Happy Labor Day DKer’s!  Hopefully most of you got to sleep in today and if you didn’t you should have, because I’ll only be featuring the late games due to scheduling conflicts.  The Early Bird usually fairs well in most aspects of life, but for me in DK it’s just the opposite, as I tend to win in the later contests.  My theory is that the East Coasters are putting together weak ass lineups because they’re all loaded up on Bud Light & Blue Crab, trying to chase the dragon from the earlier games.  Regardless if there’s any proof to my theory, I can assure you that we’re in line tonight to cash in on some holiday DK dough as long as you follow my lead.  There are some top Aces’s taking the mound tonight, I’m hoping that Drew Pomeranz, $12,000 at San Diego gets passed over for the bigger names like Max Scherzer, Chris Sale, Justin Verlander and Cole Hamels.  I’m sure Pomeranz was ecstatic when he found out he was being traded to a playoff contender at the trade deadline and they told him he was going to Fenway (lowercase yeah).  When the trade went down, everyone questioned his durability after having an All-Star first half, because he’s never pitched more than 97 innings in his previous five seasons.  Initially he made the critics look like they knew what they were talking about as he definitely took a few lumps when he arrived in Bean Town.  In fact some of the Boston Brass thought there may have been an undisclosed injury, because in his first three starts he went 0-3, coughed up 12 ERs in just 14.1 innings and looked like hot garbage.  Good thing for the Red Sox he figured things out, because this Dr. Drew has been carving up AL opponents over his last six starts.  He’ll never light up the radar gun, but he’s got a nasty hook that’s contributed to 39 Ks over his last 36.2 innings to go along with a 2.78 ERA.  I know it seems like I pick on San Diego every Monday, but this has all the right ingredients for a monster performance by the former Padre.  I love rostering guys that are facing their former team, although I’m sure he was happy to leave San Diego, there’s still a little part of him that wants to shove it!  I’m expecting double digit Ks tonight to go along with a W thanks to the big Boston bats beating up on Edwin Jackson in Petco.

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Max Scherzer, SP $13,700 – Yeah, this is a no brainer.  Mad Max has been lights out in the second half, he’s racked up 5 double digit strikeout games over his 9 post Allstar starts.

Adam Wainwright, SP $7,400 – I need a mid tier arm to match up with Dr. Drew if I’m going to have any cash left over for some offense.  Waino looks like he figured it out since his clunkers against Chicago and Atlanta in early August.  If he can get 5-6 Ks, with 2-3 ER and a W I’ll take it.

Justin Verlander, SP $12,400 – This is a coin flip between Chris Sale, $12,800.  Detroit has too many RH bats, so I’m going with Verlander on this one.

Stephen Vogt, C $3,300 – He’s facing Jered Weaver.  He’s got a nice BVP of 10/31 with 2 HRs and 4 RBI, not too shabby for the price.

Jose Abreu, 1B $3,700 – I’m staying away from Big Papi and Hanley Ramirez tonight, because the AB situation isn’t to my liking.  Abreu has been a huge disappointment this year, but he’s been en fuego over his last six games with 4 HRs and 13 RBI.  Even if you’re rostering Verlander tonight, Abreu is a great value play.

Stephen Cardullo, 1B $3,000 – Coors is in play tonight and the Rockies will be starting the power hitting rookie against Matt Moore.

Yoan Moncada, 2B/3B $4,100 – I really hope he starts tonight, because he could easily grab 2-3 bags if he get on base against EJax.  If he’s not in the line up you can’t go wrong with Dustin Pedroia at $5,000.

Kyle Seager, 3B $3,300 – The reverse splits king is facing Cole Hamels at a discount.  He doesn’t hit LHP for average, but 9 of his 25 HRs have come off southpaws and at this price I’ll take a shot for a big fly.

Ryon Healy, 3B $3,000 – This is my batty call of the night as my boy Johnny saw this guy live and text me, “Dude can hit”.  Johnny lost in his H2H playoffs last night, so this call is primed to hit.  Tip of the 40 Ounce to Reggie Ledoux.

Marcus Semien, SS $3,000 – He hasn’t hit a HR in nine games since returning from the paternity list.  He’s facing Jered Weaver, pssst…. hey guys, it’s batting practice, but in a live game, go get some!

Danny Espinosa, SS $3,400 – He’s been ice cold over the last, ummm yeah I’m not going to check because it’s bad.  He went yard last night, he usually hits them in bunches and he’s facing Ryan Weber.

Bryce Harper, OF $5,500 – It’s been quite a while since I’ve called on Boy Wonder.  He’s at home with an ideal matchup.

Hunter Pence, OF $4,700 – The Gangly Man-Bird is in Coors tonight at a nice price.  He’s got 2 HRs over his last four games and he’s 5/11 with a HR vs Chad Bettis.

Carlos Beltran, OF $3,400 – I called on Beltran last Monday and he responded with 26 points.  I love the matchup vs Felix Hernandez tonight and I’m expecting a solid follow up to last weeks performance.

Ryan Raburn, OF $3,300 – He mashes against lefties and I’ll take the discounted Coors exposure every time.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

The late games are all clear, no rain and no thunderstorms in the forecast.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Mad Max leads teh pack tonight at -365, followed by Dr Drew Pomeranz at -280.  No surprise as Coors leads the board at 12 o/u.