If you’re not familiar with Sia, then I encourage you to take a minute and enjoy her golden voice.  If you’re still not convinced then I feel bad for you, cause she got Heidi Klum to star in this video Fire Meets Gasoline.  Sorry I couldn’t edit the dude out, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of sharing my German crush that’s even hotter than my last name.  Yes, Heater really is my last name and I’m banking on Jose Fernandez, $12,800 vs SF & Kevin Gausman, $8,500 at OAK to ignite our DK lineups even hotter than that clip, so we can cash in tonight.  J-Fer’s splits are well documented, but I did the old stop short when I actually looked them up.  Check this shizz out (that way you can come to your own conclusions) 113 Ks in 76.2 innings to go along with a 2.11 ERA and a 9-2 record vs 79 Ks in 55 innings with a 3.93 ERA and a 3-4 record.  Yeah, dude is hotter than the girls wearing bikinis on Beachfront Avenue when he takes the mound in Miami, he’s straight FIRE.  Fire definitely needs some Gausoline to make it go boom and our boy Gausman is primed with a great matchup in the friendly confines of the O.co Coliseum.  Oakland’s offense has been the worst AL team at home when it comes to scoring and with a flame throwing righty on the mound that trend will continue tonight.  Gausman has been roughed up this year being in the AL Beast, but he’ll feast on his AL West opponent tonight with at least 7 Ks and he’ll offense will do the rest to get him the win.

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Michael Wacha, SP $6,500 – Stream-o-Nator is all over this start and I second it!  If you’re not feeling the fire with my Gausman pick then grab you some Fozzi Bear at home vs the Reds.

Martin Maldonado, C $3,100 – I’m not completely punting the catcher today, because I’m green lighting all the Brewers hitters today.  They’re touching down at home vs the Braves Rob Whalen (feel free to insert your own puns in the comments).

Miguel Cabrera, 1B $5,400 – I’m paying for Miggy tonight and he won’t disappoint.  In his last 7 games he has 5 multi-hit games with 4HRs and 12 RBI.

Chris Davis, 1B $3,400 – He’s been ice cold over the last month, but he went yard yesterday and at this price I’ll take my chances.  He’s due to go on one of those epic CRUSH runs where he hits 8 bombs in a week.

Jonathan Schoop, 2B $3,400 – DK is giving Kendall Graveman way too much juice tonight.  Baltimore stack is on like Donkey Kong.

Brandon Phillips, 2B $3,900 – Dat Dude BP has been mashing since Jay Bruce left the yard.  Check the last 5 games, 12/19 with 2 HRs, 9 RBI and 2 bags.

Manny Machado, 3B/SS $4,100 – He went yard 3 times yesterday after hearing his childhood hero A-Rod was retiring.    Get Hot, Stay Hot.

Maikel Franco, 3B $3,900 – I was going to advise a Philly stack as Brandon McCarthy was slated to pitch according to DK, but after some digging I found out Julio Urias is now starting.  Urias will be gone by the the 5th and Philly will be feasting on on the bullpen.

Jose Iglesias, SS $2,300 – I’m punting SS today, the top guys are way too high and I’ll take my chances with a guy who’s rocking a nice BVP vs Hisashi Iwakuma of 6/13.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF $3,800 – DK discounted him tonight as he’s facing Johnny Cueto.  It took three months of shizz talking to get him to wake up, but he’s back to mashing like his name was Mike.

Mark Trumbo, OF $3,900 – I know they’re in a pitcher friendly park, but I can’t pass up the price.

Aaron Altherr, OF $2,700 – He’s been hot since he came back and I like the matchup, especially at this price.

Ian Desmond, OF $4,800 – Here’s another guy who’s about to catch fire and if you didn’t already know, Coors is in play tonight.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Eight of the Nine games are a guarantee tonight.  Just keep an eye on Coors as there’s a 20% chance of Thunderstorms at game time.

Doing Lines In Vegas

A bit of a surprise here as Julio Urias and the Dodgers lead the pack tonight at -205, followed by Wacha Wacha at -200 vs the Reds.  No surprise here as Coors leads the O/U at 10 1/2.