We’re starting to run out of ways to superlative Clayton Kershaw.  I think today’s DraftKings salary may be the best way.  The asking price is $14,900.  For some reason, I felt that the period was more emphatic than an exclamatory dot-line vertical stack there.  Perhaps the punctuation is in line with the excitement level of an 8 IP, 9 K W from the Kersh.  Yawnstipating, no.  Expected, yes.  $14,900 huh?  So like, three top tier bats?  That’s the equivalent of Mike Trout, Kole Calhoun and Jose Bautista as your outfield.  Tough call Razzballers… I can’t make it for you.  That’s your gamble.  I’ll offer up my recommendations with and without C-K-sub-2-ERA.

There are so many ways to go today.  The HitterTron is bonkers over bats.  I love the entire top 20 today.  The Stream-O-Nator is calling a big shot on Mike Minor today as well as breaking down values.  But there’s really nothing better for daily fantasy baseball than the DFSBot.  Rudy’s phenomenal tool, as Mrs. Gamble calls it, cranks out the day’s best value plays and even breaks it down to expected $ per point.

At this point, if you’re new to Draftkings, you should probably hop over for the 20 team NFL Razzball play that was gonna go live tomorrow with Sky but shhhhh, don’t tell him I snuck in and stole his linkage.  The result will be riches or fun.  The choice of the two is yours to make.  Just remember to sign up through us before you partake. It’s how we know you care!

Donovan Solano, 2B: $2,500 – The one constant in my lineups today is putting Solano at 2B.  He’s terrible, I’m aware.  But he’s got a microheater going (a microcosm of a hot streak and that’s as good as he’ll ever muster).  Plus he’s got a .909 OPS versus Jonathon Niese lifetime.  The Marlins are the cheap stack today so Solano is a great bargain bin buy.

With Kershaw:

I’m gonna punt the other pitcher with Kershaw today.  I’ll probably go Brad Penny, but if you feel better about someone else as a reliever or whatnot go for it.  The goal is to not spend money unless it’s bats.

Buster Posey, C/1B: $5,300 – He’s finally hot and we knew he was due all year.  He’s now in Coors and this whole lineup is flying high.  I’m stacking the Giants despite bleeding blue.  It’s a lot to spend for a catcher so many will put him at first.  I actually feel better about a cheap 1B than a C today so I’m putting him behind the dish.

Pablo Sandoval, 3B: $4,500 – When he faces RHPs he’s a legitimate scare.  He gets the only one in the Rockies rotation today.  Regardless if Lyles throws cheese or meatballs you know Panda is eatin…

Hunter Pence, OF: $5,300 – Pence is hitting so well he hit a double yesterday and won them a game on May 22nd.  Now that’s one of the most impressive GWRBIs I’ve ever heard of…  He’s scorching hot posting 20+ in three of his last four games on DraftKings.  And Coors.  Isn’t it fitting that pitchers in a ballpark named after a beer get hit like pitchers in beer league softball?

Ike Davis, 1B: $3,000 – He’s got 5 BBs and 2 HRs against Adam Wainwright in 21 plate appearances.  Look, he’s the fuzzy dice, not the engine.  It’s a nice touch to add to your 2014 Clayton Kershaw GT.

Wilmer Flores, SS: $2,500 – He’s been hitting a bit lately and he’s facing Brad Penny.   I can’t even make a better argument than that without laughing at myself.  If you want Kershaw, this is what you get…

Domonic Brown, OF: $3,000 – Ok so Tehol wasn’t right about Dom Brown this year.  Well, I don’t think DraftKings is right about him either.  And I think Tehol will be pardoned by Brown’s September performance.  He’s not the stud that he tried to be last year, but he’s definitely much better than he’s been so far this year.  I bet his recent surge carries him to the best month of his season by far.  He’s a lefty who benefits from the reverse split against Mike Minor today.

Ender Inciarte, OF: $3,700 – I’m liking at least 8 points out of Ender today.  My top choice for a stolen base.  He’s also been really consistent putting up some points daily.  Kershaw only needs minor contributions across the board for the dubbya.

Sans Kershaw :

Mike Minor, P: $7,900 – There are 10 options between Kershaw and $8k today.  None of them sit higher on the Stream-O-Nator than Minor.  Minor has started to right his ship of late with three straight 20+ points outings.  The Phillies have some decent numbers against him, but I’m guessing those numbers start to normalize today.  The Braves will get revenge today for the no-no yesterday.

Wade Miley, P: $7,900 – The lefty gets Ks and DraftKings will pay for em.  The price is nice to stack up on some wood.  He gets the Pad’s in Petco and even though they’re trying to make up for a lost season right now he should pile up the strikeouts on building his resume for a rotation spot for next year.

Evan Gattis, C/OF: $4,000 – I realize I’m setting a record on Razzball for recommending high catcher salaries… twice.  Some of it has to do with the prompt increase following the DraftStreet merger.  These guys are also killer matchups and very good hitters backed by the HitterTron.  Gattis is 6 for 10 at Citizen’s Bank Park with 3 HRs this season.  He’s also in a very stackable lineup today along with Justin Upton, Freddie Freeman and Chris Johnson.

Albert Pujols, 1B: $4,400 – Old Al may not be the scariest hitter anymore, but he’s still got a great approach at the plate with pop and hits in the middle of possibly the best lineup in the bigs.  Facing Brad Peacock today, the Angels probably have the most favorable matchup outside of Coors.

Mike Trout, OF: $5,700 – He’s the priciest option out there today, but if you’re going to pass on Kershaw why not?!  He’s the top HItterTron option, the best hitter on the planet and the best bet for a slam and legs—something even more coveted on DrafKings.  Top stacker to boot.

Josh Donaldson, 3B: $4,900 – He kills lefties and is finally heating back up.  He’s got a .593 wOBA over his last 7 games and with how cold he went prior, I expect a big bang over the last month.  This is a good test for James Paxton on the “Are You For Real” Meter…  I’m taking Donaldson today.

Mookie Betts, SS/OF: $3,500 – Here’s my option for not punting SS today without spending on it.  If you want to go Joey Bats with this lineup too, you probably have to punt SS.  He’s starting to get a little more comfortable and is 4 for his last 11 with a 2B and a HR.  He hasn’t even started swiping bags yet, which will come soon as he gets more comfy in the big show.

Matt Holliday, OF: $4,600 – He’s as hot as they come right now.  He’s scored 84 points over his last three games on DraftKings and he’s also holding a nice advantage against Jeff Locke today with a 5 for 14 line with a dinger and 2 steals.

Torii Hunter, OF: $4,400 – Hunter has crushed Car-Carr in his young career to a tune of 6 for 12 with a 2B, a 3B and 2 HR.  Ownage.  Hunter clearly sees the ball well out of Carrasco’s hand with his two i’s.  Tigers are waking up at the plate after a big time swoon following the midway point of the year.  This team is built to win and they’re gearing up to rev this offensive engine.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’s looking pretty arid out there today.  Slight chance in Baltimore effecting the Orioles and Reds.  Stay tuned.

Doing Lines in Vegas

Stackables – Giants and Rockies at 10, White Sox and Twins at 9, Angels and Astros at 9,

Pitchers of Sharps – Kershaw and Fister at 6, Paxton and Gray at 7, Locke and Wainwright at 7.

  1. Colonel Angus says:

    Donovan Solano or Joe Panik? Bench Odrisamer and Niese?

    • Schlurricane

      Schlurricane says:

      @Colonel Angus: Panik is the better play so it depends where you want to spend the money. I’d prefer to save the $1,200 difference and go Solano today.

  2. Would you take a chance on streaming Petit at Coors Field? He’s pitching against one of the lowest-rated SP’s for Tuesday, Lyles. Since mid-June he’s had an 11.9 K/9 rate and 10.2 K/BB ratio. Also, his team has been hot to end August, 42 runs, .901 OPS during six-game win streak. Thanks!

  3. Schlurricane

    Schlurricane says:

    I considered it but couldn’t recommend it. If a win is the only important thing then I’d recommend it, but the Rockies hit when at home plain and simple. Even if the Giants put up 18 runs in the first inning Petit still has to make it through 5 innings…

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