Remember that hit song from Back to the Future? Yeah I remember it a little too well. As a child of the 1980’s I watched the movie numerous times. I remember getting anxious seeing Biff chasing Marty on his skateboard, anticipating horse manure falling all over him. Ahhh, the memories…. But it’s not a song that originated from Back to the Future. The next time you’re watching Name that Tune, you’ll know that Johnny B. Goode was performed by Chuck Berry in 1959. Today, I’m drumming to the beat of Johnny Cueto. Of today’s DFS pitchers, Cueto has the best BAA, .197, and the best WHIP, 0.93. Sure, most of his success this season has come against the National League, but I saw what a rock star he was last week when making his first career home start in Kansas City against the Tigers. Johnny was rock’n and rolling on the mound, literally. The controversial shimmy during his windup made the Royals’ fans twist and shout. I definitely think that the advantage goes to Cueto when facing American League teams from here on out in 2015. It’ll be a harder adjustment for a hitter to face a pitcher they haven’t seen much of in their career, rather than Cueto having to adjust to which pitches batters have success with in the strike zone. Shimmy on down and check out the rest of my DraftKings picks for today.

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Chris Archer, SP: $11,200 – Archer just continues to be great in DFS. He has 190 strikeouts on the season, and a 5:1 K/BB rate. No need for a $500 Texas Instrument calculator to figure that one out; he has a mere 38 walks on the season so far. Remember how valuable strikeouts are in DraftKings even if you don’t think the pitcher’s team will win. Lucky for us, I do think the Rays will beat the Rangers today.

Jose Quintana, SP: $8,000 – You know when you take notice that the White Sox score more than 2 runs in Jose Quintana’s starts, things are not so bright on the south-side. Quintana has only 6 wins on the season and continues to be a frontrunner in the lowest amount of run support in the league. Although there is a very good chance the White Sox won’t get him the win, or get just the win in general, keep in mind Quintana has pitched better of late and has the potential to have a good amount of strikeouts against the Cubs.

Jimmy Nelson, SP: $8,500 – Jimmy Nelson has given up 7 earned runs in his last 41 innings pitched. Pretty darn good I’d say. His WHIP is down to 1.22 and BAA is at .240. How easily I forget that he got destroyed in a few of my DFS entries in the beginning of the season. But just like Mr. Wonderful says: It’s all about what you’ve done for me lately.

Kyle Schwarber, C: $4,300 –  Not much to say. Sometimes less is more. I’m picking Schwarber.

Buster Posey, C/1B: $3,900 – Not much more to say here either. For some odd, mysterious reason, Posey is very inexpensive today. Must be that lefty/righty matchup (eyes rolling).

Anthony Rizzo, 1B: $5,000 – As much as I like Quintana today, I also like Rizzo. It’s a lefty/lefty matchup but Rizzo is hammering the ball. Chances that Quintana is pulled out of the game by the 7th inning and David Robertson blows the save? ……50/50! He has 6 on the season.

Eric Hosmer, 1B: $4,300 – There’s a very good chance Hosmer could be my starting first baseman today. He keeps on hitting, and the power numbers have picked up lately. It’ll feel good knowing that you can have Hosmer for $1,400 less than Paul Goldschmidt. I was about to make another 80’s reference but I’ll spare the youngsters.

Brandon Phillips, 2B: $3,600 – Will the real Brandon Phillips please stand up! Who is this 2007 looking guy? Okay, I won’t be that dramatic. He had 30 bombs in 2007. 2010 guy is more like it. I’ll stop asking questions and play him.

Dee Gordon, 2B: $4,300 – He’s a little pricey considering his recent stats but in DraftKings, a player that can steal multiple bases and runs will really rack up points.

Miguel Cabrera, 3B/1B: $4,900 – He’s backkkkk! For a guy that has never been on the DL in his career, six weeks without Miggy seemed like a long time. He’s one of the best in the game, and this price seems like a steal. I’m not playing Miggy at 1B because of the numerous options there.

Matt Carpenter, 3B: $4,500 – Carpenter is putting numbers up all over the board and has really picked it up lately. Today the Cardinals get the hand, Brad Hand.

Carlos Correa, SS: $4,600 – I can go on and on and on about how incredible Carlos Correa is, and I’m sure you wouldn’t be sick of it. But for the sake of time and the knowledge you possess, I won’t. He’s the second priciest SS today. Not sure why, but thank you DraftKings.

Francisco Lindor, SS: $3,800 – He’s been a hitting machine over the past week or so, going 16 for his last 31. Lindor will be the player we all thought he’d be. He has some pop in his bat but his value is hitting in the top of the order, getting on base, stealing, and scoring runs. With Kipnis out of the lineup, Lindor has really stepped up.

Lorenzo Cain, OF: $4,800 – I’m trying to blackout the memory of dropping Cain in the middle of last season in a dynasty league. Writing that didn’t help, but it’s always best to talk things out. It helps me feel better. Cain is a MVP candidate, leading the first place Royals. Great price for today!

Billy Burns, OF: $4,000 – He’s in the same category as Carpenter, Lindor, and Gordon, but cheaper. Burns continues to get on base, score runs, and will get you the big points with stolen bases. He continues to be priced well in DraftKings. The Athletics get Orioles’ pitcher Miguel Gonzalez today. If you start the big expensive pitchers, Burns is a great OF option.

Gregory Polanco, OF: $3,900 – If Polanco is in the lineup today, I’m starting him. Great price for a hot young hitter. Call me crazy, but I still think Polanco will be a 40/40 hitter someday. He’s less likely to get 40 homers in a season, but his power will increase with age. I digress, he’ll be in my DraftKings lineup.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Nothing much to worry about today. Just a slight chance of some late thunderstorms in Boston between the Mariners and Red Sox, but doesn’t look like anything major to worry about. Plug in Griffey and Boggs just like always.

Doing Lines In Vegas

How about a three team parlay taking only favorites: I’ll take the Astros at -146, the Royals at -179, and the Rays at -138. Don’t put the house on this one, the payoff isn’t good with such heavy favorites.

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6 years ago

Haha. I’ve had not only games but years like that with Liriano

6 years ago

Great analysis as usual.bim steering clear of cueto though, he threw allot of pitches last outing. He had a rough outing after his last complete game when with he Reds. Not saying he won’t pitch well but I’ve been burnt by playing he and carrasco the starts after complete games

6 years ago

I have Corbin, Gray, Niese throwing tonight & Rubby, Yordano tomorrow. Need to start 1 or 2. Tied in HRA, QS & leading in W, L, & ERA/WHIP. Which match-ups look best?