Just like Ol’ Blue Eyes used to say, but replace the lady with baseball players. The MLB season is 6 weeks old, and my DFS expectations have not been met. I’ve been using two very high priced pitchers that are allegedly good, in the majority of my DraftKings entries. I’d say at least 75% of the time I have used two pitchers in the same entry that were in the top five in terms of highest priced. Wednesday I did a 50/50 entry and used Raisel Iglesias and Jose Quintana. When I make quick bold decisions that are borderline head-scratching, I find that I do pretty well. However, using Iglesias and Quintana that day wasn’t just me closing my eyes and seeing where my finger would land. I was intentionally looking for low-priced pitchers and high-priced hitters, and felt that I made educated picks. Iglesias was doing very well in the minors, and Quintana was facing the Brewers. So if you remember, both of these pitchers had stellar performances. Iglesias pitched 8 innings, giving up 1 earned run and had 5 strikeouts. Quintana pitched 7 innings while giving up 1 earned run and had 10 strikeouts. At this point I am leading you to believe I won in that 50/50 entry. However, I still lost. It turned out that all of my pricey hitters fell flat. Thursday, I did another DFS entry where I played Erasmo Ramirez as one of my pitchers and stacked several Rays hitters against Chase Whitley and the Yankees. Again, Ramirez and three of my Rays hitters did very well. I’m not going to tell you today, that I am taking the two least expensive pitchers available, but, just because some of these players are priced much lower than the top tier guys, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider playing them. With that being said, as much as I like to think I am making educated picks, you will need a little luck on your side just like the legend himself, Frank Sinatra.

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Alex Wood, SP: $8,100 – Alex Wood is the fourth highest priced pitcher in the morning games. I’m not thrilled with his inflated WHIP so far, but he’s had 19 strikeouts in his last 16 innings pitched, and I like the matchup against the Marlins.

Alex Colome, SP: $6,000 – Colome is the sixth highest priced pitcher in the early entries. I really like the matchup against the Twins. He was destroyed by the Yankees in his last outing, but if you’re looking to start a couple low-priced pitchers today, he is a good start.

Gerrit Cole, SP: $9,400 – We all loved Cole as a starter a few starts ago when he was at Chicago and threw 8 strikeouts in 6 innings, and didn’t give up a run. Today he’s on the road against the same Cubs. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s right, why are you going to start the second highest priced pitcher today, leaving you with a poor second and third OF. Although the focus of my article is finding low-priced pitchers to start today, I just can’t blame you here.

Archie Bradley, SP: $6,600 – Near the bottom is where you’ll find Archie. Today he faces the Phillies in his first start in two weeks when he was drilled by the come-backer against the Rockies. After that face swelling picture got out on social media, I didn’t think he’d be back this soon. He’s another good low-priced pitching option today.

Bud Norris, SP: $…Doesn’t matter, don’t pick him! The numbers are just awful. Regardless of how cheap he is today, don’t do it!

Jacob deGrom, SP: $8,900 – He’s the third priciest option in the afternoon slate. There isn’t a lot of good options, and deGrom hasn’t warranted an $8,900 price tag, but he has the potential to put up good numbers against the Brewers at home.

Danny Salazar, SP: $9,300 – Wow did his price tag go up! Salazar has been a strikeout monster over his past few outings. Considering that Max Scherzer is $12,200, Salazar seems like a pretty good bargain, especially facing the Rangers in Texas.

Andrew Cashner, SP: $8,400 – I can’t help but think that Cashner could get rocked against the Nationals. However, Cashner has been historically very good pitching at home in PetCo Park. I still am not sure if I would pick him in a 50/50, but I would definitely consider him in a ‘Guaranteed’ entry.

Jason Castro, C: $3,600 – I have to mention how much I like Buster Posey, in case you weren’t aware, but so far he hasn’t been worth the price tag. Enter Jason Castro. He’s slowly coming along now, and those Blue Jays games always seem to have a lot of runs scored. So why not?

Freddie Freeman, 1B: $4,500 – He’s been one of the best hitters in the league this season. I really like Freeman today against Mat Latos because he’s destroyed him in the past, but I mostly like him today because of the price value.

Carlos Santana, 1B/C: $4,500 – Just like Freddie Freeman, the price is right. He’s facing the Rangers. He’s only had 4 hits in 17 at-bats this week, but all it takes is one swing of the bat for Santana.

Lucas Duda, 1B: $3,900 – Another well priced option, Duda has the potential to hit a long ball in every direction. The Brew-crew send Matt Garza to the mound. He’s had four Quality Starts in his last four outings, but I like the first place Mets to break that streak.

Ian Kinsler, 2B: $4,500 – The runs have been piling in for Kinsler of late. Don’t worry about his power numbers. Runs and steals could do plenty of damage in DraftKings.

Delino DeShields, 2B/OF: $3,400 – He’s quietly performed very well this week. He’s not an everyday player, so check if he’s in the Rangers’ lineup. If he bats at the top of the lineup, I’m all in.

Matt Carpenter, 3B: $4,300 – Carpenter averages the most DraftKings points per game at 10.6. Considering Trevor Plouffe is the same price, you’re taking Carpenter right?

Josh Harrison, 3B/OF: $3,400 – After a slow start to open the season, Harrison is also coming around. If he hits leadoff, I’m definitely buying him at this price.

Andrelton Simmons, SS: $4,200 – I might stack Braves’ hitters against Mat Latos today, and if I do, Simmons will be right in there. At first glance you might think he’s too pricey, but he’s averaging 7.7 DraftKings points per game.

Alcides Escobar, SS: $4,300 – Go ahead and spend the money. Escobar has been very good this season. With a potent lineup behind him, he’s a great SS option.

Michael Brantley, OF: $4,500 – He’s just been so good lately. Over his past 10 games, he’s been averaging over 12 DraftKings points per game. The injury issues look to be a thing of the past. He’s stealing bases and his bat is on fire.

Justin Upton, OF: $4,000 – Upton has been an all of nothing DFS player lately. But his overall numbers are good, and when he has a good DFS game, he really has a good DFS game.

Nick Markakis, OF: $3,200 – He’ll make for a good third OF today against Latos, as he could surpass his lousy 6.8 DraftKings points per game.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

So the United States looks to have one big dark cloud across the entire county. This is where you can really stomp the competition with knowing which games could get delayed or postponed, so pay close attention throughout the day. Looks like the Rays/Twins game will miss the afternoon rain and possible thunderstorms. Scattered thunderstorms could impact the Pirates/Cubs in Chicago, but it looks like it clears up in the late afternoon. D-backs/Phillies could also encounter late evening rain and thunder, but if you roll with these guys hopefully the game will be finished beforehand. Possible scattered showers throughout the day in Baltimore between the Angels/Orioles. Late afternoon thunderstorms could factor in the Brewers/Mets game. Scattered thunderstorms throughout the day in Kansas City between the Yankees/Royals. More of the same in Cincinnati between the Giants/Reds, but this one will clear up in the late evening. 50/50 chance of daylong thunderstorms in Arlington Texas between the Indians/Rangers. Clear sunny skies in Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, and Seattle.

Doing Lines In Vegas

With all the possible rain delays and/or postponements, consider the under in a lot of games. I like the over 6.5 runs in the Red Sox/Mariners game, even though King Felix is pitching. The over 8.5 runs between the Indians/Rangers. Over 9 runs in the Blue Jays/Astros games as both starting pitchers should give up plenty of runs.


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