot, but are still bottom five in team OPS on the year and even during August, they are ranked 19th.  That’s still not great. Joey struck out eight in six innings against the Giants the last time he faced them and I’d expect similar results this time out.  At this price, that’s not just good, it’s good enough.

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Stephen Strasburg, SP: $11,200 – It’s a small main slate tonight and there are only a handful of pitchers I’d roster tonight.  I’m not in love with Kershaw, but for a few dollars less I can absolutely get behind Strasburg in cash games.  He’s your safest play by far, facing the Meh-lins.

Dallas Keuchel, SP: $8,400 – Keuchel would be my only other choice tonight.  Keuchel is not a strikeout guy, but the White Sox are top five in the league in team strikeouts, so he should be in for a bump.  To boot, the White Sox are bottom five in team OPS. Keuchel is also the only of these three who’s at home, which I always prefer to target.  My preferences tonight would be Joey, Dallas, Clayton.

Daniel Murphy, C/1B: $3,500 – Murph hasn’t been great, but for goodness sake, he batted clean-up yesterday.  Watch the lineup and if he’s in the primo position tonight, it’s tough to beat. Yonder Alonso ($2,600) is also an option.

Kurt Suzuki, C/1B: $2,300 – My classic, “stick a catcher in the C/1B slot” play here with Suzuki.  Pablo Lopez doesn’t pose much of a threat and the savings will help stack some PIT/COL players elsewhere.  Matt Adams ($2,800) is also a cheaper fill-in here.

Nick Solak, 2B: $3,100 – Finally, a two bagger I can get excited about!  Solak has been hitting clean-up and whatever bullpen mess the Mariners are throwing out there tonight should be pretty bad.

Isan Diaz, 2B: $2,300 – My go to second base punt.  It’s not great to be facing Strasburg, yesterday Joe Ross was scheduled.  That’s a big drop off for Diaz, but that price is still so low.

Manny Machado, 3B: $3,300 – Just too darn cheap for Manny, sign me up until his price goes up.

Jose Osuna, 3B: $3,300 – Osuna is a Stream-o-nator darling this weekend.  If he’s in the lineup tonight, he’s a lock at this price.

Trevor Story, SS: $4,100 – Story is number four on the Hitter-tron tonight and Newman is nine, yet FanDuel has their prices swapped.  Save the $100 and get Story in there.

Andrelton Simmons, SS: $3,000 – Love me a little Angels stack tonight.  The Sawx pitching has been atrocious and Brian Johnson isn’t improving that any tonight.

Bryan Reynolds, OF: $3,900 – One of the top plays tonight, all he does is hit.

Shohei Ohtani, OF: $3,400 – Ohtani should be right in the middle of an Angels stack.

Josh VanMeter, OF: $2,800 – Speaking of being in the middle of things, Josh has been hitting clean-up against righties some of late.  That should be the case tonight.

Tommy Edman, OF: $2,800 – A bit of a long shot here, but Gray should be due for some regression and Edman should be leading off.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

All clear for baseball, but note that the humidity is high in Kansas City tonight if you’re looking at Royal or Oriole bats.

Doing Lines In Vegas

We’ve got a 13.5 over/under in Colorado, shocking, I know.  That makes the 8 run over/under in San Fran look really nice for Joey Lucchesi.  Meanwhile, Strasburg and the Nationals are MASSIVE favorites against the Marlins at -325.  Dallas Keuchel and the Braves are decent as well, at -190.  I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these three tonight.