We’ve finally made it, the final day of the MLB regular season.  Thanks for reading along with our DFS content this year and I hope you made yourself some dough.  It was one weird season and I never really got a great feel for things.  This is honestly about the time when season stats start leveling out and we really get a hold on our data.  Still, some wins were had though and DFS was fun despite everything.  We’ll look for one more hit today and for that we’ll need to search for teams with something to play for.  Aaron Nola ($10,900) and the Phillies fit the bill in that regard as they look to punch their postseason ticket.  Nola is the top option on the board and one of the few who could go more than three innings today.  The Rays have long since clinched and can’t lose the top spot, so they should be resting up for their playoff push.  Nola is your key to one last DFS win this regular season.

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NOTE: Things are changing like crazy it seems.  Teams have been switching up starters/openers/bulkers all night and this morning.  Be careful and check those lineups today!

Marco Gonzales, SP: $8,800 – Marco has been amazing this season.  With neither team here having much to play for, this is all for personal accolades for Marco and I like him to finish strong against an A’s team with their sights set on bigger things.

Brett Anderson, SP: $8,300 – The Brew Crew is another team with something to play for today.  Brett hasn’t been anything too special this season (6.2 K/9), but I’m mostly just looking for innings here and a shot at a win for a cheap price.

Austin Gomber, SP: $5,500 – I know I mentioned Anderson above, but Gomber is min priced and could also come away with a win if the Cards let him go 5+ innings.  The Brewers are strikeout fiends and Gomber has almost a strikeout per inning so far.  The only question is if Gomber gets the innings.

Pete Alonso, C/1B: $3,600 – Can we get one last Alonsbomb before the season ends?  Austin Voth is just plain awful and someone who’s been money to stack against.  I don’t see that changing today.

Christian Walker, C/1B: $2,900 – We’re looking for players finishing hot and Walker has been pretty toasty.  Kyle Freeland is the definition of “meh” and I like Walker with the platoon advantage here.

Ozzie Albies, 2B: $4,100 – Ozzie is all rested up and is also finishing hot.  Picking on Red Sox pitching hasn’t done me wrong yet this season and I don’t think it fails today if you’re willing to pay up.

Ketel Marte, 2B: $2,700 – We might as well keep picking on Freeland.  Ketel has not been hot, but coming back from the IL has his price low, maybe he’ll finish on a high note.

Alex Bregman, 3B: $3,800 – Jordan Lyles is rocking the 7+ ERA and I’m all about stacking Astros today.  The Astros don’t have much to play for, but maybe they’ll be swinging like they know what’s coming.

Jeff McNeil, 3B: $3,000 – We’re going back to the Voth well with McNeil here and there’s no advantage like the platoon advantage.

Adalberto Mondesi, SS: $3,400 – Nice of FanDuel to finally correct Mondesi’s price on the final day of the season!  Honestly, with as hot as he’s been, this is still a decent price, it’s just not the $2,700 we’ve gotten used to for so long.

Javier Baez, SS: $2,800 – Instead, we’ll find another low-priced, high-talent option in Baez.  Baez has looked good to finish the year with a homer two nights ago and a steal yesterday.  Just in time for the playoffs!

Kyle Tucker, OF: $3,400 – Remember all those terrible things I said about Lyles in Bregman’s blurb and now add in Tucker with the platoon advantage.  Yes please, thank you.

Aaron Hicks, OF: $3,200 – Give me all the Jose Urena stacking.  As a Braves fan, I have a special place in the very bottom of my bowels for Urena and would love nothing more than the Yankees clobbering him to finish the season.  Vegas seems to like the odds, as they have the Yankees as -170 favorites with Clarke Schmidt on the mound.  Yes, THAT Clarke Schmidt!  (I have no idea either)

Randal Grichuk, OF: $2,900 – Grichuk has three homers in the last six games, it doesn’t get much hotter and we know he binges homers when he gets hot.  Keegan Akin is a terrible lefty, just what Grichuk feasts on.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

We have rain in the forecast in Kansas City.  With the Tigers and Royals both having nothing to play for, I could see these two just packing it in for the season.

Doing Lines In Vegas

As of this writing (Saturday night) there are several lines not available yet as we wait and see what scenarios are in play.  The Dodgers are currently the biggest favorites at -178 despite having no pitcher listed yet.  The highest over/under is in Buffalo for the [email protected] tilt.  Get those Blue Jays in those GPPs.