Time to power up. Joc Pederson ($4,900) has been absolutely mashing, and this past week he’s turned it up to 11, putting 5 in the seats. Let’s keep it rolling with another bomb or 12. It’s not quite Coors, but Miller Park is pretty good for power too. (Side note, is anyone else thirsty?) Maybe the most impressive part about his start to the season is that he’s actually carrying a decent average. Joc has always had the power, but now he’s rounding out his game and that means big things. It’s gonna be yuge.

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Domingo German, SP: $9,000 – An ERA under 2.00 and a 2:1 K:BB are pretty damn good numbers for a guy who didn’t even have the inside track to a starting spot this spring. He has answered the call so far, and to prove he deserves a rotation spot, he has every incentive to keep the ball playable.

Michael Pineda, SP: $8,900 – Pineda, there’s a name I haven’t heard in long time. He missed all of 2018, but now he’s back. And today he gets to take on the Blue Jays who have not been an offensive powerhouse. Actually, it seems like they’re constantly on no-hit watch. Anyhoo, Pineda is still a talented pitcher has some great upside in this matchup.

Chris Paddack, SP: $8,500 – Blah, blah, super dope cowboy hat, blah. Oh yeah, turns out he’s actually a pretty good pitcher too, not just a sharp dressed one. Okie doke, let’s watch him wrangle some hitters.

Julio Urias, SP: $7,200 – This is a call for the bold. Urias got roughed up for 5 runs last time out against Brewers. But he has the talent to get the best of them this time around. The long ball could be an issue, but I like him for some solid Ks.

J.T. Realmuto, C: $3,700 – What’s this? A catcher? Fanduel combined 1B and C so who would choose the guy in squat? Well, for one, I would. J.T. is one of the premier offensive catchers and when he steps into the box today it’ll be with a bat in one hand and nice Coors in the other. Even with one hand he can still do some damage.

Daniel Vogelbach, 1B: $4,000 – How much longer will this show go on? Who knows and maybe this is a new Dan. That’s neither here nor there for daily. Grab a ticket while the show is still in town.

Brandon Lowe, 2B: $3,900 – The robot is a fan of this one. Lowe my be a bit under the radar, but he’s been putting up some power and speed numbers. I’m always a fan of the double threat, so that bumps him way up in my eyes.

Jonathan Schoop, 2B: $2,600 – Even more under the radar and yet even higher in the eyes of the all knowing robot, we have Schoop. Actually, he may not be more under the radar given that he’s owned in my 10 team league while Lowe languishes on waivers. Just don’t look at his recent numbers. (I warned you) Live in the now.

Anthony Rendon, 3B: $4,800 – Perennially underrated and perennially one of the top fantasy third basemen. Don’t look now, but he’s absolutely on fire, slugging over .800 for the season. The Nats may have lost a big bat in Bryce Harper, but it’s still a strong lineup.

Jeimer Candelario, 3B: $2,500 – The robot likes this one, even though he hasn’t gotten off to a flying start season. He’s got the talent and doesn’t have an intimidating matchup. Sadly, the Tigers don’t have a ton of talent around him. But he has shown some signs of life and should make for a good value play.

Trevor Story, SS: $4,400 – Let’s get in on as much of the Coors action as we can. He’s been heating up and gives you that power/speed double threat. Crack open a cold one and enjoy this fine day.

Gleyber Torres, SS: $3,900 – The early power has been nice, even if the lack of RBIs isn’t ideal. That could all change today. And why not? The Yankees have a potent lineup, even if most of them are on the IL

Bryce Harper, OF: $4,700 – This is Coors, Harper has big power. The ball may still not have landed by the time we hit next week’s column. The Big Bat of Harper+the thin air of Coors= big things for us in DFS.

Austin Meadows, OF: $4,500 – Apparently multi hits games are what he does. He’s swinging a hot bat right now and despite being the leadoff man, he’s been knocking some in. The home runs are nice because he also knocks himself in, but his numbers mean that the Rays are actually getting on base in front of him.

Niko Goodrum, OF: $3,300 – We’re going top shelf for this one. His last week has been sizzling, batting around .400 and he’s been solid on the season. He’s only eligible in the outfield on Fanduel but his real life positional versatility offers him a variety of ways to get on the field.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Chicago (White Sox) v Detroit has a strong chance of inclement weather in the forecast but thankfully that’s the only one as of this writing. You can feel free to fire up everyone else with confidence. All in all we should have a great day at the park.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Here’s a surprise, Vegas likes the game in Colorado to be high scoring. Flip that around and we find ourselves with the Reds and Padres which should be more low scoring. That’s something for everyone.

  1. Mike says:

    In a 12 team saves league, which one would you drop – Givens, Romo or Ian Kennedy. Which ones do you think have a chance at more than 15 saves?

  2. Butters

    Butters says:

    Who are you looking to pick up? None of those guys have a firm hold on the job and may not have a ton of save opportunities. I would probably rank them Givens then Romo over Kennedy just because Romo has been a closer before.

  3. Kruk_Ain't_An_Athlete says:

    14-team OBP 5×5 roto.
    It’s a 2-Catcher league so pickings are slim. Mitch Garver and Kiner-Falafa are my Catchers. My other attempts at a C (Avila, R.Martin, and Brian McCann) got hurt but I’m still looking for a decent option.

    Kurt Suzuki is out there on the FA list.
    Vazquez, J.McCann, Hundley, Pina, Sucre, Wallach, Wieters, Severino, Maile, and Tom Murphy are also out there.

    Anything jump out at ya?

    • Butters

      Butters says:

      Ouch, 2-Catcher leagues are rough. Unfortunately, it seems most of those guys are stuck in a timeshare at least for the time being. Vazquez is interesting because the Red Sox should be pretty good offensively. But we still don’t know what the split will be between him and Leon yet. Suzuki is another interesting option because we’ve seen him put up solid offensive numbers even if he does lose out on starts because of his defense.

      Those are the two I would look at if you want to make a change, but the guys you have aren’t bad options as catcher go.

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