I think you’ll agree (because Would I Lie To You?) that it’s been an up-and-down couple of weeks for us Saturday FanDuel devotees when it comes to pitchers. But I’m pleased to report that this week, we’re swimming in them (so to speak). Yes, you could, of course, play Clayton Kershaw, but TBH I’m leery of starting anyone against the Rockies right now, and ClayKer does have his worst ERA at home (that’s 3.11, mind you, but still), and given he costs $12,300, I’m going to steer clear and look to some other, more affordable pitching options. And there are a few, as you shall see. My very favorite is Robbie Ray: yes, his start today takes place in the somewhat terrifying Chase (The Ball Across The) Field in Arizona, but it’s versus the Phillies, who hit .233 against lefties and now have the least wins in the entirety of MLB. (Sorry to remind you of that, Phillies Fans.) Let’s check out some more options after the jump.

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Some hitter stacks to consider for the day: you could probably do worse than line up Boston hitters versus the AngelsJ.C. Ramirez; Cleveland hitters versus Kyle Gibson; and Yankees hitters for this home start versus the RangersAustin Bibens-Dirkx (Best Name In Baseball Right Now).

Here’s the lineup I’m entering into FanDuel, Saturday June 24, 1:05 p.m. (GPP, all-day):

Robbie Ray, P: $10,100

Martin Maldonado, C: $2,200

Matt Adams, 1B: $3,500

Jason Kipnis, 2B: $3,400

Nolan Torenado, 3B: $2,700

Chris Owings, SS: $3,200

Cameron Maybin, OF: $3,800

Hunter Pence, OF: $3,000

Lonnie Chisenhall, OF: $2,900

Robbie Ray, SP: $10,100 – This is a little risky, I’ll admit, because he does have a 4.73 ERA at home. I’m hoping the Philly lack of hitting continues, to cancel out the park factor. But I also feel obliged to point out that after 5 starts in which he earned only 1 or 0 runs, the last time he faced Philly, on June 18, he coughed up 4. So take that for what it’s worth.

Anibal Sanchez, SP: $7,100 – I’m throwing him in for those who prefer to spend on batters today, or are playing in formats where you need two pitchers (like FantasyDraft), or fancy a stream in roto. Oh yeah, I’m looking at that 7.96 ERA, too. But this kind of intrigues me anyway. He’s squaring up against San Diego, in San Diego, in his second start after being stretched out as a starter (again). He was pretty good against the Mariners last time, going 5 innings, earning 2 runs, walking 3 and striking out 5. So at $7,100, keeping this Right(y) By Your Side could turn out to be a steal. But if that’s too risky for you, there’s always Corey Kluber versus the Twins ($10,800), or Jacob DeGrom ($10,300) at San Fran, or Jason Vargas ($8,700) versus the Jays (they’re so up and down right now I don’t know what to expect from them, and Vargas has been good, but Streamonator gives it a -$5.4). Or you could try…

Lance McCullers, SP: $9,600 – I’m usually a little nervous of post-DL starts, but he earned a paltry 1 run last time he faced the Mariners, so again, this could work out for you. Streamonator puts him at $6.7, which is a little risky. If you do start him, though, watch out for Robinson Cano ($3,500), whose 7 for 16 against McCullers may be turn out to be a Thorn In His Side. [Sidebar, on the topic of bad puns: You have no idea how hard I was praying for Friday night’s game in New York (Yu Darvish versus Masahiro Tanaka) to be postponed, so I could make the ultimate Yu-Rythmics pun, but no. Thanks, Weather Gods.]

Gary Sanchez, C: $3,800 – I’ll be punting the catcher position today: it’s an if-you-start-and-you’re-cheap,-you’re-in kind of day. I (just) Need A Man! Hence, the AngelsMartin Maldonado ($2,200) has found his way into my lineup. But if you’re more serious about getting it right at catcher, Gary Sanchez would be your best bet. He’s hitting .308 against righties and .285 at home in Yankee Stadium so far this year. Expensive, though.

Matt Adams, 1B: $3,500 – Oh, hey, no-longer-Fat Adams. You kind of like taking a strip off Garza, don’t you: 8 hits in 17 at-bats against that other Matt, with a home run thrown in there for good measure. You’re also hitting .306 in the last week. So chew on that, haters! (Actually, I don’t think there are any haters.)

Joe Mauer, 1B: $2,700 – Yes, always a bit yawnstipating, but in case you need a cheap 1B, I’ve thrown him into the mix for his history against Corey Kluber: 14 for 47. He’s been hitting .287 versus righties and his home park, the appropriately named Target Field, is currently third best for hitting in MLB.

Jason Kipnis, 2B: $3400 – Trea Turner ($4,200) and Daniel Murphy ($4,100) are Hittertron’s favorites at 2B today, but I can’t afford them. I’m gonna dig down a little and go Kippers (actually a smoked fish thing British people eat for breakfast; not a second baseman) for his .300 hittin’ ways this week and crazy .500 average BVP — yes, really, 9 for 18, plus a home run — versus Kyle Gibson.

Josh Donaldson, 3B: $3,800 – Here Comes The (Bringer of) Rain Again? Hopefully? Josh is Hittertron’s fourth-fave pick for 3B today. He’s been in and out of the season lineup with a calf knee thing, so be sure he’s actually starting today. He also hasn’t fared overly well against Jason Vargas in the past. BUT! (I like big “but”s and I cannot lie) he’s hitting .283 versus lefties. You could gamble against Vargas here.

Nolan Arenado, 3B: $2,700 – What. WHAT! Look at this price for the Torenado, my Turbinado Sugar, my Orinoco Flow (wait, that took a weird turn). I can see you shaking your heads at the screen (not literally; this isn’t a Black Mirror thing [Sidebar: OMG THAT SERIES!]), saying “But of course, VictoriaB, this is against Clayton Kershaw.” I know, poppets. It’s just that he’s 13 for 42 versus ClayKer with 2 homers, and he’s hitting a scuh-or-ching .423 this week. So is $2,700 worth it? I think so.

Yunel Escobar, 3B: $3,000 – Sure, one more 3B! Why not! There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart), because Yunel is reasonably cheap and has a decent 7 for 30 versus David Price. This is his first visit to Fenway this year, but historically he’s hit at a .333 clip there.

Chris Owings, SS: $3,200 – Hittertron’s fourth favorite shortstop today (behind Trea Turner [$4,200], Francisco Lindor [$3,600 – a little steep for me], and Xander Bogaerts [$3,900 — pricey, but he’s hot]), Owings is hitting .342 at home in Colorado South. He’s cooled down from his insane start to the year, but he is good for 2 homers in the last week — one of them off Ben Lively, coincidentally, whom he’s facing again today.

Elvis Andrus, SS: $2,900 – Love is a (St)Ranger in Yankee Stadium? Maybe? He definitely favors righties like Cessa (three times I nearly wrote “Cessna”, so hopefully that means the ball’s gonna fly out of there), to the tune of .292 so far this year, and this is a good price for his .288 average, 7 homers and 17 steals — tied for second place in the AL, amazingly enough. Elvis has left the base.

Cameron Maybin, OF: $3,800 – It’s Alright, Maybin’s Comin’ Back: well, actually he hasn’t been anywhere for about a month straight now, with a .388 average and 9 steals in June alone. Hence the price. Speaking of, he hasn’t faced David Price yet, but he’s .340 versus lefties and Price’s 5.14 ERA is nasty (come back to Toronto, David: all is forgiven!).

Dexter Fowler, OF: $3,300 – He’s DTD as of Friday evening but was expected to be available off the bench, so hopefully he’ll be back in action on Saturday. He’s been hitting .375 in the last week, with a pleasant 7 for 22 with 3 homers versus Gerrit Cole. On the topic of Cole: he did earn only 1 run apiece versus Milwaukee and Colorado, but 7 each versus Miami and the Mets before that, so that’s weird and who knows what we’ll get this time. Streamonator puts him at a very cautious $3.6. All that to say: Fowler may work out for you, or he may not. These are my bets and I am hedging them.

Hunter Pence, OF: $3,000 – Underpants (as he will be forever known in our house from before I used to watch baseball seriously; my Better Half mentioned him once, and I said, “What did you say? Underpants?” And then he said, “Also known as the Gangly Manbird,” and I said “WHAT?”, and then I started reading Razzball) is 5 for 14 versus Jacob DeGrom, with a home run. That’s a smallish sample size, I know, but he’s also hitting .360 in the last week. I could get my knickers in a twist about playing him.

Lonnie Chisenhall, OF: $2,900 – I’m just going to trot out the numbers and hope they speak for themselves: he’s 7 for 23 versus the TwinsKyle Gibson, .348 versus lefties, and has hit .385 in the last 7 days. I’d start him. Oh wait, I am.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a chance of a thunderstorm for the Brewers-Braves game, but other than that, pretty clear at time of writing! So I’m gonna say keep those brollies (those are umbrellas for British people) furled…but check again at game time, please. You know I worry.

Doing Lines In Vegas

It shouldn’t be surprising to me, given that Kershaw is on the mound, that the Dodgers are the favorites to beat the Rockies, at a wayyyy heavy -264. But at the same time, it sort of is. I actually like the Rockies’ chances. I’m not going to argue with Cleveland at -182 over the Twins, though; I think they’ve got this. And lastly, in Interesting Numbers in the “Doing Lines In Vegas” Section, the Padres and the Tigers are too close to call at precisely -100.