One of the season’s surprise breakouts Jorge Polanco (SS: $4,300) is not showing signs of stopping or even slowing down. On top of the power, he finally added his first steal. Because of the weather concerns, I’ll give you a bonus. You could certainly do worse than Adalberto Mondesi ($3,900) as he’s been lighting it up no matter how much you doubt him. Power and speed to spare, what more do you need? The only reason I wasn’t going to include him is that I’ve written about him before and figured it’s time for someone new. Mostly I’m just hoping that there aren’t any last minute IL announcements like Buster Posey last week.

Thanks for taking a break from watching playoff hockey to play a little fantasy baseball DFS. You won’t find any shorthanded goals here (because that’s not a thing in baseball)

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Lance Lynn, SP: $7,500 – An ERA over 5 isn’t good, but the Ks are pretty nice. It’s also nice to see that he’s gone at least 6 innings in his last three starts. For what it’s worth (the answer is a lot) Stream-o-Nator pegs him as the the second best pitcher on the day.

Eric Lauer, SP: $6,700 – As you of course all know, he pitches for the Padres. He also has a 5.75 ERA and 35 Ks in 40 innings. No, those aren’t great numbers and no, I haven’t finally lost it. Well, actually, maybe I have. But that’s neither here nor there. What you need to know is that the robot likes this start and, well, the Pirates offense just isn’t that good. Honestly, it’s still weird to think that the Friars might actually be good this season.

Marcus Stroman, SP: $7,400 – It’s a good matchup and allows you to save a little cap space to use elsewhere. If you want more, he’s got solid if unspectacular numbers. Really it’s the lack of Ks that holds him back. That being said, he’s still a good value option.

Luis Castillo, SP: $10,300 – That change is filthy, like absolutely disgusting. He has been taking full advantage of that and the rest of his arsenal to rack up the Ks. As an aside, where was this last year when I drafted him everywhere? Anyhoo, get him in your lineup and enjoy what he’s doing this year.

Pete Alonso, 1B: $4,100 – One of the days top first base options according to the robot. He’s been in a slight slump over the past week but has plenty of talent to break out in a big way.

Matt Olson, 1B: $3,000 – The good news is that his power doesn’t seem to have been sapped by his hand injury. He’s already put a couple in the seats. That’s exactly what we want to see.

Yoan Moncada, 2B: $3,700 – With all the hot new prospects being called up left and right it’s important that we don’t forget about a guy who was the hot new prospect not that long ago. He looks to be finally figuring out this whole major league baseball thing. He still likes to strike out but everything else is great.

Keston Hiura, 2B: $2,400 – Another week, another hot prospect called up. What a time to be alive. He’s been destroying AAA pitching and now it’s time to take on the next level. His power bat is what gets me really excited about him, and I’m still steaming that I missed grabbing him in my RCL.

Anthony Rendon, 3B: $3,900 – He’s healthy again and that makes him a great option. As long as he doesn’t get tossed early again, he should be in line for a fine day, even against Zack Wheeler. Assuming he’s gotten that out of his system, I see no reason why he shouldn’t go right back to his old ways. If you haven’t been paying attention those old ways are underrated but pretty damn good.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr, 3B: $3,000 – So he hasn’t lit the world on fire since his promotion. Even the best fall down sometimes. But he’s finally showing some signs of life, it’s not like he suddenly forgotten how to hit a ball with a stick.

Jean Segura, SS: $3,600 – Seems that he’s locked in at the moment, batting well over .300 with nice counting stats as well. That should play nicely.

Christian Yelich, OF: $4,700 – Don’t overthink this one, he’s been everything you could hope for and more. Get him.

Joey Gallo, OF: $4,300 – He’s pretty much a lock to either strike out or hit one out. Ok, he also walks. Basically, he’s the poster boy for the three true outcomes. Fortunately, two out of the three are favorable. Boom or bust baby!!

Andrew McCutchen, OF: $3,500 – I just can’t quit you Cutch, you’re not the MVP candidate you used to be but you’re still a very solid fantasy player.  The speed definitely isn’t there any more but batting leadoff is really boosting your run scoring. My hope is that the average starts to climb as well. But as this is DFS, and average is so volatile day to day that I wouldn’t worry about it. And lastly, I really miss you in a Giants uniform.

Jeff McNeil, OF: $3,400 – I keep waiting for the average to crater, .350 is insane. I know I just said to ignore average for DFS but an average this high means he’s seeing the ball pretty well right now. What keeps him from being an elite option is the lack of counting stats despite often finding himself in the leadoff spot.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’s about to be raining cats and dogs in Seattle (Twins v Mariners) which sadly may ruin my Polanco pick. I still like him on the condition that the game is actually played. Keep an eye on the weather, it could also be an issue in Chicago but it looks to be minimal.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Texas and KC. That’s your highest over on the day. On the low end we have Pittsburgh and San Diego. Pretty much everyone else sits in the middle at around 9.


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