Good Afternoon Baseball Fans, and welcome to today’s edition of Toilet Talk with Jared!

Nice six game slate tonight.  This size slate is one of my favorites as it gives you enough options to choose from, but also few enough where do you have to overthink it too much.  My day will start with Zac Gallen ($10,600).  He’s expensive, but he’s been as consistent as any pitcher outside of Degrom and Darvish.

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Zac Gallen, SP: $10,600 – Gallen has been one of the most consistent pitchers over the past few weeks.  In his last 5 starts he’s only failed to top 40 points once, and he scored 37 in that game. He’s not going to blow you away w/ K’s. But he’s going to throw 95 pitches and get you a QS and most likely a win tonight.

Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP: $9,500 – My next favorite pitcher tonight is Ryu against the Yankees. I highlighted Glasnow last week against the Yankees and I’ll go back to the well tonight with Ryu. Without some of the studs in this lineup, it’s average at best. Add in that Ryu has been really good this year, I like his chances to be one of the top pitchers tonight.

Rowdy Tellez, C/1B: $2,800 – Make sure he cracks the lineup tonight due to being in a L/L match up. That said, he’s one of the hottest hitters in the game right now. He has nine hits in his last four games with homers in two of his last three. Ride him while he’s hot

Tommy La Stella, 2B: $3,000 – Really like La Stella’s chance to have a great game tonight. Javier is not missing many at bats. La Stella has already homered off Javier. He’s another player that is heating up: four  hits in his last two games, including three runs scored. The A’s will be on of my favorite stacks tonight.

Manny Machado, 3B: $4,000 – Anytime Machado faces a lefty he has to come into the conversation. In his career he has a .409 woba against lefties. That’s GOOD! He’s pricey, but I already highlighted two guys that are inexpensive so you should be able to fit him in. A’s may be my favorite offense, but the Padres aren’t too far behind.

Fernando Tatis, SS: $4,600 – See Manny. Except Tatis has a .472 woba against lefties, although a much smaller sample size. Tatis is a generational talent. He’s proven that he can do just about anything on the diamond.  He’s a fantasy god, and you should treat him as such.

Trea Turner, SS: $4,100 – Turner’s price has been steadily rising over the past couple of weeks. Over the past week he has 24 batted balls and 12 of them met the hard hit criteria. He has an average exit velocity of 92.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr, OF: $3,000 – Another player that is really seeing the ball well right now. Gurriel has 19 batted balls over the past week and 11 hard hits. He’s someone that won’t chase bad pitches and it’s showing in his performance. Really like the position he’s in tonight.

George Springer, OF: $3,700 – I feel like most of my right up tonight is tailored around guys crushing the ball because Springer is another one. 20 batted balls and a whopping 15 of them are hard hits. He’s got an average exit velocity of 98! That’s pretty damn hard. He’s also fared pretty well against Montas. For his recent production, he’s not overpriced. Should be a focal point of your lineup tonight.

Randal Grichuk, OF: $3,300 –  You’re probably noticing a trend right now. Blue Jays tonight. What I’m focusing on here is Grichuk’s splits against lefties. He’s got a .048 HR/PA against lefties. Montgomery can be susceptible to the long ball. Grichuk is my home run call of the night.  He may bag you two!


A’s, Padres, and Blue Jays.

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