You are commended for persevering through all 2020 has thrown at you thus far, and doing your best to enjoy whatever remains of this baseball season. Baseball may be weird at the moment, but baseball is here, at least mostly. As of this writing the Orioles and Marlins game is already postponed, and who knows what else the day will bring us. But most of baseball is here. So let’s make this a super Tuesday, and enjoy it by doing what we do best: ~dominating DFS.

Read below to see how we’ll do it.

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First, our lineups need a pitcher:

Patrick Sandoval, P: $5,600. Our pitching options are limited, to say the least, so even if 75 pitches is all Sandoval gets tonight he ranks as one of the best options on the slate. Pitch count limits the upside, so he’s safer in cash, but at $5,600 he’s a great value.

Kyle Gibson, P: $8,200. It’s still too early to tell if Globe Life Field is a pitchers’ park or simply a different version of hitters’ park, but we’ll take our chances against a Diamondbacks team with a league worst OPS through 1/15th of the season.

Next, we need a primary stack:

Boston Red Sox – The Sox face a likely bullpen game against the Mets. Though bullpen games are typically less predictable than non-bullpen games, we predict success here. Below is in order of projected value, should they play:

Andrew Benintendi, OF: $2,500

Rafael Devers, 3B: $3,400

Michael Chavis, 2B: $2,400

J.D. Martinez, OF: $4,100

Xander Bogaerts, SS: $3,400

Alex Verdugo, OF: $2,500

Jackie Bradley Jr., OF: $2,400

Lastly we fill out our roster with The Best of the Rest TM:

Wilson Ramos, C/1B: $2,400 – Facing a lefty in Fenway with the wind out to left.

Pete Alonso, C/1B: $3,600 – Facing a lefty in Fenway with the wind out to left.

Yoenis Cespedes, OF: $2,600 – Facing a lefty in Fenway with the wind out to left.

Jesse Winker, OF: $2,300 – When hitting at home against a right handed pitcher it’s difficult to ignore this value. 90% of his home runs have come off RHP, and 60% have been hit at Great American Ballpark.

Kyle Schwarber, OF: $3,100 – Hitting in a home run friendly park, against a command first righty, with a light wind blowing out to right. We’ll take it.

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